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  1. Whatever the boatyard are doing, be sure to wrap the engine/gearbox to protect it and ancillaries (particularly the alternator). Same with any inverter/chargers. An epoxy primer may be worth considering but any decent zinc oxide primer should do.
  2. It doesn't show it as sold but i wouldn't be surprised, as you say, it is a great boat on the faceof it. Saw another Les Allen 'Malta', which at 45,000 seems reasonable but more of a project.
  3. https://www.reedleymarina.co.uk/boat-sales-at-reedley-marina-ellen/ This looks like a lot of boat for the money, Les Allen boats are generally good quality - my son has one 1992 build and the baseplate/sides looked like a sheet of glass when lifted.
  4. The timetable may state that but it doesn't account for regular cancellations, my wife and daughter both commute daily so quite familiar with the actual service. I don't wish to supply incorrect advice, only to help the op with local knowledge if i can as i'm sure they will check timetables beforehand.
  5. I was averaging service throughout the day, we live in Lapworth and have found that Warwick and Dorridge are the most regular throughout the day and parkway has a good service at commuter times but less so during the day.
  6. Warwick station is only a 15 minute walk from the Saltisford arm, and has a full service. Warwick parkway and Lapworth have two hours plus between trains if that may be an issue.
  7. Is this at the stove end or the roof collar? Many stoves have a separate collar that you can unbolt (these often snap), from inside the stove. Either way, if you cut the flue pipe the job will be easier to manage and the remains of the pipe can be cut away with a disc or be drilled and split.
  8. Nope, it's a long term rather than residential. Site has a post code but no facility to receive post.
  9. I'm struggling to find an insurer willing to provide cover, i have a permanent mooring with parking but our correspondence is sent to a mailbox address - can anyone suggest a broker who may be able to help?
  10. These are extremely good, and most obvious environmental gain is the lack of waste plastic. Much more economical than pouring out an unmeasured amount of liquid (including some that invariably slides off your hand into the sink), this can only be a good thing. You only need to look at the thick rafts of duck weed that accompany areas with large collections of liveaboard craft to see the effect of high levels of detergent effluent. https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/uk/product-reviews/fashion-and-beauty/g31973674/best-shampoo-bars/
  11. A friend of mine who is on the south Stratford got shouted at this morning and was told he shouldn't be on the move this early (started at first light), and he was breaching the terms of his licence!
  12. Our first boat was a Pat Buckle/Floating homes '92 build, and that had a daft deck drain set up. It had a length of 1/2" box section behind the two corner gas lockers, already half blocked by welding residue that blocked constantly.
  13. There is extensive hardstanding at Debdale marine and it is cheaper than a mooring, and unless you're very lucky access for large materials will be difficult at most moorings.
  14. We use mailbox, etc for post and collect it weekly. This address was acceptable for my driving licence but they required a copy of the boat licence before allowing this as an address. As for car insurance i have heard that NFU might be useful and will be trying them next renewal. Which insurer do you use and are the prices reasonable?
  15. It can be a very fiddly job, with the top oven/grill and main oven being particularly difficult. Depending on access, a socket of the correct size with something (sticky) inside will help prevent the new jet falling into the abyss.
  16. I was going to suggest a sight glass but thought it would quickly become unreadable due to the nature of the fluid in heating systems, i suspect that the above would end up the same.
  17. The thermostat/temperature sensor is fairly easy and cheap to replace, may be worth a go.
  18. They eat many other species that aren't fish, some of which is in itself struggling due to the condition of the environment. Please don't assume i am anti otter - quite the opposite, but i am frustrated by misguided re introductions that have put the natural balance out of sync. It is almost certainly a factor, particularly in the area mentioned as the population of cormorants is massive in the region and they have already made a negative impact on fish stock.
  19. Not this exact discussion but along similar lines. I have no time for shooting estates culling for their convenience or the outrageous badger cull, which has no purpose other than allowing those who shoot and trap another outlet for their fetish - having been proved time and again that transmission is from bovine to wildlife and that removal of resident badgers encourages movement of others. As regards predatory species, they are of course essential and as someone who grew up around newly dug gravel pits it was invariably perch, followed by pike that colonised those before they were taken on by clubs - that said, both of these are cannibalistic so can maintain a population. This process isn't one that otters can emulate - don't get me wrong, they are a glorious sight but i feel the enhancing of their numbers is a mistake that puts pressure on an already struggling environment and it would be a shame to see them disappear again. We already have an extinction rate that puts muxh of the world in the shade!
  20. My comment is based on the fact that the ecosystem is badly damaged and the release of such a predator is completely irresponsible because it will potentially take these struggling waterways past the point of recovery - what's the point of installing migration ladders, etc., to aid the recovery of existing runs of salmon and sea trout when they will quickly be eradicated by this near extinct predator? It would be far more help to the natural world if more energy was invested in the prosecution of those targeting raptors and other persecuted species - along with serious legislation and enforcement of effluent and bad agricultural practice, the latter would have ensured the recovery of the waterways which would have eventually led to a more gradual return of the otter.
  21. Otters on our pound have taken all but a couple of this years ducklings, and the normally resident swans are keeping clear. This is one of the bigger mistakes in trying to re introduce species and i don't think it will end well for the otters as waterways and fisheries are emptied.
  22. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Metal-Meat-Safe-Cabinet-/234099601895?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 Not an under floor solution but a useful solution if you have space under a cratch or similar outdoor space.
  23. The licensing scheme is also there to prevent people turning up with nets under the guise of taking crayfish when other species are the real target.
  24. They, and two or three other crayfish species are common in lakes throughout the colne valley and much of Surrey - i can't comment on other areas but i am very familiar with the above. The lake opposite what used to be the horse and barge in Harefield is stuffed with them and when it was a top carp fishery they were hauled out by the ton and burnt (more than a few seemed to be 'burnt' elsewhere in tandooris as far away as Heathrow). This lake along with others nearby has very clean water, so you should be able to find something suitable and once you obtain a licence i would imagine one of the clubs would be happy to get rid of a few!
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