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  1. Lizzy Lou you asked a question orientated about the safety of the financial transaction. You got a plethora of good advice overall, yet you eventually decided it was not what you wanted to read, correct? You can always "trust" everyone........I'm sure it will be alright on the night.........on the other hand.....
  2. If a broker isn't using an Escrow service, one needs to ask them ....why not?
  3. Could always weld two NB's together I s'pose...... (Where there's a way, there's a weld)
  4. She has two twins???? John and me went to the pub??? Their instead of there........ here here instead of hear hear???
  5. One that winds me up: "Refer back"...aaargh! Another: "A moment in time". (A moment is a period of time).
  6. Where is dunchurch? I am looking at all marinas within a 45-60 minute drive from home, which is 20 mins west of Chester, cheshire. Aqeduct/tattenhall/ABC (Northwich)/Northwich/Venetian/etc etc. Chirk seems to be the nearest and best all rounder (from a countryside perspective). Aqeduct is the best in terms of layout, standards and ameneties by far. But it's not cheap!
  7. http://www.lse.co.uk/ShareChat.asp?ShareTicker=KDNC&page=2 How's this for Lithium demand!
  8. Tree monkey - while youre on...whats chirk marina like? It's on my short list for a mooring. Regards
  9. Crikey - I forgot about that! Do they have a tow truck big enough to tow it away? More worrying though - some crazy mum and her kids might scratch the hull when they park next to it, with their shopping trolley!
  10. Don't take it too seriously ADE. Who cares?? I'm discussing spray can logistics and you pick me up about lifestyles?? Surprised you didn't comment on Lidl management complaining about a narrowboat in their car park! Smile, jesus loves you.......
  11. 850 cans @ £2.50/can = £2125. 10 cans/carrier bag = 85 bags@ 10p = £8.50. 40 cans per trolley = 21 trolleys. 10 carrier bags per car boot = 9 full car boots. 5 miles from home = 10 miles x 9 visits = 90 miles@ 30mpg = 3 gallons. (£18). And then all over again from home to your boat! All the above on the back of a fag packet of course! Cheaper to road haul your boat to the Lidl car park and do it there across half a dozen car slots!!!?
  12. How rigourous are the CT in policing ......and prosecuting such misdeeds? Do they have 'teeth'.
  13. Fly Navy

    Baby girl

    How about a monogrammed napkin ring in solid silver (preferably from an antique shop - they always have them). The good thing about a gift like this is that you can then buy EVERY family member one of these for one of their birthdays to! (Over time of course!).
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