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    BBC Midland Today give an overview of the fire and the damage. Mr Lumsden, (Lumpy) I guess is stuck for some time.
  2. Using the Bedazzled dimensions for the LED units either 'side pin', or'back pin', cut out a card the same dimensions and check it will fit into your fitting, for depth as well as diameter; the pins can be cropped to fit, provided the contact is adequate. This is important, as I had some trouble deciding if the LED element would install correctly, before placing the order. Also, these elements can be bright for a confined space, so consider the brightness @cool white or warm white? The galley looks ok with the cool white, but warm white may be better down the accommodation end.
  3. Data from my mains powered fridge, model LA 120W: BEKO, 230V, 55W, 0.24A.
  4. £0.12/unit for power + £0.07/unit for service
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. Over 3 years I am paying £3.7/month. 5 x 110Ah, lead acid batteries.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO2a9I4VfDk
  9. https://images.mastervolt.nl/files/ManualIVETD030319EN.pdf This I believe, is the manual for the transformer, you may have this. The transformer is a toroidal type, which is more costly to manufacture, but better quality. Behind the cover is a circuit breaker which will be ok or you would see no power delivered. There is also a 'soft starter', this briefly pre charges the coils, before closing a contactor, to energise the transformer fully. It may be useful to have the soft starter operation looked at to check there is no snag with this. It will be a thyristor circuit board, connected to the bypass contactor. If you have checked all other possible causes, supplies, and loads; I would look at the transformer. This is a well made device, and probably costly to purchase so worth having it looked at. Come back if I can help further.
  10. Have you been able to isolate the cause? Generator, charger, etc; by switching circuits off. You are right, the noise is the transformer laminations vibrating, if this is ‘potted’ then this should be quiet. At 50Hz mains frequency a good transformer should be quiet, but loads and supplies many be working at other frequencies, which the transformer was not designed for. Also the enclosure may be ‘sounding’, removing bits in a ‘safe manner’ may provide a diagnosis. Tractor
  11. The generator supply, 230Volts single phase, may be square wave or a true sinewave, if it is a 'true sinewave', this should be ok. The charger will be making a supply from the generator 230 Volt output by switching transistors, these feed into a transformer coil to make the low Voltage DC; this could be making the laminations in the isolation transformer 'rattle'. Is the noise there when connected to a shore supply? If there is no noise from a shore supply, I guess it is the generator causing the problem. The isolation transformer will clean up a poor generator output to a point, but a PC supply may not work too well with a rough supply.
  12. With two phone accounts with 3, one a WIFI dongle, for cost saving I attempted to cancel one contract, this started a 6 week torrid time of conversations with 3. To mention a cancellation immediately put on hold for another department who could 'help' with this. Times on hold would vary between 11 minutes, a connection to an agent trying to sell me a new product, connection to an agent with a poor command of English, or complete disconnection. The local 3 shop, very pleasant, but could not manage a termination of contract, I did get a phone number of the Hutchinson head office in Glasgow, where Sarah, on the desk, said an 'executive' would call me back, a promise which failed to materialise. I was clearly not using the right technique for terminating a contract, but during this episode I thought I was loosing my mind. For anyone faced with dealing with 3, take notes of time, and date, and actions from the start; because as time progresses and frustration grows, you may loose the will to carry on. I have now cancelled both contracts, and signed up with GiffGaff. The relief is immense.
  13. Tractor

    A Horn

    Sad, but my Ferguson Te20 had to go to pay for the boat.
  14. Tractor

    A Horn

    I have a need for a low frequency, and fairly loud horn, electric powered, 12Volt. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  15. Employed some years ago using industrial components, the following was employed for an all-electric boat: Diesel generator 22kVA, acoustic enclosure, 230 Volt 3 phase, delta, operating at constant speed, keel cooling and enclosure exhaust provide the necessary heat dump. Inverter drive 18.5 kW, 230 Volt, 3 phase, speed control and direction via a small throttle lever. Motor, 6 pole, 3phase delta connected. Prop shaft coupling through flexi coupling, no gearbox required, providing a stepless speed range from zero to 1000rpm or greater. Surplus power available for cooking, washing machine, dryer, microwave, and ancillary loads. To bring this system to date for a ‘hybrid’ solution, would require batteries connected to the inverter drive, providing a Voltage operating ‘window’ of 180 to 260 Volts, qty 22 lithium ion cells, at some cost, with a suitable 3 phase charging system. The operating window between batteries and the inverter drive could be optimized with a DC/ DC system. A system of solar power would complete the package, to include a robust shore supply. The lower operating voltage would provide a system without the hazard of having 400 volts 3 phase, and all galley components would be standard domestic. Whilst deviating from the original question, this provided a working system which may help in principal, with anyone planning a diesel electric boat.
  16. A few canal boats plying the waterways supporting a past heritage going 'Electric', it is a worthy exercise; but is this not 'naval gazing', when considering the need to reduce the real emissions from road transport, agriculture, and marine? It cannot be beyond the wit of man to introduce a small amount of perspective into this situation. For the population of the canal system to roll over and accept legislation, which will potentially remove these traditional ways, turning this heritage into a Disney theme park, cannot be acceptable, spotted red neckerchiefs and flat caps all round?
  17. For these changes to take place, the national grid network must be turned inside out. Currently power stations and generators are working at the ‘thick end’ of the supply network, transmitting power to the outlying regions, copper getting thinner as it reaches the consumer; now this is being reversed as the generators range from solar installations in fields and on houses, to remote wind farms far out to sea and the tops of Welsh mountains. Transmission line potential of 800,000, 000 Volts is being planned is required and will be implemented as the surge for renewal systems progresses. Down at street level, 400Volts 3 phase will be distributed, but to use this for battery charging the conversion to DC on board will be full of losses both harmonic and resistive. When electrical power is transformed and manipulated losses are incurred, the bit which is conveniently neglected in the proposals for this new life, losses which bring us back to parity. Throughout the plan is possible, ‘we have the technology’, but the understanding of the complexity and costs, I believe is well beyond the policy makers capacity for understanding. The transition to Diesel, will be the most recent example. At the time ‘lean burn’ research for petrol propulsion with extremely low emissions was abandoned for the Diesel option, this was very recent history we all rember; and here the ‘knee jerk’, political box ticking is played out. Yes, we need the poor unfortunates, but controlling their impulses with our cash, building bollards down the canal bank should be reserved for another day, a long way off.
  18. I guess it would be to much to ask, what is the nature of the ‘refurbishment’? And who was the elderly gentleman in a ‘hoodie’?
  19. The machine load appears to be 1600 Watts, which will be including the heater. Too high for the Victron I guess.
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  21. A good read http://www.hpcdfuel.com/pdf/DOWfuel_training.pdf
  22. The US is awash with firms competing for funding for this stuff, based upon flimsy evidence, and marketing hype, for duration, safety, and speed. I will wait a long time before I get to 38 thousand feet, in a hydrogen powered bomb, as will my pension.
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