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  1. I find it hard to believe that city life is good for our mental and physical health .... the pressure of too many people in too small a space; the constant rushing around; the noise; pollution; lack of horizon .... nope if you ask me the peeps who designed the study live a very comfortable life in the country and phrased the study so that it would make city life appear better 'cos they don't want city folk polluting their rural idyll
  2. A lot of us are the investors, albeit indirectly, through our pensions and other savings.
  3. I think the problem is that most of the investment money comes from the big financial companies who need a big cash flow to satisfy their investors so they force companies to bring in larger and larger returns.
  4. I wonder how much this contributed to his recent stay in hospital https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-48745868
  5. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    And we have no idea how many who voted to stay wanted to stay in the EU as it is today (or more like 3 years ago) and how many are prepared to live in a European SuperState ... did all those who voted Remain know what they were voting for .... 'cos in my mind it certainly wasn't the status quo. We all read what Cameron was promised before he called the referendum and it was time limited concessions on everything from membership of the Euro to a European Army.
  6. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    BUT the same grey suits run the EU .. they don't want seismic change ... they don't want any change at all, which is pretty much why we are going to be kept in the EU regardless of want we want
  7. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    Yup ... that was 70-odd years ago ... ... ... hardly shows the current lot in a good light .... or even anyone in the last 60 plus years. The political parties have spent that time consolidating their power .... it's a bit like the States (but not quite as defined) where it seems that each president gets 2 terms (the maximum) then the other party gets their 2 terms - if it was Celtic and Rangers taking turns to win the Scottish Premier League people would be demanding an investigation but because it's politicians no one mentions it. I must be feeling particularly cynical today !! Really ? You do shock me We're too laid back - wasn't it some Roman emperor that said "Give them bread and circuses" ... we have Love Island and cheap sugary crap food.
  8. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    Of course we all understand that it's not how 'democracy' works in this country (or more likely doesn't work) .. but unfortunately there is no way we can in reality elect a government that isn't made up from professional politicians - they have the whole system sewn up so that it's a toss up between Labour and Tory which set of grey suits are in charge - and the difference between them is only the colour of their ties because neither of them will do a damn thing to really help society. Oh they might tweak things at the edges but when was the last time there was a seismic change?
  9. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    ... isn't wanted by MPs ..... the MPs employers were asked what they wanted in 2016 and the MPs have steadfastly refused to implement their instructions.... if I refused to do what my employers said I wouldn't last 3 days never mind 3 years.
  10. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    He could always send the notice by 2nd class post ... slightly mis-addressed
  11. I think the world would be too tense for it to be settled that way
  12. I think good news should trump bad news .... and the Iran situation isn't exactly "breaking news" .... it's been going on for weeks ... so I think it's right for a bit of cheer to dominate one or two bulletins
  13. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    And who is to blame for them being able to do that ?
  14. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    What happened to her - and the 10 or so other people that also die from allergic reactions in the UK every year - was tragic, BUT life is inherently risky and while we try to minimise risk it's all around us ..... .... I can't ever remember being top of the class ..... not sure it would have suited me
  15. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    Unless you avoid ready meals
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