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  1. Mark Harrison was my Grandads younger brother & my Dad was named after him
  2. NUMBER 11 as i also have the full set
  3. I have several Gilberts pre 1900 who all seem to have connections with locks = james Gilbert Grove Lock Leighton Buzzard another James & a Lois Kate both connections with Denham deep lots of Gilberts in Ricky with some distant connections to Charity Dock i found these whilst helping a co worker connected to the Museum she is also related to Christine anne Thompson on this forum
  4. Fantastic find Tim have copied it into my f/book page to see if any of my canal related family recognise any of the face's
  5. So interesting but also very sad to note all the faces here who have since left us
  6. My Dad was born inside black jacks lock 86 years ago today whilst grandparents where waiting for the gate to be re hung so it seemed only fitting some of his ashes went in there. Nan would not allow a bank person to step on her boat to help deliver so the lockies wife who was from old boating family ( Mercer ) was sent for & by the time gate was fixed & lock re filled Dad was born & grandad who was in the pub all the time was sent for ..
  7. Jim Shed is on my f/book friends list but the last posting i can see on his page are birthday messages to him from last aug i hope it is just a case of he does not do f/book any more or he may have changed his details & opened up another page
  8. Going up stream a few miles from Laleham just before staines bridge is staines railway bridge Timms is more or less part under the railway bridge to access by road it is on the Egham side on the road to Thorpe Park
  9. Tom was the brother of my Godfather & i remember him as always being dressed smart .The next photo was given to me in a box of family photos many years ago taken to my knowledge 1958/9 at little venice he often wore his jacket & hat
  10. This photo is from the late Jim Payler collection it may have been requested by jim for the fllowing shot
  11. Hello Michele i am from the Harrison canal family & lived on the hanwell thicket for a while so did many of my family billy brown was raised by my godparents albert & cissy sibley so i knew billy from a baby i am the niece of tommy humphries & also niece on my nanny's side to tommy osborne other family members off the thicket where wards Hone ,Holt Humphries , calif lane .Dakin , Green, Boswell ,joe safe to name a few . i have contact with many of our joint relatives on f/book. Ken worked the zoo bus with Joe Harrison i also remember him when he worked at Park Royal on the Guinness & on the tow path tractor
  12. archie57 As you know all but Ron Hough are close parts of my boating family tree ,your name came up in conversation a few weeks back in a conversation with my cousin John = the son of CalIf Lane -I wont be seeing him for a while now due to this virus but he told me lots of tales of the goings on on the hanwell thicket when they came back drunk from the fox pub
  13. Many thanks for your input Gentlemen. This has been a great help. This is from the 1891 census as said by Alan ,i also have the same address but not so readable on a birth Cert for the child that was born the next morning after the Census was taken
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