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  1. ..we got an "Emma" mattress during one of their sales....really nice!
  2. Hi and thanks for the info...looks like a noice boat...
  3. Hi yes, I have done some googling, but was looking for some recommendations from people who have actually used any of them...
  4. Hi all, We have recently sold our share in a syndicate NB, as we wanted a bit more flexibility on were and when we cruise. We are now considering a trip on the Lancaster canal and wondered if anybody could recommend any hire boat companies located on that particluar canal? Looking for a 2 berth.. Many thanks for any replies...
  5. ...I have come to this thread a little late, but was intrigued by the title as I had never heard or seen "the most famous boat on the canal", and wondered what it was all about. I then tried watching some of their vids, but to be honest they just didn't appeal to me, but at the same time as looking I came across the "country house gent" vids on Prime and I find these a far superior watch!...just seems more "real" somehow. Such a shame he had such a bad experience at one point. (Still got a couple of seasons to watch....). As for the price of "the most famous boat on the canal, totally OTT, but I guess all boat prices are at the mo. We have just started the process of selling our boat and the brokerage have advised a selling price of around 75% more than we would have normally expected. We wanted to go campervaning and the prices of those is equally silly...
  6. Chirk castle is the "main event" and well worth a visit. Chirk itself is OK, and there is also the option to walk up to overlook the tunnel entrance / exit which is good for some photos of the Aqueduct... Would also recommend the castle Dinas Bran at Llangollen, a steep but short climb offering some great views, (assuming it is not foggy ...). Also a week should give you some time to pop back the other way, (ie past Ellesmere) which offers some really nice sections of canal. 5 hours from Ellesmere in the opposite direction is Whixall Moss, which is worth stopping at and having a walk around...
  7. ..possible in 1 day, but would probably not be that enjoyable particularly at this time of year as it is about 11 hours "cruising"......!?
  8. ..you may want to take a look at the recent Trip Advisor reviews before you think about going to the Poachers??
  9. ..fit some solar panels??
  10. We were at Overwater a few years ago, generally very good and wish we were back there and not at Aqueduct!
  11. I do accept that every trade has its "non responders", and I have come cross a couple of excellent "one man" outfits who I understand are busy "doing their thing", so may only reply "after hours". But boat servicing just seems to have a far higher percentage of businesses that can't be bothered to communicate with you. Our current problem is not a one man business, but despite daily calls to the office, (has an answerphone but never replies), and now daily e-mails, but still never bothers to reply. I don't expect them to promise me the earth, or prioritise me over somebody else, a simple "got your message but too busy to help you at present, try later" would be more than sufficient?
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