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  1. Six Nations

    I played rugby at quite a high level from the age of 11 until I finally hung up my boots at 42 (30 years ago).My personal view is that the game has ups and downs and the problem I see is when talented young players who in their first few seasons have a tremendous effect on the game have that natural talent "managed" by coaches. All to often I see the game developing along the lines of American football. Playing by predetermined moves. Oppositions soon spot a plan in a game. A good tactic is naturally soon incorporated into ever ones game and it`s the talented player who has the instinct to modify and innovate. Whilst are New Zealand a wonder to watch -I believe natural talent is left to win the game. Whilst on the subject in my view the killing of a grounded ball by the attacking side diving over the guy laying on the ground and often preventing the opposition tackling player rolling away should be penalized.
  2. Calorifier leaking.

    Assuming you are referring to the John Guest fittings I know of a large part of a newly built housing (with in 20 years) estate in Devon which had to have the major part of it`s system replaced due to fitting failure. However I suspect the fittings used were the early type which you had real difficulty in dismantling.
  3. Calorifier leaking.

    A problem from experience with push-fit plumbing (John Guest, Hep2 etc) is that the early designs suffered with `O` ring deterioration accentuated by movement which a canal boat is prone to. Having said that it is very very popular with out faults. Regarding the existence of anti freeze. All of those pipes indicated would normally expect to contain antifreeze as two are flow and return from the external boiler(Espatcher/Webasto etc) and two are flow and return from the engine. NO domestic water should be in anyway in contact with the domestic supply. The cold fill to the tank should have a non-return valve to ensure any water to fill the pipes is isolated from the domestic. Especially drinking water and hot water in the Calorifier. At least then if the internal pipes in the calorifier did fail (extremely unlikely) then apart from the hot water system being corrupted (hot taps/shower) your cold drinking water would remain intact.Anti-freeze is toxic. In the case in question as suggested you`ve to find out which circuit the pipe is in. If engine turn of tap in engine circuit at engine block (it should have one but if not as suggested try and clamp off) and remove pipe in engine room. A certain amount of water will drain into the bilge which you can pump out easily. If pipe is in the circuit to the boiler again isolate/clamp off and allow water to drain. If boiler in engine room easy ,if in cabin then once actual pipe located try and drain into suitable receptacle. Once water drained remove calorifier fitting and sort it. Recommend use of LSX sealant on threads from plastic to brass and avoid over tightening.
  4. Tax and insurance on a new build

    I listened to advice from forum contributors. Bought a sailaway- windows in, primed, water tank in, fuel tank and engine in. I had it delivered to a location near my home (private car park at a kennels) and worked on it seven days a week virtually on my own from Oct. 2016 and had it put in the water beginning August 2017. Internal wiring cupboard ( inverter etc. completed by professionals) on launching. BSS then completed beginning August. It was then liveable and whilst there was then a period last Autumn when we moved the boat up to near Lymm for professional painting it was to all intent and purposes very usable etc. and we`re looking forward to this Summer on the canals starting beginning of April. Didn`t need to licence, tax or even bother to insure until put in the water
  5. Brexit 2017

    Since the realization that a bigger return from their savings could possibly be had from the purchase of homes to rent out and share investment than money on deposit in the bank perhaps a wider spectrum of investors are about. Company managers and in many cases whole stratas of staffing levels who themselves see it helpful/important to see good dividends and a rise in share values.
  6. Water purification

    What, if any,methods of water purification do contributors use. As a leisure user obviously although I empty the water tank there`s bound to be a residual at the beginning of the season. Advice please.
  7. Tunnel light

    Two comments. First had to hurriedly reverse out of a tunnel just before Christmas because whilst we had the right of way to enter the vessel the other end had his/her tunnel light on and seemed to have already entered. As it happened they were apparently moored getting ready to enter but I did not want to take the chance. Second point. Why when on a narrow road of which we have many in the South West when people courteously pull in to allow you through do they sit there with their headlights even on dip. It creates a blind spot as you approach. They don`t need lights on they are stationary.
  8. My immediate visualization is to have them larger than the existing frame this it would possibly require further "holes" in the cabin sides to secure them. Having said that perhaps a permanent frame could be glued on to which the glazing could be fixed during winter. Just needs investigating and a little lateral thinking.
  9. A cheap and easy CCTV

    Surely including a motion activated on on/off switch would help. We`ve an inexpensive alarm system at our stables which texts us when activated. I`m sure your idea has some mileage especially recycling the old camera.
  10. This topic has got me thinking. Why fit double glassing on the inside, why couldn`t it be fitted on the outside. There are some extremely strong magnets available nowadays if a suitable seal could be designed encompassing them.
  11. Brexit 2017

    Was told years ago in my teenage years. "There`s a trick in every trade except stone masonery and that`s all chiselling" Oh how true.
  12. Brexit 2017

    I just feel that you and many others believe the EU to be full of more honest people than the UK. Perhaps they too (the EU) haven`t sufficient funds or are too trusting to be continually looking over their shoulder. Surely that applies the world over from inside family units to countries.
  13. Brexit 2017

    Not the EU but remind you of Volkswagen.
  14. Brexit 2017

    I fail to understand why many people seem to think that the EU "controllers" are a different part of the human race than those in Britain. What makes them so different or special? Is it that they are less corrupt and they don`t have self-interest at heart. So profitability per head/number employed is? So you like me have to many cars cluttering up our lives
  15. Brexit 2017

    All this reference to percentages. When you next order a pint or a pound of sausages ask if you can pay in percentages. It`s cash you spend and it would be interesting to know what the cash markup on an Aston Martin and how many Nissans etc you have to sell to have the equivalent. As is continually stated on here money seems to be in the pockets of the few so one could argue they are recession proof. Go into Princess Yachts and look at the multi million pound vessels being built by a highly skilled labour force and I possibly few robots. If not already I bet there is some overseas investors eyeing it up.