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  1. jake_crew

    3M Thinsulate

    I've got some vests made of thinsulate. Would they do ?
  2. jake_crew

    Due Diligence

    I wonder if Parahandy was to name the boat on here, the 'young couple' might read this and realise :- 1 They owe him some thanks and rope. 2 They need to bone up on the equipment needed.
  3. jake_crew

    Pear cider/Perry taste - advice.

    When I used to make my own beer, new equipment made of plastic, even throroughly cleaned, would give an off taste. Obviously don't use metal, even stainless steel, and beware of rubber (ie the seals on the old style screw top bottles).
  4. jake_crew

    Rickmansworth Festival

    I think that Chris is still alive but will not be commentating this year.
  5. jake_crew

    Rickmansworth Festival

    I think you'll be OK except for Sunday late afternoon, when there might be a lock jam. At least that happened last year, when music, dancing and merriment reigned.
  6. jake_crew

    Stoke Bruerne next weekend

  7. jake_crew

    Stoke Bruerne next weekend

    I can't edit my previous post now but the homepage says Saturday, and the diary/talks page doesn't specify a day at all. Of course the 20th is a Sunday so I guess thats when it will be. Shame, as I'll be at a wedding.
  8. jake_crew

    Stoke Bruerne next weekend

    Looks like an interesting event but the Friends of the Museum webpage says its on Saturday ???
  9. jake_crew

    RNLI -Petition

    Exactly Leo. It was one of the charities I support, due to some family history.
  10. jake_crew

    Docking need to get job done cheaply

    We used the ACS trolley to get our 3' 6" draught tug out - no problem. As the baseplate is so small, sleepers were put across the trolley beams, so the trolley gets to at least 4 feet deep. The only difficulty was seeing where the sleepers were. Fortunately Geoff, the ACS banksman, has brightly coloured ratchet straps !
  11. jake_crew

    Minworth embankment repair

    Who is it that deems this stone is hazardous, whereas that rock is not hazardous. ? Both will hurt if you drop them on your foot.
  12. jake_crew

    Red Diesel - Colour

    It has been cold, though not recently. Could the cloudyness be waxing ? Waxing is reversible, but needs to be proper warm for day or so to re-dissolve.
  13. jake_crew

    Engine removal.

    I did hear a tale of an engine being transferred from hold to hold by this method, using a couple of stop planks at - I believe - Bucky top lock.
  14. jake_crew

    Engine removal.

    There are also hydraulic lifts available, though you have to supply your own gantry.
  15. jake_crew

    Minworth embankment repair

    To clarify : 2' 6" from base plate to chine, and at the stern, the chine is 12" below the nominal waterline. IE total draught 3'6".

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