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  1. We have a Heritage Uno range on our boat which provides all our cooking, heating and hot water needs. It’s been very reliable for the last 8 years but in the last few days it’s developed a fault. Our usual engineer isn’t available anymore so can anyone recommend someone in the Cheshire area? We’re based near Northwich and would be willing to cover the travel costs for a reliable engineer from further afield. Thanks in advance
  2. We always head up the Llangollen in the depths of winter. It’s wonderful. Can’t beat an early start on a crisp winters morning, back cabin stove keeping me warm and endless cups of tea.
  3. Problem is it’s right next to a busy road.
  4. I’m looking to buy an aerial to work with a Huawei B535. There seems to be a big variation in price for the different omnidirectional aerials. My research has been inconclusive as to which will be my best option. I’m happy to spend more for the best suited to my needs. We use the WiFi for general internet browsing and streaming from Amazon prime, YouTube etc. Any help from those wiser than myself would be much appreciated.
  5. I know it well as it’s on my regular walking route from our mooring. It’s a great location. The asking price isn’t too bad compared with other properties in the area.
  6. Doesn’t look like I’ll be heading to bugsworth next week then 🙄
  7. Yes i thought that would be the case. My old panels were wired in series but i wanted to mitigate for any partial shading.
  8. If I wire the panels in parallel would 16amp be adequate? If memory serves me right the open circuit current of the 3 panels I intend to fit is about 5.8 amps.
  9. So basically I’m upgrading to new panels on an existing system. The + cable is fused between batteries and controller and I considered fitting a circuit breaker between panels and controller however as I’ll be retaining the MC4 connectors I guess that will be adequate for removing the load from the controller.
  10. When installing a solar system is it necessary/desirable to fit a switchable circuit breaker between the panels and charge controller?
  11. I will shortly be mounting solar panels on my roof using tilting brackets and I want to be able to easily remove the brackets for future painting. I have 3 methods of fixing in mind. 1- bolts screwed directly into the roof 2- grub screws/studs screwed into the roof and brackets secured with nuts 3- rivnuts fixed into the roof and brackets bolted into those. I’m leaning towards rivnuts as it would give a deeper thread and removal would be simple. What are people’s thoughts/experiences?
  12. Ahhh the curse of the boat vloggers 🙈
  13. After pondering for months about switching to a waterless toilet we decided to buy one during the first lockdown. I can honestly say we have zero regrets. we switched from a dump through pump out toilet which was fine with not too much odour but a total pain when there wasn’t a working pump out facility near by. we have a hot bin composter on our mooring which is a wonderful thing. All our kitchen waste goes in with the solids and is fully composted within 3 months. It then gets transferred into a black dustbin and left to further compost down. It takes probably no more than an hours work each week. It’s not. for everyone but it works for us. There’s a lot of misunderstanding around the subject of waterless toilets.
  14. The bolts are socket head (Allen key) machine screws. There’s a small gap in the lining and i can’t spot any nuts on the underside of the roof. Although it’s difficult to be sure it looks like the roof is drilled and tapped. Captain tolleys is probably going to be the first port of call as I’m reluctant to remove the box unless absolutely necessary.
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