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  1. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    Pete has already discounted Maggie ,,,, and I can't remember anyone before Wilson ... basically whichever side you support, the other's PMs will be rubbish and yours will be just dandy.
  2. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    Can you name a decent PM from your lifetime?
  3. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    I'm not sure what your point is... and I might have the wrong end of the stick. But I thought that Venture Capitalists invest their money in companies they think are going to be profitable, any "management fee" will surely be vastly less than their investment, which they will lose when the company goes bust.
  4. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    Because, supposedly, we live in a civilised society where those who can afford to support those who can't. Young people are being given plenty of notice of what they will receive ... and plenty of time to organise their affairs in the meantime. Can you point me towards where it says that pensions will be stopped for the current youngsters? I thought the state pension was being fixed so we all got the same.
  5. KevMc

    Ebay scam

    Before I moved onto da boat I used to buy my books in a proper shop .... you can't beat browsing in a book shop.. but once space became a premium I got a Kindle and read all sorts of stuff from Amazon .... I have bought a couple of real books from them in the last year or so ... usually as presents or because I specifically wanted a hard copy.... .... and much as I like the convenience of Amazon for so many things - I can't see me doing the weekly shop online as I want to see what I eat before paying for it. It might end up being their step too far.
  6. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    OK you 'encouraged' me to look it up .... apparently UK life expectancy in 1960 was 71.13, since when it has steadily increased (with a few minor drops along the way) to 80.96 in 2016 (after peaking at 81.3 in 2014) ... so waiting an extra 2 years to start getting the OAP still gives nearly 8 more years to receive it. So no complaints from me. It's difficult to read much into the last couple of years as they may be statistically meaningful or not ... only a few more years can tell.
  7. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    One reason that the retirement age has to increase is because we are all living a lot longer. When the OAP was introduced (at 65 & 60) the average life expectancy was around 70 and 75 would have been a good old age (I could be wrong about the exact numbers), so on average men were getting the pension for about 5 years - now life expectancy has increased substantially (due in no small part to the NHS) and is increasing all the time (albeit at a slower rate) so people are receiving their state pensions for longer.
  8. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    I kinda suspect that the law required us to invoke Article 50 - which we did. The problem is that a negotiation on the terms of the withdrawal has been carried out and we now find that parliament is unable to reach agreement on whether or not to accept those terms .... and more importantly how to proceed following rejection of the agreement. I don't actually find anything wrong with that - what do you expect ? Someone to hold a gun to the MPs heads and say vote this way or that ? The longer this goes on the more likely it is that we will have another referendum so that we the people can be blamed for the result when it was caused by May's failure to negotiate a decent deal.
  9. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    It isn't old enough to serve in combat - you have to be 18 for that
  10. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    Some adults can't either
  11. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    Why would you give children a say on something that important?
  12. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    Hardly unannounced now (but I doubt Farage reads this)
  13. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    I voted to leave but now I see that there appears to be quite a few people who may have changed their minds about the issue, so I think it is fair (and better for the ongoing trust in democracy) that we have a further vote to see how people think now. Especially as the original result was so close. I will still be voting to leave as nothing I have seen or heard in the last three years suggests that the EU can change enough to make me want to remain ... but for the sake of this country I firmly believe we need a chance to confirm that decision ... if we don't have another vote then the Remainers will spend the next 20 years dragging the country down claiming that everything that goes wrong is solely because of Brexit ... when/if we get an increased majority then they will have to shut up and get on with it. And that's one reason why a winner wants another vote.
  14. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    The problem with a GE to solve the issue is that the parties aren't going to divide on Brexit lines ... both Tory & Labour (with JC in charge) are vaguely pro-Brexit, the anti-Breixteers in Lib Dems and Greens and Change UK aren't serious contenders to run the country after a decision to stay.
  15. KevMc

    Brexit 2019

    Whats the problem with another vote ? Afraid your side would lose? Surely if you are confident of your position then another vote will confirm it is the right one.
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