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  1. Lets hope it is shown. But i think it more likely it will be pushed to next week or postponed long term.
  2. At one point she says " The other night, heavy rainfall had caused the canal to rise by several feet and our boat was tilting at a dangerous angle. One of our neighbours had realised what was happening and loosened our ropes while we slept, saving us from having to bail out our home before breakfast. " Several feet ?????
  3. Thanks for that Graham. Do you think RN gathering will still happen the following weekend ?
  4. Was it in the IWA photo competition ?
  5. Huddersfield Narrow east of Marsden yesterday. The first boat movement we thinkt for 6 months - a work boat.
  6. I'm staggered that 10% of the World shipping goes through here ?
  7. Just discovered this 90 minute lecture by Trevor Ellis on the four Standedge tunnels. Some fascinating historical documents.
  8. Mike Askin has a video on Youtube showing how he hand starts starts his Lister. He has a cord wound round the stating handle shaft looped round a decomp lever, so that after - say 10 - turn, the cord goes tight and pulls one cylinder onto compression. Thus enabling the engine to start while he can still put full effort into winding.
  9. I have the VHS video of the "Impossible Restoration". From memory, the footage in last nights GAOC was not on the video. I'm impressed how enthusiasts really got stuck in in those days - not strangled by hi-viz and bureaucracy. CORRECTION I've just watched the video on this wet afternoon and some shots of the restoration work do appear - but not all.
  10. Heres a picture of the restoration of lock 39 E near Marsden. Anyone we recognise ?
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. There was a film once on TV about the chap with Perch rebuilding her in his back garden - as Tims picture shows. The back end and engine room are in that shed.
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