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  1. Rose - can you direct me to the podcasts please.
  2. Very much enjoyed. Not sure how long it will stay on Youtube.
  3. The launch is not guaranteed as they have bad weather.
  4. This day in 2017 was the Rickmansworth gathering. Here's a video of highlights.
  5. We took a walk down the canal past Coppermill and ended up at Troy Mill this morning. Progress is still at the yard in the floating dock,. There was no-one there to ask about Chris.
  6. Nice to the the display still outside Stockers lock house, Rickmansworth.
  7. A little walk up to Mellor from Marple yesterday. Very tranquil.
  8. Back in the 70s, some friends lived on a small wood narrow boat at Mexborough wharf on the S & SY. They'd often wake up at night to find some Tom Puddings "leaning" on the boat, while the crew got the lock ready.
  9. This from today's Daily Fail. No time mentioned apart from afternoon. Maybe Flight Radar 24 will help when they fly off from Goodwood.
  10. Brilliant. This zoom conferencing software works well.
  11. An online talk on Thursday evening in the London Canal Museum program of talks, about tractors on London canals. The Wickham tractors will feature strongly in this! To register go to https://www.zoom.us/webinar/84115387023 or see museum website What's On page. Edit - the link doesn't seem to work right but just type that long number into the zoom portal, and register.
  12. Condominium - I always thought they made of rubber ??? Confused of Tunbridge Wells
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