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  1. Trouble is that you have no idea what the metal is like underneath, as the filler was likely used to cover poor welding and deformed steel plate. It's hard to tell from the pictures but it looks a lot like the top heavy, slab sided craft with gaudy chinese door furniture and lion head "mascot" on the stem.
  2. The oxidizing (corrosion) of aluminium will be problematic, being one of the most used abrasive coatings it will damage anything in contact with it and may even encourage corrosion on the surface it is fitted to. Brass is more naturally smooth and ideal for the purpose, you can obtain it on ebay cheaply, try looking for brass bar - this more industrial term will return cheaper, better items.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. BWM

    K&A problems

  5. A small leak in the system is a likely cause.
  6. Just to add a little to this good advice, don't buy anything larger than 65mm as they are often badly balanced and will destroy both the machine and your hands due to vibration. Discard when the first bristles start to shed or you will resemble a chrome plated hedgehog, and some angle grinders have a rotational speed in excess of that recommended for the cup brushes which will also lead to early faliure. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283052817968 These are a good buy.
  7. With only four hour a day of cruising, i'd say Napton is a good bet. You can head towards Braunston and then turn left onto the north Oxford, nice rural scenery and minimal locks, most other possibilities will see much of the 4 hours taken up operating locks.
  8. A good wash down with sugar soap should provide enough of a key for painting, will degrease and has a mild abrasive.
  9. We paid top dollar for the survey on our first boat and the result wasn't impressive, he even listed items as checked that didn't exist! I would be tempted to go for a price in the middle if in that position again.
  10. Some pewter is prone to pitting, and i suspect that the black marks are the early stage of this. You may find leaving the tankard soaking in vinegar may remove some of the discoloration, before polishing with a product.
  11. The magnets should be fine, and the effort involved in pulling a decent sized one off should deter all but the most determined thieves.
  12. That's still considerably more than no protection, and i could add the more obvious point that the hull sides are to some degree exposed to the air, unlike the baseplate.
  13. The hull sides have anodes fitted, so not a relevant comparison.
  14. I'd junk it, the chances of getting a good seal will be much reduced due to the roughness and the remaining corrosion may shorten the life of your new flue. It is good practice to have the flue pipe level with the top of the collar for a liner to work properly and by the look of this you would end up with a sump like area at the top which can only collect chimney gunk and moisture, again leading to early faliure and leaks.
  15. The exciting thing about these boats being acquired by Michael is that he will look to preserve the originality of these boats, even though derelict they retain much more than many unsympathetic rebuilds often do.
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