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  1. Actually I have found that from Keadby going southwards a good big spring tide is very beneficial. It gives you a good big push in the direction you want to go.
  2. Well, you know, the Trent is quite a nice route to the south.
  3. We keep a journal of writings and photos. It's typed and kept on a blog. Other people on the web read it too but it is a primarily so we can look back on our travels.
  4. I think it is a common thing. Our brand new boat did it on its first test run out of the boat yard. They were able to pull the stern out of the water on their slipway and angle grind the edges of the prop. Worked a treat and still working like a treat 5 years later.
  5. Through the flood gates on the right. Moored there a few times without bother.
  6. Some of them have adopted a hot composting system that dramatically reduces the time and space required.
  7. Yes, we all know that a composting toilet doesn't compost. That point has been made many times and agreed by many "composters". My speculation is that many people have changed their ways because of the CRT ruling and no longer bag and bin. I do know there are many here who don't agree but they are speculating too. Some do yes. Why don't you take part in Kate's workshop and find out.
  8. Fair point but that survey is well out of date. I don't think that it can be assumed that after a rule change announced about two years ago that few "composters" have changed their ways.
  9. Is this survey the one carried out on Kate's Facebook page soon after CRT's announcement that we could no longer bag and bin using their bins? If so this survey is now out of date. Up until that time the official CRT advice was that it was OK to bag and bin and consequently many people including us followed official advice and did so. Things have changed since then. CRT officially no longer allow it and I would place a big bet that that 70% figure is now much reduced. I know many of the fellow separators that I am aquainted with via blogs and vlogs have switched to a cassette system. We now take our poo back to the house and compost it in our garden and I know of others who now also do the same having previously bagged and binned. If it is a more recent survey then I stand corrected but would point out that at least one converted "composter" (me) didn't take part in any subsequent survey.
  10. The problem I have with streaming TV is that the commercial channels force you to watch the adverts and trailers. I have a PVR and record freeview stuff I'm interested in onto that. So I watch what I want when I want and I can wizz through the adverts.
  11. Our TV does that too and so does the PVR.
  12. At our house we've just received our new tarrif from the electricity supplier. The old rate was 16.3p per kwh, the new unfixed rate is 33p and the fixed for a year price is 45p per kwh. As this is for a domestic home the price is capped. A marina is a business so their price won't be capped and is likely much higher.
  13. Waterway Routes shows a full size winding hole below lock 28.
  14. Duplicate thread https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/115232-the-kids-gaze-as-if-it%E2%80%99s-the-pantanal%E2%80%99-a-cool-canal-break-in-worcestershire/
  15. Another thing to consider is that if the river does flood you could be stuck somewhere and not be able to get back to base in time. We got stuck at Stourport heading to Worcester. The river was shut and stayed shut for about a fortnight. In the end it was quicker to go via Birmingham than wait for the levels to drop.
  16. 14' 9" is very wide. Two narrowboats plus 9 inches. I don't think they'd fit.
  17. Expertly executed turn into Salter's Lode Lock this morning. Nice to bump into you again.
  18. There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it's all dark!
  19. Looks like it's going to rain so maybe hold off on the washing!
  20. Ah! We'd better check out the Relief Channel then just to be sure!
  21. Is the pound between Ashline Lock and Marmot Priory Lock on the Middle Level the lowest on the connected network? I find it strange that tomorrow we are going to lock UP onto a tidal river at Salters Lode.
  22. Isn't that what everyone does when they empty an elsan, uses a pump out machine or simply flushes a toilet in a house?
  23. Don't include Polesworth in the list. There is only one train per day and that is northbound at 06:51. There is no southbound service at all. As Mike Todd says it is a parliamentary service, i.e it is cheaper to run a very minimal service than it is to go through the legal process to close the station altogether.
  24. I use Wordpress.org but as Idle Days says it is fairly complicated to set up. I used to use Blogger which was much simpler. For you I would suggest Blogger.
  25. In today's CRT's Boater's Update there is a suggestion on what to do if you breakdown in Saltersford Tunnel. Earlier this month a boater got in touch with our North West team to ask “What do I do if I breakdown in Saltersford Tunnel, which is single way, timed, and crooked?”. It’s a good question and, hopefully, it’s useful in sharing the answer here: If you break down in Saltersford Tunnel, or any tunnel, please call our emergency number in the first instance: 0800 47 999 47 (if the emergency happens during working hours, you can also reach us on 03030 404040 pressing the option for the North West Team). Our operations team will then close then tunnel to other users and we will place a notice online advising of the closure. You would then need to contact a recovery service, such as River Canal Rescue to assist you in exiting the tunnel.
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