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jeannette smith harrison

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  1. jeannette smith harrison

    Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2018

    The small area next to the gate is always full. Disabled blue badge do have a small area cornered off in the field but fills up quickly so often have to park in the main field parking . Yes they do pay the same fee as everyone else & take my word & also that of Ray Thorpe who is a diamond & always takes our mike it is hard to move a wheelchair in that field & almost impossible if it has been raining.
  2. jeannette smith harrison

    Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2018

    It was told it had been noted the last couple of year's that several boaters e.c.t. who had extra tickets where selling or exchanging them for a few beers hence the now limit to one ticket a boat to stop others making money from a charitable event. ( Just repeating what i was told by one of the organisers)
  3. jeannette smith harrison

    Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2018

    In 1967 my Grand dad took me to a meeting in a cold freezing field (canal rally it would be called today ),where the start of the Grand Union canal society was formed. There plans & work party's where formed to re open the Slough & Wendover arms . i have 2 x mugs later given to all that was there = mine & Grand dads .I spent many a day at the slough arm helping at the start of the clearing up it was all sweat & hard work for the adults with no machinery then . i have since been told that the Grand Junction also ceased using transport 1967 but that is only ear say There is one of these mugs for sale on e/bay
  4. jeannette smith harrison

    Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2018

    could this be a traditional coffee mug although i think you may need a few lined up to wet the whistle
  5. jeannette smith harrison

    James Hall and The Waterman Inn

    I have some records on 12 different Hall boating familys. Attatched should however be connected to the one you ask about = MAUD hall on her Dad James boat .
  6. jeannette smith harrison

    Gone to the great cut in the sky

    Several know & have met my uncle Alf Humphries the son of Tommy Humphries from the lime juice days. Sadly uncle Alf has now gone a boating to the great cut in the sky. A true old working Boatman a great teacher & story teller who has added over time several tales to my memoir books will be sadly missed another of our canal history gone.
  7. jeannette smith harrison

    where is this scene

    Hello Looking for some clues as to where these paintings may have been painted or if anyone recognises the artist . Thank you
  8. jeannette smith harrison

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Joe Skinners mother was from the same Gibbons boating family
  9. jeannette smith harrison

    Archimedes & Ara photos

    SORRY if the posting of my photo in post 39 & then repeated by Alen in post 41 has offended anyone i truly believed this to be Tom .Alan has pointed out that it is not & also chose to remark on the other person present crime a subject that had not been mentioned in any detail .i have been phoned & told the other family involved are members of this forum & mentioned subject by Alen still leaves a bad taste in some peoples mouths so have asked admin to deleate my photo & remarks from post 39 & 41 IF THIS HAS OFFENDED YOU I AM TRULY SORRY
  10. jeannette smith harrison

    Archimedes & Ara photos

    Dolly passed 2 years back her health had been bad for some time Cancer got the better of her about the only thing in her life that ever did .She weighed less than 8 stone when she went to the great cut in the sky. Yes some things you say are correct if my memory is right Dolly got sick of his hair & cut it whilst he was sleeping off a skin full. Billy was v close to uncle Albert Aunt Cissy was a woman of little words never a full sentence just a straight yes or no would do her. The house in West Drayton was spotless wo betide a speck of dust that dared to enter she used to brush my hair a lot but this would be done outside under the scullery porch even washing shaving ect was done in a bowl under the outside cover all other life went on in the scullery no one dared to open the door & let dust in to the rest of the house. who knows maybe his life style after he left West Drayton was a statement & I know for sure dispite the rows & fights he was a lot happier with his lot
  11. jeannette smith harrison

    Archimedes & Ara photos

    Well spotted Alan to be honest i did not notice the error I also forgot you knew Barry's parents Sam & Gladys .Barry enjoyed his chat with you at Ricky & all being well i hope for him to join me again this year
  12. jeannette smith harrison

    Archimedes & Ara photos

    Whilst growing up i always thought Billy was a Sibley the son of Cissy & Albert Sibley my Godparents, it was not until Uncle Alberts death that i found out that he was not their son but had been taken in & raised by them from a early age after his mothers death. He always had a well turned out boat & was well turned out himself,all his time spent cleaning a spotless boat .That was until he tied up with Dolly. Uncle Billy changed overnight he was happy & care free, no longer where his boats spotless he had found other things in life . Even when the came off the boats into a cottage on the Hanwell thicket Dolly was so big by then that she sat in her chair most of the day. Dispite all this he liked his life that way a large made family lots of laughter & noise
  13. jeannette smith harrison

    Archimedes & Ara photos

    Same event just coming under Bulls Bridge
  14. jeannette smith harrison

    Remembering Alex Bennett

    I first got to know Alex a little from speaking to her at festivals. I recently got to know her better when she was on tour with the girls doing the idle women Such a pleasant friendly lady who would always make time for a chat & a brew. Condolences to her close friends & family a special Lady who will be sadly missed by many enjoy your boating Alex with Dexter in the great cut in the sky . photo's are of the official start of the tour @ Bulls Bridge
  15. jeannette smith harrison

    Tonks Family - Traded on canal boat "Italy" ?

    i think John Tonks first wife was Agnes otherwise known as Nancy they married 26th feb 1881 @ Christ Church Stone in Staffordshire i am not 100% sure of her surname as she gives a different name from her fathers in some records but the same surname in others Well spotted Captain Pegg now Lesley knows that the boat name was not a red herring . I also have some baptism records of Tonks children being baptised at Brentford but like you have not been able to tie them in with one of the two main Tonks familys

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