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  1. Roasting here today - unfortunately I have shedloads of veg to prep and freeze so the kitchen is getting a tad hotter than I'd like it! Janet
  2. I'd like to help with this. Although I don't post as much as I used to, I'm logged onto the forum all day, most days. Janet
  3. I'm sure the fees are on Paypal somewhere but I can't get onto it at the moment. Was just thinking of upping my payment to offset some of the charges. Janet
  4. How much are the fees Daniel? Janet
  5. It's a ginnel or a snicket up here. Janet
  6. I'm only a mod for the FB page...I wouldn't trust myself on the forum! Janet
  7. It's a website, not a forum. There is a little bit of difference... Janet
  8. I tried typing Peterborough in, but it said nothing found. Oh well, it was worth persevering if it helps to get the funding! Good luck with it. Janet
  9. I give up! It's taken me twenty minutes to register - three times it said my user name was already taken (and each time I had to enter my password twice) and then it said I'd got an incorrect answer on the security question. Hmmm....Paris was the capital of France last time I looked... Now I've finally registered, I simply cannot find the project! I've been searching under every keyword I can think of. I know from a previous post the area is the South East, but what category is it under and what project size? I'm really tired tonight and rapidly losing patience! I know, I'm probably being dim and missing something! Janet Edited to add - phew! I finally managed to find it and vote. What an absolutely horrendous website. Worth persevering though, as it's all in a good cause!
  10. Sorry to hear about this. Janet
  11. Daniel, are you trying to start a pumpout/cassette argument? Well done to everyone for getting the site back. Janet
  12. We much prefer the reverse layout - it works for us! I've lost count of the number of times we've had wet bedcovers on a few hired/borrowed boats after forgetting too late to close the hatch when it starts raining! I also hate walking sideways like a crab down a narrow walkway next to beds stuffed with quilts whilst wearing sopping wet outdoor clothes! It suits me also as I don't have to disturb anyone if I want to get up on deck early for a fishing session...beds at the pointy end/middle and I can make a brew/flask without disturbing anyone. It's also so much easier when one of us is making a brew or lunch to remain within earshot of the steerer rather than them having to try and attract attention when you're half way down the boat and can't hear a chuffing thing. Each to their own of course! Janet
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