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  1. BWM

    Banbury to Leamington for a week

    You could also mooring outside the cape of good hope, I saw a sign there a couple of days ago offering moorings for customers, damn fine ales too. I would plan to travel straight through Leamington spa, it is a dump with a large quantity of druggies and the like. We didn't see any boats moored there when we passed through in late spring. There are some nice pubs in the Stockton area, the boat at the top of the flight, blue lias near the bottom and the two boats further down.
  2. BWM

    Female Harold Shipman ?

    It is shameful that this is being spun as a general, possibly endemic NHS problem-a convenient distraction from the absurd 'brexit dividend'? The truth being that this matter had reached both government and the police no later than the early nineties, and was again knocked into touch by government during Camerons stint.
  3. Thanks, this is a cast iron one but I know what you mean. Most modern brass ones are made of low grade alloy and tarnish as soon as you look away!
  4. BWM

    Cannabis oil, should it be available on prescription?

    There are many triggers for schizophrenia, including age and trauma. The link with cannabis is still much argued about amongst professionals and academics.
  5. I used the solid, rubber like sheet, i've not had any experience of the foam type but would have thought it would deteriorate quicker, both by weather and compression? My hand was forced a little by having a wooden back cabin, which with all the temperature related movement is impossible to seal. The neoprene has been so successful that I am using it wherever possible on both cabin top and portholes. Easily available via eBay, the price drops quite a lot depending on the size of sheet purchased. I used 3mm and that seemed to cope well with the curved surface.
  6. BWM

    Floor - To seal or not to seal ?

    I'm not sure it matters if you seal the plywood or not, any gains made by sealing may be outweighed by the ability for the floor to breathe - especially if you are only coating the top side. I have yet to see the base flooring of any boat coated but i'm sure some do. As some have said, poor quality ply may benefit but as you have already laid it..
  7. It seems to allow for the movement of different metals and avoids the fine cracks that develop where they join. An added bonus is being able to remove them afterwards without destroying the paintwork.
  8. BWM

    JP2M hi or low compression?

    Same process as sealing the valves in the cylinder head, but unlike those, the changeover valve has no guide to support the valve whilst carrying out the operation.
  9. Take them off as others have said, i'm in the process of doing mine and have been making neoprene gaskets for them. I've found this much more reliable than sealant and has the added bonus of not reacting with paint.
  10. BWM

    JP2M hi or low compression?

    Lapping them in is easier said that done, keeping the assembly parallel whilst lapping is near impossible. I leave mine well alone, only operating them once in a while for that mad professor experience and to oil them during servicing.
  11. I wouldn't hesitate if I owned them, with the extreme sounding parking controls around the village a little freedom of choice would outweigh any moral dilemma for me!
  12. That is a thing of beauty, has it any advantages over a speedwheel?
  13. It can only be a matter of time before the owner of a nearby field cuts a half price offer, even at a tenner there's a lot of money on offer.
  14. BWM

    Lister engineer required

    Are you sure that the pump is pushing water around the engine? This would produce the symptoms you describe.
  15. BWM

    So when were the 'good old days'?

    Just an observation on change, not a judgement.

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