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  1. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    I'm still puzzled but hey ho that's not unusual
  2. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    tbh I'm not sure what you are getting at. I wouldn't dream of comparing London with rural France or Flevoland ... but then I wouldn't dream of comparing London with The Lake District or The Fens either - they're completely different places.
  3. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    As far as I understand you'd still be able to do that .... but you would have to jump through some hoops to do it (mind you I don't see what Amsterdam or Paris has to offer that the UK doesn't)
  4. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    What do you define as a dead-end job? Why would you be trapped? Couldn't someone say they are trapped on a treadmill - going for better and better jobs with no end of stress in sight? A lot of it is your attitude to the job. I'd see the purpose of a dead-end job as paying for the roof over my head, putting food on the table and demonstrating to prospective employers in the glamorous alternative career that I have the gumption to do something that isn't what I really want but it keeps me busy and stimulated - and maybe just adds some skills that doing nothing won't. If you were trapped in a dead end job here in the UK, what, in reality, do you think would be on offer in Europe that wouldn't also be a dead-end job?
  5. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    I've been over this time and time again ... but in short I don't want to be part of a European SuperState. If it quacks and waddles its a duck .... if it has an parliament, a president, a flag, an anthem, a central bank, an army, its a country.
  6. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    It's NOT about Empire or turning the clock back - it's about NOT wanting to be part of a European Superstate .... it doesn't seem to matter how many times I say it people still keep misinterpreting it.
  7. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    One of the big issues is how well off we will be, there are other issues which I feel outweigh the economic issue.
  8. KevMc

    Boxing Day Meet.

    I don't normally feel the need to quote the Guardian but on this occasion https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2005/feb/14/labour.hunting Personally I'm opposed to hunting but I do find a lot of the hyperbole distracts from the main arguments (as you could easily say for most debates)
  9. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    If every party stated that they would act on the result of the referendum would you say that everyone that voted was in favour of Brexit? You can't simply assume that voting for a party means that you support every item on their manifesto. I support the Green party (if I have to choose a party) but that doesn't mean I support everything they put on their manifesto. I wouldn't vote Labour or Tory if they paid me but it doesn't mean that I don't find some of their policies attractive.
  10. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    IMHO part of the problem is that shareholders used to be individuals (or near individuals) who generally invested for the long term capital growth - dividends while nice to have weren't the primary incentive. Now we have lots of institutional investors who are constantly moving their investment to get the best income to feed the highly mobile investor who wants a quick return on their money so that they can attract new investments from people with ready cash who want regular dividends. This means that CEOs (who are hired and fired at a rate only bettered by premiership football managers) must generate profits rather than growth which in turn feeds the race to the bottom in wages for the majority of the staff (not I notice for the board).
  11. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    It's not only private sector workers who need this state aid - before we met, my other half was working full time as a teacher & learning assistant at an FE college but still received working tax credits. I wonder how many people working in hospitals up and down the country need state aid to top up their earnings - it's a damning indictment of society as a whole that we tolerate a system where critically important members of the workforce are treated so badly while tw*ts with the right contacts waltz into nice little earners in Westminster, The City, the Media etc. I was watching the Xmas specials of University Challenge over the last few weeks and was astounded how few of the returning contestants had done real jobs - I don't remember a single engineer or scientist amongst them - we seem to have lost the plot.
  12. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    Aren't working tax credits a form of state aid to companies that pay so little their staff need to receive state aid to live?
  13. KevMc

    HMRC - Really !!!!

    BUT does the legislation say you have to receive that money in that time frame or does it talk about the money being earned? I'd imagine that is the question that will be at the root of the case
  14. I was lucky I guess... I bought direct from the owner without a survey and only having looked at 2 other boats. I paid cash (well bank transfer) and took the keys - never looked back. Well except that after 12 months I realised that the boat wasn't really suitable to live on full time so I traded up to a longer vessel - but by then had decided that life afloat was for me. I don't think the boat will turn you on or off life afloat but you may find that no matter how much you spend on your first boat you'll learn exactly what you like and don't like about it so that your second will be closer to what you really want .... and then maybe by the 4th or 5th it'll be perfect (until the 6th one comes along)
  15. KevMc

    HMRC - Really !!!!

    As far as I can see, no-one has explained how this scheme results in people being paid less than the minimum wage. The minimum wage says you get £x per hour worked ... it doesn't say you get that money at the end of the day you work it, or even at the end of the week you work it. In fact many people already work a week or even a month in hand (e.g. I get paid on 21st of the month after the time I have worked, so I am working up to 7 weeks in hand), does that mean that in the first month in this job my employer was breaching minimum wage regulations? Does every employer that pays a week in arrears breach minimum wage regulations? I really don't think so. Timing of the payment for work done doesn't effect the amount paid for that work.

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