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  1. Fortunately the New Forest Folk Festival was able to go ahead last weekend. A couple of Fairport band members were to be seen in the audience. Fantastic. Really really wonderful get back to some sort of reality. Everyone behaved according to the rules, its always very friendly and an excellent selection of music, ales and ciders to be had. A few videos here, more to be added once I get artist approval. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqGHqimQWdAC6LqR6Vp1qaYihIVynhK6O
  2. Did anyone see last news news about a man walking backwards for 100 miles between Northampton and London for Macmillan Cancer Support. Stuart Kettell will follow the Grand Union Canal from Braunston Marina, Northampton, to central London from today. If you did, could you tell me what time & channel. Ta
  3. 10mm wide means its "Z" series. Measure the length witha piece of string / rope, in millimeteres and that should match one of the numbers you can see. EG Z 1018 would be 10mm wide by 1018 mm circ. Z is a common size for cars so any car shop should be able to supply you with one simply on the circumference. ETA As tony says,it may be 12mm wide in which case thats an "A" series. Not so common at car shops but you never know.
  4. The tunnel used to be Mondays, Weds and Friday. Mornings for westbound. But I think demand has increased so they're doing 5 days a week. M - F. You have to book well in advance. ETA - isn't there a wizard chippy at Diggle ?
  5. Mike Clarke is at Blisworth Tunnel boats, and does a good job IMHO.
  6. We're currently moored at Braunston, having got there last Sunday. Only one pair of historic boats moored near the Nelson and none in the Marina. The Marina buildings are fenced off, so no casual mooching around allowed, only proper customers.
  7. Sounds like one of many "characters" one meets in life. Probably damaged in some way if he's living rough (ducks to avoid incoming). I'd just humour him, chat or what ever you want to do. But don't do / promise anything you don't want to.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. Welcome to the forum Paul. We went past your new place yesterday, we've always admired it - as well as several other properties along that stretch. Perhaps you could borrow a few sheep to tackle that grass !
  10. Can anyone confirm if this is still happening ? It was going to be the weekend after the historic boat event.
  11. Any recommendations for grippy paint ? I know there is an Epiphanes deck paint but its rather pricey ( £27 for 0.75 L ) .
  12. Welcome to the forum Mark / CEF. I guess you're a relative of CEF ? How fantastic to have his diaries and photos.
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