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  1. The Tolly boating family go back some way in the 1891 census a William Tolley born 1862 & his half brother Mark born 1873 from tipton toll end .William had a daughter who married into the Lenton family that I belive used to own charity docks long ago will check this is correct when I am next in contact with Roy Lenton. Solomon Tolly married into the Gardner boating family & in the 1940's his son a Thomas Tolley ran boats for Manny Smith from Brentford to Birmingham but the gentleman you mention may well be John Tolley as I was at Arther Tolley's funeral around 2005 & as far as I know John is still with us
  2. Hello Jeanette,


    I believe you help out at the London Canal Museum.


    If so, can you tell me more about the Wickham towpath tractor.  Is it at the museum ?





    1. jeannette smith harrison

      jeannette smith harrison

       brought a few years ago & had been on loan elsewhere some pictures from the week it was brought  it has just in the last few weeks been given a makeover & re painted & is  to be exhibited at the Canal Museum from last week .I have not been to the museum for a few months as on sick leave since operation so have not seen it yet since its return 


    2. jeannette smith harrison

      jeannette smith harrison

      hope this helps tony (lives in lock cottage at Watford) ex waterways man for many years supplied most of the info in the book






    3. jeannette smith harrison
  3. Is this William Edwards connected to the many Edwards listed in the Wolverhampton boat peoples list ? Many of my boatpeople moved from Tipton/ Dudley to Wolverhampton about this time
  4. William Edwards appears in the 1881 Brentford census as born abt 1846 in Colesley Saffordshire a married boaman (Bargeman) abode is listed as Steam Tug Arab 46 his wife is not with him but 2 x daughter Julia age 17 & Rebecca 18 are listed with him plus a boat hand john Johnson sorry added info he was in town Lock on the night of the Census
  5. jake-Crew Bert as you know has sadly gone to the great cut in the sky & sadly I was at Emilys funeral a few year's ago now but their son Dean is a member on here & to my knowledge drops in now & again he has a vast amount of photo's & memories
  6. Not forgetting plenty of original old historic narrow boat captains & their family
  7. The competition for the fastest & best piling along just before the start of the thicket was won by Tommy Humphries ( ex lime juice run his first wife was Grandads Sister) & Tommy Osborne (my Nanny's brother) & Billy Brown was taken in at birth by cissy Sibley (grandads sister) all ex boatmen & at the time where living in the cottages on the thicket I can remember in true boatman's style the celebration went on for days afterwards as most
  8. My understanding is it has been shelved because despite signing an agreement of silence with the firm that was doing the reaserch one of them let the cat out the bag & reported all on another site . (NOT ME) They had all the family tree complicated yes even i struggle to explain all the connections as woods tie into my grandads side 8 times & also into my nannys side plus many other boating familys . Ronnie & i share the same GGG grandparents are 2nd cousin in one line 3rd in another .Yes it would have been great to watch one of the few chances for people to get an inside look at the day to day living on how life was inside the cabin .As some on here know i am not a fan of Ronnie who's actions almost caused me to drown as a child but a great source of info for some now shelved for another day
  9. Back in the early 70's the Hanwell thicket was my home & many of my retired boatmen worked for waterways & occupied most of the cottages there. The cottages & gardens where looked after & kept clean & Tidy . The Canal even then was a bit of a dumping ground for animals & rubbish not to mention suicide victims but was soon cleared or reported by the ex boatman in the cottage nearest to the problem. A lot has to be said for the amount of cottages & land that had now been sold off to the private sector & C.R.T. seem to turn a blind eye or be too late with replys .I have several times over the years been invited to litter picks & clean ups in the area for most of them to not happen due to lack of help or permission e.c.t. So until C.R.T. stop turning a blind eye i can not see the situation changing
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aunt Laura hope you have a great day with many more birthdays to follow xx HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aunt Laura hope you have a great day with many more birthdays to follow xx
  11. Many thanks Paul H. Braunston is where i would no doubt have got my copy from. I remember now .Jenkyn Knill a few years back posted a lot of photos & sketches on a few of the Waterways/Canal related pages on Facebook he was on my list but have lost contact over time
  12. Ray Mike will be able to put some stories to some of the info & stories as Jackson & Monk are family connected & the picture of Charlie Lane is Aunt Violets dad
  13. Just dug my copy out for the life of me i can not remember where i got it but i think it could be a signed first edition any clues on the signature anyone
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