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  1. You need a barometer. You can then tap it repeatedly and annoy the wife.....who says " if you want to know the weather..just look out the Bloody window !.😄
  2. 😄😄 It is a surface vessel. He wouldn't get far if he tried to "dive...dive...dive".. I think......he went bankrupt....? I saw it for real some years back...moored at Botany mills . Very sinister.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. I like that reply 😝 I've often wondered why people on this site...do stuff like that ? After all...in my opinion ( warning... Bob's opinions may vary from description)... It's all about cruising along looking at beautiful scenery. Having said that...blokes always like to tinker and change/Invent stuff. Often when you view boats they have some daft but "essential" thing strapped onto them..the product of much boredom and winter blues. A book full of graphs about how much sun the solar panels gathered on Christmas day...or some weird and wonderfu
  5. Maybe contact Steve Hand ..BSS and engineer...Burton area....he may explain better than me... I have no idea of the ins and outs other than the original travel power instructions were for vehicles and not boats and that's where he said the problem lay.
  6. Don't shoot me...I'm just passing on what I heard I had a travel power on my boat which was about 15 years old when I sold it. It was a Reeves hull..and the base plate had a lot of nasty shiny deep pits When I sold it...it had been surveyed by Steve Hand at Burton on Trent. I went to do the hand over... and he was rewiring the Travel power. I asked him why...and he said the original installation instructions had been wrong and as such the hull was in danger of corrosion. He also said that there had been some cases where a boate
  7. I fitted a system like that two years back. I feed the Eber into calorifier then two radiators in the hall (all 22mm copper pipe) but don't have room for a radiator in the lounge area so fitted one of those water fed blow heaters ( your photo) under the seat and it works well. The fan part draws less than an amp at 12volt as I fused it with a one amp fuse. I fitted a small radiator in the bathroom under the towel rail ... but also a second blow fan. It heats it up a treat. Really works well...much better than just a radiator as it throws the he
  8. I thought you were going to suggest emptying the cassette there....to keep the kids away...😄
  9. I did that. Mine was just 'water bounce' Hung polystyrene cups under the vents. Worked great.
  10. I looked at a boat that a couple had owned for two years. They had bought it with a supposedly full survey that said it was good. Sprung a leak and cost £12,000 in plating. I figured that the recent plating should be ok but commissioned my own hull survey. Turned out to be a total colander at the stern... needing another £10,000. I walked away...
  11. Most hair driers are about 2000 watts....on full heat at 240 volts (roughly) That will draw about 160 amps from your batteries at 12 volts .....
  12. I have a screw on filter....so I fill it with fresh fuel before spinning it back on. That usually does the trick...but on a few occasions I have slackened one or two of the pipes at the injectors and turned over the engine. As it starts to fire I tighten them.
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