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  1. As i understand it Calor have bought out all of their viable competition (flogas, budget, etc). This just prior to the huge price increases, it must put them close to a monopoly. Their pricing was a source of annoyance for their network of suppliers with some receiving much better prices to others in the same area/similar volume of sales. As a company, it has declined since being bought by a Dutch asset stripping outfit in the late 90's, now having sold all property (and renting it back!).
  2. To add to what Tony said, if you end up running on a fragile external repair, it may be worth removing the thermostat. As Alan mentioned earlier, the other side of the skin tank may also be suspect, with that in mind it may be advisable to have the tank cut out from the outside and a new one welded in, complete with the hull side of it.
  3. I'm sure i saw an article about boats operating there more recently than that, purpose built craft for fairly limited journeys.
  4. Your method is certainly the best with access to the necessary equipment but for someone without it is worth a try. I have also seen exhaust manifold nuts drilled parallel to the stud, allowing them to break before the stud - or split with a chisel along the hole.
  5. Running the engine before trying to loosen them should help by providing heat in the area.
  6. There is quite a difference between the two horses in size, the smaller one looks closer to a pit pony in stature.
  7. The horse looks quite small.
  8. Blackthorn marina at Ringstead are very helpful, i'd be surprised if they couldn't help with a temporary mooring.
  9. BWM


    One of the most awkward engines i've had for tappets was the ford 3l v6, the separate, wobbly rocker arms really tested your patience. Normally had to go through them at least twice for a perfect result. I once had a slight misfire on an ex sdi rover V8, when stripped down i found a push rod buried inside one of the hydraulic lifters!
  10. Very likely to be a grass snake, as even though an adder can swim it is an incredibly rare event, as is a specimen of a metre in length. Grass snakes of over four feet are relatively common, and they love water.
  11. I'm suspicious of the regulator, they have a tendency to throw up some odd symptoms on failing. I see no reason a leak here wouldn't register on the bubble tester. The type pictured has a small hole on the underside which you could check with washing up liquid, but with the cheap price of a new one i'd change it anyway. I just had another look at your picture and noticed that the regulator end of the gas pipe is held by an overly large hose clip. This often produces flat spots and a poor seal.
  12. One of our boat, and a couple of others. Says Gas street in the 50's but i think 1965 would be closer.
  13. I think it was given in good faith, and doubt they have too many 27" × 22" in stock! What is the turbine effect, is it a form of cavitation? I didn't realise that, i assumed that it may be more prone to fouling.
  14. I have no idea why, but when i ordered the new prop for our boat they strongly advised against a four bladed one for canal use.
  15. In the main they would be underground rolling stock 1930's and 60's but the depot also had a number of steam locomotives in for restoration, a number of battery locomotives and a fairly unique early electric loco Sarah Siddons, i believe. They were all described with the same terminology, with the staff in the lifting shop described as working on the 'Trucks' department. We enjoyed a variety of historic rolling stock mainly because of the depot engineer being passionate about them, with extensive links to the Ffestiniogg railway (excuse spelling if wrong, i've never mastered Welsh!).
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