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  1. They work OK for me, using Firefox & Windows 10.
  2. Digley reservoir (near Holmfirth) today looking well down. I beleive it supplies Sheffield and Leeds etc. rather than a canal directly but shows the extent of the drought.
  3. I think you're trying to run before you can walk if thinking of selling what you make. Get used to using the machines. Make anything just for the practice. Maybe get some training ? Join a local model engineering club or get some evening classes. Do you know the first rule of using a lathe ? Clue - something to do with the chuck key.
  4. Agreed. Diesel is much more penetrative. And even smellier.
  5. The foaming of the liquid as it squirts under pressure is part of the penetrative effect. But using the decanted liquid is less messy.
  6. Thanks but as a non facebooker I cant see them. Is he a member on here ?
  7. Has anyone got other pictures from Sunday or yesterday ?
  8. Also the Nisa (or why) at Blisworth stocks quite alot for a small shop. The Boat at Stoke B has the essentials.
  9. The droughts effects on the canal susyem featured on BBC Breakfast now at 7 25am.
  10. Last time I saw RT at Croppo it didn't rain. He mentioned the fact to the amusement of all.
  11. Athy you have pm Once the festival is going, we've parked in the big field across the next bridge down from the main festival site, between fields 7a and 7d.
  12. I expect the "initial concept designs" have soaked up most of that bequest. Why has it taken 4 years ? There was a suggestion that the ladder bridge could be moved to Welford to save walking round the lagoon.
  13. Mike. When Pintail was first floated by us, the position of the Glenny (dictated by the internal bulkhead) meant she was a bit low at the back end with 7" freeboard. The BSS inspector (who had already done the hull inspection when the boat was out of the water), had withheld granting the cert until he could see the freeboard. We added nearly 1/4T of steel ballast under the floor at the fore-end to bring the back up to 8 1/2 " F/b. At the same time the fore-end dropped by 4". The inspector was happy with that. We also stored the fuel and water at the (not so) sharp end too.
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