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  1. ....we had expensive tastes..... ... .....around £1k, maybe £850/£900 some years depending on what bits we wanted replacing each year, (eg solar panels, new cooker, fridge, annual blacking and winter works, we also wanted to maintain a healthy engine replacement / repainting / sinking fund should we need it being an older well used boat. Also turnaround maintenance, every 1or 2 weeks as the the boat was more or less in constant use both high and low seasons, and as an an older boat that regularly required maintenance to the standard we wanted... ......and a "Marina of the year" that liked to charge you for the priviledge!
  2. ...I think this is a good suggestion/compromise, but I think the costs quoted are a bit low, (....in the current climate), particularly if you go with a "managed" boat. We were a self managed (12 shares) boat and probably paid around £1k each per year to cover all our running costs, (eg maintenance, replacements, licenses, mooring fees). We approached a management company and were advised we would need to pay an extra £450 'ish (each) on top of this. When we started looking £2.5k would not get a "decent" quality/newer boat and we ended up spending around £4.5k. (You can get lower costs if you buy shares with weeks that are "out of season"). Mind you whatever you pay for the share you may well get back when you come to sell given the popularity of canal boat sharing?
  3. ..yes but it is the modern way to always blame somebody else for something....and I blame Boris for everything... "it's everybodies fult but mine..."
  4. ..why don't they just reduce the price of electricity instead?.... ...oops sorry, because Bojo won't get any credit and people can then re-focus on party gate....
  5. We had our last (syndicate) boat repainted in the same colour scheme as it seemed a simpler option than having to "vote" on other options. This design involved 3 basic colours with lines, however in hindsight I think we should have changed it to a simpler design that would make touching up a lot simpler.....particularly as the paint started to peel off within the first 3 months.....
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. ..your first problem is that in the current climate you will not get a "good boat" for your intended budget, and the idea goes rapidly down hill from there...
  8. Montgomery between Welshpool and Newtown....the locks are all in very good condition....obviously lack of use??
  9. ..and a lot of people would become homeless . ..so probably not such a "brilliant thing" .?
  10. We had a similar problem on our boat and we went with cutting it out and welding in a new piece..
  11. ..one of the things that put us off was what to do on the Winter. For most people hiring/short term cruising is done in the nicer seasons and you are active most days, but then we have had the odd "no cruise" day due to excess rain and wind at that made us think about what you would be doing over Winter when you could be spending weeks couped up? OK, each to their own, but as a potential newbie to this lifestyle it is something to think about?....far better to try and get a boat for a long spell aboard and see how you get on before making the ultimate commitment of selling up your bricks and mortar?
  12. ..just to repeat that this is a great thread with some magnificent photo's...sad I know, but I look every day!!... ...keep 'em coming!!
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. ..quite fancy the Lancaster...
  16. ..once did Wigrams to the end of the Ashby and back in 2 weeks...8 locks in total, (and one of those was only a couple of inches so didn't really count)....that's about my limit ...
  17. Hi, apols....top one is crossing the Ponty aqueduct, and bottom two are Hurleston Locks...
  18. ..I really wish him well, but looks like a bit of a money pit to me??
  19. Hi all and many thanks for all the useful comments, very much appreciated...a lot to think about!
  20. Ta for the info, I will have a check for the RCD.....what happens if there isn't one? nb just googled this...:- If brand new, then No. When brand new, the craft should include: a Declaration of Conformity; Owner's Manual; Builder's Plate (including a UKCA mark); and a Watercraft Identification Number (WIN). The WIN has to be permanently fitted to the craft (such as stamped in the hull). Make sure that you see these before buying the boat. If not brand new, then Yes. The RCR only applies when the craft is first placed on the market or put into service (an example of being 'put into service' would be when used as a hire boat). So, if being sold as second-hand (no matter the age), unless imported or being an ex-commercial craft, then it does not have to comply with the RCR. It is recommended that the craft be surveyed before buying. The boat will be having a survey prior to purchase...
  21. Hi and ta for the reply, and not self build. The boat is circa 2006 and has all the relevant boat safety certs and everything else you could ask for...
  22. Hi all, looking to get a boat, but the one we are looking at does not have the original bill of sale?...is this likely to be a problem, or can you get indemnity for such things, many thank for any replies...
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