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  1. Brilliant - just watched all 3 films on the Iplayer. Also looked at the VIC 27 website to see the latest news. I can only conclude she's not afloat yet - or steaming - but looking at what they've achieved, they must be on the home run now.
  2. jake_crew

    Cropredy Convention 2019, Who?

    Caravan are playing on the Friday - unf I have a wedding that weekend.
  3. jake_crew

    Radio 3pm today Open Country

    Quote - Life on the canal is not just a place of leisure and tourism as Helen Mark finds out that more and more people are now full time residents on the water. For this Open Country Helen chugs along on ‘Ardley Way‘ a 60 foot narrow boat with Pete and Bev Ardley who are full time residents at Foxton Locks in Leicestershire. Will Helen be convinced of this lifestyle? Meanwhile ,Carolyn Watts is taking her lock keepers assessment, will she remember everything she’s been taught and get the narrow boats through Foxton locks and become a qualified lock keeper? A nurse by profession she started volunteering last year as the canals have always have always been part of her families history. Foxton Locks consists of 10 locks all after each other and is the steepest and longest flight staircase of locks on the English canal system explains Alex Goode, the Site Manager whose father worked there too. Every year he and his team are responsible for almost 5000 boats going through the locks. The day ends at Bridge 61 as Helen meets Sarah and Shane Kennedy the newest members of the boating community; they’ve never been on a narrow boat, never holidayed on one but decided to buy and live on one permanently this year. As the depth of winter approaches are they still confident they’ve done the right thing? Includes a chat with Caroline Watts, a volly from a boating family.
  4. jake_crew

    Protecting natural fibre rope fenders

    My local agricultural suppliers sell it - in 25L barrels. It helps to talk the talk and dress right when you go in there.
  5. Have you got a ring in the centre of the roof ? Useful for this requirement of yours as well as general boating.
  6. What species is this fella - not a Mallard to my untrained eye.
  7. Thanks for fixing that Alan. I also find youtube behaving rather oddly at present.
  8. jake_crew

    Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) or Acetone

    I'd be wary of using any strong solvent on modern paint. Even panel wipe might not suit white spirit based paints. Whatever you choose do a test spot first and wait 24 hrs to check no "pickling" has occurred.
  9. Here are some clips of the action at Stoke Bruerne Village at War 2018, including the BBMF Spitfire, narrowboats Bletchley and Sickle, and swing singers Lola Lamour, Betty Bluebird and May Blossom. I just love the vintage song, dance and dress code. https://www.youtube.com/edit?ar=1&o=U&video_id=R8TV3RKKiqA Arthur Jones (a 93 year old WW2 veteran) duetting with Lola Lamour. Thanks for letting us squeeze in at the last minute Leo !
  10. jake_crew

    150th Anniversary

    see here Mike. https://www.gardnermarine.com/the-early-history-of-l-gardner-sons/
  11. jake_crew

    scaffold board flooring

    Good for you using scaff boards. £1 per foot round my way. I burnt off the hairy bits, and then hired a belt sander to smooth them.
  12. jake_crew

    alvecote historic boat gathering

    Thanks for that Billybob. Our tug draws about the same. Perhaps its a bad year this year, hopefully ther'll be more water next year when we intend to go to Alvecote.
  13. jake_crew

    alvecote historic boat gathering

    Billybobbooth - what do you draw ?

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