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  1. I've seen a couple of old pictures and they seemed to use the small bottles with the swinging handle on top.
  2. There was a similar wharf by the old Courage brewery in Greenford, i don't know if it is still there but was part of a derelict site last i saw circa 2008.
  3. You will find Milton Keynes is on the busy side but space is usually available, the next place that is problematic is Bulborne so better to plan a stop before or after. Berkhamsted is difficult through the town but ok at either end, it starts getting congested on the approach to Cassiobury park but there is usually space either side of Iron bridge lock. You should find space in Rickmansworth below Batchworth and from here to Denham there should be a decent choice of stop. After Denham things will become difficult and often lots of available space means best avoided. I wouldn't personally stop
  4. There were quite a few between Uxbridge and Hayes, some left traces and others you would never know existed. About 150 yards south of the Swan and bottle there are a couple of blue covers in the piling offside that mark the end of an arm that led to Fountains mill.
  5. This is a combined pump on my Jp3, the left side being the bilge pump part of the body.
  6. Some of the vehicles had been there for years, not days. I don't profess to know much about Whittlesey but trust my judgement when forming an opinion. Your semantics have made more of the issue than my passing remark, but if i had to pass judgement on the place i wasn't impressed by anything other than the pub i mentioned and an attractive church, the rest had a desperate look to it. Very nice, and the polar opposite of the ones i mentioned!
  7. What an odd and unnecessary argument, whoever they were had been there for some time and i can only speak as i see. In the end, a gathering of shady caravan types were in residence which most would consider a site that contains travellers, however temporary - which they clearly weren't.
  8. A very pompous and inaccurate response to someone's input, engine driven bilge pumps are very common on marine diesels of the period. Standard fit on the majority of marine JPs and many of the RN/National engines i've seen.
  9. There certainly was when i passed through, we tied up to some railings 100-150 yards past the bend. About 200 yards further on towards the lock on the left were 6 or so smashed up canoes and behind them was a mess of vans, caravans and so on - there were horses of their preferred type in the field next to it. This was no caravan club meet i can assure you!
  10. We came across the bend in Whittlesey after dark, quite tight in a 70' boat. One of the best pubs on the journey though, called the letter B - didn't realise that we had moored up 100 yards from a traveller site until setting off early next morning!
  11. We stopped towards the end of October and ended up with a free night, but had expected a visit as the staff in the very nice local pub said he was on the ball! The most user friendly mooring we found as most had a wavy, eroded edge, i've never heard as many owls in one small area either. The ancient stone bridge and dramatic church were stunning in the mist of the following morning.
  12. The Nene is a fantastic river and you will get a decent workout steering around its meanders. As others have said mooring is one of the challenges but when you find one they are glorious, one of the best we found was at Fotheringhay. One thing that is almost entirely missing are shops, you will need to take plenty of food and drink as there isn't much available for long stretches. Watch out for the bridges on the middle level, you'll have to duck in anything other than a canoe.
  13. Not me, but would make the repair more stable as the op was concerned about water ingress if dislodged. Might put a tenner on resale value to a Hudson fan too. I was under the impression that the inside was inaccessible.
  14. If you ensure the surface and the interior of the hole/skin fitting are free of rust, blacking and dust, wipe down with a lively solvent (not white spirit), you will be able permanently fill the hole with milliput. You could shape the outside into the shape of a rivet head or flatten it, black colour is available. It is as long lasting as the surrounding metal and will remain there if prepared properly.
  15. Best choices would be either a mooring or a flat, all of those areas reached capacity + long ago, you would be adding to an existing problem and if you enjoy boating you certainly wouldn't enjoy doing it there.
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