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  1. jake_crew

    Cost of Rubbing Strakes

    Aircraft are indeed widely bonded together, where weight saving is a priority. Many cars also have significant areas of adhesive bonding rather than welding, esp when dissimilar materials are used. In may cases the steel "safety cage" is welded steel, but other parts, incl suspension mounts & outer panels are aluminum bonded onto the steel. When newly applied, these adhesives are stronger than the metal they are stuck to. Rivets, bolts or other fasteners add significant weight and are not used much. The only but is the long term behaviour of these adhesives, esp during English wet and salty winters and also after what seem to be minor impacts.
  2. jake_crew

    Red Lion Cropredy

    I am told by locals that IS indeed the case ... they take as much in one week as the rest rest of the year.
  3. jake_crew

    Red Lion Cropredy

    Can anyone nearby pop in and find out what they have planned for the Fairport Fringe 9-11 August.
  4. jake_crew


    Saw several instances of this last week from Buckby to Blisworth. I too wondered if it was sewage or summat else.
  5. jake_crew

    Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2018

    Add station boat Rill to the list - owner by a lovely couple from Banbury. They said they had to be hauled out of that tight Napton lock by CART and are wondering if they'll get back up. Some videos of the weekend here :- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqGHqimQWdAC1v2qzB9JLcw56iFRH3p7Q ( Apologies for the" X Alan W "Quote headline above, it just pops up when I click in the reply box, and I cant delete it . Very odd ? "
  6. jake_crew

    Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2018

    Tug Typhoon should be added to the list. What was up with Gloucester's K2 - only running cleanly on 1 cylinder I guess.
  7. jake_crew

    New Foxton village shop (Leics)

    Can anyone confirm that the shop is open ? The website is still under construction.
  8. jake_crew

    Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2018

    And here is a pic of Swift at Foxton last week.
  9. jake_crew

    3M Thinsulate

    I've got some vests made of thinsulate. Would they do ?
  10. jake_crew

    Due Diligence

    I wonder if Parahandy was to name the boat on here, the 'young couple' might read this and realise :- 1 They owe him some thanks and rope. 2 They need to bone up on the equipment needed.
  11. jake_crew

    Pear cider/Perry taste - advice.

    When I used to make my own beer, new equipment made of plastic, even throroughly cleaned, would give an off taste. Obviously don't use metal, even stainless steel, and beware of rubber (ie the seals on the old style screw top bottles).
  12. jake_crew

    Rickmansworth Festival

    I think that Chris is still alive but will not be commentating this year.
  13. jake_crew

    Rickmansworth Festival

    I think you'll be OK except for Sunday late afternoon, when there might be a lock jam. At least that happened last year, when music, dancing and merriment reigned.
  14. jake_crew

    Stoke Bruerne next weekend

  15. jake_crew

    Stoke Bruerne next weekend

    I can't edit my previous post now but the homepage says Saturday, and the diary/talks page doesn't specify a day at all. Of course the 20th is a Sunday so I guess thats when it will be. Shame, as I'll be at a wedding.

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