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  1. Dory is now at Brinklow under the new custodianship of Dave and Penny Ross.
  2. I think Taygeta is at Brinklow at the moment.
  3. If its the widebeam I think it is, it is in our yard. We don't have access to get a crane in unfortunately as our access road is only 7ft wide and twisty and turny. Because of this we have to access our neighbours land to be able to crane in or out. Given the reach for the size of the vesseI, and the size of the crane required, I think the best option is to try redhill or Sawley marinas at the bottom of the Erewash to slip out. Kind regards Dan Langley Mill Boatyard
  4. Good to hear a satisfactory (and cheaper!) Conclusion!
  5. I confess i looked at the advert but can't remember it that well.
  6. Its where all the cool kids were at...... nicely it has gone full circle as my kids are now playing where we all did all those years ago.
  7. If the interior fit out is still to your taste, it may be possible to clad the outside in steel.
  8. Will do, we have just transferred servers to host with a boater friendly host so some may have been lost in the move. If you forward it again I'll pick it up!
  9. The Grand Union Canal Carrying company commissioned several yards to build their boats. The main ones for metal hulls were Harland and Wolff, at North Woolwich and W.J Yarwoods in Northwich. Both built differently and to the trained eye easily identifiable. Both built two main sizes of craft (not including royalty), the small ones were named after stars and constellations, whereas the large were named after towns (numerous reasons how and why they got their names). Therefore, as Vela is built at Woolwich to the smaller dimensions she is known as a Small Woolwich. She could also be known as a star class although there is a lack of evidence that they were ever known as a "class", or even known as small/little or large/big back in the day.
  10. Hi Sara. Yep, you have the stern end, so your bow is the original butty stern going backwards. The other half still exists as a motor, with the original bow. There are numerous photos of her working, probably the best well known is in the bottom lock of the Derby Canal when it had been closed to traffic. Good luck with your project Kind regards Dan
  11. Sorry we are no where near you at the moment! Is your toilet a dump through or macerator, we have some stainless dump through tanks sat doing nothing if you need a cheaper one?
  12. Clara sold a few months back and was last seen heading down the South Oxford.
  13. The BD3, I think, is the Beta marinised Ford dexter tractor engine but de-rated. There were other companies which did a much better job of marinising it and getting more power out of it I believe
  14. Getting enough heat in these authentic yarwoods rivets is a bit of a bugger though.
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