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  1. £1.02 for domestic at Goole Boathouse today. They have been cheap in the past. I suspect over £1 is the new normal.
  2. Precise/accurate? Don't see much difference myself. I still don't see why the price should be accurate to four decimal places.
  3. I wonder why they feel it necessary to quote the prices in pounds to 4 decimal places. Or to put it another way the price quotes pennies to two decimal places. Does the price really need to be that accurate?
  4. Well said that (grass)man. I too am happy to support the BBC. And as for @robtheplod's comment about making a small change to viewing habits meaning that you have to watch adverts.... that is not a small change but imo a huge change. Well worth paying the licence fee (that I want to pay anyway) to avoid having to watch adverts.
  5. We record lots of stuff via the aerial onto a PVR. This enables us to wizz through the adverts which you can't do when streaming on ITV Hub, All 4 etc. We can also start watching an ITV programme before it has finished recording which ITV Hub doesn't let you do. We do do the streaming thing when we have to but much prefer the PVR.
  6. The building maintenance chappies said that they don't do this because there is never enough water in the canal. They have given up on the idea.
  7. This afternoon whilst waiting for CRT to come and open lock 1E I got chatting to some university building maintenance chaps who were having a break on the towpath. We got talking about this water extraction business and he said that it had been planned but that it had never worked properly due to lack of water in the canal so they don't do it anymore.
  8. Thanks. I've now checked that and the overheat wire is still in place on the thermostat housing going away into the engine loom. It is also a smaller guage than the green wire that was round the pully wheel. I have now managed to dig out most of the bits of wiring from behind the pulley but there is a stubborn final bit left. The wheel turns freely so I'm tempted to just leave it there but will have another go in the morning.
  9. Beta 43 24v 100 amp. You might be right. It was late on a Saturday afternoon and I suspect RCR chap (sub contractor) had run out of contracted time. Domestic alternator. RCR trying not to be involved. The wires are not part of the Beta loom so boat specific. I know what two of the three do. I'm confident of locating what the third one does.
  10. Thanks. To be honest I didn't think of tha! I'll give it a go. The wire is all wrapped around itself and won't pull off in either direction. An no to the tools question. RCR chap who came out didn't have a puller either! There were three wires involved, red, green and orange. I know what two of them do and are easily replaced and anyway they don't do important things. I don't know what the green one does or where it comes from and goes to. Futher investigation required. I'd tried the pliers and the screwdriver. I will try the hacksaw but I suspect it is the swearing that will do the trick. Thanks for all the replies.
  11. My domestic alternator belt broke today and in so doing managed to flap around and drag some nearby wires around its pulley. I've got most of them off but there is one very stubbon one wound up very tight between the pulley and the alternator body. Can't get it off at all. Any ideas on how to remove it?
  12. Do the red * stars mean the question must be answered? If so there are a number of questions I cannot answer.
  13. Going back to the original question about mothballing the HNC and the Rochdale. These canals were restored relativley recently and the restorations were funded by many different organisations, the National Lottery and quite a few local councils spring easily to mind. Do these organisations have a say in a decision to close down the asset they funded? Were there clauses in the original funding package that would prevent CRT from closing these canals down?
  14. Filled up at Bollington yesterday. They had just had a delivery. They also had a delivery to Halsall, one of their fuel boats. Price has gone up though, now 90p per litre. We should now have enough to get "home" for the winter.
  15. I see this as a major downside of streaming. I think I'll stick with the terrestrial aerial and PVR. Upgrading to Hub+ would only do ITV, you would also have to upgrade the ALL 4 and My5 stuff too.
  16. Talking of streaming from the internet how do you get over the commercial channels forcing you to watch the adverts by not being able to wizz through them? I have a terrestrial aerial connected to a PVR and record loads of stuff on to it. When watching if an advert comes on I just wizz through it. On the rare occasions thet there is a poor signal I do resort to the iplayer, itv hub, all4 etc built in to the telly. However I then have to watch ( or rather ignore) the adverts.
  17. The Huddersfield Narrow was built on the cheap and then restored on the cheap. It's always going to cost some to maintain it.
  18. We used to have a bog standard log periodic. It was ok. We now have a Moonraker DTV 1000. Much better than the bog standard. It's very rare to not get a signal. It needs 12v or 240v power at the TV end. The power goes up the coax cable to the booster inside the aerial. This means that the signal is boosted at its strongest before it heads off down the cable to the telly.
  19. 10 quid in Go Outdoors vouchers?? That's good of them considering I paid about £40 deposit for each of ours!
  20. Yes, but I didn't ask if they had any.
  21. And don't they put it back in the canal after they've warmed it up a bit?
  22. We've always (about five times) found pleasant moorings available in Jericho just above Isis Lock on the canal in Oxford. A short walk into the city from there. To turn a 60 footer you go down Isis Lock turn around and come straight back up.
  23. Leaving all paddles up on two locks isn't vandalism???
  24. Yep, we had plenty of room in the tunnel.
  25. Hawne basin had just had a delivery on Friday (two days ago), 65p per litre. Very freindly people there. They let us stay overnight on a spare mooring for free. Water and rubbish bins available along with elsan and pumpout. Also showers and a bath! Lovely place to visit. If they have room they'll put you up for a week for free.
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