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  1. Clive James did an interview with Stuart Maconie on Radio 6 t'other day, He didn't sound too good but was impressively high spirits. Worth a listen. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07q200r
  2. In an effort to raise public awareness of "what 3 words" , we've just competed in a local treasure hunt organised by our local Police. Its suprising how often some of the words repeat. Howvever without the app you have no idea what the 3 words are. No signal = no app. I've been asked for postcodes to by the Em Servs, but again, without local knowledge, you won't know it. But most people would understand down "Butty Lane by the canal bridge".
  3. A discussion on You and Yours about moorings and licenses. All those evicted people becoming "homeless" !
  4. How much money must the banks have made from PPI to begin with, to have now paid out so much in compo ?
  5. Jack James appeared to the only person who spoke - other than the narrator.
  6. Very happy to have helped and hope you're on the mend.
  7. A lovely weekend spent at Stoke Bruerne. Lots to do and see and kind weather too. A few of my personal highlights shown in the four videos in this playlist below, which include the photographs ( click1/4 symbol top & right of the picture )
  8. I bought the twin pip, single filament bulbs at my local caravan emporium.
  9. Sometimes these electrical sensors & gauges need a stabilised supply not raw 12 volts. My old cars use 10v, and later models use a 5 volt supply - created by a little black box 'tween supply and the gauge. As Alan says, its important to get a matching set of components.
  10. That orange towpath tractor is now freshly painted blue and is at the London Canal Museum. It was at the Angel canal festival last weekend and has been re-united with its original driver Tony Byfield. https://www.facebook.com/canalmuseum/?__tn__=%2CdkCH-R-R&eid=ARBQ3sO5g17A8_2fJCSUhBPWIZg2LQ03tot8pmuK8J_Tds1rlrBbIay_sk1BeC2oUAjfc-c4kcWAU8XT&hc_ref=ARSBDVenUiSGFZQHyOdlYoaE7v3Pv2RpHQYyO7q-Ifsb8kxTPAHjkMJ44psPA7S_9Kc&fref=nf&hc_location=group
  11. Hello Jeanette,


    I believe you help out at the London Canal Museum.


    If so, can you tell me more about the Wickham towpath tractor.  Is it at the museum ?





    1. jeannette smith harrison

      jeannette smith harrison

       brought a few years ago & had been on loan elsewhere some pictures from the week it was brought  it has just in the last few weeks been given a makeover & re painted & is  to be exhibited at the Canal Museum from last week .I have not been to the museum for a few months as on sick leave since operation so have not seen it yet since its return 


    2. jeannette smith harrison

      jeannette smith harrison

      hope this helps tony (lives in lock cottage at Watford) ex waterways man for many years supplied most of the info in the book






    3. jeannette smith harrison
  12. On the latest (and last) Cleb 5 go barg boating they were corrected by the canoeist IIRC. They said "Oh yes, boat" and then slipped straight back to barge, barge, barge !
  13. Thanks folks - it must have been "Canals: The Making of a Nation". It was worth another look on Iplayer.
  14. A pal (a caravanner, not a boater) was telling yesterday about a TV programme he saw last week about Canal History. He said it described the digging of a tunnel, with several roof falls and many men killed - possibly Stoke Bruerne. It also featured Braunston as being the "centre of the system". Probably broadcast last Friday or Saturday evening on Quest, or Yesterday - that type of channel. Not much to go on, but can anyone point me towards it ? Thanks
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