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  1. American airforce? Do any of these banks have the security of knowing the European Bank might help them out do you know at all?
  2. I`ve come to the conclusion that to stay in is a gamble feared by many and to leave is a gamble feared by many. There is unfortunately no easy answer. We have no crystal ball just intuition, life experiences and actually I suggest on both sides of the discussion a total lack of trust and capabilities in those making decisions on our behalf. It`s the complexity of dealing with human beings. Looking forward to a competitive highly charged rugby game this afternoon.
  3. Unfortunately we currently have no mains electric although I believe that is due to change soon. So dehumidifier is out. My solar wouldn`t keep up with it. The material concerned is furniture fabric which we have used in places as a finish on parts of the tumbledown. Regarding windows I was always under the impression that an open window was advised during non-occupation inorder to ventilate and infact help combat condensation. Will try the Mykal anti mould and mildew spray as suggested.
  4. Leisure cruiser. OK so prevention is better than cure but I`ve noticed the arrival of some mould on the fabric on part of my tumbledown. (glued so can`t remove really) any advice for removal other than vinegar and water. We do leave windows open for cross air flow and strangely enough mostly occurs adjacent to the open window.
  5. Know anyone with a 3D printer-that`s a possibility
  6. I include engineers -that being experience, knowledge and maths predominantly, but is not science a good deal of lateral thinking and experimentation. Certain things were "discovered " in science by chance and their value only understood later. Penicillin and lazers being two that come to mind. The problem in politics is that firstly it is dealing with the vagaries of humans and secondly I think most of us agree that politicians are an employee many of whom in a commercial world would have been sacked or be on their written warning years ago. But she only quoted someone else. Not her original thought. The woman in my opinion had a good deal to answer for. Bit like Cameron.
  7. Turning it on its head one could argue that like the respect you MAY give your employer so your family were respectful (not sure that `ts the right description ) visitors their market in the case of HR
  8. Or "frequency and intencity" are I belive a couple of the watch words in advertising.
  9. I`m intregued as to how this fact is known? As I believe the ability to monitor brain activity after decapitation again to my knowledge has never been used. Or is it like the aftermath of Brexit-which ever way it goes, reliant on so called experts?
  10. Could ask for Comic Relief sponsership😀😀
  11. Whilst I acknowledge this point the effect could be the opposite. In general elections as a country we tend to be some what complacent about voting. Perhaps those who voted leave only to see us actually end up staying may be urged to seriously consider their local MPs and their stand point with the resulting unseating of many. One can only hope. In dreams may be even changes in the first past the post system.😂
  12. Now the weather has changed and it`s a bit depressing I thought we all might need a bit of cheering up. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=john+clarke+on+brexit
  13. Possibly nothing to do then with the potential loss of subsidies to provide a continuence of a otherwise unsustainable form of agriculture I suppose? As a hill farmer.
  14. But one could argue that some of their revenue was "gained" from other areas of the UK anyway couldn`t one?
  15. Politicians!! This says it all.
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