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  1. I’ve got a few ‘slow tv’ videos on my channel most at least over an hour long.
  2. Yeah that’s fair enough. I normally put music to things like this so it covers the edits and makes a montage. However I get slated for putting music on, so you could try adding your own. if I didn’t edit tight then it would be over two hours long and quite boring too! Myk
  3. We set off once the water was back in the river and not flowing too fast - we know our boat well. We were at Pershore as you can see when the floods came. We managed to clear debris on the locks where it was small stuff shown on the video. Apparently the Avon Navigation Trust did an amazing job of clearing the Narrowboat stuck on the balance beam at Evesham so they could get their own boats through but luckily the rest of the locks was just small stuff, some moved sand which we flushed out of the way and trees felled which we squeezed past.
  4. Hi guys and gals, I've just finally got around to editing a video I shot in 2007! It involves taking my Dad's boat Kismet on lots of flooded rivers, and then getting trapped in one of the biggest floods on the Avon. It's an hour long, so best to get comfy, but please enjoy: YouTube Clicky Cheers, Mike
  5. I assume so long as you don't fall into the main channel of the canal you can moor as many as you like - and since it's private water one wonders if you could expand it to a marina and not need a connection charge...
  6. I assume - though don't actually know this site in particular - that like most of the wharves on the Shroppie, that the expansion of the canal was down to the landowner. These wharf sites that look like winding holes, are primarily private moorings but to allow boats to turn were made wider so boats could wind after unloading. Mike
  7. Wow - that must still be under the embankments! I didn't realize just how big it all was.
  8. The beauty of this one is that the wharf should be private water - so you shouldn't have to pay CRT anything to moor a boat.
  9. If you want to virtually follow it - this website is good: http://www.ruisliponline.com/lido/feeder.htm Myk
  10. Hi everybody, I've released a little video flying around the so called Brinklow Arches - an embankment and river crossing at Brinklow on the North Oxford Canal. Enjoy: You Tube Clicky Thing Cheers, Myk
  11. Hi, I made a video about Cowley Lock while it was empty, and explained what you asked. I knew I'd got the information from somewhere - must have been from this book. Basically, any boats bringing the companies water with them as they descend, took the water into the Paddington Arm. It was known where the boats came from when the toll ticket was inspected at this spot. Any boats not having come from above probably Berkhampstead but I can't find any information about it would have been using river water which would have normally ended up in the Colne had a boat not used it, so at this point it was returned to the river. Why it was important to keep the water in the river at this point can only have been a mill or mills downstream of this point objecting to loss of water. Of by the water - was the photo taken at normal water levels - It looks a little low from the tide mark, but I can see from your photo the bottom of the paddle surround is just spot on the right level. The video: Cheers, Mike
  12. Are you talking about these layby piles?
  13. Not far from Southend I believe....
  14. Hi Folks, While not the best example of pair boating, I've recorded part of a trip up the GU we had last weekend. Enjoy: YouTube Clicky to 2 hours of real time video in HD
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