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  1. There are times when at a narrow lock it is more practical to bring a butty through straight after. Some locks it is very tricky to get the butty out the lock tail to allow passage of another boat, therefore splitting the tow. Locking down is slightly easier depending on conditions below the lock, I.e Alrewas when locking onto the river, I would always insist on bringing the pair through as one. If the upper pound is on weir, then no water is wasted but in this day and age it is a "rule" which is spouted in any situation. People working a pair should always check with boaters waiting and explain the situation, as many modern boaters think you're just towing a broken down boat! Having said that, if circumstances allow, and it is safe to do so, split the pair to allow others to pass in the opposite direction. Kind regards Dan
  2. Berkhamsted? Or whatever the spelling is! Dan
  3. I remember that well. Nottingham on a Sunday morning. Having accepted Mr. Pailins' kind offer of a tug of war, mum and dads tug made short shrift of Sharpness and dragged her towards the offside bank on the first pull. Joel came next when she got a bladeful. I went in to clear their prop in true sportsmanship fashion and promptly pulled a BW vinyl banner off their blade. I think in the end it took both Aquarius and Joel to hold Wyrd still and eventually we 'let' them win....or something like that! Joel is a lovely boat and well worth looking at, not one of your common Woolwich or Josher thingymabobs! Kind regards Dan
  4. She's in safe hands for the future restoration then. I look forward to seeing the progress.
  5. Hagnaby Lock on the Witham Navigable Drains.
  6. Hi eid It can get weedy, especially the bottom pound but its worth persevering to get through. Kind regards Dan
  7. Aah you guys...?!! I'm not going to lie, its been an uphill slog full of hard work these past couple of years. We've worked so hard to build this business up and comments like this mean so much to us. Its difficult running a boatyard at the best of times but getting people to travel past three yards at Trent Lock and carry on for another day to get to us must be a gamble but we have always said we pride ourselves on excellent service, at reasonable prices, but smiles banter and good humour are always free. ? Please keep spreading the word about us, and this lovely canal, and let's get more people to visit this cracking little dead end cut and the only working boatyard on the Southern Cromford Canal! Kind regards Dan Langley Mill Boatyard.
  8. If you want advice on wooden boats and restoration, have a chat with Ade at Alvecote. There are no better wooden boat restorers in the UK. Having said that keep asking questions, we will do our best to answer!!! Kind regards Dan
  9. That's alot for a boat which unfortunately has been very publicly shown on social media as sinking and bilge pumps constantly running.
  10. The fore end over plating along the chine doesn't look very good. Doesn't seem to follow the shape whatsoever.
  11. And there was a queue! We do have a K2 if you wish to buy one....
  12. I believe the OP is now keeping the k2 in the boat Kind regards Dan
  13. Hi Nati, forum members hughc and tom_c are great with Kelvins, and have just done a full rebuild on a K2. Kind Regards Dan
  14. They're ok if you blowtorch the fins..... At that point it's a lot of money for spares, as most 2 pots go for 400 ish, so you're buying a paragon box for 1100 quid, and no raised hand start either. As an aside I keep spares if people ever need them! Kind Regards Dan
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