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  1. It looks as if the gunwhales were painted yellow at some point, and is there a funnel type exhaust or similar on the engine room cabin top?
  2. I'm not sure what you base your assertion that a cut out is needed to accommodate the steering assembly, i've never seen any normal boat with that set up.
  3. I think this must be the reason, as a sharp right angle must be likely to fail at some stage, along with a vertical fixing to the bearing.
  4. Yes, fitted with a Jp3m no later than 1980. I have a reciept from when it was purchased in 1974, from Braunston services i believe (£100!) and a considerable amount of correspondence between Lister and the owner relating to parts ordered for the rebuild.
  5. Fortunately what i believe to be the original back end rail has been fitted to the conversion cabin top as a centre line, rather than discarded. It appears to have had a little removed from the centre to reduce the length but is otherwise intact. I'd love to get me hands on an original style H+W pigeon box but don't rate my chances. I was recently given one of the large cooling vents as fitted with the PD2 but i'm not sure i want to cut a new hole in the engine room roof!
  6. To practice = to do, yes there are many who do this, a quick look at the boats you pass when cruising, particularly during the winter, will highlight more than a few with ash deposits on the hull side. I detest it, along with any form of littering (visible or otherwise). There are more than a few who chuck their dog mess in as well! Definitely the work of undomesticated morons but there are many.
  7. The practice of pouring stove ash into the cut is a bad one, it stays pretty much where it lands and forms heaps underwater. Our current mooring has several ridges which can be a problem when mooring up, and they don't shift like silt. Going back to running in gear, i think the danger to pets or people who may be unfortunate enough to fall in should make the practice a no no.
  8. Not sure what H+W used but i was quite surprised to find the writing under the multiple layers of paint, it just looked like rusty lumps. It may well have been put on by Mr Hatchard, i've seen at least two different rams head/swan necks in photos from that time, with the original type now fitted, as per the later pictures.
  9. A good friend of mine made the bronze spacer, as the nut was hovering uncomfortably on a motley collection of washers before. I should have been clearer as to what i was pointing out, the collar has WJ Yarwoods and sons in raised , cast lettering on it - unlikely to have been fitted by H+W! Nice collection of brass however.
  10. This is on the stern of Hawkesbury, definitely not an original fitting. Having worked in an underground depot and various transport firms, its not unusual to rob something off a non runner to keep another in service. Strange thing is that i have yet to see one on a Yarwoods built boat.
  11. Looks ready to turn turtle, and appears to have a guy rope just in case...
  12. No problem at all, our last dog came aboard as a pup and went on to have a litter of five, with all bar one finding homes on the cut.
  13. I have to agree, we have spent far more than the purchase price of Hawkesbury on restoration and there is still much to do!
  14. Those standard type engine mounts beside were wishful thinking!
  15. BWM


    The strangest occurrence of this i've had involved a tyre underneath the boat, it took longer than it should to work out what was going on.
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