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  1. Went up the arm on Barnet with LH probably 20 years ago to a rally and one of the boaters commented that he had never seen a building entirely built with paving slabs before!
  2. In the early 1980’s they also ran a additional fleet out of Hoskin’s Wharf at Shardlow.
  3. Amazed to find reference to my Great Grand Father Isaac Watt Boulton on this site ! I have some of his personal possessions.
  4. Hired in 1981 from Barrington Boats at Stenson followed by Roger (I think) at Thurmaston also Blisworth Boats when they ran out of Shardlow. Also Swanline at Fradley -You have probably guessed by now these were all male trips. Still hiring today for my pals Sowerby Bridge this year.
  5. Gentlemen My original post was simply to seek your advice as to the size of cable required to connect two existing battery banks which incidentally have operated separately for over 10 years. I have no wish to start WW3. Thanks again Mike
  6. Thanks Mike I was of course simply quoting the total maximum amps from the 4 batteries. Your response confirms my thoughts Thanks again
  7. I current run two 24 volt 220 amp battery banks separately,( one for domestic 24 volt services and the other bank for my inverter) for historical reasons the Banks are 2 foot apart. What size cables should be used to connect the banks to give me 440 amps ?
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