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  1. Chancellor's Spring Statement - Red Diesel

    We bought red diesel from a local agricultural suppliers (in Jerry cans) for the boat and had reg no and address details taken. A while later we had a visit from the men in the tricorn hats (actually black suits) who examined the diesel engines & vehicles in the workshop and around the smallholding. They dipped the tank of the Land Rover and declared that all was well. I have heard that their equipment can sniff the difference between red and white, although as Mandy siad, they would say that wouldn't they.
  2. Docking need to get job done cheaply

    Yes ACS can do it - $120 for a ride on the trolley iirc, but I'm not sure how long you get on the trolley.
  3. Daily Torygraph - today

    No thanks, we have the main paper (along with the shash cruise / ultra.. etc) As the cryptic is Her Ladyships domain, I'd have walked to another shop if that hadn't been there. Mind you as that is in the main paper, I wouldn't have bought it without that.
  4. Daily Torygraph - today

    No "Saturday" section in my paper today. Could someone scan and send over the General Knowledge Xword on the inside back page for me ? Thanks
  5. Wartime (1944) Canal Photos

    I feel I should know who the lady who appears in pictures is. Also, this emblem on the Ovaltine butty interests me. Is it a boat of some sort ? What does AV stand for ?
  6. Is this photo genuine?

    There is something about the water flow round the bow that does look odd. As if the boat is sat on a open drainhole and the water is rushing past it ?.
  7. Short height steerer

    This - make a lid for the beer (or milk) crate. I have one on the tug and one at home for decorating etc.
  8. Fire extinguishers use by date?

    When we had fire extinguishers at work serviced (an annual event), I asked the chap about doing my boat fire ex's. Suffice to say he said "it wasn't worth it" !
  9. Remembering Alex Bennett

    Sorry to be late to the party, but what happened ? I recall chatting to her on several occasions last year during the "idle Women" tour.
  10. 150th Anniversary

    This year marks 150 years since the formation of the firm of L. Gardner and Sons. The Etruria Industrial Museum, Stoke on Trent, is pleased to announce that they will be celebrating the anniversary by hosting the Gardner Engine biannual rally over the weekend of Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of September. Numbers have yet to be confirmed; but there are likely to be 20 Gardner engined canal boats on the Caldon Canal beside the Museum, Gardner engined commercial vehicles on the Museum's car park and perhaps 20 Gardner stationary engines on display on the Museum's field. This is in addition to the excellent Etruria Stationary Engine Rally ably organised by Maurice Barks (contact address:- Hillcrest, Dovedale Road, Kingsley, Cheadle, Staffordshire, ST10 2AD, tel; 01538 755844) on Saturday 15th and the Classic Vehicle Rally organised by the Museum on Sunday 16th. There will be a wide variety of exhibits to interest the enthusiast and the general public alike. It promises to be a memorable weekend.
  11. RIP Trevor Maggs

    Dear Boaters, I received a telephone call this afternoon with sad news that I wish I didn’t have to tell you. Trevor Maggs passed away yesterday. I last spoke to Trevor less than two weeks ago, he was diagnosed with cancer in November and was undergoing chemo treatment. I got the impression it was going well and I’m sure Trevor never thought the end was going to happen so quickly. Trevor was a living legend, we will miss him dearly. I don’t yet know where or when the funeral will be held but if you request the information from me I can forward it on to those who wish to attend. If you wish to send a card please address it to Trevor Maggs Family, 29 Wordsworth Road, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV22 6HY Kind Regards, John Brice Rickmansworth Festival
  12. Braunston Historic Boat Rally

  13. Chimney chain

    You can blacken chrome chain by leaving it in strong acid for a bit.
  14. MCB thingymajig

    As Ditchcrawler says - get a professional ! Also try to persuade you friend that living on a boat is not like a house - even if you are on shore power. As has been suggested, you can only use one high current item at a time - ie kettle, toaster or microwave. Even hair dryers and hoovers can be powerful.
  15. Cut Needs Dredging - No Problem

    Not if its old enough .....