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  1. Fradley to Fazeley Dredging

    Agree, it has always been a sluggish stretch for me, particularly through the heavily wooded military danger area north of Hopwas. Strangely though I found a recent journey from Fradley not an issue, maintaining reasonable speed for my 34 inch draught boat. I even considered the possibility it had already been dredged. There are certainly areas with greater need of dredging although probably with lesser traffic.
  2. VSR or battery to battery charger

    which was my point, although a double edged sword I guess
  3. VSR or battery to battery charger

    and won't have for many years to come if ever, not in bespoke narrowboats at least which virtually all are to some degree.
  4. Calder & Hebble length

    Sorry, yes I was referring to the fact that in order to reach the Rochdale, I had to first travel the Calder and Hebble, and both the locks mentioned were on that of course.
  5. Calder & Hebble length

    Took a 60ft nb up the Rochdale east to west a couple of years ago (don't do it the other way with marginal length boat). There was not an inch to spare despite all fenders removed, but I managed it and single handed! Anything less should be easy. Problem locks are top one at Salterhebble flight and Shepley bridge although that's on the Calder and Hebble.
  6. Best place to get diesel - eastern K&A

    Frouds bridge marina just after Aldemaston between Reading and Newbury. Good safe place to leave boat if you need to as well.
  7. Electric or hybrid

    To utilise the flexibility of all electric propulsion, batteries are required. Despite being around for over 150 years with constant efforts to improve on lead/acid battery technology, there is still nothing available that provides the sort of storage capacity needed for vehicle/boat propulsion at a reasonable price, weight and longevity. There is much hype about dramatic improvements in recent times, but if so why have we still not seen an all electric vehicle (or boat ) with similar range and performance that we have come to expect from conventional propulsion. The only current viable option is a half way house with hybrid drives therefore. Solar power requires an impractical number of pv panels in most cases and still requires battery backup. I await with interest to see what the future holds but if there was a solution on the horizon offering a dramatic increase in battery storage capacity, why haven't we heard about it?
  8. 3L3

    L2 bore and stroke 4 1/4 "x 6", L3 5 1/2" x 7 3/4" So L3 substantially bigger. 3L3 nearly twice the weight at 1.5 tons!
  9. Mastervolt combi 12/2500-100 fault

    Yes strictly speaking it is illegal but it happens. I measured 261 volts at Glascote marina some years back, causing my Sterling Combi to reject it. Turns out that suppliers had been over enthusiastic at local substation when new nearby estate was built.
  10. Electrical basics

    It's imperative you have an RCD after the inverter part of your Victron together with earth/inverter neutral strap to provide clear conditions for safety trip when AC is being provided by battery power. The latter should be provided by the Victron with automatic disconnention of this strap when shore power is passed through the Victron to your AC distribution sockets. An RCD on the shoreline feed to Victron would be optional since there would (should) be one on the shore power pedestal protecting downstream. ETA: the galvanic isolator should be fitted immediately after shore power inlet.
  11. Powder coating chimney collar

    Spoke to my local powder coating company recently regarding engine components being coated. It was explained that they normally bake at 180°C so no issues with painted items as long as they stayed below 170°C. Rocker and timing covers on a hot running air cooled V twin have been fine. Doubt very much if a chimney collar would get that hot.
  12. Distribution panel

    Another idea is to use combined switch breakers. I have various current ratings on a custom made panel to protect and control 20 circuits. Although many are used daily for switching there have been no issues in 5 years of regular use. Ones on the right are identical in function to those on left but for circuits normally permanently live.
  13. How Slow is Slow past moored boats?

    A well discussed subject but many seem to fail to grasp the large number of variables that contribute to your boat causing excessive movement to moored boats you pass. These include and where possible in order of importance: Depth of water at mooring particularly and where moving boat is How well moored boat is tied up Speed of passing boat Width of canal or river Hull shape and draught of passing boat to mention just a few. This means that a badly tied up boat can be moved around by a boat passing at little over 1 mph in some circumstances, whilst the same boat in others will have little effect travelling at 4 mph. It's definatly a case of horses for courses and common sense has to prevail rather than absolute speeds. The effect your boat has on the bankside will often give a clue.
  14. Short term moorings K&A

    Left my boat at Frouds bridge, Devizes and Caen hill at various times last year. Caen hill the most expensive, but no problems getting into any mid season.
  15. sterling marina power

    Hi kevoisier That's not just an inverter you have but a combined battery charger and inverter traditionally known as a Combi. It's quite an old one, could be 15 years or more so little chance of finding a manual on-line although as suggested Sterling may be able to help. The info from pictures indicates the multi-stage charger can supply up to 65 amps to a 12 volt battery bank when mains/shore power is available, whilst also passing through the mains supply to your on board sockets. The inverter part produces 240 volts AC from your batteries to the same sockets. The rating converted to watts would be a max of around 1200 watts although probably not a pure sine wave so may cause hum powering a TV. Beware that most Combi's automatically switch over to inverter when the shore power is lost, to maintain the 240 volt AC supply to sockets. Sounds very convenient but if the meter runs out or the shore power is tripped the batteries will be drained providing the AC, possibly without you knowing! After buying batteries, make sure charger is set to match their type. Suggest at least three typical 105 amp hour leisure batteries wired in parallel.