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  1. I have a Puck P-24z two stroke twin cylinder diesel which can use these in one of the cylinders. They really work and I suspect handy in the colder months!
  2. We allow 7 days at Langley Mill, and like to think we do a proper job, without cutting corners. If anything goes wrong we would not hesitate to put it right at our expense.
  3. The Erewash basin at Langley Mill is now under a KFC and Lidl.....
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Coming out of Billing to go upstream with a full length breasted pair is even more fun!!
  6. We allow liveaboards to stay onboard at Langley Mill Boatyard at the top of the Erewash, and have a couple of gaps in the diary, if it fits in with your schedule. Give us a call or drop a message for current availability. Kind regards Dan www.langleymillboatyard.co.uk 01773 760758
  7. I think the one in Lymm has been found.
  8. You could always confuse people and paint the fore end as a butty cabin but reversed!!
  9. Hi Sara Here you go Page 319 onwards Kind regards Dan
  10. Hi Sara, It sounds like you have cracked on a bit with her! If I recall a few of us gave a load of info about her last June on another thread? With regards her livery, look up grand union canal carrying company liveries, there's a couple to choose from, and also under British Waterways as well. Kind regards Dan
  11. The number of builders who can build a hull, which looks right, and has the correct underwater shape to swim through the water, is slowly dwindling. Brinklow Boats are still very much top of the list.
  12. We've offered an engraved plaque out of a piece of reclaimed wooden boat planking to the winners specification.
  13. I've seen photos of them installed in back cabins in later days, can't remember where though. I'll do some digging.
  14. With two 70ft boats to heat with 3 squirrel stoves, we reckon on a bag every 2 days, so pretty comparable I reckon.
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