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  1. BWM

    Liveaboard issues

    It is absurd to suggest that there is more stigma attached to liveaboard status nowadays, going back 20 years there was a very definite attitude to living aboard from many leisure boaters and if you approached a marina or similar mooring provider, the response was often akin to insulting their mother! Also the relaxed attitude to living aboard on a long term/leisure mooring from Crt is a long way from the ducking and diving required to keep under the radar years ago. Still, the difference then was boaters were happy to dodge around and work within the tacit agreement without shouting the odds and demanding favours.
  2. BWM

    Giff Gaff sim card

    Our family all use Giffgaff, no problems at all.
  3. BWM


    There is camping available in long Itchington behind the green man, a short walk from the canal.
  4. Potty little houses! I dread to think of the chaos if all marina based boats took to the canal at the same time?
  5. BWM


    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253939200322 Might be useful to someone.
  6. BWM

    Best Dylan song.

    Oxford town, as I went out one morning, song for Woody...give up, there's too many!
  7. BWM

    JP3 running speed

    When I first had mine I had a small amount of trouble at low rpm which improved when I cleaned and oiled the governor rod, where it entered the engine block. A quantity of dirt had built up and the movement wasn't as smooth as it should have been.
  8. BWM

    Guns - what's the law?

    On a towpath it is illegal to shoot but if a public footpath crosses private land, there would be no issues if the shooter had permission from the land owner.
  9. BWM

    March of the Widebeams ll

    An ex working boat would have made so much sense, not only encompassing the history of the area but they could have fitted cloths promoting their development, similar to those seen on some commercial vehicles. How fitting to see a widebeam moored on the crest of a bend! Bringing Milton Keynes to the Midlands.
  10. BWM


    That's good, especially if they need to be removed quickly.
  11. BWM

    Moorings at Cowley GU ?

    Some have provided details of offside moorings in the are above, would have been helpful if you had stated clearly what you were after. One thing I can say about the offside moorings at both Cowley north and south is there is absolutely no provision for parking.
  12. BWM

    Off Round The Corner Without A Care

    I'm of the opinion that many who have taken on a boat as an affordable residence just assume they can leave junk outside and it will just disappear, as it often does when placed outside of a house. When we had a mooring near Uxbridge the local council progressively removed bins that were close to the canal, due to boaters piling heaps of bin bags and other junk around them.
  13. BWM

    Moorings at Cowley GU ?

    Visitor moorings available below the lock, between the winding hole and benbow bridge. Above the lock there is about 100 metres available from the bridge to the beginning of the long term moorings. There is also several hundred yards on the towpath stretching from the bridge carrying Cowley mill road up to the end of the long term moorings, the moorings nearest this bridge are provided with rings but are also used as winter mooring.
  14. BWM

    Good floor coverings

    Really good stuff, a nice soft feel and quite warm for a vinyl type flooring.
  15. Would be worth treating the edges too, most faliures start there.

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