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  1. If you are not cruising solo then it shouldn't be a problem.
  2. According to the 1920 Census Act it is a legal requirement to complete the census and manditory to answer the questions, although I understand there are a few questions included this year that are optional.
  3. I have just been offered a 2 month contract as a local Census Officer. Induction next week, so I will make a point of specifically asking how live aboards can do this and will report back
  4. Ive had a great idea.....you could use a horse.
  5. So that makes 2 new but different vlogs that you are making..........that market is starting to get crowded!
  6. I have noticed that at least 3 widebeams are now at Tattenhall Marina on the very northern end of the Shroppie. Don't really see the point as their cruising range is very limited unless they use the Manchester Shop Canal.
  7. Currenly the place has lots of available berths. Cant remember seeing it so empty. Apparently about half of those there are live aboards too. Not sure how that sits with the local council.. The brokerage are selling a brand new widebeam, but with VERY limited cruising it seems a mad idea. Perhaps Lakeland Leisure are hoping on turning it into a floating permanant home park?! Who knows!
  8. Ah...but you edited in the second paragraph as I was already replying...........such is the speed of discussion by modern media.
  9. Well said that man. And can I ask what knowledge and experience you personally have of teaching?
  10. Thorfast


    Is she still his girlfriend?!
  11. Does this mean it relies on the crew using their own personal phones rather than the radio and communication equipment in the emergency services vehicles?
  12. Can the responders in an ambulance, fire engine or police car readily access what3words using the location systems they have on board?
  13. What I really dont like about just3words is that it is completely random. One 3m location square could be 'banana,please,shed' and the very next 3m square could be 'gallop,toes,kitchen' There is no progression, no learning sequence to it. Smacks of potential money making by the developers to me.
  14. Now that info is very reassuring..................and makes just3words rather supportinve, rather than being the 'must use' system.
  15. Any emergency personnel care to comment? I too cant believe they are sent out with just a Sat nav and the local A to Z street altas. I really hope they ARE trained to understamd and use lat and long and OS map coordinates. And please dont tell me the air ambulance and police helicopter do not know how to use lat and long coordinates!
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