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  1. Where to buy working boats

    What are you looking for?
  2. Mooring needed for fit out

    Langley Mill sounds like a good bet and is a great working boatyard with low mooring fees and a dock on site. We may even have space!
  3. Dynastart off the flywheel

    We're looking at it for an as2. I'll let you know...
  4. DIY Docking

    When we have diy hires on dock we always pressure wash the dock floor before anyone comes in as we don't offer a dock out in a state we wouldnt be willing to work in ourselves. As part of this we give the boat a quick once over as well and report back. It doesn't take long and has found to be useful to the customer. Regards Dan
  5. Former Anderton Company motor "Norway"

    Aah we thought of this. To make it look truly authentic we are leaving gaps in the steel work and filling it full of nappies and p38......
  6. OTLEY

    We have a metal 30x5mm mild steel upstand fully welded along it's length with a second strip to clamp the cloths. It works really well but we did have steel gunnels to start with. Kind regards Dan
  7. Erewash Canal

    We have some of the local facilities listed on our website for visitors. www.langleymillboatyard.co.uk Kind regards Dan
  8. Erewash Canal

    There is a rally at Langley Mill this coming May, on the 50th anniversary of the reopening of the Great Northern Basin: http://www.erewashcanalpreservationanddevelopmentassoc.org.uk/rally-2018/ It's a great time to to visit and support this wonderful canal. It's also a good time to get your docking work done, as the dry dock is fully insured for liveaboards and happily accepts DIY hire. Dan
  9. Erewash Canal

    The Boatyard at the top is ran by really nice and welcoming people who offer a great value service.
  10. Historic Boats for sale online

    You don't want to know......
  11. Historic Boats for sale online

  12. Former Anderton Company motor "Norway"

    Months have passed and we've had the time to take some more measurements, mainly around the stem and we've managed to start templating before we buy any steel. We've also had a look around her sister, the Sweden, and taken some measurements which correspond with what we know. This is a good step forward and hopefully the steel will be ordered in a few weeks. We are very keen to replicate as closely as possible and as such the fore end will be fabricated with both a stem iron and replicated stem post. Regards Dan
  13. Well, 3 x F type 2:1 boxes would be good.........
  14. Historic Boats for sale online

    Looking at the repairs Tom C has done to the knackered heads on the Kelvin F4 thread I'd be speaking to him about any possible repairs. Dan
  15. You don't need that gearbox. It's probably best if I just take it off your hands......