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  1. Our paths must have crossed as small kids in 64/65 era as i spent most of my growing up on the Hanwell thicket had family all retired working boatmen in almost every lock cottage there at the time One of my Family
  2. Google Wolverhampton boat people There are several Hosons listed most are baptism records but the good thing is they also give parents names & often boat names with luck you will match some up with your folk
  3. Sorry not been a lot of help as having roof & floor repairs & most stuff is in storage at the moment but will get back to as soon as i have access to my info . Mary nee Green if my memory is correct is part of my Green links if this is correct also connects with the Boswell
  4. In the 60's big freeze my Grandad managed to gain some work & worked in the sheet store & paint store i never got to see much of them as i was put into a waterways van with a few of the other kids & sent to the special room in a local school set aside for the boat kids we even got sent to school there on a sat & sun as well
  5. Just noticed & read this topic & got me thinking of an old cabin block i have in the attic As far as i was told over the years this was painted by my Dad when he was a kid so painted i think around 1939/40 ish & it was used on Grandads working boats . On pictures here the blocks are straight on top & the planks held down with rope . The one i have has a cutting into the top just the right size for a plank to sit into. any info/History on this style block as i would love to add this to my collection of my boat peoples family memory books
  6. Robert & Mary (wood) manders where the parents of James Mander who married Judith Harrison my GG Grandads sister
  7. Rob i have some parish records for Brentford have not found Daniel yet but his brother Joseph was baptised at St Lawrence Brentford born jan 18th 1903 baptised feb 18th 1903 abode given as canal boat Clements intresting point to note surname has been spelt Daniells also Thomas born 1 April 1900 baptised 11 april 1911 aboad listed as canal boat Thames . also a connection with my Wood's & Manders Canal boating folks .just found an Ethel Rose baptised at St Gabriels Birmingham march 30 1894 only info given is father a boatman on the canal
  8. Will be interesting to see if this is the original film then on vhs or one of the re edited ones where many of the stills & clips of the true working boatmen that where sent from Bulls Bridge junction to stk braune for a days filming have been cut out = picture clip in original= Dad & Grandad in vhs film
  9. Sorry just checked & Top lock in 1911 was listed under Hayes not Southall attached is copy of the Census & a glass slide print of my GG Grandparents my GG Grandad worked the boats till he was 86 years old when he took ill & passed away 2 weeks later
  10. In the 60's & 70's almost every cottage on the flight known as the Hanwell thicket to working boatmen was lived in by ex working retired boatmen they where lockie's or working for the company (waterways) at the time almost every one of them connected to my Nanny or Grandads family My GG Grandad is listed as being there at lock 90 on the 1911 census under Southall top lock but his Grandaughter who was born in the same spot 8 months later has Hanwell top lock as place of Birth on her cert . I have lived in 3 of the cottages on the thicket norwood bottom lock was the last & was known as Norwood little lock in the 70's or sometimes the horse cottage as in the days of horse's they where stabled in the field behind this cottage that was before they where no longer needed then they where all walked across the field to southall horse market one day .It was looked on as progress by the women to move up the flight the lady in the cottage now at lock 90 is the last of the working boat connections herself coming from a well known boating family & her son is a member of this forum
  11. they also did ready made phone first to check they have some in stock as i belive it is one of their lady that made them
  12. i have many of Charles hadfield's books i like the Canal Man & more joseph boughty forwarded by Sonia Rolt . We all have the books lent out & never returned & it is norm the one that is hard to replace
  13. Yes Heartland the Gentleman & his team who has worked very hard compiled a list over the last many years has copy,s of photos myself & others have taken over the last 20 odd years plus copy's of death cert of boatmen in & connected to my family + 4 family siblings all under 6 years who are buried side by side nearish to the church entrance area plus several boating family's that settled in the area who have family resting there have supplied info .Around 15 years ago i was allowed access to the church records then in the ownership of Hounslow parks & recreations many bound parish record books with 2nd books that give details of where buried, funeral directors , who paid for funeral plus lots of added info inc some photos also then was a rolled animal skin with grave numbers & locations .E.C. jones the Brentford Boatbuilder & some of his family are also said to be buried there . baptism & wedding records are easy to access on line but the burial records where never transcribed & no doubt never will be as the records according to word of mouth where sold to a private collector some say the development company's i have my own thought's & for now it might be best to keep them to myself
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