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  1. @TheBiscuits good shout actually! I.e. They do gas run with bubble tester and regulator, but if someone else connects the hob - will it requite Post Construction Assessment? I'll talk to them and ask all that as well.
  2. Sorry Andrew, we didn't mean to steal your topic!
  3. I'm buying sailaway with extra extras (electric, plumbing, heating, PO toilets, etc). Plan is for me to provide some of the materials (like specific radiators, some wood, etc) and equipment (like Hurricane instead of Webasto, specific batteries, solar panels, etc). Hull is from Tylor Wilson, but Lymm will source it for me. No, no, no! You are not being difficult - I really appreciate all your comments, a lot! I have no illusion I know a thing or two about boat building/buying/sourcing - that's why I'm here - to share, to ask and to discuss! I'll specifically ask Lymm if they
  4. My understanding is that as they do the majority of the work they are required to do everything in accordance with RCD hence they take care of the compliance side of things and as my side of things is minor it can't be declared a self-build. Am I completely missing something I have no idea of? p.s. Definitely don't want to be in position where boat is not compliant and can't be sold if required.
  5. I see so many new build using what looks like MDF - have we wrongly identified the material used or do builders just don't care what will happen with the interior eventually?
  6. boat to comply with RCD 2013/53/EU annex IV declaration of conformity & owner’s manual craft identification number issued builders plate and CE marked Now, when PurpleBricks & Co. are eating the market - nothing.
  7. I don't understand why? Neither estate agents no brokers have legal obligations to not sell you a lemon, and they are interested in selling to a highest bidder as it increases their commission. When you are cash buyer what you see is what you buy - same with the house, same with the boat.
  8. When I see the house I want to buy I have to deal with an estate agent that "represents" that house - there is no way around it. Same with the boat market, with the only exception that NB sale goes much quicker and it is a seller's market.
  9. I didn't plan to have it surveyed as it's a new build and it's a reputable boatbuilder - didn't know there is a need for it? Payment plan seems pretty standard - you pay a small deposit to secure your slot, then the balance only when all work is finished and the boat is ready. We've discussed it in the another thread I think - I'm talking about Lymm Marina - they will do everything including plumbing, electric, heating, toilets, lining. By internal I meant walls, doors, furniture, galley - so kind of "wood related" things I'm comfortable with. p.s. I'm sorry OP - I did
  10. I'm doing my detailed breakdown to understand the full price of it (materials, etc) - but it does seem that sailaway IS the right thing. Especially now, when I have found a boat builder that can do everything except the internals and furniture.
  11. Don't really see a point to have a real wood for under the gunwales as I want to have it in solid white to be honest. I want to have some wooden accents in the design, but mostly I prefer white and airy spaces.
  12. There are plenty of designs ( i.e. https://www.dbsbathrooms.co.uk/bathroom-panels/wall-panels ) - but I'm after specifically one that looks like painted tongue and groove - I really like how it looks under the gunwale (and above gunwale I plan to use marine leatherette in the same colour tone).
  13. Boat sitting 'under offer' and waiting for a survey doesn't equal to your sales fees, just a deposit. More likely they were eager to shift 'stock' quicker rather than owning a boat and knowing about a problem.
  14. I've worked with moisture resistant MDF before - won't work without PPE, the dust is toxic as hell.🤝
  15. Yes, absolutely - I understand that. And in general, it's hard to think of an industry that works for the purchaser and not the vendor.
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