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Maidens Trip Old TV Special


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32 minutes ago, mark99 said:

Noticed a three part BBC drama series in the 1977 was made based upon Maidens Trip.

I am sure this was produced as both a film and a short series. but most likely just a re-edit.


I also remember watching this at the time, but I have ever seen it since :captain:

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A 3 part series shown in 1977 and then repeated as a single episode in 1978. Featured boats from Tam and Di also 3 Fellows and cameo roles for Elstree and Lyra as themselves, not repainted as Venus and Ariadne. Mostly filmed on the Leicester Line of the GU and in Limehouse.  Best part of the series according to Emma Smith was Geoffrey Palmer as Wilfrid!  No copy has been identified yet, but it is possible to view at the British Film Institute by appointment.

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The bbc was at Braunston recruiting boats for this  series and were in urgent need of them. We got Tadworth ready and it was well on the way when I got a call to say it wasn’t needed. Steerer not happy!

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Searching the BBC - it seems to have been a Radio 4 / 4 extra drama in 2015.

Emma Smith - Maidens' Trip


By Emma Smith. Dramatised for radio by David Ashton (writer of the popular Radio 4 detective series McLevy).

First published in 1948, this adaptation of Emma Smith's fictionalised memoir opens in 1943 and relates the adventures of three eighteen-year-old girls who'd signed on with the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company to replace workers drafted overseas.

Quite literally thrown in at the deep end Emma, Charity and Nanette embark on their maiden voyage - carrying steel north by canal from London to Birmingham - surmounting the dangerous, back-breaking work thanks largely to an endearing mix of youthful bravado and blissful ignorance. Steering their way through the 'other world' of the boat people, the girls, often out of their depth, face up to an assortment of challenges with courage and good cheer.

Tilly.......... Greta Scacchi
Emma...... Emily Wachter
Charity..... Emerald O'Hanrahan
Nanette.... Georgia Groome
Wilfred..... Rufus Wright
Mr Silver... Sean Baker
Eli Silver... Lloyd Thomas

Director.... Kirsteen Cameron.

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The Radio 4 Play for the Day version has been broadcast at least twice and bears very little resemblance to either the original book or the televised version. In the radio play, Wilfred is portrayed as being Kit Gayford's brother, whereas in the original book his character is based on the future husband of one of the Trainees - at the time a Captain in the RN.

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5 minutes ago, Tam & Di said:

I've tried several times to find a copy and would be seriously interested if this is for real.



Hi I am not sure how to contact you to send info I am new and need 10 posts before I can send a PM 

not sure if I am allowed to send an email address , it is genuine I paid £14 free post if you are in the UK 

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