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  1. Hi David, It is water cooled, there is a twin gear water pump at the rear of the engine, to the right of the screen with the yellow hose on the input. the second pump chamber was designed as a bilge pump which is what we will use it for as well. The output is direct from the heads and running out a 22mm pipe to the top right of the video. It does have a gearbox, just out of shot, which is as long as the crankcase, on a direct drive, swinging a 20" prop. It is destined to go in our newbuild when we ever get round to starting it........ Former Anderton Company motor "Norw
  2. Here she is running before we strip down clean and paint. 20210111_132104.mp4
  3. Most helpful, thank you very much, it has uncovered a couple of useful bits, many thanks!
  4. This is as far as I got, their website has little about their previous engines..... on with the search!
  5. Definitely spelt with a K.....
  6. As a point of discussion...... surely if these vloggers make money from "hits" on their videos, that surely classes as an income and as such I would like to.assume they would have a roving trader licence??? As this is becoming more popular I wonder if CRT will change their licence terms to include vloggers......
  7. No, I think they were Austrian, and seem to clog up my Google searches!
  8. Has anyone ever come across Puck 2 stroke diesels engines, made in Gdansk to East German designs in the mid 20th century? They produced a 2 cylinder 24hp model designed for lifeboats but they are somewhat elusive on the Internet for information. Kind regards Dan
  9. She's looking great. Good job!
  10. The river narrows significantly at Billing, and the bridge creates a large bottleneck, probably forcing the water into the marina lake as the path of least resistance. If the washland sluices are opened upstream, the volume of water will tend to fill the lake before levelling off. Having tried, and failed, to take a full length breasted pair out of the marina and turning upstream, there is quite a significant flow even in non flood conditions.
  11. Its a shame for the residents, as Billing are fully aware that people live there permanently, and charge accordingly until it goes wrong at which point they ask them to "return to their residential addresses" which is more a paper pushing exercise which covers them against this sort of issue, which is happening more and more. Obviously residents know the risks but they should really look to invest in flood defences for their site, or at least flood mitigation measures. It would be interesting to know whether the management or council foot the bill for emergency accommodation.
  12. I think it was the moment the reception staff stuck their heads out of the window and pointed and laughed whilst offering no support that was the clincher. They don't and have never cared about them, the pontoons were in a dangerous state, pump outs only available on days that don't end in a Y and if you sneezed out of line you got the call of shame from the office .....
  13. When we moored at Billing I was piggy backing the kids through flood waters to get them to school whereas others saw it as the perfect excuse to have time off work.....the management there aren't the most sympathetic to moorers being stuck on the pontoons. Don't really miss it.
  14. stagedamager

    Kelvin K2

    Bumping this post as the K2 in the OP is still for sale if anyone is interested
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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