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  1. Trouble is Peter if you throw enough mud at the wall some will stick and I don`t suppose anyone can really dig into C4s` funding. Goebbels was the real expert with propaganda Got to laugh at Mays` big offer. Very vague in its detail but timed well for Thursdays election. Got to give them full marks for trying every trick.
  2. Or perhaps some enjoyed a wastrel life with no though in their youth of what will happen in later life. Anyone else remember the expenses scandel involving sitting MPs?
  3. Why stop at 16? I know some very sensible 10 and 12 year olds who often talk more sense than some in the political arena or even on this forum.😉
  4. Fully agree. Plus I believe it goes deeper in that a idea which developed out of need over decades was effectively squashed in weeks by someone who in my opinion often pushed forward her views in total ignorance of the possible consequences. A science (?) background possibly influenced many of her decisions ( black and white and where 2+2 makes 4) and where human frailities are not necessarily considered.
  5. I agree. It never ceases to amaze me how the propoganda machine on a subject in BOTH points of view can twist and squirm to convince others they are right.
  6. This in my opinion has been on the cards since the Thatcher era. I am also of the personal opinion that when you start work you should be aware of the consquences of not preparing for your future no matter how little you can afford. Better than designer fashion and bing drinking etc. OK start shooting me down.
  7. When bitten by a ferral dog a couple of years ago in Portugal and concerned by any possible reprecussions I wonder why when attending a surgery for precautionary injections and inspite of having the required medical card did I have to pay £86 which the surgery stated I would have to reclaim when returning to the UK? Conversely my Canadian brother-in-law when hospitalized with a suspected stroke paid nothing wasn`t even asked regarding insurance cover etc. Perhaps he was more forceful I suppose.
  8. I don't think so: Apologies a political moment over breakfast. I meant aspiration. But then I`m sure you realized that.😉
  9. Is that possibly also however a consequence of a industry whilst based in the UK being owned by a party outside. Is it possible that the, I for one feel, that political management, (if I can call it that) also being "managed" on other shores can have similar consequences?
  10. This statement is why you`d never make a politician.😉 It`s sensible but indicates the need to put the countries occupants first rather than their own and party politics.
  11. Here I disagree with you as it supposedly would allow you to see in print and therefore have time to consider the others point of view. I realize you may well be sufficiently informed There are however two major major problems with that statement. Firstly the statements are so often proved to be untrue in their impletation and should only be considered as asperations in the parties` eyes. Secondly it is perhaps an insight into why I believe we would succeed outside the EU. A determination to fight in a non violent way to make it work.
  12. Once again I must ask for confirmation that the EU hierachy is not also occupied predominantly by political muppets?
  13. In my opinion unfortunately in many cases the same idiots who create the problems-most of them trying to make their mark. Would make a great politician
  14. Although a leaver I must confess I am concerned by Mr. Farages` statement during his statement in the parties` recent broadcast. He stated " change politics for good". I feel perhaps the inclusion of the word THE as in politics for THE good would have been more appropriate if that was his intention. Two totally different meanings I feel.
  15. It was basically how it appeared in the documentary that Hitler "stumbled" into what initially started as him being a speech maker for another and how once in position was maipulated by others until he himself became forthright in his own views. Violence and their economy was I believe central to the Nazi rise. It is that manipulation by those in the shadows that makes me fearful of the EU. People I`ve never heard of from a country with a different background (with all its` different connotations -historical,social and economic for example)) being used to further those hiddens agendas. I acknowledge that this happens here in the UK but being closer to home is perhaps more visable with change more controlled. Remember the discussion over Juncker when elected? Whose he many said.
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