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  1. Hello peeps, I've managed to get my puter back now. She can be a bully at times! I am loving the free WiFi pubs on the canals, even if it has been a week to find one. If I was a continual cruiser, I'd stay for a week next to each pub offering this service. Is there a website showing every available opportunioty, I need to know about it. Love R.J.xx
  2. I’ve read most of the thread, and am without broadband for a week – so the video will have to wait. BUT, I think whether or not a boater left the bridge unlocked, she was stupid to sit in a point where a big heavy bridge meets a concrete wall. Don’t tell me she had no idea of what could happen, or what was happening at the time it did. These things don’t move at a million miles an hour, I’ve pushed the length of the L&L both ways twice – not to mention the Ashton twice, I know they don't budge easily! As far as the aspirations of “get a job, find a man, get married, have kids” or wh
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