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  1. No real surprise that the thread is still running. It is such an absurd outburst by one who has written regularly criticising the exact same behaviour. There is so much relevance to the general angry behaviour seen elsewhere these days and plenty of humour within the discussion. Thing is, with video of that quality complete with sound, anyone who watched it is in the room and can form a valid opinion.
  2. Article only written a couple of months before his petulant outburst!
  3. Another poster referred to an Admiral Cock!
  4. He definitely has the air of someone who has practised being obnoxious throughout his life, one of snap on's finest - a top quality tool.
  5. BWM

    True Grit

    My recommendation is specific to the item mentioned, i don't use the flat type as more effort is needed for an inferior result. As for flap wheels, they have a tendency to 'bite' into the steel leaving half moon shaped depressions that require more work and filler than the original rust.
  6. I'm still convinced that he was aiming to put his bow between them and the bank, forcing them out, the cruiser moving forwards scuppered his knuckle dragging manoeuvre.
  7. BWM

    True Grit

    Forget abrasives to begin with and use a knotted wire cup brush on an angle grinder. It will give a similar finish to shot blasting. Don't buy anything above about 60mm as they are generally very badly balanced and unsuitable for smaller machines.
  8. I have looked again and come to the conclusion that what he was planning to do was get inside the bow of the cruiser and force it back out - hence sending crew down to take the rope ashore. A considerably more dangerous and arrogant manoeuvre given the position of the crew member on the bankside of the cruiser. It was never his mooring anyway, just unfortunate that someone closer had already planned to use it.
  9. Speechless! The right to the mooring wasn't slightly ambiguous, i look forward to meeting him in a bridgehole to test his sense of entitlement.
  10. I'd count myself lucky if all the wiring was the correct black and red, our last boat was a rainbow mixture of bits with no continuity - not uncommon for boats. You could always pick up some labels, or use a fold of masking tape to mark those you have organised. Don't use pencil on the masking tape though...it vanishes surprisingly quickly!
  11. Plenty of parking in the public car park next to the Crt yard, in the wooded area. However, even though it isn't a crime hotspot i wouldn't like to park long term in there.
  12. I moor nearby but not in the basin, it is a secure, tidy site for craft up to 69'. One issue i know people have is the lack of water on site, there is a water point just outside however. Parking is remote from the site, a small allocation in the Crt yard and a less secure area in a wooded area off of Brome hall lane. Lovely area to base a boat though.
  13. I was probably spinning around in the wind too much to notice! Not such an issue on your own as generally set 2 - 3 ahead, ended up walking back to close the gates whilst in the top lock.
  14. Hatton and Knowle locks are great for single handed, one paddle fills and empties all but one or two, and going up, opening the paddle on the boat side pins the boat nicely to the side you are working on - very unlike the locks on the southern GU! The only issue at Knowle is the wind...
  15. My wife had a Lloyd's credit card which became difficult to keep on top of, the solution offered was to take out a black horse loan but only on condition that ppi was taken up. This was a relatively high amount, and rose as the balance dropped! I took advice and cancelled it after three years or so. We were paid compensation without hesitation. Even though they had no right to make this condition, in reality they hold all the cards.
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