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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. I have an old forged windlass with Bocock stamped into it.
  3. Depending on the area you are based in there may be a boatyard or marina that is geared up for repairs and fit outs by owners, Debdale on the Leicester arm which have hardstanding and possibly storage is one example but there are others.
  4. Thinsulate is excellent stuff, we used one that is only around 5mm thick with membrane and foil and it is up to the job, with no condensation and good insulation summer and winter. I'd definitely re use the ply as it hasn't got any better over the years. It might be worth asking around if anyone had a boat you could let during the summer whilst doing the work as the steelwork would dry out much better if it was stripped and exposed in one go - and the job would be much more straightforward and quick against working around people and contents!
  5. The ideal is probably 10 metres longer than your boat for most circumstances.
  6. One thing that will make using a boat hook easier is to find a lower section of towpath as the angle is much more user friendly, a set of chest waders may be useful for the odd occasion you need to take a dip in all but the deepest water.
  7. I'm fairly certain that the small Woolwich/Northwich motors had a solid bulkhead between back cabin and engine room too.
  8. Looking at all the leaves on the path next to the boat it appears to be one of those that puts all their junk alongside the boat, as the rest of the towpath is nice and clean.
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PALOMA-WATER-HEATER-BOILER-CARAVAN-CAMPER-BOAT-PART-EXCHANGE-LPG-PROPANE-BUTANE-/125028610522?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 Here's the link, there are also manuals available if you want to take the repair route.
  10. "Knocking down the banks and stirring up the mud, that's all they're good for"
  11. There is an eBay seller who does exchange units for around £100 last time i looked, and with so many issues it may be cost effective to buy one.
  12. Will be very tricky to fit the elbow/Stauffer to head number 2 without removing No. 1.
  13. That has some appeal, allowing the culprit to bask in their own glory!
  14. Using two headlights can be confusing for oncoming craft too, and even though i sympathise with the sentiment of payback on being blinded it can only end in a race to the bottom.
  15. I'm a keen angler and it's not difficult to keep tackle safe from moving craft on a waterway shared by them, i've not experienced maggots being thrown at me but in the event of it happening, after mooring in their equipment - a painful encounter would follow!
  16. The end of the flue must be square within the collar or you will never achieve a good seal, and nasty ooze will seep down the outside of the flue. A wedge shaped spacer under the collar may help, as was mentioned above. An offset flue will cost in the region of £300 but worth every penny if it is necessary for a good installation.
  17. I had the wrong (chrome) rings fitted by someone masquerading as an expert, to chrome liners and the end result was us getting covered in oil - there was no scoring to the liners when stripped.
  18. Cheaper LED bulbs often have a tendency to flicker at voltages outside of 12 volts.
  19. I've found the ordinary Owatrol oil to be excellent at stabilising rust, and have tried various treatments throughout the boat. It has performed nearly as well as armourguard st (a fairly bulletproof epoxy) but is even better on less well prepared areas. The only issue i had with it was on and around the stern deck when a brief shower left drop marks in the slow drying coating - they are near impossible to sand out! I bought some lead tetroxide and plan to mix it with the Owatrol next time to see how that goes.
  20. Whatever the boatyard are doing, be sure to wrap the engine/gearbox to protect it and ancillaries (particularly the alternator). Same with any inverter/chargers. An epoxy primer may be worth considering but any decent zinc oxide primer should do.
  21. It doesn't show it as sold but i wouldn't be surprised, as you say, it is a great boat on the faceof it. Saw another Les Allen 'Malta', which at 45,000 seems reasonable but more of a project.
  22. https://www.reedleymarina.co.uk/boat-sales-at-reedley-marina-ellen/ This looks like a lot of boat for the money, Les Allen boats are generally good quality - my son has one 1992 build and the baseplate/sides looked like a sheet of glass when lifted.
  23. The timetable may state that but it doesn't account for regular cancellations, my wife and daughter both commute daily so quite familiar with the actual service. I don't wish to supply incorrect advice, only to help the op with local knowledge if i can as i'm sure they will check timetables beforehand.
  24. I was averaging service throughout the day, we live in Lapworth and have found that Warwick and Dorridge are the most regular throughout the day and parkway has a good service at commuter times but less so during the day.
  25. Warwick station is only a 15 minute walk from the Saltisford arm, and has a full service. Warwick parkway and Lapworth have two hours plus between trains if that may be an issue.
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