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  1. KevMc

    Government Plans For Increasing Cycling & Walking

    That's the point of tatters and face paint ... no-one will recognise you in court See you there
  2. KevMc

    Government Plans For Increasing Cycling & Walking

    I think ASBOs should be issued to anyone over 25 caught wearing lycra ... and if they are on a bike at the same time it should be an automatic 28 day jail sentence with no remission
  3. KevMc

    World Cup football.

    There ain't much footy on terrestrial tv either - a few FA cup matches and MOTD is all - if you want regular PL you have to pay
  4. KevMc


    They had Bernie Sanders but the political class put paid to him 'cos they wanted that Clinton woman
  5. KevMc


    I wonder how much of the 'black economy' gets into those figures
  6. KevMc

    BWML Marinas Bertholders Associations

    Are you thinking of making an offer? More seriously, to what end?
  7. KevMc


    So be it .... I can't find the report I read now - but the Beeb is usually accurate enough. Even so it's still a hell of a lot of gas - some of which might be used for heating. I seem to remember that when the Ukraine crisis was at the top of the news reports that Russia was threatening to cut off gas supplies and that was a real worry for central Europe where it gets a tad colder than here in winter.
  8. KevMc


    Your 9% is of all energy .... the reports I saw say that Trump spoke about gas and that is the figure I investigated .. no trap that I can see.
  9. KevMc


    http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/statistics-explained/index.php/EU_imports_of_energy_products_-_recent_developments#Main_suppliers_of_natural_gas_and_petroleum_oils_to_the_EU Data published by the wonderful EU says that between 50 & 75% of German gas was imported from Russia in 2017 ... and apparently another pipeline is being built and is due to come online in 2020 so that % is likely to rise.
  10. KevMc


    I think the folk that came up with IQ are long departed from this vale ..... and as average was a mathematical term around for a long time before they tried to appropriate it then they are the ones who need to be corrected
  11. KevMc


    Average and normal are not the same thing though... and that band is pretty wide. I'd have to say the band represents normal IQ .. average IQ is going to be the sum of all IQs divided by the population (for mean) or the most common IQ (for mode) or the IQ of the person halfway along the list of everyone arranged in order of IQ (median).
  12. KevMc


    I think that as a nation we really need to challenge that. Reality is complicated because politicians make it complicated. Take our tax laws ... they are so complicated that there are people who make a very good living out of making sure that some other rich people pay as little as possible (within the law) ... now if we threw away the tax system and started from scratch with a simple rule that you pay your tax on all your income ... no allowances, no loopholes, just a simple law taking up no more than a single side of A4 paper - we could make the system fair at a stroke ... except for all the tax accountants and tax lawyers who would have to get real jobs. Take any field of legislation and with a bit of thought it should be able to be simplified to a single page of A4 .... it would make life simpler and safer because everyone would be able to understand it.
  13. KevMc


    Now that is an interesting site ... at least it tries to show different people in the same way so you can compare them. I'm not au fait enough with the stories to judge their bias and will accept them as reasonably unbiased until otherwise proven. Nice one Tree
  14. KevMc


    I'm not saying that Trump is an angel - he's far from it as "any fool knows"... but I don't monitor everything US Presidents say or do ... and I doubt most people do, so I was asking if anyone kept similar figures for other politicians or is this being done purely because certain elements of the media have a total downer on Trump?
  15. KevMc


    Any comparable figures for other politicians - or are they just counting Trump's because he is an easy/popular target with people that have time on their hands to do that sort of thing?

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