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Nick D

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  1. Nick D

    New to canal barges and your forum

    The northern canals are popular with more senior wide beam live aboards and Reedley Marina outside Burnley seems to have a thriving community. The Aire & Calder/ Calder & Hebble have many electrically operated locks.
  2. Nick D

    Mooring halfway between York & Bristol

    I’d second King’s Bromley. The site is very secure for boats and to leave cars for long periods and the management leave you alone. We looked at Alvecote before KB and tbh felt that it was untidy, messy and no security whatsoever. I would not want to leave my car there for several weeks whilst away. Appreciate that others may like this so only an opinion.
  3. Nick D

    Advice re servicing intervals

    Thanks Alan, I have an oil sump pump and what you say makes sense. Maybe I will have a go after this next service which I have already booked. Don’t know why I’m being such a wimp
  4. Nick D

    Quiet routes

    Try the northern canals. It’s not unusual to see only two or three moving boats a day even in the summer. Beautiful scenery too.
  5. Nick D

    Advice re servicing intervals

    Yes, you’re probably right Martin! I will go over the hours on this occasion, but will aim to stick to the recommended hours in future. I have been on the RCR mechanics course and know that I ought to be able to do it myself but I just lack confidence. Strange really, as in all other aspects of life I’m very gung-ho and dont mind going out of my comfort zone but for some reason engines frighten me. Same with cars as I have never looked under the bonnet save for basic checking etc. Guess I just need to man up and get on with it. (Sorry, I know I’m not supposed to use that expression any more but it seems appropriate in this case!)
  6. Nick D

    Advice re servicing intervals

    Thanks all for your comments and the answer is what I was hoping for. Tbh, I think we will be averaging about 400 hours a year made up of several 3/4 week cruises and I was hoping to have a service every year rather than every 250 hours as this inevitably falls mid cruise or I end up having one service under the recommended timescale and one over. Doing it once a year is much simpler and from what you have said that should be ok?
  7. I have booked a service for 11th Feb but now find that we are free the week before and would like to go out for a short winter cruise. The problem is that we are already slightly over our recommended service interval hours of 250 by about 30 and might add another 50hours if we go out before the service on the 11th. Do you think this would matter too much? Changing the dates is not an option.
  8. Nick D

    Leeds & Liverpool Canal questions

    I'd second this choice one way Cruise. You get experience of both rivers and canals, some interesting sections and also pass through Leeds. Would be a comfortable two week cruise for two.
  9. Nick D

    Please sir, can we have some diesel?

    You can get diesel from the boatyard at Castleford - just after you go through the lock from the river onto the canal section. I think they are called Supreme Marine and their number is 01977 513111. Will save you a lot of trouble with Jerry cans etc.
  10. Nick D

    Introducing our new boat!

    Well done, looks like all your research paid off! Happy cruising.
  11. Are these any particular type of oil filled rads? I seem to remeber reading in my insurance documents that only heaters specified for this purpose (i.e. Frost protection) should be used.
  12. Nick D

    Inverter Issue

    My fridge/freezer is 12v so there is nothing to feed off the inverter at night other than the wifi router which is simple to turn off
  13. Nick D

    Inverter Issue

    Thanks all for your help on this. I switched the inverter on this morning and it came on fine. I’ve since checked all the cables and connections to the battery and they seem fine too. I’m going to leave it on tonight and see what power it consumes (the best I can with current monitoring equipment). It has a power save mode so I’m hoping it should be ok.
  14. Nick D

    Inverter Issue

    I don't know how much it uses and I don't have any monitoring equipment yet as I'm waiting for a battery monitor to be fitted. I'm sure I was told on a previous thread to turn it off when it wasn't being used!
  15. Nick D

    Inverter Issue

    Sorry, excuse my ignorance but what/where are the inverter cables? The voltmeter shows the batteries at 12.8 I thought that inverters drained the batteries? I don't have solar

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