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  1. May be connected to a water or gas detector.
  2. Ours are as close to the roof without touching as I didn't want anything that stood too high and I don't like clutter on the roof.
  3. Looks like the one that was swinging around above Sandon lock last week. The owner doesn't appear to be very good at mooring.
  4. Yes, it is a fuel boat selling gas so they are stored on a platform so any leakage would go over the sides and not in to the hold.
  5. Perhaps those that come on the forum asking about buying a boat and hiring it out should have a look at this thread.
  6. I was interviewed by Sky News last time we were moored there.
  7. If you have CCTV and alarms what are you planning on doing if they are triggered and your miles away, are you going to drop everything and spend a few hours rushing to the boat...? I agree with Arthur and would look for temporary moorings where you are planning to leave it.
  8. We saw this on the Llangollen last year, hire boat stopped in a bridge hole and a big group joined them with plenty of crates of beer. No idea where they were all going to sleep.
  9. I would expect there to be spaces in Bancroft this time of the year, if it is full there is plenty bit room to turn. You can also go on to the river and moor but that does have a daily charge.
  10. Looks to me like two holding the sign in place, two holding the ladder and one securing the sign. Sounds reasonable to me to ensure noone gets hurt.
  11. Were they on their way to the shed at the top? 🤣
  12. I didn't chance it as the height guage at the lock dragged down the roof.
  13. I used to have a colleague that had a long term boat rental in London, he had rented it for a couple of years but I think it was on a permanent mooring and remained static.
  14. There are usually but they don't always venture all the way to the top lock.
  15. There was a post by @Grassman in another thread about the cottage and moorings. All the moorers were given 3 months notice to leave by March 31st. It's more to do with access and parking rather than disruption to the actual moorings. Once HS2 have finished their evil doings in approximately 2 years time the cottage and moorings will be available for use again. The cottage is owned by HS2 and the tenant was only on a short term rental agreement so no compo for them either.
  16. When we came through there a few weeks ago there was an area fenced off under the motorway with a security guard patrolling so I presumed they were going to be doing some work related to the motorway.
  17. Our engine was doing similar last year when the fuel pump was on its way out and wasn't feeding fuel sufficiently to keep the engine running so it would fire up and then cut out almost immediately.
  18. Hopefully this stoppage won't be for long or more challenge routes will be off. Notice Alert Location: Rushall Junction to Salford Junction, Tame Valley Canal Intersection of: Rushall Junction Bridge to Rushall Junction Bridge on Rushall Canal and Access Point to Salford Bridge (Lichfield Road) on Tame Valley Canal and M6 Viaduct, Salford Junction to M6 Viaduct, Salford Junction on Birmingham & Fazeley Canal Tuesday 17 May 2022 13:00 until further notice Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Inspection Original message: The navigation has had to be closed off due to safety reasons. Please bear with us while our teams assess the situation. You can view this notice and its map online here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/22354/rushall-junction-to-salford-junction-tame-valley-canal You can find all notices at the url below: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices
  19. Yes it does but for us it is easier to use the 240v socket next to where the router is stood rather than trying to get a 12v source.
  20. You can download the entry form from the BCNS website, https://bcnsociety.com/event/bcn-24-hour-marathon-challenge-2022/
  21. I used a mifi when just needed occasional internet but now working from the boat more I have a Huawei B818, I use it with the mains adapter from the inverter but only have it switched on during the day as I turn the inverter off when we go to bed. The mifi used to randomly lose signal which was a pain when in the middle of a meeting.
  22. That is how we work through a flight, do much easier if Mrs-M goes ahead and sets the next one and I work the one the boat is in. If there are any volockies around I then ask them to close the gates behind me
  23. I've heard good reviews of https://cheshirecattraining.co.uk/. I think they do a ladies only training as well.
  24. I was surprised how late the rowers on the Gloucester Sharpness left it before lying back to go under the swing bridge at Saul Junction. They must use a point to the side to determine when to go but the front rower almost smacks their head on the bridge.
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