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  1. jddevel

    Next problem 🙄

    Had a company near me in Callington Cornwall virtually re-manufacture a water pump for a 1931 Humber car I owned. Craftsmen able to do the sort of thing you need are about you just have to search them out. Many don`t need to advertise. Good Luck
  2. jddevel

    Brexit 2019

    Would be interested to know how you guys are doing as non-members of the wonderful EU. New Zealand thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Islands. Great how you turned disaster in Christchurch into an innovative shopping location. Pissed of that we have difficulty in beating you at rugby!!!!
  3. jddevel

    Brexit 2019

    Just expressing how I feel that my wife has to wait so long for a consultant with no news on the horizon and why can the Germans produce a supposedly decent bread knife and ours cost at least twice the price. I expect someone on here will provide a answer- hopefully constructive.
  4. jddevel

    Brexit 2019

    Wife suffering with bad knee can hardly walk even with a stick-waiting since June to see a consultant. Point is I was doing the shopping in Tesco today list included a new bread knife. £12 for German quality steel!!!!! Poor Sheffield and our steel history. At least it wasn`t Chinese
  5. jddevel

    Brexit 2019

    Not me. So not ALL leavers which your wording implies. Regarding 07/08 there were, I understand outside ruling bureaucracy, those who shorted the market and made a good deal of money on the back of the loosers in the recession. Surely that`s what those in Government/Bank of England are supposed to monitor. It`s not me using hindsight it`s me reviewing those given the job to watch and legislate. It is no different to many on both sides viewing with intrepidation what`s currently happening and few verbose at the beginning showing concern regarding for example one of the main sticking points. Northern Ireland.
  6. jddevel

    Brexit 2019

    As I stated I didn`t hear the EU and by that I mean the European Bank warning anyone. Does that make it clearer. You leavers just seem to think that the bureaucrats in the EU are all knowing and can solve all our difficulties in moving forward aided ofcourse by member states who in my life time were much under the "influence" of Mother Russia. I belief and feel integration is happening to quickly.
  7. jddevel

    Brexit 2019

  8. jddevel

    Brexit 2019

    With all due respect the Remainers seem to think they know exactly what the future holds. Pity they and the experts in the EU didn`t shout a bit louder or even at all in 2006/2007 with the world recession caused by the sub-prime mortgage fiasco. Admittedly our own Government was as bad. Trouble is it`s people in power who believe they are all knowing but at times like this it highlights just how clueless they really are. Irelands` difficulties a prime example. We vote them in and relinquish responsibility to them. About time they were made legally responsible for their mistakes. Dramatically cock it up and then made to repay their salary and loose their pensions. It`s to easy with parliamentary privilege to shrug their shoulders and walk away.
  9. jddevel

    Brexit 2019

    Now this letter from the EU. Remember what happened a year after the last letter was waved as a success story it basically meant Trust us we only want the best to happen!! I know scare mongering.
  10. jddevel

    Brexit 2019

    Money people are backing the £ in the last couple of days. Obviously the Government problems in the US must help but up against the Euro as well. Perhaps they see Mrs. May being successful. On another point I learnt today a couple of relatives of Bangladeshi nurse are worried. She has a UK passport but the relatives were refused. They applied and got one a German passport and the other a French one. As a result they circumvented the UK system and both under EU rules live in the UK. They are wondering where their future lays.
  11. jddevel

    Brexit 2019

    Now that I can totally relate to and exactly how I feel about the EU. I just have virtually an opposing view to yours and my view of what I see in my "crystal ball" as the way the future lies with the EU unless there is a stop and think. Already attempts have been made by our illustrious politicians to little or no avail to change things. Brexit has bought things up to an abrupt halt and I`m sure made all on all sides stop and think with a great more intensity. Who knows it might even lead to greater turnouts at elections.
  12. jddevel

    Brexit 2019

    How I can liken that to the Trade Union leaders of the 60s and 70s. Look what has happened to them and the power they once wielded.
  13. jddevel

    Brexit 2019

    Would not go as far as saying contempt. It`s just you seem to convey to ME sometimes an all knowing and righteous position. As I believe I`ve stated before I sometimes feel you have a "chip on your shoulder". I`m sure if we met face to face we could achieve a common ground but via this often impersonal "forum" both tone of voice and body reaction is not available. It`s not for me to quote dictionary or others quotes be it the Guardian avidly read by many or the speeches of "spin doctors" and power hungry MPs . I just few history both personal and humanity as the best guide FOR ME.
  14. jddevel

    Brexit 2019

    To me it`s quite possible that the relationship that appears to be on the cards means that we are still very much attached and controlled by the administration of the EU and given that, I would foresee we will be back to square one in another couple of decades. I would also please ask you to refrain from assuming that I for one did not know what I was voting for.

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