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  1. BWM

    The Ultimate Floating Brick ?

    It's definitely a floater...of the type that's hard to flush!
  2. BWM

    Double Glazing on narrow boats

    I'm surprised that you have trouble with temperature, our gravity system heats the radiator when ticking over easily. What size pipework did you use?
  3. BWM

    Double Glazing on narrow boats

    Double glazing is great, worth having for the soundproofing alone. Also stronger, potentially minimising damage from objects thrown, stones from mowing/strimming and casual attempts to break in. Insulation is definitely improved.
  4. Just press onto Napton, you can use the £2000+ that you save on docking/blacking if needed.
  5. BWM

    Speed Wheel

    Harland & Wolff gear change wheel, the speedwheel is a similar but smaller wheel with a protruding handle. Someone did put a picture of a speed lever on here some time ago.
  6. BWM

    No more Fuller's beers

    They seem to be bought up very quickly the minute they become popular, a good proposition not being fussy like real ales.
  7. BWM

    No more Fuller's beers

    They were experimenting with the ordinary around the time of the move, one of my locals had been asked for feedback on certain batches but with such a distinct taste it wasn't successful in matching the flavour. I think Youngs was one of the most distinctive brewery flavours, throughout the range of beers. Adnams is another with a distinct 'tang', maybe with the exception of Ghost ship.
  8. BWM

    No more Fuller's beers

    Yes, its been a shadow of itself ever since. Much the same with Youngs, after they moved their brewing to Bedford i believe, but i think Youngs fared better than Ruddles on taste.
  9. BWM

    Question re engine oil and coolant

    As said by wotever, you need to fill up completely to be sure there is enough in the system, the pint before journey sounds like a bum steer. And an airlock seems likely, you could do worse than follow bizzards advice and if on a skin tank, look for a bleed - most likely a square drive outlet, air in here will give no end of problems. Don't check the level in the header/manifold when hot as it could ruin your looks! Many have had a facefull of boiling water doing that. Once you are happy that any leak or cooling issues are cured, you would be best to drain down and add the correct antifreeze mix. That's why i acknowledged that the water levels may be higher in my question but with the OP saying there was none present temperature would seem irrelevant. I have never experienced a significant difference in oil level due to temperature, however.
  10. BWM

    cloudy diesel

    Have you tried those effervescent vitamin tablets? They produce a fair impression of a light sabre.
  11. BWM

    cloudy diesel

    I think in this case OP represents obnoxious and petulant.
  12. BWM

    No more Fuller's beers

    No vases, just a take on the flavour (or lack of) and the buy 'em up attitude to small brewers. I know Fullers has been guilty of this but they seem to have changed their attitude lately, having bought up some notable freehouses and left them as such.
  13. BWM

    Deck metal thickness

    Just curious, why did you ask about a suitable thickness of steel if you had settled on using 5mm anyway? Being a welder i'd imagine you would have a reasonable idea anyway.
  14. BWM

    No more Fuller's beers

    It seems to me that they have sewn up many outlets through aggressive marketing, all Wetherspoons have an independent selection and another group of handpumps with green ming and affiliates (ipa, abbot, gloombar and speckled hen). This is repeated in many tied pubs and a surprising number of supermarkets.
  15. BWM

    No more Fuller's beers

    I'd assumed that craft was just a fancy term for a shelf life, keg version of real ale? Most pubs appear to think it is worth another 70p-£1 a pint though, i disagree. A definite bonus in a pub without the ability to keep beer, i was extremely happy to find a few craft beers available in the 100 club, at the same price as the usual down and dirty gig lager. Green ming is a thorn in the side of real ale today, with its corporate attitude and generic beer. A real shame as at one point it was one of few brewers promoting ale drinking.

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