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  1. BWM

    Exhaust options.

    I was given the impression that it was fitted in the early 70's when used as a camping boat but have no means of confirming this. My decision to remove it was done in an effort to smooth the flow of gases and simplify the system but i doubt it would make much difference in performance.
  2. BWM

    Exhaust options.

    My boat had a huge gate valve which switched between a traditional roof stack and one straight out through the side. It's a Jp3m so fairly quiet anyway with the marine silencer.
  3. I've no doubt they may eat some, particularly if rich in clover and dandelion leaves but the majority will just add to detritus on the bottom. Can i ask why you fly tip lawn mowings into the canal? Much easier to compost in a pile surely - not as bad as the idiots who tip their stove ash in but an unwelcome addition to a watercourse all the same.
  4. Unlikely to be eaten by anything living on or under the water, the longer strands of bramble and the like will add to materials fouling the prop, the rest will hasten silting up, depending on quantity going in.
  5. I'd agree with Captain Pegg regarding the re plating as this area of the boat will have access inside and out - if a skin tank is present it will likely need attention and won't work efficiently if over plated.
  6. So nice to see a boat being repaired properly, well done for extending its life.
  7. Nice little boat, i saw the interior of the hull a few years ago and all looked clean with the broad original keelson running along the centre. I did a top end rebuild on the JP, a nice engine.
  8. The Colne was definitely used for navigation between Farlows lake and the group of gravel pits at the end of Trout road in West Drayton until the late 70's, and i suspect the same would apply to the chain of pits between Harefield and Savay lake. It seems that traffic was mostly local, between weirs but there may have been flash locks long ago?
  9. Even though a thicker baseplate is undoubtedly more resistant to corrosion it is still an issue for insurers, as they work on percentage of depth of pitting to original thickness.
  10. For all the ducklings, etc., taken by otters, seagulls and other predators, there are many more killed off by cold overnight temperatures.
  11. Pike, and occasionally catfish will take ducklings but the most damaging predators in recent times where we are based are otters. They have also taken fairly large cygnets too.
  12. Only if it didn't arrive in instalments!
  13. And ends up at the cemetery at Kensal, i seem to remember a massive wallop into the bank at one point!
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  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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