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  1. Thanks, film good but dialogue - very poor, speak more slowly, lots of useful info, but gabble ruined it....
  2. Hi NC, Thanks for all the updates, excellent, enjoyed all the pics, and postings. please you all got back safely.. M
  3. Good pics, brings back a few memories, the ferries and 'booze cruises'. have a good trip.
  4. Have a good trip.look forward to updates. We were in St Margaret's Bay this year, good beach Cafe and Ian Fleming;s house, it's changed since I was last there in 1960.............
  5. Thanks, I found the change pretty painless, Saga aren't brilliant at any insurance really.
  6. Saga no longer offers Marine Insurance - now handled bu Knox Haven...................
  7. Interesting, I worked as a Chartered Surveyor all my working life, giving (or trying to give) unprejudiced advice to sellers and purchasers about the condition of properties, sadly, many people disregard such advice, don't read reports fully and often once their mind is made up to buy a place they can't be persuaded to not proceed with a purchase, or negotiate a reduction. I am a firm believer in pre sale condition reports, properly commissioned and monitored, so that you know what you are valuing and selling and buying....be that houses or boats.............but what the heck, according to some that purchased wrecks, 'I am a 'frigging idiot who does not know my arse from elbow'..............
  8. Just picked up on this one, yep, there are problems with the top of the water being too close to the bottom, but when I had a 30 ft boat I found it went a lot better in the summer when the water tank (front mounted) was full and kept the bow down, than in the winter when it was empty and the bow was up......avoiding the bow trying to 'sit' on the water. - 30ft boat, 1.5BMC ......Tring Summit.
  9. Hi, These BMC 1.5's are lovely engines. I bought a boat in 1989 with, marinised by JG Meakes, I had lots of problems which needed sorting, fix them it ran like a dream........but they are getting very old now, and have been much 'fiddled with'. perhaps we are reaching the stage where they are collectors items and whilst the basic engine is fair they need rebuilding. in workshop by an Engineer.....
  10. Surprised you showed the First Attempt.........also looks as though 'the Late Master' has done the whole job, Panels included, away from the boat
  11. Hi, My boats is scumbled internally, some areas need to be made good, (it's 25 years old), I have tried scumbling, takes a while, do lots of practice sheets (yes. sheets 3' x 4'), take care with the undercoat and apply the scumble finish, then apply about 4 coats of good quality varnish. The 'Masters' comments about knot holes is brilliant. - Having followed this procedure on the test pieces ----------start work on the main piece. I saw a back cabin that had been decorated by the 'main man', it was work of art - the owner may well post it. KK! wake up...........my attempt was pleasing, a back slide, not seen by many, but the varnish is lifting after 4 years, where the wind whistles under a gap.
  12. HI. Good luck, in 1980, I met 4 Americans (Californians) at Sandford, on the Thames, they had hired a Nb, and were going up the Oxford..........We shared pints in the pub....and they drifted on, I met them in Abingdon after their week, addresses were exchanged.........a few weeks later a letter arrived, come to California, Thankyou Freddie Laker! I got there). A life long friendship developed, with many visits.........sadly the last of them died this year..........Great People, Great Country, (although I only got to know the Western States).....Taught me a lot, thanks and have a good time.
  13. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcrowd.in%2FHqWRMq%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0eGWW2QAZYBv6knw0FGiGH34R0REDIKpx0mq--YcYU7PSGa0imX4fu0nM&h=AT3jUOKCjPx_4WsoYGQys1mwB6AzNCHrry8-iqh4FNK8ADoCTMczrlon8BiwYNjz9cRjYQiTfqoha5CN-cRUxDEk0wcMBKBO_pMc6x148k-pOlvmm7eQAHethCUpWh2xYQ&__tn__=-UK-y-R&c[0]=AT2pNsc9DCsOoWvjNDbAr5BN1j0N0tBkkJGUDhhqYdD4MEusZu99pIJdiiOBOCO-eobLwPJ8eMwVFtj0iuNPbxh3ocHB34Zi-cg46B7pKmj0pjavRS1du_yjyBEwSRsk13xwcph8hR8B9Yx0uwJaPVWNahxm1T2CJaj3lrk3zCZ5jlif6xZ1ucdw6x4s0Z5_D6ZUSmgQOdWqPiCWjIcVmXHUWnd3S3BVMzsDXG0pZ9CiNu7deEA Thought this link about improvements to the Aylesbury Arm shows where boaters are in CRTs pecking order for use of the canals. List of users indicates access for all except boaters.................lovely surface to the towpath...... and really boaters are the only ones who pay hard cash for access......
  14. Hey. I grew up with the Beatles, Rolling Stones, had the great days of boating........it's changed now, got more expensive, you need a good pension to pay for mooring, licence and maintenance.........and GOOD Health, got those, it's still fun, but before you planned in decades, now it's months, good health is the thing and that can change rapidly.
  15. He used to do my BSInspections, very helpful person, understood boats, and engines. His eyes lit up when he saw my 2LW, he had one and cheerfully told me how the one on 'Elizabeth' ran the wrong way when he caught a log on the prop.............easy to talk to, inspections seemed to last a long while.
  16. Interesting comments, I picked a can up in 1989 from an Antique shop in Woburn (a real 'Boy's Toys' emporium) in 1989 for about £50. The decoration by S.Darling is basic to say the least, but the can is good, well galvanised, holds water and when I picked up from my storage shed at Cowroast mooring a few years ago was home to 4 Glis Glis.
  17. Years ago my nephew went to Kingston Uni, the uni had several house boats (looked a bit like sheds on pontoons) on the Thames, we picked him up at Brentford and dropped him off at one of them, occupied by his pal - Lawrence Dellaleo?..........
  18. Agreed, so is the church, lovely stretch of coast line - and Dunwich, a favourite spot.............lots to see, Snape Maltings, and then onto Lavenham.......mind blowing. pleased you are enjoying it, excellent pictures, thanks.
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  20. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwendovercanal.org.uk%2Fwendover-canal-towpath-update%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR3eslFN8ebBT01xkxEFmdSvzXCc2muG3OBzqeg40p9OQdbko-bOMc5UxpA&h=AT19dkKOpZTnpg9tCRKB5lrXYSLe5gybWhrkbRn8ezVhhLCJj0SQOrEHforqfPuCZkldNOXh1LG4gUa8FD1qfy8GCKF-8VnNk_-SF3o_6Pe81bSLg-QZk4w4fVuor2Fgdg&__tn__=H-y-R&c[0]=AT3pd-tAt8yIPG2COJyjD8lmVA3TXwEUV4ItvIzMG311AYskkybIz6A0sAdsSFWOe3xdgXIa3ZVlVO9gk99Q8s-lDC7iZWVQwiPGjlZRwf8dJ0WKj2trndAAwSCPWmKTuobIFTUo7cVdRwzfVqCvJdhbgDjPZ7zQ21HtotXJ_7vRObH7_KV_xjhKmgM6M231Ph5kydqOPQ2xSxHSbk98nmZqzecTe-fj0cFC_wlUY_HG5RLT1CTW CRT carrying out improvements to the towpath and banks.....................towpath has been closed, but yobbo's threw all the barricades into the canal, link gives details of improvements, Not sure when first boats scheduled to arrive...........but locals already complaining about upgrades causing problems for dog walkers.
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  25. Poured concrete as ballast, not really a good idea, and you also asked about integral water tanks, again not a good idea, they rust internally and require regular treatment, I have had two boats, the first had an aluminum self contained tank, the second has a polysomething or other tank, both give good service. Not sure if I would trust a boatbuilder who used concrete as ballast or incorporated integral water tanks.
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