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  1. So only minnow has a 9hp Bolinder and that may not be the case any more, no more northern joshers have there original engines?
  2. How many pups are there actually left in boats, where have they all gone?
  3. I spotted this on the canal du midi this summer
  4. It should say Yarwoods Northwich on the collar ,they are on Joshers that were built at Yarwoods as well
  5. Riveting is actually quite quick to do! you need ideally 3 people and its very noisy hard work but the results are well worth it and look nothing like coach bolts. coach bolts will just look wrong.
  6. I am shocked at the state of the wooden boats, and why have 3 joshers! 2 could be sold to help to finance the repair of the rare boats that are in desperate need of it. the other most striking thing about the photos is that the place is completely empty! not a soul to be seen. James
  7. I remember Ayr on the Northampton arm probably sometime between 1976-77 with a cabin, when was she thought to be cut up?
  8. what sort of blue, light or dark, any variation between northern and southern boats?
  9. I remember a man living in this, and in Spring edition of NarrowBoat it mentions him, It says his name was Jimpy Golby, mentioned in the article on last traffics 'the Wilsons &Willow Wren'. James
  10. Yes that rings a bell, I think it was called Eileen James Yes Kimberley had the cabin that had been put on when it was used as a trip boat on the K&A. This was the wrong way round i.e. the engine was at the back with a boatmans cabin and a Kitchen in front of this. It was also lower than normal presumably to get under the bridges on the K&A James
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