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  1. Technically built as a horse boat, but would be a perfect partner for The North which was built at the same time but happened to get converted to a motor a few years later.
  2. Ah that's interesting. Anything still remain of.it?
  3. Many canals have other water sources as they drop down from the summit, you can often see when a new water source joins as the locks are suddenly deeper! Some times summit locks can be smaller as there is another source close to the top but not at it, but often a summit lock will be greater in depth to provide enough water for below. Remember when the Shroppie was built it didn't have a water source other than reservoirs - the sewage works coming much later.
  4. The lock can be seen in construction in the 1955 Film Bridge of Song. Only clip I can find is this: but is available on DVD.
  5. The name was given recently by one of the previous owners who had various elemental named boats.
  6. Sorry - but lol: Driffield Navigation Driffield Navigation Victoria Dock Branch Position 53.74456,-0.32694 Nope - that wasn't a thing... There was connection for the Victoria Dock to the River Hull, and also Queens Docks all the way back around to the Humber forming an island. Not sure if you want to include the old docks, but I wouldn't bother as it wasn't a navigation. The Frodingham Beck did continue up to Foston Mill, however I believe it was a private navigation. Good map though. keep up the great work.
  7. If I remember rightly, Tranquil Rose doesn't fit the bridge at the top of the 21, but does regularly visit Warwick as well as the K&A, London waterways, Thames, Wey etc.
  8. 1986 by the looks of it on the Radio Times Genome website
  9. Hi, I've digitised The Grain Run from some old VHS tapes. I've had to replace some of the music for it to be able to be seen on YouTube, best viewed full screen: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8HwGbPmKqSd4k2J_vVOZvO5J3VjKDHau
  10. Don't worry about upsetting me - you haven't and thanks for clarifying what you meant. You have a fair point - and I do monetise my videos to try and get a (tiny) bit of money back to keep Victoria running. I've been trying some different types of video to try and get some more traffic. I hope they are interesting to the people, and I don't post all my videos on Canalworld - just some that I think people might find interesting or helpful. I think I've done enough boating over the years to understand the problems and issues involved - although I'm always ready to learn especially if I'm wrong! Note that youtube reserves the right to put adverts on all videos, monetised or not, and seems likely in the near future - nothing is free in this world... Cheers, Mike
  11. Not sure I follow. YouTube is a video broadcast platform, Facebook is more designed for sharing to people you know, and Friends Reunited was more about connecting to old school friends. I never used MySpace. The best way to learn is to ask questions. Try things and remember, usually through practice and repetition. This video tries to answer at least some of the questions people might have about this subject. I've seen many careful boaters who 'have been boating for years' not understand these principles because they haven't been aware of the issues or know the right questions to ask to learn more. I tried to make the video interesting and topical. Open to suggestions on how to improve the video or boating! Cheers, Mike
  12. If it's short enough not to be an issue then there wouldn't be the problem with the boat getting knocked around so much. Also it still stands, even a shorter boat is more controlable with bow and stern lines.
  13. If you've tried different patterns of opening paddles to reduce the effect, then the only thing is to take a bow line ashore to hold it in. You may have to take several turns around the bollard, and also a stern line tied as far back in the lock to reduce the difference in length as the lock fills. Centre lines are not good for holding boats still in locks when they are filling.
  14. Hi, I thought I would share my new video, since it covers some useful tips for boating. Hope you enjoy. Click to watch on youtube Cheers, Mike
  15. Some good views of Victoria (Linda as it was then) in that film:
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