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  1. I find it a sad reflection on society that Christmas TV adverts from major retailers are headline news.
  2. Pacific https://newandusedboat.co.uk/used-boats-for-sale/1565
  3. A bottle of Bourbon 2 glasses Freshly ground coffee a guitar
  4. Well I guess only time will tell 😉
  5. I hear from a reliable source that Birmingham has sold and has gone to sheet stores for some metalwork repairs.
  6. I can recommend some nice walks in the area to help pass the time. 😉
  7. Fire and rescue service were called to rescue the boat owners from the tunnel
  8. Winter cruising is the answer 😉
  9. Not sure I agree, we’ve passed many lovely canalside properties and no matter how idyllic they are the thought of actually living in them just doesn’t appeal. I think it’s the sense of being tied down that puts me off.
  10. We’re in the lucky position of being able to let out our house whilst we live on our boat. A few years ago we changed boats and had to move back into the house for a few weeks before moving onto the new boat. I can honestly say I hated every day we spent in there. There’s nothing about living in bricks and mortar that appeals to me.
  11. FMC Owl https://narrowboats.apolloduck.com/boat/yarwoods-70-traditional/643095
  12. Waterless/compost toilet without a shadow of doubt
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