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    Boeing 737 flying, Canals. Sunshine, Warmth, Cats, Wildlife,Boats,Suzi Perry, Spanners,Pretty ladies, Warm fuzzy feelings you get from brandy !!..

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  1. Ps..please tell everyone...Millie is a dog !!
  2. Norfolk Enchants...? You lot are too clever for me....?
  3. Wow...that's definitely it....... we're famous !
  4. This is a serious question. People keep saying the same thing. Does it have hidden meaning that eludes me ?
  5. Thanks Ange. Although I took a strange..sideways excursion into a plastic cruiser..those couple of days I spent with you...Dave...and Millie .... started me hankering for a narrowboat again. Maybe I'll get Dave's instructions for the pressure cooker vodka maker..? Cheers ! Bob
  6. Finally.. after purchasing the boat last November..... we will be on board and off this week... This is my second canal boat. We owned our last... Cleo No 3 from 2007 until 2014...and then made the huge mistake of buying a plastic power boat on the Thames. In case anyone is wondering...this is something you should not ever do without a lottery win ! A 260hp engine...tends to be rather juicy. Cleo was 60 feet as we anticipated the arrival of various friends and relatives...who never turned up....a bit like when you move abroad and look towards the horizon for the hoards who find many excuses for not visit more than once. Miss-T-Morning is 42 feet...much more manageable for us. We are at Newbury and plan a shake down cruise to Aldermaston before turning and heading to Bath...so give us a wave. Took a while for CART to remove a bug from their computer so that I could tax it....and tonight celebrating the printing of my 6 month license. Luckily we're exempt while in the marina....as it's on the Kennet. Don't you just hate it when attempts to reset your password result in messages to contact customer services...especially when the page says...welcome to the new simplified system to make your life easier !! All fixed now. Anyway....looking good and sunny this week....so a celebration wine will be in order. See yah !!!
  7. I bought an Eber from Ebay..a 4kWh.. water unit..it was from an old BT van., Have changed the wiring it's just on a switch and it runs fine..doing the correct startup and rundown sequence. Put it's fuel pipe in a jar of diesel and ran two hoses into a 5 gallon keg. Will fit it in the summer. Was £245... Obviously my pipework will add to that.
  8. Why not send your photo to Adrian at Beta....and ask him...?
  9. Is that really a 90 amp alternator ? Looks a bit small to me......mind you...lots of things seem small to me these days....
  10. I had a set of 4 cameras and the recording unit. That is what they stole when they broke in !!..
  11. It was something like this...in several grades and I put one inside the other....largest rating outside.... I 'think' that the actual diesel bug is fairly large and so I didn't see much contamination getting through the outer filters. I also seem to think ( WARNING...Bob's actual thoughts may vary from description …. 😊 ) I used a 25 micron for the last inner filter and there was nothing on it. I used a (electric) fuel transfer pump to drain the tank...and then J cloths on a stick to get the last dregs from the bottom of the tank. I removed the fuel filter and pumped the fuel up to the filter housing to clear it...if you have a good fuel filter bug shouldn't get beyond that. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/50-100-200-MICRON-7-RING-15-LONG-NYLON-MESH-FILTER-SOCK-AQUARIUM-MARINE-SUMP/113679363632?hash=item1a77d16e30:m:mcB7hCpN5mF5wlspoLB_jKw
  12. I bought some fine filters from Ebay. They are the type you use for making your own fuel from cooking oil. I used several grades....down to incredibly fine...and just put one inside the other. They are like huge socks. I then pumped the fuel out..through the filters... and into some plastic dustbins. It was beautifully clear in there. I added Marine 16...stirred it..and cleaned the tank as best as possible...and pumped it back in. Change out of £40 and it remained clear.
  13. As has been said... my ropes were untied outside the Navigation pub in Islington. Must have really upset the perpetrator as I barely noticed the next morning...being in exactly the same place... !
  14. My local kids were out with banners. Most of them are taken the short distance to school in huge SUVs ....or in taxis !. Save the planet....and walk !!!..
  15. Thank you all. I have a flair tool...so that's what I'll do.
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