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  1. My apologies to both of you .. I got a little angry and frustrated last night .. this has all been a bit stressful and I’m struggling to find a proper answer to my original question here or in the RCD manual .. and then people started to make fun a bit and I just wasn’t in the mood for it .. again I am very sorry for being so sensitive about it ❤️❤️🙏
  2. You quoted machpoint005 .. granted machpoint either has his starboard and port side mixed up or his left and rights? .. who knows ? But after quoting him you said “ what does that prove ?” Like you wanted an argument with him .. I really can’t keep up with who is arguing with who on this page .. but I would really appreciate it if everyone stopped doing it .. I’m getting quit wound up about it and im probably coming off wrong .. but I just don’t like the arguing that seems to be all over canal world .. it surly doesn’t need to be that way ❤️🙏
  3. Wowww another one .. why does everyone on canal world take any opportunity to dismiss and belittle people .. another bully .. this place is full of your kind .. take it somewhere els and leave the guy alone .. sick to death of it 😤
  4. What on earth are you talking about? !!! It was you that picked holes in what I called it !! I called it a “heat exchanger”.. you thought you where being smart by trying to correct me by saying it’s called a “boiler “ and now you are saying you can call it meany things ??? Then why the hell did you start an argument about me calling it a heat exchanger in the first place ?? What is wrong with you ??
  5. Yes ... I’ve been a gas safe heating installer for 15 years .. biomass for 5 years
  6. I’ve been a heating engineer for 15 years or so .. you can call it a boiler if you like .. but technically that is a heat exchanger in a stove
  7. The top half of the ply will be removable .. just need to remove some screws..so removing a mattress won’t be a real problem.. I was just asking if the RCD would see it as a risk regarding getting out of the boat in an emergency situation.. if it is I’ll have a exit hatch put in overhead .. but I would rather not .. I can’t for the life of me find the minimum size of opening required by RCD 🙁.. the BSS say more about it and it sounds like it will be ok with them but I know they don’t have the last say on it .. does anybody know the minimum size RCD would allow? Is 4ft by 2 or 3ft ok ??
  8. I didn’t say it was going to be a 15” hole .. why is everyone on this got a problem with everyone else’s plans .. few people actually say anything to help .. that’s all I’ve been asking for .. a little help for someone new to boating trying to make plans .. that’s zero help mate .. just keep your negativity to yourself please 😤you do your thing .. I’ll do mine
  9. If they can be arsed moving the boat down to England then surly they won’t mind moving a stove from starboard to port side haha 😜.. surly we aren’t to live in our boats totally worried about what the next person thinks of it ? It will be my boat for now .. not somebody else’s .. you could make that argument for everything .. the length and shape of your boat , the colour , the fixtures , the windows , electrics , engine .absolutely anything..
  10. That’s true yes but I’m into going to be travelling up and down the canal much .. it’s going to be in the Forth and Clyde canal .. lowland scotland .. the canals here are really quite wide for the most part .. very little traffic on them...the canals aren’t nearly as complex as the ones down south with all sorts of obstacles.. when I am out and about I’ll just need to take care .. you can’t even use the locks up here by yourself.. canal staff have to work them for you and you need to call ahead and notify them when you are on the move towards a lock .. aye .. a total farse lol
  11. Yes things like that must be paid attention to..there will be some things on the the starboard after the galley.. furniture, stove , radiator ect .. but the ballast will be adjusted for that anyway by removing slabs from the port side ..
  12. That’s me ! I’m built like the side of a fiver
  13. I’m in Scotland.. I’ve never seen the sun 😜
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