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  1. Well....to be honest with you.....I was so proud of the pipework that I took some Braso to it... 😄😄😄
  2. Last year I obtained this old Eber from a van...and fitted it to my boat. Was pleased with how it ran...but being bored in lockdown I brought it home and reworked it. I had the header tank separate from it...but wanted the whole assembly in one place. Trouble was that the header tank would have been a nuisance as it would have been in the way of the engine hatch. This photo shows the whole unit laying at 90 degrees to where it would be. The thick brown board bolts right through the side of the boat. As you can see, I have now used a low level tank from a
  3. I can see these being taken off and chucked in the river on day one....
  4. Sorry.... I should have added. The £10 charge is for overnight.....it's free during the day....... The lady comes around at about 7am... Some people.....make off at 6.45am 😁
  5. Wallingford is now £10 a night...and the lady is hot on collecting just before 7am....
  6. Depends if you have a leather hat...
  7. I have scratches on the side of ,my car... I'd better buy one of these quick...!!!
  8. Get the exhaust wrong...leaking carbon monoxide...and you'll be keeping warm with the angels. I've seen several boats with the car/ van type silencer which is just two halves pressed together in the middle. If you block one end with your hand and blow into it...the air just gushes out of the joint. The carbon monoxide will do the same. If your heater is in the engine compartment...it will fill that with deadly fumes which will then flow into your cabin. The photo I attached is a stainless steel marine exhaust...and as you can see...it's cont
  9. It must have a marine quality exhaust venting properly sealed to the outside if the boat. The heater pumps out masses of deadly carbon monoxide...
  10. How about this : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Inflatable-Adult-Bath-Tub-Portable-Blow-Up-Travel-SPA-Massage-Bath-Pool-Foldable-/294066953730?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  11. You can stay from 12th April...?
  12. I assume.....they don't actually stay on the boat ? They are getting on in years....and have little experience........so why the seventy footer ???? It was ok going up in the locks.....but inexperience.......avoiding the cill when its a 72 foot lock...? Guess....there were unseen hands when the camera stopped..........
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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