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  1. BWM

    Marina smoke pollution

    On the money there. I generally avoid marinas, we had to use one a few weeks back that made a refreshing change on the Nene, very friendly place but definitely the exception. One we passed just before arriving at the one mentioned was narrow boat specific, and the smoke hanging over it was nuts. We used to have regular meet ups on the towpath and managed to have small bonfires, none causing offence but not so much these days, primarily due to the ignorant lighting pallet fires in the middle of the towpath and other similar idiocy.
  2. BWM

    Marina smoke pollution

    I've never been a fan of marinas, and that is another good reason to avoid them. I must admit, you must have quite a social life to have gatherings every day! No bonfire, you must be attending the boaters version of an AA meeting.
  3. BWM

    Marina smoke pollution

    How is wood burning antisocial? It has kept mankind warm for thousands of years. A bonfire has always been the heart of all the memorable boaters gatherings i've been fortunate enough to attend.
  4. BWM

    The Uxbridge English dictionary.

    https://www.thepoke.co.uk/2018/12/06/theres-a-new-poster-on-proud-display-in-boris-johnsons-constituency-and-he-wont-like-written-on-it/ Seen in Uxbridge
  5. BWM

    Bilge pollution

    It did look grotty, diesel has a similar effect to thinners on heavy oils so probably a nasty mixture. Could be, i've not seen anything like that before. Hydraulic type fluids are generally fairly toxic.
  6. BWM

    how much

    It depends on many factors mentioned above but some yards hire in a crane and these tend to be more expensive. I noticed your forum name is Kingswood, any connection to the area? Only asking as the dry dock above Hatton is very reasonable and you may end up paying not a lot more for them to do the blacking/docking as a package.
  7. BWM

    Bilge pollution

    It is on the GU near Kingswood junction, i'm not convinced that the boat pictured is responsible as there was a gap between it and the slick prior to the photo. A couple of minutes before, another craft had moved off and you can see a clear patch in the centre of the slick where it once was. I assumed that they had started up, then operated a manual bilge pump but not having witnessed this i can't be sure. It does look fairly hideous. It certainly isn't on, even more so done regularly. No mopping up, just pulled away and left it. Not of a scale to involve the environment agency on its own but with a number of lazy people doing the same it can only hurt our environment. Useful information but looking at the slick it consists of more than diesel i suspect. Some looked like a heavier grade of oil and the reddish looking stuff, who knows?
  8. BWM

    Knocking slapping

    It may just be some air entering one of the injectors.
  9. BWM

    Bilge pollution

    It's a shame, much more common in London when we were based there. Doesn't take a lot of effort to pump into a tub, even if that is poured onto adjacent soil - not an ideal solution but less damaging to the aquatic environment.
  10. BWM

    Bilge pollution

    I was saddened to see this slick left by a departing boat a couple of days ago, i don't believe the boat in the picture had anything to do with this. How some people think this is acceptable escapes me.
  11. BWM


    Being as breaking ice has always been a normal activity on the canals I'd suggest that craft used on there should be fit for purpose, rather than all other users having to modify their behaviour. Your suggestion of ice boards is a sensible compromise.
  12. BWM


    I think it is another over sensitive modern reaction, there are plenty of pictures of working craft breaking ice throughout the 50's/60's and cruisers, both wooden and grp were common on the system even then.
  13. Most aluminium used for the purposes you mentioned are anodized, and similar to most metals, different alloys have varying resistance to corrosion.
  14. BWM

    Boat stretching

    I'm sure you know what you want, but the 8ft minimum is likely based on economy of scale - steel sheet width - the amount of welding will be the same and you will still pay for the discarded 2ft of the original steel plate, and also that the end result leaves a more useable space.
  15. BWM

    JP/JK pulley

    Yes, 3 cylinder hand start.

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