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  1. Not sure which category you have me in? Don’t think c500+ hours a year counts as occasional or low usage.
  2. Absolutely agree. It would indeed be boring if they were at every lock. Sometimes though during or at the end of a longish day or in a big flight they are a welcome sight (to us at least).
  3. Just to confirm that we are not infirm, we know what we are doing, are interested in the surroundings and certainly not lazy, but when we see a volockie we appreciate their help as do many others. Can see that not all boaters are the same. Each to their own!
  4. Yes, when there’s a vollie! But each to his own, if you prefer something different then fine, just don’t assume that all boaters don’t appreciate them.
  5. I disagree with your assumptions. We don’t see locks as obstacles and enjoy working them but if there’s a Vollie we sometimes enjoy them even more! Accept that others might not always see it this way.
  6. We APPRECIATE help and don’t mind sharing the load with a vollie.
  7. You do seem to be very unlucky. In many years of boating, both as a hirer and owner we have encountered many Vollockies and never once have had a problem. We are always pleased to see them on approaching a lock and never been disappointed! Maybe we’re just lucky
  8. I think you might have a point. We spent most of July on an enlarged Leicester ring, from Fradley Junction via Birmingham, across to the GU Leicester, up the Soar/Trent and back to King Bromley Marina. It seemed really quiet apart from the sections that were on the Warwickshire Ring. Perhaps everyone has gone there this year!
  9. We have Channel Glaze double glazed windows on our three and half year old boat, which we have owned for just two and a half years. We do get some condensation in the winter, but only on the frames, not the glass and I wouldn’t say it was too bad. It’s very warm and draught free. The windows feel solid and are good quality. I don’t know what the cost was, but I would definitely recommend them.
  10. We passed through both the Watford and Foxton flights last month and I only have good things to say about the lockies. They have to follow the (not always logical) CART water shortage rules and deal with the odd irate boater whilst moving as many boats as possible through the the flights. Yes, you might not get through as quickly as you wish, but I normally find that if you approach them in a helpful and friendly manner, they normally respond likewise.
  11. Another thumbs up from me for Streethay. Very helpful.
  12. We got our pickaxe handle from a general diy/handyman store which you should find in most towns.
  13. That makes me feel a lot better as our usage is around the 100ah mark from finishing cruising to next morning, but earlier in this thread some folks were suggesting this was unusually high. The difference is that we are around 12.2v in the morning so I still think I need new batteries!
  14. This makes me pretty sure that my batteries must be on their way out. In that situation we’d be around 12.2 mark
  15. Thanks Howard, you are quite right, NE not NW although the location is right, just across the footbridge. You are also right that I confused Office Lock with River Lock but whilst there are electric hook up points there I don’t think they work. At least they didn’t when we were there. I’m pretty sure the moorings in Granary Wharf are free, as they are in Royal Armouries. I know the gated section you mean but personally, despite the gate I don’t think I would feel safe on that mooring but that might just be me! Agree about the swing bridges which I imagine are particularly difficult for single handers.
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