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  1. I wouldn't touch anything sourced from Regan.
  2. The little seal on the engagement lever is a pain, with its spring and ball bearing.
  3. Quite a simle calculation, cars registered - sorn, scrapped, etc. set against those insured. Anpr is entirely ineffective against vehicles that don't declare change of ownership, unless backed up by physical enforcement and these vehicles would add numbers to the three percent in the article.
  4. The difficulty here is that in spite of legislation and enforcement our roads are still blighted by arrogant and dangerous driving, leading to thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries. This alone suggests that with the relatively tiny amount of both injuries and fatalities caused by cycling any registration, etc., would be an expensive exercise in futility. Drivers regularly evade capture in hit and run incidents, criminals are well documented to use what are termed pool cars, all in spite of the law. None of this is said in a way to support bad, antisocial behaviour but to demonstrate that another veneer of legislation will likely be the emptying of a bladder into a force 10. The clumsy addition of thousands of new laws during the Blair premiership has ended up undermining our legal system by causing confusion and opening up loopholes all over the place. The lack of insurance is only addressed when they are caught, which is often too late. I don't know where you live but i'm lucky to see one marked patrol car a month!
  5. You see this envy driven behaviour aimed at filtering motorcyclists quite often in heavy traffic, a driver will close the gap between lanes to hinder progress. Same happens in the advance boxes at traffic lights, drivers roll deliberately into them to prevent cyclists from using them so the car/van can accelerate flat out away from the lights unhindered.
  6. That sounds about right, i can't recall if it's piled or not but the strong magnetic pull of a bridge...There are still masses of available space to moor though. Not unless he has something of a fleet! There have been different craft there every time I pass.
  7. It's strange, in some areas boats seem to be drawn to moor near houses in a similar way to bridges. There is one close to Hatton, an individual residence with thousands of empty yards of space surrounding it that nearly always has a boat or two outside, there is no discernable difference in depth so i cannot fathom out why they would moor there.
  8. I'm not sure what is contradictory about my post, having not mentioned chimneys but assume you are referring to the public house analogy. You are right that in many cases the canals and boats have been there longer than the properties but this is not a straight comparison, the boats of the past were always travelling through with rare exceptions and even in later days, post carrying the numbers did not equate to today's boom in liveaboards. There are, of course petty minded folk who complain by nature but i suspect the residents who complained about you unjustly may have been sensitised by the inconsiderate burning housecoal and very likely plastic, something i despise that seems common today. Another factor peculiar to London is that only twenty years ago there were no more than a handful of boats throughout the whole city, how things have changed.
  9. It is this 'make 'em have it' mentality that creates the climate when signs, legislation and bad feeling become more common, cramping everyone's style and generally eroding freedom. And there is now a tribe of nodders who jump go the defence of noisy engines being run under the guise of needs must.
  10. To add to your last point, the motorcycles that you see using the towpath very rarely have plates and there is no reason to expect that bicycle riders behaving unreasonably would not do the same, even if there was a requirement for ID on bicycles. What chance of enforcement?
  11. The thing is, the massive increase in liveaboards in both Bath and London is a relatively recent thing in the scheme of things and with this in mind i have sympathy with the house owners. It isn't comparable to the idiots who buy a house adjacent to a boozer and then complain constantly about the normal activity.
  12. The obvious answer would revolve around the size of the vehicle in question, even motorcycles only have one on the rear for this reason - the requirement for a front being done away with many years ago, due to the dangerous aspect of a blade like structure on the front mudguard.
  13. Perfectly summed up. Chopping my comment in half is akin to arguing with yourself. You have basically repeated the second part of my post. Your take on this is absurd, an inversion of the statement you have pasted in. Why does your hatred of cyclists push you to state those unfortunate fatalities were entirely self inflicted? These potholes are often hidden by leaves or filled with water, riders often have no option to avoid with fast moving traffic alongside, along with so many other hazards on the road their attention may be focused on. Wise words, and the lack of so many on here to be able to empathise with another's opinions constantly makes me sad, and so different to a conversation taking place in person - possibly the biggest mystery concerning internet based communication. As someone who has driven for a living for most of my working life i can categorically state that the vast amount of vehicles/persons/etc. giving me cause to swerve or otherwise take evasive action are airheaded car kamikazes, cyclists don't even come close. A good portion of my driving has been of the Hgv kind in London and many other cities, most of what you complain about could be solved by your better use of both brakes and anticipation. In the end, human behaviour changes little, regardless of the means of transport but the consequences of inattention and boorish, irresponsible behaviour are vastly different encased in tonnes of metal.
  14. Pedestrians, drivers, cyclists, bus and hgv drivers all flout traffic controls and laws, the difference being that pedestrians and cyclists do not have the same capacity to maim and kill and to suggest that is disingenuous. There was no suggestion in the comment that nothing should be done to control inappropriate behaviour by cyclists, only the inference that motorists are in no position to criticise their behaviour without looking inwards beforehand. Motorists have been causing carnage on the roads since their appearance on our streets, anyone with a grasp on reality needs no figures to back this up. There is a reluctance throughout society to address this, an example might be that deaths caused by vehicular traffic far outnumber those caused by knife crime but one is covered constantly by media and the other is largely ignored. True or not, the capacity to injure is vastly different. I agree with everything you say, apart from the grumpy old men/old mans chatroom. Bigotry and shallow thinking are not confined to this group alone. It is impossible to be speeding in the absence of a limit, that is not to say that riders are not travelling at an inappropriate speed but if we are talking about facts...
  15. Even though there is no legal weight to these signs, i'd still be wary about mooring there and find them a little sinister. A similar situation to those in streets that put cones or bric a brac outside their house, i've known people who have parked in such a place and returned to find their vehicle scratched or vandalised in some way.
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