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  1. May have some family connections = In my records i have on 26th May 1904 at Astley st Stephens in Manchester a Martha Hodson daughter of Geoffrey Hodson (Decesed) married William Lowe the son of James Lowe a Boatman. At Merridale Cemetery Wolverhampton i found 7 Hodson boatmen & their family inc a james Hodson son of William who in 1861 drowned in the canal William is alongside his son he died in 1863 i made a note of the grave numbers . Also have the baptism records for 1870 @ st marys Norwood near Southall Georgiana & Eli Hodson children of John & Mary Ann John gives occupation as Canal Boatman
  2. Lyra in its working boat era was the butty my cousin was born on
  3. Hello Andy A joint effort from my records & look ups from a friend = We could find no more Canal Boatmen following on from Richard direct family in his Children or Grandchildren . Neither of the 2 wives show any connections . His father George porter was a Nail maker & his Wife Martha appears to be a housewife. However i am still following up on the 17 year old lad John who was with Richard whilst he was a boatman as i am almost sure he came from a long line of Boatmen linked to a lot of my Coventry family & connections .So will look into a connection there I will continue to search for you & let you know when i find more as the Coventry lot are big family,s with lots of connections to look into . Some of my boating family to this day never found the need to learn to read or write so i have to rely on the phone & their memories Jeannette
  4. There is a Richard Porter in 1851 Census @ Weston age 55 occupation Boatman he poss married twice in 1843 in fenny Stratford to a Mary who died in Weson in 1842 he then marries a year later again in Weston to a Mira or Mirian Barnes
  5. A conversation with a family member in Coventry Who's wife is part of this Hough family & was also a bridsmaid at their wedding tells me the two boys where their eldest Leslie & Tony
  6. Thank you all for your input . I have decided to re paint the wood polish the plaque & hang it up in the hallway. Those of you with boats do you just hang your plaques in the cabin & engine hole or do you apart from keeping them all in a bucket have another way or place to show them? Also do many of you have horse brass's & how do you show them ?
  7. Alan once again our paths must have crossed years ago. Im rubbish at technical stuff but just managed to find this back in aug 21st 2017 i made a posting on here= old photos in a box . Ike was on the photo the box came from a family member who was also connected to Ike & my Nanny . also connected to my Grandads side via the Boswell, Nixon & Monks . My Nanny always refered to him as Iky Moulds because his mother Florrie 2nd husband was a boatman called Billy Moulds
  8. The Hawksbury one is a lot in design like mine except mine is a lot bigger = 21cm X17cm another option is could mine have been a kettle or t/pot trivia its def big enough to have been
  9. Thank you Tonka that deserves a greenie just for the effort & determination to post this picture
  10. Photo taken @ Rose's lime juice as most family then could not read or write most of my photos have nothing wrote on the back . I was told this is at the Brentford end taken whilst seeing Tommy Humphries whilst he was loading .
  11. That is another possability George .i have also thought that it may have been a bid to help with the then declining area using the rally as a way to get support as even then they where trying to reclaim a lot of the old empty buildings for re development
  12. Many thanks for your suggestions & help I don not know why i did not think of the transhipment area as it is a large part of my younger years with a lot of family members still working ,loading there, Tommy Humphries (lime Juice) & several of the last willow wren crews where family connected . I have had a memory spark (thank you Nigel you picture reminded me ) & i now think it was given to me by my nan's half brother Tommy Osborne when he worked for waterways & lived in one of the cottages on the Hanwell thicket . Tommy Osborn & Tommy Humphries won the pilling competition in 1959 @ Hanwell but i dont think it has anything to do with that . With the boatman's love for anything brass & their reputation for trading ,swapping & sometimes gaining in other ways i do not think i will ever know the full true history of the plaque it is numbered no 4 but to date i have never seen or heard of another. to me it has to do with something or part of my family history so it will stay with all other family memrobelia
  13. Just after Maureen passed there was A marquee at the festival to mark her life her life with displays of photo's & memrobelia from her cottage .This was all later auctioned off
  14. Tonka that is a thought i have pondered with over the the years. as Tim says it is not an IWA plaque. Brentford Waterways transport centre iv have found no records of their existance. The plaque has very fine raised etched detail more like something used in a printing press . even the boat at the bottom G.U.C.C.CO with no 146 as the building top left & others have v fine words etched out if looked at with an eye glass. The plaque on its own is just under 1KG .the back as under the NTF of Brentford is stamped 04. I have had this for years but for the life of me cant remember where or how i came by it
  15. i have this 1986 plaque on a mount it is solid brass so Quite heavy size of acc plaque is 8.5" x 7" I remember the rally is was outside Brentford in what is locally known as Boston park just near Clitherows lock. i have never been able to find any records of a Waterways Transport Centre in Brentford so would be great if anyone has an answer. also open to suggestions on who this might have been presented to i dont think it was a boat because of its size & weight
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