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  1. Calling those of you out there with an intellian tv system on board, I have seen a few narrowboats with these domes on board. What I need to know is where or who is out there that can service/set the damn thing up properly Any help appreciated
  2. The outdoor socialising rules change in the second section of reopening. From Mar 29, six people from six different households are allowed to meet outside, meaning the so-called ‘rule of six’ returns. Alternatively, two households can meet outside. This means two families, who potentially together total more than six people, will be allowed to meet. This can happen in both outdoor public spaces and in back gardens. The 'stay at home' guidance will be dropped. There will also be a significant loosening in how far people can travel to see someone outside. While people will still be encouraged to minimise travel, there will not be punishments for someone who drives a few hours for a meet-up outside, then returns that day. Particular attention to the last paragraph on travel
  3. Yay, after next Monday we can travel to see our boats although we still can’t stay overnight, who’s going to check their boats
  4. STIG

    Excel coal

    Yes we’ve used oxbow red and am thinking we’ll have to go back to it, the only downside is it’s not smokeless
  5. STIG

    Excel coal

    We also have but locally to us recently we can only buy excel in the yellow bag with no mention of it being oxbow. Oxbow tell me they don’t bag into yellow bags. What bugs me is I can tell when we burn it that it’s different but consistently keep being told it’s just the same just bagged different
  6. Thats a little harsh Alan, not at all wot I meant
  7. Haha I was just reading that post, not going through 108 posts though, they start to go off topic, as usual
  8. Thinking of fitting a galvanic isolator, is there anything I should be aware before I buy Sterling Power ProSave A 16A Marine Galvanic Isolator Zinc Saver Pro Save ZS16A I was thinking specifically this one any advise
  9. We’ve been using oxbow excel , having already searched the forum for an answer, recently I can only seem to buy this in a yellow bag, no mention on the bag that it’s oxbow but I’m told it’s just the same but a different bag. Well my experience is telling me it’s not the same coal. Anyone else had a similar experience cos I’d love to get to the bottom of this, it’s bugging me
  10. View this email in your browser Coronavirus & boating update, 13 May 2020 Hello Paul, When we were in touch yesterday we said that, along with other navigation authorities, we would review when navigation might re-open in light of the new Government advice. Government have issued clarification this morning, 13 May. We are now able to set out our approach to opening our navigation to private boating in England. Please remember that social distancing continues to be maintained, with only members of your household able to go aboard your boat until further notice. From today, Weds 13 May 2020 You may undertake short boating trips only from today – avoiding use of locks and any staff-operated structures if possible – providing, as per current government guidance, you do not stay away from home overnight and return to your home mooring (where you have one). From Saturday, 23 May: Mooring exemptions will come to an end and our guidance for continuous cruisers comes back in to force. This doesn’t mean that every boat without a home mooring needs to move on this day, just that we’d expect you to move off your current mooring within 14 days (i.e. by 6 June). If you are in a high-risk group, and need to continue to shield or self-isolate, then special arrangements can be agreed with your licence support officer if you haven’t already told us. From Monday, 1 June: On this date, we anticipate that our navigations will re-open in full, subject to some exceptions*, and you will be able to undertake longer journeys. According to current Government guidance, those who do not liveaboard should not stay overnight. We will seek further clarification as to whether overnight stays will be permissible once full navigation resumes. *Please bear in mind that it will take time to get the entire network fully operational, and booking for some passages and services will be required. Some sections may be closed for a further period. Our website will be updated with the details closer to the time. Wales: If you or your boat is on a Welsh canal please follow the latest advice which may be different from above. Please stay safe and stay alert at all times. Damian Kemp, Boating communications manager, Canal & River Trust Copyright © 2020 Canal & River Trust, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you either opted in at our website or purchased a boat licence from us. Our mailing address is: Canal & River Trust Fearns Wharf Neptune Street Leeds, West Yorkshire LS9 8PB United Kingdom Add us to your address book Want to change how you receive these emails? You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. A quick update on local stoppages. Barbridge is now open if you want to get out and do some boating. However, Adderley will be closed until the 6th March and Hurleston bottom lock remains closed until the 27th March ?
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