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  1. I seem to recall seeing posts where the seller was reluctant to have the boat moved for a survey........
  2. There's a rally at Langley Mill at the end of May next year which is always a great weekend, and yep, its definitely worth doing. The boatyard at the top is OK too....
  3. There is conflicting information regarding the Erewash coming out of CRT towers..... we were very low on the top 3 pounds last week, which recovered in 4 days, put down to vandalism, however there were reports of something stuck on the cill on the top gates of Shipley. Roll on to today, and again the cut was closed by Shipley being chained closed due to vandalism. Reports from the boaters stuck below the lock said it was locked because of kids swimming. I take it with a pinch of salt, but, as all levels were OK, I'm not sure what reasons they had to close the canal. Then we saw a CRT staff member opening the bottom paddles at Langley Mill with the top gates wide open........ I wonder if gates have an encoder on these days to count no. Of opens and closes........ unbelievable to think gates could open and close (fully)..... Kind regards Dan
  4. Sadly I have to miss it this year as I'm in Vienna for a few days working. Have a great weekend all.
  5. If you decide to keep her in the water for whatever reasons, we're quite cheap at Langley Mill if you need somewhere to store her, failing that Redhill is the best local hardstanding price wise but can flood quite easily, and as Alec says, a tad run down. Kind regards Dan Langley Mill Boatyard
  6. My two penneth...... If the epoxy is sound then i'd re-cover in that, we have so many new hulls through where customers have paid extra for epoxy blacking and the boats haven't been prepped properly and the 2 pack is just stuck to the millscale and it all falls of when the hull is washed off. If howerver, it is fine, wash, prep, key and 2 pack away! many manufacturers do a surface tolerant primer these days which doesn't require the hull to be blasted to whatever BS EN grade it needs to be and we have seen favourable results with it as a base coat. Failing that a good quality high build bitumen would be fine. Good bitumen is better than bad 2 pack! Kind regards Dan
  7. Oh, quite possibly, i just need to finish the fit out!!!!
  8. Sadly a 6 week trip to Sydney put pay to my plans to join this year with Judith Ann, next year we are hoping to be there all being well!!
  9. As a boatyard operator, and the owner of historic craft, including butties, and pleasure craft, we fall into several categories, there are times where it is easier, when towing, if the situation allows to try and keep the butty behind the motor but if the pound is low or the cut is busy, then we would split the tow as the situation dictates. We assume no hierarchy on the cut, and if people are inexperienced we help where we can, just as others have helped us when moving a pair with just two of us. Also, hirers have just as much right to be on the cut as anyone. It winds me up hearing of stories of elitism on the cut. And, let's all be thankful that the shouty likes of the Reverend are no longer out and about.
  10. Oak and Ash are still very much on the cut but not trading...... probably for the best.......
  11. Although not strictly historic, and slightly longer, Harrier currently on brokerage at ABNB is a nice tug style with a Kelvin J2 at a fair price.
  12. She is now under Tim Carter's custodianship.
  13. Where are you taking them for the work? Keep an eye on the leading profile of the stem Post that you don't need to reprofile the stem iron.....
  14. As someone who is not totally up on these things, Ben, can you explain how you can make a stem post when the boat is not out of the water, and how you can make new knees if you intend to reprofile the lines of the bow without removal of the old planks and careful spiling to get the new shape?
  15. Most of the drawings he got from the crt archives and where needed, re-drew them. I don't know what happened to his collection, I agree it would be a shame if it was lost.
  16. The latest word on the street is CRT are looking to break up the Ariel and retain the metalwork....... has anyone heard anything?
  17. Can you not get a tow to a ĺocal yard? How are you broken down?
  18. Parts have been sent and hopefully arrive today..... a fuel pipe failed at the injector pump. Luckily we had a few lying around!!
  19. I think that is the Hardy, being looked after by Tooleys.
  20. Yep, that's the motor. Mr. Frost recently acquired it and it was docked last month at Tooley's. Faceache showed a photo of her shortly after on the bottom outside the dock.
  21. I can lend you a photo if you want to fill in the gaps!!! 🤣 The photos I was sent showed her up Braunston on the 27th Sept and moored at Buckby 29th. Kind regards Dan
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