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  1. I would say have a good look at the builders and styles of boats they build, sadly these days, most boats are built to maximise internal space, and therefore tumblehome is decreased, and more importantly swim and bow lengths are drastically shortened and as a result boats won't swim well, props can't get enough water, and so they can't perform as well when cruising. There are lovely wide beams out there, more of a Dutch barge style than wide beam narrowboat, which would give the space you need whilst still being responsive at the controls. Good luck with your search, you won't regret it! Kind regards Dan
  2. No, it's an icebreaker which used to moor by the narrows into the top basin. Dan's is still on the market. https://www.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/gorton-54-traditional-for-sale/674850
  3. Give us a shout if you need anything, my brother has a few Kelvin spares, including a few J bits I think, and has worked on that engine. She moored with us once the cabin was completed until May this year.
  4. Congratulations on your imminent purchase. She is a lovely boat, she moored with us for a while at Langley Mill, if you need any help with the Kelvin, give us a shout, we have a Kelvin expert on site! Best of luck! Dan
  5. I seem to remember it's a pins job, ho hard edge, possibly opposite the boatyard??? Vikki doesn't let me talk about Stratford.... we could never stop there due to lack of moorings!! Dan
  6. Ha ha, you never know, they'd probably quite like a tug style, go off on a tangent and get something totally different from their current one...this should do it!!! https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/gorton-54-traditional-for-sale/674850
  7. If I remember correctly the butty was Cygnus.
  8. Ah no worries. Have boat will boat and all that!! Hope you're all well
  9. Nice theatre. Do you need a mooring??
  10. An amazing bit of history. Thank you for taking the time to share.
  11. I am not, if you wouldn't mind sharing it?
  12. The AS3 is in my collection at Langley Mill. Kind regards Dan
  13. Depending on supplier of the stuffing box, I normally see m10 or m12, before getting into vintage ones!
  14. .......and I know where the AS3 is.......
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