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  1. BWM

    tunnel head light

    You can still see the original mounting holes (filled with three rivets) on the deck of Hawkesbury.
  2. The blunt instrument that is internet communication. Its often difficult to condense what is intended into words without writing a war and peace length post!
  3. BWM

    tunnel head light

    Guaranteed to destroy your eyes in a tunnel!
  4. BWM

    tunnel head light

    Picked this one up on eBay all the way from America, old lorry headlamp of the right vintage. It worked out cheaper even after shipping than anything i could find here, mind you with the state of the pound it may have changed now!
  5. Arrows were generally made from Ash, the straight growth and ease of setting under heat being just two useful qualities. Early longbows may also have been but as none survive...
  6. Because at times it is inevitable that you would end up stepping onto it, when loaded it is likely these boats would be some distance from the towpath.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. It may have helped on cast iron as some is porous, would chase out any moisture and burn off any contaminants on the surface.
  9. It would look hideous and be out of keeping with the look of a back cabin, tradition aside.
  10. The step in question is inside the cabin, the wood is warmer and more comfortable to stand on. A slip on this could easily lead to a broken back. Being technically indoors, the resistance to fungi is not strictly relevant and once fully seasoned as a useable timber its properties are quite different to a standing tree. The purpose i mentioned above is a replaceable wear strip/trim that is still used by some today.
  11. Someone not taking the time to appreciate that i was describing the area of the boat in question rather than a preferred method of boarding!
  12. If you go through one of the 'heritage' paint suppliers and bought some old style red lead you'd get a few more years out of it!
  13. Unless you have a sky hook, how else do you get on without stepping over this area? If you look at the picture you will see it, i would imagine that it would have been replaced when necessary along with many other consumables. It was often scrubbed or bleached i believe. Not everything fitted to these craft was designed to last indefinitely.
  14. The ones I have suggested are different to those in your picture, much heavier duty. A 60 - 65mm knotted wire cup brush will make short work of that! You can pick them up cheaper but don't buy anything bigger as they are very unbalanced and transmit an unhealthy amount of vibration through the machine. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/383383752004
  15. The cants were certainly Oak, i was referring to the thinner piece often seen on top. You can see them on the motor in the attached picture.
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