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  1. One place that i would recommend for viewing is Debdale wharf, they often have boats on brokerage but they have many out of the water which will give you a good insight as to what a selection of craft look like below the water. The White lion offers b+b, and possibly the bulls head.
  2. I have probably simplified the physical size of the wire against the size of the core, not being an electrician. Has been interesting to find out that this is mainly down to the insulation. I'm sure that last time i bought some the retailer said that the core was more efficient, having more strands but i may have misunderstood.
  3. It is absurd to suggest that Corbyn and labour are targeting the support of the young in favour of the elderly, the promise to compensate the waspi women alone exposes the flaw in that statement. In my experience, the young were politicised by the potential future consequences of brexit, which stands to affect them more than most, along with the prospect of affording a home of their own. Labour appear to be offering solutions to these and many other issues.
  4. That's a bit simplistic, a look at the wiring looms of today's vehicles shows a big reduction in the size and stiffness of most cabling.
  5. I was under the impression that modern cable is more efficient and can pass more current for their size?
  6. There are quite a few euro car parts branches canalside, depending which area you are in. I'd probably go for a 25 litre drum and leave it at that. You could try loosening the bleed screw when you have the system at full temperature, the heat can only help - don't go near it with stilsons, a tight fitting spanner of the correct size and possibly a length of pipe slid over to extend the leverage as a last resort. As for draining, you can take the bottom hose off at the engine end and place it as low as possible, you may be lucky to be able to aim it into a container..
  7. Kingsdowne i believe, been a long time since this boat or Baron has been moored at Denham.
  8. You can't have seen the many vehicles parked beside the lock cottage, along with other junk!
  9. Must be around 20 feet, using the width of the truck as a guide.
  10. If the faliure is on a seam i doubt that putting a nail in will help, and most likely would just open up a bigger gap. Likewise, you may find any solder repair will end up moving the problem along the seam. You have nothing to lose by trying but keep the heat moving.
  11. If you get stuck there is an excellent one in Warwick called Avonvale veterinary clinic.
  12. BWM

    Stove fan

    A friend bought us a similar one as a gift, he thought he'd test it by placing it in a wok on full heat - it nearly took off apparently!
  13. Surely they introduce themselves via migration?
  14. That seems daft, i wonder why?
  15. If you can't source a second hand one i believe that Marine power services have cast new ones. Not cheap though.
  16. EE have good coverage and now supply a decent router type dongle with sockets for booster aerials. Plenty of data too, i can't remember how many but we've never run out.
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  18. Make a new gasket out of neoprene omitting the stripped hole, drill and tap new holes either side of the duff one. Alternatively you could enlarge the hole in the lid so that is large enough to accommodate the bolt head, and put a nut and bolt in the tank to seal the redundant hole.
  19. Our last boat was built in 1992 and also required the stern tube assembly to be replaced. This normally involves the bearing and shaft being renewed, any competent boatyard should be able to arrange this. Not cheap, and i would definitely aim to have it done during the planned dry docking to at least save on the expense of being lifted twice, even if you need to re book somewhere that can carry out the repair. Just repack the stern as needed in the meantime.
  20. Another alternative would be to use the current integral tank as storage and fit a new one somewhere else, space allowing.
  21. We have the shortened back end rail on the cabin top.
  22. My experience has been that most brands of coal vary over time, with the exception of homefire. They all seem to have bad years eventually, either more ash or changed burning properties.
  23. Genuine rockwool is hydrophobic and will not absorb water, the horticultural variety has to be treated to do so.
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