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  1. Thats a great picture Martin. Have you any others ?
  2. Another vote for Clements here, near Bedford. https://clementsengineering.co.uk/
  3. I remember helping to move Gaffer and Growler a few years back. Growler (great name) had a 6 cylinder Lister, and was said to "submarine" if opened up too quickly.
  4. They certainly are a handful. If you want to slow down, just knock the revs off, or in extremis, go into neutral. If you use reverse they'll be straight up the bank. We had the offer of coupling up to a pan and going for push at Braunston rally last year, but decided that was not the time or location for the "first time".
  5. Yes they're in Sweden, £2200 what a bargain ! Full link here : https://www.blocket.se/annons/varmland/reservkraftverk___elverk/91008368 English description : Selling 2 spare power plants / power plants in very good condition. Engines from Bolinder Munktell. Walking time 400 hours. They have been used in shipping works during power outages and test driving. Test driving took place no later than 2019. The Swedish Maritime Administration will now be furnished as an apartment, hence the sale of these power plants. price SEK 25,000 / pc
  6. I guess a Kromhout, Widdop or big Bolly engine. Did they get it going I wonder, they take a bit of starting. Reminds me of the TV series traversing the Grand Canal in the E 83 with a similar engine.
  7. Thank you. As it 'appens I do have Nicholsons, but it must be from the 70s, so thanks for the update.
  8. Where is the next winding hole for a 60 footer east of Marsden on the Huddersfield narrow. Obv you can turn by the tunnel portal, but wheres the next one ?
  9. Great shots Onewheeler. Where were you - and at what time of day night. Have you got a wider shot showing the comet in relation to the plough. We've looked a few times in the evening, but think it was below our "tree" horizon.
  10. ALLEGEDLY there's a hanger full of those P5 Rovers, in black, for use as Maggie's Staff cars, kept in tip-top condition.
  11. Thanks people. I've contacted Kabola and discovered they don't make this type anymore. They've sent me instructions in English. What sort of value do you think it has ?
  12. Thanks Peter, In your experience - does that mean the fuel supply has to have a header tank or feed pump to push the fuel in ?
  13. Being a stroppy old goat I don't have I/D. I have a paper driving license, kept safe at home. I have a passport too, but nothing with name address AND photo on it.
  14. A friend has acquired this stove cum calorifier from a barge in Holland and wishes to know more about it. Its a Kabola OD 7 E , 8.5kw output which consumes diesel. I can't find anything like it on the Kabola website. I assume it needs a power supply, but whether that would be 12 / 24 DC or 110 or 240 vac who knows. Does anyone recognise it ?
  15. Has it always been this oily ? Or has the oil recently appeared ? If the latter, perhaps a gasket has failed.
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