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  1. Coleshill and Virginis are in good hands, and will in time be fully restored. I believe Coleshill is progressing nicely, it certainly was last time I saw her. Kind regards Dan
  2. I figured having started a post you'd get upset if I didn't respond to it!!
  3. And a very merry christmas to you both and my favourite dogs too! Seasons greetings from me, Vikki, Lily-Mae and Daisy.
  4. I'll vouch for Mrs. Nightwatch, don't worry! And as for pulling through, that's never in doubt. Do shout if you need anything or any help. Kind regards, Dan and Vikki!
  5. I spent most of my time between kings Bromley marina and the far side of rugeley on tickover or out of gear. I don't have a problem with people wanting a slow slow life, but don't hold others up who wish to cruise as close to the speed limit as they wish, pull over and let them pass when safe to do so.
  6. Only because there was no one in our way getting back from Castlefield. We were hoping to make Anderton for the night...... ? Actually we tied up between Hoo Mill and Weston. We were delayed by the autumnal 1mph cruising club.
  7. We were asked if we'd dropped our water skier off the back as we swung into the lock channel. We didn't hang around!
  8. Alrewas could be good. We should make that from shardlow!
  9. Its not that bad. Confusion as between Trent lock and Derwent mouth some are red and some are amber. Needless to say I was thirsty so am now moored in shardlow. We may catch you up tomorrow. A pub would be good!
  10. We're currently at Trent lock, its about an inch above the amber..... Apparently an inch makes all the difference....
  11. I think it looks just fine and if I had the money brinklow would be my first choice of builder. None of this bend a couple of plates round and pull the base plate up to form a bow type of builder. A hull built to swim, which looks right and built to a high standard. You can't have a Ferrari for the price of a Cortina.
  12. There was a guy who did the same with a Kelvin K2 which we very nearly purchased but they then decided to keep it instead. I think this is going to happen more and more as boats sell and people are wanting a lower maintenance turn key engine. And we'll all be waiting!! Kind regards Dan
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