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  1. That makes me feel a lot better as our usage is around the 100ah mark from finishing cruising to next morning, but earlier in this thread some folks were suggesting this was unusually high. The difference is that we are around 12.2v in the morning so I still think I need new batteries!
  2. This makes me pretty sure that my batteries must be on their way out. In that situation we’d be around 12.2 mark
  3. Thanks Howard, you are quite right, NE not NW although the location is right, just across the footbridge. You are also right that I confused Office Lock with River Lock but whilst there are electric hook up points there I don’t think they work. At least they didn’t when we were there. I’m pretty sure the moorings in Granary Wharf are free, as they are in Royal Armouries. I know the gated section you mean but personally, despite the gate I don’t think I would feel safe on that mooring but that might just be me! Agree about the swing bridges which I imagine are particularly difficult for single handers.
  4. Agree with Neil2 that Rodley is probably the last place to stop before your descent into Leeds - for me, not because of the alleged issues with locals as I think this is a thing of the past, but in reality there are very few places to moor in between as it’s a bit shallow around the edges. Also, I think the major mooring points in Leeds have been given different names over time. When Neil2 is referring to the moorings above Office Lock, i think this is now known as Granary Wharf and is the last basin before you drop onto to the River Aire. These are decent moorings right in the city centre next to the railway station. Yes, it’s a little noisy but actually surprisingly quiet at the same time given it’s location. There are some hook up points but I don’t think they actually work, but that aside these are good city centre moorings. if you drop down onto the river for a short distance (maybe half a mile) just before you reach the next lock on the right you will find the Royal Armouries basin. There are quite a few permanent moorings on the right hand side as you enter but about five or six visitor moorings on the left against a pontoon. These have electric hook up and you can get cards from the CRT North West Office which is located just over the bridge on the other side of the River Aire. These moorings are about a ten minute walk from the city centre and feel a bit more up market from Granary Wharf but we liked them both for different reasons. Hope this helps
  5. Since I’ve had the BMV it appears that they are being fully charged by my cruising hours etc.. This pattern has always been the same before so I think it’s fairly safe to say they If they are being charged now, they were being charged then. Could be wrong tho!
  6. So before I had the BMV I was using an analogue voltmeter. It was very difficult to judge whether the reading was 12v, 12.2v or even 11.8v. If they were actually regularly going down to 12v could that be the reason they are now failing, notwithstanding that it seems that my regime is fully charging the next day?
  7. So if I do end up needing to buy anew set of batteries, what is a safe level of voltage beyond which they should not drop? I can then set a warning alarm on the BMV
  8. So who do you pay and how much are we talking?
  9. We are currently travelling northwards on the GU Leicester arm. I’m tempted to take a detour into Market Harborough where Nicholson’s says there are plentiful mornings plus electric hook up. Anyone able to confirm this? Later, we will be travelling through Leicester. Anyone able to give advice/comment on the moorings in the City? Thanks
  10. Out of the last four nights, including tonight, two have been on hook up so too early to tell, but I will report back with findings. Probably need to give it two or three days offshore to see if a peters emerges.
  11. Thanks. Sounds a bit convoluted but if I’m still having problems will certainly consider it. Might be back on here for help tho!
  12. Surely most boaters have this sort of stuff without too many battery problems (cooler excepted)? We don’t have a microwave. Generally we are consuming c100ah from about 4pm when we stop until we wake up in the morning. This includes the normal tv etc. but we only charge phones etc when cruising and I don’t think we are wasteful with electricity. We don’t have solar. I started a thread on here a few months ago about having solar and the general consensus was that it wouldn’t be worth it for our cruising pattern. By chance, we passed a marina today which is part of our home marina group where we can stay overnight for free. I’ve hooked up the shoreline tonight so it will be interesting to see what happens when we go back off grid over the next few days.
  13. This looks interesting. Didn’t know it was available as all I can see on the Victron App is similar graph for Watts/amp but only for the last minute. How do I get this extra information?
  14. Thanks Alan, I did wonder if they are reaching the end of their life although they are only a year old and I think I have managed them appropriately I.e always on a shore line/charger when in the marina, and charged fully each day when we are out. I don't have a 3a drain when nothing switched on. Overnight, with the inverter, fridge and cooler on it varies between 3-6amps.
  15. They are sealed batteries, so can’t be checked unfortunately I did wonder if that was the case but have tried it with the inverter off overnight and it makes no difference. The problem is not so much how much electricity is being consumed but the fact that each day the batteries are draining quicker
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