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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. 3am the perfect time for meteor spotting if only the sky wss clear.
  3. I believe there was a thread recently where she explained how "Boatwomans Bonnets" are made.
  4. I did see a trad style boat with a lovely Ruston Hornsby engine with the fan and rad mounted above the engine. The exhaust made a great noise.
  5. I've been watching Harry's farm on YouTube recently for a more informed view on the impact of the end of diesel usage in industry. Electric powered fork lifts and diggers will not be viable he reckons. He favours hydrogen power.
  6. pictures in your last post no worky for me Peter.......... Thanks working now 👍
  7. Dawn at the Cape. of Good Hope today. And the cafe at the top of Hatton 3 hours later. They very kindly wrapped the bacon sarnies as a take away.
  8. An interior shot of the Greyhound. Very welcome on a wet afternoon a few weeks ago.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. As we're heading towards Halloween, this snippet appears in the "Canal Ghosts" thread on this forum. Rough synopsis - two blokes take old boat with knackered engine through Ghosty Hill tunnel, it stalls they leg the rest of the way. One bloke goes for a nosey around derelict industry whilst other fixes engine. Its nearly dark and the bloke who stayed with the boat is getting a bit cheesed by the time his mate turns up, especially as his mate just drops into the hold without a word. On the return trip engine fails again, seething and without saying a word, our bloke goes to leg and his "mate" joins him, but the mate legs like a professional at one heck of a speed and smells like he's been eating rat kebab and drinking battery acid. Get to far end, cry from the towpath of " do you normally abandon your crew" and the legger has vanished... His real mate had seen the boat go back into the tunnel and had had to walk over the hill.
  11. More boats on the move ? Or naughty people putting red in road vehicles ?
  12. Congratulations Peter. Post 8000, half of those in this thread must be yours. You must have an extensive gallery on your hard drive ! 🤥
  13. You're right David. We found a few on the north Oxford yesterday. But it's a scramble to run forward , lift the pipe off , and get back to the tiller when single handed. Oh and lift the back cabin stove chimney off too. A cunning mechanism would be neat.
  14. Is there a supplier of roof mounted exhaust pipes which can be dipped to get under low bridges. Or has anyone got suggestions as to the design of such a mechanism.
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