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  1. Had an interesting talk with my wife after seeing it last night. I've been boating for 40+ years, her half that, I commented that pushing the tiller to steer the way you want seems so obvious. But she said "unless its explained what the tiller does to whatever is underwater, you'll struggle to understand why tiller left equals boat right etc.".
  2. We got well and truly punted up the arrr backend at Braunston turn sanny station. Luckily I'd only wound the rope round the bollard and not tied up tight, so the rope pulled away. The stereer said he couldn't see round the bend ! Well - I saw him and gave the slow down wave, but he seemed transfixed. My final suggestion of "if you can't see slow down or stop" fell on deaf ears too. Hey ho
  3. Brilliant thank you Rose. Comparing with my picture of 2016 it does look identical, apart from the aircleaner.
  4. That was a reply in one minute ! Have a greenie. Is Bert still with us ? Could he suggest which tug it is ?
  5. From David Blagrove's book "Waterways of Northamptonshire. The description says its taken on the Puddlebanks W of Braunston. Considering I took a photo of the book I think the chaps face is amazingly clear. I don't think the tug is Pintail, but clearly its a similar Pusher.
  6. We thoroughly enjoyed this years rally. Saturday was hot, with the lightest of showers in the evening, Sunday cooler and a little cloudier but dry. The Saturday parade was manic - as usual. It took two hours to get from the Marina to the turn, a distance you can walk in 10 minutes ! Sundays was a little calmer and quicker. We felt there were fewer boats this year than some years ????? We liked the Alarum Theatre's new production (Thursday night) and enjoyed all the music in the Beer tent. A video here featuring Hadley, Cassiopeia, Manchuria, Beaulieu, Owl, Reginald, Hampton, Atlantic, Python. Princess Anne, Rill, Sharpness & Panther : https://youtu.be/JcTDyVziwPw Also a clip of Hadar heading off early this morning :- https://youtu.be/n3JRManL-EI Thanks to all the organisers and marshalls.
  7. Brass was often used for exh man nuts as it is less prone to seizing. Also, being weaker, brass nuts will break and leave the steel stud intact. And a bit of heat helps.
  8. Yes I have several of these - no need to keep the batteries charged up or buy annual updates. Any major changes are accomplished with pencil.
  9. Beware of the way BSP pipe fittings & thread sizes are described. 3" BSP has an o/d of 87.884 mm or 3.46 inches. If your pipe measures 82 mm o/d, I'd suggest its a thread size of 2 3/4 BSP.
  10. Well spotted Phil. Looking up Reliant van in google shows several identical looking vehicles.
  11. Heres another 3 wheeler van shown in my local paper today. Annoyingly, it doesn't say what make it is !!
  12. A nice little film there. I see Python in one of the old B&W pictures, 10 mins in.
  13. Not quite the same but heres a 2 min video about the wartime boatwomen. Warning - the commentary is utter b*ll*cks.
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