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  1. Tractor

    HRW2 starter motor failure

    Yourex nr Benämning Pris exkl. moms: CA4512-53 Lister Petter Startm. 8778 kr Ersätter originalnr bl.a. Passar aggregat bl.a. 8778 kr Fabrikat CAV Ersättning Teknisk info 12V - 3.6kW, 11k, CCW Dimension Mer artikelinfo
  2. Tractor

    Webasto heater strange running

    My heater, this is not pressurised, started tripping after I bled the rads, and failed to top up the header tank. I would not run for long, before stopping and then restarting. I pulled a water hose back from the heater, let some water out, and then refitted the hose quickly, and all was ok after that. it is getting a bit ‘nippy’ out now so good luck with this.
  3. Tractor

    Webasto heater strange running

    Check the header tank level, and for air in the system, it mat be tripping out on overheat.
  4. Tractor

    Webasto PC Connection

    Thanks for the reply, on line the Webasto interface is running at £400, not the outlay I was planning on for a look inside my Webasto. I guess this is a USB to RS 232 / 485 converter, is this correct? Thanks again
  5. Tractor

    Webasto PC Connection

    Webasto Thermotop C, a PC diagnostics programme is available. There are many interface modules available, can anyone recommend one?
  6. Tractor

    Access ladder

    That is the best option for me. Thankyou
  7. Tractor

    Access ladder

    I could fit steps to the rear, but skipping up a ladder from the inside, with the side rails to hold onto whilst on the way up feels better and easier.
  8. Tractor

    Access ladder

    I am looking for a ladder to rest against the sliding hatch, in the open position. With feet resting on the decking which covers the engine bay. This will give quick access to the roof of the boat for single handed operation. Fast securing points are not available without reworking the wood lining.
  9. Tractor

    Access ladder

    No bulkhead to fix to, but look a neat solution, thanks for the response.
  10. Tractor

    Access ladder

    I am looking for a short ladder to reach from the ‘flight deck’ of my trad narrowboat to the top of the sliding hatch. It would need to be narrow, ideally 200mm wide. I would be grateful for any suggestions.
  11. Tractor

    LPG Generator

    My intentions were to enquire about a safe method of operation, and try to obtain some experience from people who know about these things; clearly the noise is an issue which I can ‘eliminate’ I know how to do this The trend of the conversation is getting a bit difficult, so think best to close this ‘thread’ now. Thankyou.
  12. Tractor

    LPG Generator

    Running the main engine for hours is not recommended, moored up for a couple of days needs some ready power. Solar is ok when the sun shines. Petrol on a boat is not good. 12 Volt would have lower losses, and would connect directly to the DC Bus, but supplying a useful current would make it a heavy thing. So, a 2kva unit, 230V 1 ph, on LPG plugged into the gas supply, seems about right, but I have not been a ‘boater’ for long, and I have a lot to get up to speed with..
  13. Tractor

    LPG Generator

    Thanks for this, I am looking for a feasible and predictable power source, 2kva Honda from LPG seems to be right. Excluding solar, petrol, and running the main engine that is. The ideal would be a 12Volt LPG generator, 4 stroke, yes secured to the bank with a large picketing screw, the noise 70/80db, I can deal with. Thanks again for the response, if a 12 Volt device is available, this would be good to know about. Thinking on though, this would mean the generator is a bit of a lump, and I nee something light and portable....
  14. Tractor

    LPG Generator

    Standby LPG generator, 2kva, sat on the bank, off the boat that is; to run this from the gas supply in the gas locker. What do I have to be aware of to make a safe installation?
  15. Tractor

    Steam Engines

    This is the Engine from Firefly, a 2 cylinder Mamod style, to the right is the boiler, looking aft in the attached pic. Complete with four solar panels on the roof, and steam pressure gauges to drive by. Advanced stuff for 25 years ago.. Steam4.pdf Steam3.pdf

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