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  1. BWM

    Willow Wren Wooden Top

    Having looked at countless pictures of Willow wren liveries I'd agree there didn't seem to be a standard. I was told that the painting was often carried out by the boatman-possibly at their own expense? Some even had a round piece of wood with the logo tacked onto the cabin side.
  2. BWM

    Advice needed on over heating engine

    With that in mind, would it not be better to remove the old one and replace with a new one of the correct size? I wouldn't risk damage to the head, etc. with a lengthy journey until it is sorted.
  3. BWM

    Research into boating alone

    With ease, and it would vary depending on up or down, type of lock, etc. Taking a stern rope off the rear dolly would leave me holding a rope after it slid off in any case.
  4. BWM

    Research into boating alone

    Each to their own, but who knows what the op would be happiest using. It is an expensive retrofit when you take into account damage to paint, etc. I wouldn't be without one out of choice, especially in a deep lock or on a windy day.
  5. BWM

    Research into boating alone

    When looking at potential boats, do consider which layout may suit lone operation. This would definitely include a centre rope, not a universal fitting on all boats but essential single handed. Possibly a galley at the stern end if not a traditional lay out, makes it easier to grab a brew or food on the move. If not cruising continuously you could look for a mooring in an area with less locks, there are many places on the system with a vast cruising range with minimal lock operation.
  6. I've no doubt there are shallow areas but there were boats moored there no less than four years ago, so I'd imagine that it may still be possible to turn?
  7. You would be able to turn in the Kayes arm between the blue lias and Warwickshire fly, a little short of long itchington but fairly central to access pubs in both directions.
  8. BWM


    The situation regarding council tax is absurd, on our last long term mooring you had no requirement to pay it but one of the moorers tried anyway, the answer was that there was no means of doing so. However, if you were unfortunate and needed to claim benefits (specifically help with mooring fees), this would include council tax being paid on your behalf. Oddly, once off benefits you are still required to pay! The only other situation involved a couple wishing to obtain a local authority parking permit, they were told they needed to be council tax payers to apply, so they signed up to pay (how I don't know) and were subsequently refused a parking permit..
  9. BWM

    Clueless Corbyn

    This aspect of the violence and terrorism is rarely taken into context, as if the IRA and any sympathetic to their cause appeared out of nowhere. It is hardly surprising that Corbyn has been involved with both the above and the Palestinian cause being a lifelong humanitarian with the ability to understand history. One of the more shameful British actions in early 20th century Ireland involved the deployment of the black and tans, noted for their barbaric treatment of both civilians and Irish fighters. The worst of these were sent out to Palestine to destabilise the area, there are many documented atrocities carried out by them. Corbyns interest in this is not unpatriotic but a justified criticism of our brutal, colonial past. https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/books/winston-churchill-sent-the-black-and-tans-to-palestine-1.3089140
  10. BWM

    Treated Timber 1930's

    We're lucky to still have publicly owned forests at all, Cameron wanted to sell them off in their entirety just after being elected. Around the time that the Crt was created and immediately started selling our assets...
  11. BWM

    Treated Timber 1930's

    I wasn't being specific about the source countries, hence the terminology. Sadly, like most things in our nation, no real effort was made to replant timber for the future. Even those that were have been poorly managed.
  12. BWM

    Clueless Corbyn

    This has very little to do with victimisation by the Labour leadership and everything to do with the Labour friends of Israel, a vicious, single interest lobbying group of which Hodge is a member, don't forget that Ken Livingstone was tackled in a similar fashion and was ruined, his feisty personality and clumsily chosen reply to the mp responsible were enough to end his career.these outbursts are not off the cuff, they are speculative and organised. I suspect the reason the issue is not being contested is partly due to the above and also that most are suffering from 'red herring fatigue'. Why are so many blinkered by the whole political lobbying power of this rogue state? With the recent spying incidents, one being Shai Masot who was recorded in the company of Lfi members talking about 'taking out' a non compliant Tory mp who had the audacity to raise the issue of Gaza. A second recent episode which could be considered similar to espionage involved the slippery Pritti Patel, who was happy to promote the interests of Israel above her own country. Outside of the connection to the Israeli government, the common thread that binds these individuals is a strong desire for self promotion, I imagine this is encouraged by the situation in the US where politicians regularly state their allegiance to Israel or quickly disappear from political life. This is primarily due to Aipac, a similar and more powerful lobbying group to labour/conservative friends of Israel, which over time has become a king maker.
  13. BWM

    Treated Timber 1930's

    I believe that timber from that era was cut from old growth forestry and also dried properly, lessening the need for treatment.
  14. BWM

    Clueless Corbyn

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Jews_in_England_(1066–1290) There is a long history of Jewish communities in the UK, and they have often come under attack. You really are a sad act, darkies!! really? Two things need correcting here, Corbyn was one of many people involved in trying to end the violence, accusing him of support for the Ira is just a meaningless sound bite. The standard description of antisemitism is not internationally accepted-far from it. The government's acceptance of it has been called into question. It has been bounced around for years and is purely a tool to stifle criticism of Israel's atrocities and on going colonisation of Palestine. I'm fairly certain that even the UN has refused to use this definition in its entirety.
  15. BWM

    Bins and recycling

    I don't know, but it is a front loading, single compartment wagon with the usual compactor. This can only mean that the separated recyclables and general waste are mixed together!

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