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  1. I do accept that every trade has its "non responders", and I have come cross a couple of excellent "one man" outfits who I understand are busy "doing their thing", so may only reply "after hours". But boat servicing just seems to have a far higher percentage of businesses that can't be bothered to communicate with you. Our current problem is not a one man business, but despite daily calls to the office, (has an answerphone but never replies), and now daily e-mails, but still never bothers to reply. I don't expect them to promise me the earth, or prioritise me over somebody else, a simple "got your message but too busy to help you at present, try later" would be more than sufficient?
  2. ...we have been boating for a good few years, and have found that pretty much every boat maintenance company we have ever dealt with are totally incompetent when in comes to basic communications? We have found that when dealing with painters and general maintenance providers they seem incapable of replying to e-mails, telephone calls or texts? No idea why this should be, and we are always polite, but narrow boat service companies seem to have no idea about the basics of customer service? ..is it just ur are they all as bad as each other?
  3. I did have the name of a guy offering this (mobile) service but I seem to have lost it! Not sure why anybody would have a problem with this as they would not be associated with the original paint job, (which is the problem). We would be more than happy to "have a go" ourselves, it just the logistics and having the relevant equipment. (We have already done some bits and are happy with the results)....
  4. Hi all, Long story short, we had our (syndicate) boat painted a couple of years ago and it was obviously not done correctly as we have a lot of "blisters" appearing. The original painter is simply not interested, so we are looking for recommendations for a "mobile" paint services to carry out some repair work on the areas that are worst effected. We are not looking at "non visible" repairs, simply a service to grind out the "bad" paint, treat with a good rust painter and hand painting back the original colour. We accept this will be visible, but the areas we have been able to do ourselves seem to last quite well. It is something to last for another year or so until we get another (hopefully better!) painter. We are based around the Nantwich area. Many thanks for any recommendations.
  5. ..hi all and thanks for taking the time to reply, some good info... Stu
  6. Hi all, ...new to forum so appols if this is in the wrong place. Planning a trip down to Oxford by the Oxford canal and just wondering about "mooring options". I am aware that they are limited, just wondering if anybody can recommend some places on the outskirts? (hopefully within walking distance of Oxford). many thanks,
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