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  1. I have this cooker. I fitted it myself......and we didn't use the boat much in the first year. In the second year we started to use it more......and it wouldn't stay alight. I contacted Thetford......and imagine my surprise that it was guaranteed for three years ! I then asked them how I could get it back to their service centre ?. They said....they don't expect people to do that...and they organised an engineers straight away. He turned up exactly on time....on a Saturday evening...and surmised that it needed a door switch on a bracket that he didn't have. I told
  2. My CCTV camera system was the main thing targeted by thieves...who gave me a nice V sign that was beamed to my phone before they disconnected it !
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. I have no idea about loos.....but only a few months back I did have an issue with a Thetford oven. Reason I mention this...is because (unknown to many) the oven was guaranteed for three years ! Not sure if that applies to loos....but may be worth looking at. I emailed Thetford...and they came back to me after a week. My oven had been installed by me 18 months previous and so I 'assumed' the guarantee wouldn't work out...but it did !! They sent an engineer to find me...out on the cut ! I contacted him on a Saturday morning...and he said he woul
  5. My boat was broken into. I had a couple of nice phone photos emailed to me....of scrotes sticking up two fingers. They stole the cameras and the CCTV system, which was probably the only valuable thing on the boat ☹️
  6. I talked to my own marina owner about this. I didn't realise that marinas have to pay a yearly charge to CART for every space....even if there is not a boat in it. He said that it would be impossible to police it if CART allowed exemption for unoccupied spaces....so if you couple that with the yearly fee for connection to the canal network, you have significant outgoings.
  7. Interesting....a while back I met a retired chief constable who grew special herbs. He said....that he'd never done anything bad in his life and felt it was about time. Funny things......herbs 😁
  8. Nope... Only person that matters is me. I like diesel...I have a diesel boat...and a huge kick ass engined diesel car.
  9. I like diesel. By the time the tree huggers have their way....I'll be dead and buried ...
  10. Plus you can always find the dipstick in a Skoda. It's behind behind the steering wheel...
  11. One of my " countryside here" videos... I get sort of...tongue tied, but it shows the effects of this foul railway..☹️☹️☹️
  12. I don't think that's as bad...as some of the so called religious people...who have sworn at me and barged me out of a Thames lock recently. God must be very forgiving and look after his own.
  13. When they build a marina...there is no water.....get it ? They have to ask CART for water...and agree to conditions in order the get water. They have to apply for connection to the canal. The water belongs to CART...just as in the canal transport days when individual companies owned their own water. I seem to remember there were two companies at Fradley ...and as they emptied the lock they pumped their own water back...not because they were short of water...but because it belonged to them. True a marina is private...but without water...it is a rather dry af
  14. You're also not that bright. I'm not rising to your " bored" antagonising..😄 Silly boy. Bye.
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