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  1. The twin tubs are really good, you can still find the occasional decent original 70s metal ones but the above type work well.
  2. GJW have always been good for us, handling change of mooring/address, etc. with ease. They also seem to have a better understanding of specialist craft, a couple of years ago many started to have trouble insuring historic craft but no problem with GJW.
  3. Any idea why, wether this is for health reasons?
  4. Check the alignment of the belts, it is common for this to be out on engines marinised for canal use. These small production runs often don't have the same standard as those in automotive installations. A minute deviation will cause premature faliure, it is normal for vehicle belts to last for many years without attention. A suitable straight edge placed on one of the pulleys will show if the belt is out of true. Most antifreeze has a lifespan of around three years, change it for peace of mind.
  5. It states that they retrieved him at 18.00 but had been there for an hour, just before dark.
  6. Missed this post, this is the house opposite Copt heath wharf and i know the current owner has a 70' boat moored alongside the garden. Never noticed any noise from the motorway, it's quite sheltered from that.
  7. Have you considered either moving the engine forwards on a longer shaft, allowing you to step directly down, or to one side with a hydraulic drive? If you go for the roller bearings get the largest you feel happy with as the smaller ones tend to bite in and cause wear.
  8. Some set ups have a habit of holding a little air here, worth checking routinely for peace of mind: a bonus being it won't be seized when you really need to use it.
  9. I don't know the ins and outs of it but it is possible to enable some devices as a mobile hotspot, and some are easier to access than others. Is it possible that someone may be piggybacking off it?
  10. Very well prepared but there will be some oxidizing that remains, even if it is microscopic. Epoxy will cope with that as long as the coating remains intact.
  11. All rust treatments fall short of 100 percent but used with correct preparation they are an effective tool, i have done large areas with epoxy primer, Coovar rust converter and owatrol, all showed good results and surprisingly the owatrol seemed best: the only caveat being its slow drying time leaves it vulnerable, a brief shower became imprinted into it in the manner of a fossil and being an oil was impossible to rub down..
  12. As a ballpark, a new prop = 500-800, stern gear + shaft 1500 +, docking 300. Very likely this will be the starting point. If this has been run in that condition for some time the vibration could have affected coupling, drive plate, etc. The vague nature of the defect is a worry in itself.
  13. I'm surprised you had enough headroom to get through with that much water! Just past the 90 degrees i think, we came across it in the dark. Nice pub nearby called the letter B, we just tied up onto the roadside railings just past the crazy bend. Very few facilities or moorings anywhere, the most extensive one we found was at Fotheringhay and this is well worth a stop. You will have a lot more options with F of the Nene but even these are nobbly and nothing like those on the canal. Finding shops will be harder than finding moorings though. You don't have to use Denver but whilst you're there... Before I forget, i believe the EA stoppages close the Nene pretty much completely between November and March.
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