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  1. Its amazing what you find when you do a bit of a rebuild on the boats..... this was under the floors, a forgotten piece of recent history!!!
  2. Our boats are painted in dacthane. As we weren't allowed to sand at our previous marina mooring we degreased the sides and put two coats on as a temporary coat. 6 years later its still stuck hard and no faded. We also use their bitumen as our stock paint for serviced blackings and have had no complaints from customers in 4 years.
  3. We use alot of their paints as they are local. No complaints from us.
  4. Thats not bad. Hopefully she has sealed well for a while!
  5. Were there many leaks to deal with?
  6. I work very closely with unusual rigging as they rigged all the shows I worked on, War Horse, Phantom and Les Mis. He built an excellent company who are industry leaders in what they do. His loss sent shockwaves through the industry and it was inevitably too late to sit and have a pint with him and discuss all things boaty and theatre. A sad loss.
  7. Starcross now reduced to 30k...... https://www.boatshed.com/narrowboat_70ft-boat-273157.html
  8. I'm bringing this thread back to life, as although I have commented I never fully read the earlier pages about drawing and CAD designing...... OK, so Beech is on dock at Langley Mill and is in a very sad way. Without delving into the past couple of years, the hull is very weak and the work needed runs to the following.... New bottoms New stem post New bow planks At least two new midship planks New chine planks New top stern planks Approx 40% of scarfe joints need blocks letting in. New counter block New cabin lining and panelling. There have been no prospective purchasers coming forward to fund restoration so we are at the unfortunate position of carefully dismantling her. This is not something we want to do nor proud of it. Every detail is being measured and documented for the future, and where we can we will re use and repurpose all the wood, and keep the ironwork as a complete set should she get a new lease of life in the future. We will produce full drawings for our records from the measurements. Should anyone wish to visit she will be on dock here for the next few weeks as we work our way though and document and record. Kind regards Dan
  9. I know of a HA3 with Blackstone box too.
  10. Its a c power marinisation of the Ford BSD engine, it has a lot of power with a crowther high efficiency prop, she tends to find her channel and sit in it.
  11. I have had those feelings at stenson on more than one occasion, stensons is a different lock however, halfway up the erewash.
  12. We always leave Shipley top gates as a matter of course, the wind will always keep them open. mum and dads tug draws 3ft 3" and has been up and down since 1988. In fact, they have single handedly dredged the cut for 30 years!
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