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  1. KevMc

    Brexit 2017

    Bloomin' heck your daughter is brave ... hope she is taking plenty of protection
  2. KevMc

    Brexit 2017

    I think the EU leaders have make a big mistake at the summit by treating May's proposal so badly .... what it has done is re-iterate the complete disregard they have for anything we suggest ... remember the 'concessions' Camoron brought back before the referendum ? When they throw what is basically a good deal for the EU back in our faces, do they really expect us to say, OK we'll do whatever you want? I'd be willing to bet that many a waverer has seen that and decided these politicians are totally out of touch and some remainers might even have realised what a self centred bunch of parasites they are and decided not to have anything to do with them. BUT hey ho I'm looking at it from my perspective... other perspectives are available
  3. KevMc

    Brexit 2017

    People keep saying that Brexiteers don't want another referendum ... well that just isn't true ... maybe some Brexiteers don't want another one but I tend to agree that we should have one ... but we'll probably disagree over the wording. I'd say : Yes = leave on terms negotiated No = Leave with no deal Others might say: Yes = leave on negotiated terms No = stay or even : Yes = stay, No = Leave with no deal Then which ever way the vote went millions of people could say that they weren't given the option they wanted to vote for... and we'll start the debate over and over again until no-one cares anymore.
  4. KevMc

    Brexit 2017

    The vast majority of PAYE is paid by an increasingly small % of the working population - I think offhand it's about 90% paid by 20% of the workforce but I could be wrong. Obviously VAT is paid by everyone .... but as it is a % of what you spend - the more you spend the more you pay, so clearly the richer (who tend to spend more) pay more... but VAT is a cruel game as is noted by the fact that sanitary products carry VAT at the instruction of the EU How do you tax amazon and starbucks etc? Dead simple - you pass a very short bill that makes the type of cost (management fees etc) that they charge against taxable profit by transferring money out of the country ineligible for tax relief .. in a single step you bring that money into the taxable pot. Or even better we scrap the entire tax system and start again with a system that prevents such financial shenanigans
  5. KevMc

    Brexit 2017

    Maybe Lincoln didn't say it, maybe he did and it wasn't recorded except by the reverend Will, but is there a lot wrong with Part III?
  6. KevMc

    Brexit 2017

    He does, but it took a while. I suppose that is the way of things when you try to turn a party around - or should I say when a party tries to turn itself around. Never read the Torygraph - never really pay much attention to political opinion in the press of any description 'cos they all corrupt it one way or another. ERG?
  7. KevMc

    Brexit 2017

    But hasn't the Labour party's method shown a potentially massive flaw in the process - JC was voted in by the membership but struggled to get MPs to serve in his shadow cabinet. The PM needs to have the support of their party in parliament. I know you could say the MPs should listen to the party when it votes but politics doesn't always work that way.
  8. KevMc

    Brexit 2017

    Actually there was an initial round of voting in which the Maybot got most votes, after which the other candidates withdrew. So it could be argued that she was voted in although the process wasn't run to it's conclusion.
  9. KevMc

    Brexit 2017

    .. except we don't have a constitution as such ... we have a series of laws, conventions and apparently "works of authority" that are together considered to make up the constitution, so we can't even go to one place to see what can and can't be done, leaving it open for debate and possibly abuse.
  10. KevMc

    Brexit 2017

    All our PMs are elected - first as MPs and then by their party to Leader at which point they may be asked by the monarch to form a government (that last bit usually being a formality)
  11. KevMc

    Brexit 2017

    Just had a quick look at the official site & manifesto - it still says "and Unionist" ..... I have sprayed the keyboard with bleach and started a virus check on my hard drive just in case anything nasty leaked out
  12. KevMc

    Brexit 2017

    Of course pro-Brexit voters don't want another referendum - we won the last time; but if parliament decides that we should have a vote on the result of the negotiations then so be it (that's what why we voted for our parliament to be supreme last time out) - we'll vote and see what happens. If we decide to stay then that's what we want as a nation, fine we'll get on with closing the EU down some other way (only joking); if we still vote to go then even better but that should be it ... no more last minute fudges by Europhilics, no more stoopid court cases - just a fresh start.
  13. KevMc

    Brexit 2017

    BUT you have to ask who benefitted more from the changes? For example I think that working tax credits benefitted employers more than workers - they could pay lower wages and get staff to work shorter hours leading indirectly to more zero hours contracts. Whereas if the employer was forced to pay a living wage and guarantee enough hours then the workers would be much better off. All just my opinion of course
  14. KevMc

    Brexit 2017

    It all part of the smoke and mirrors act that successful governments have tried - some people see through the act and others are taken in by the polarised media that spin everything as either great or evil depending on whether it's introduced by the blue or red side of the party system. Neither side is ever prepared to see the good in anything the other side propose - which is one reason we are doomed to constant squabbling about minor issues when we should be addressing important issues.
  15. KevMc

    Brexit 2017

    Working tax credits allowed employers to pay lower wages Increased housing benefits allowed landlords to raise rents Maternity pay and paternity pay encourage people in work to have more kids so they can send them to nursery and school and therefore create more poorly paid jobs in childcare enabling employers to make more money (and increase the working tax credit bill) Baby bonds ? Weren't they paid to everyone 'cos it was cheaper than means testing ? Nothing particularly socialist in any of that in my 'umble opinion

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