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  1. It also took our minds away from the fact that the plans I had for Jan's significant birthday were all cancelled. We didn't have time to dwell on it for 6 days or so which is just as well since we couldn't get half the ingredients we needed for a birthday meal (to happen tomorrow now). I am glad the challenge was so well received and possibly more spontaneous for the lack of lengthy and detailed planning. Dave
  2. I am replying on behalf of Jan. The current control is an MV2 which is missing its knob and the mechanism is pretty much worn out. It operates the throttle by the lever and the gearchange by lifting the collar. Obviously a replacement MV2 would be easiest but it is now obsolete which is a problem. The MV3 which replaces it is expensive and would not be a direct replacement. It was suggested that there are better and cheaper alternatives available.
  3. Apart from the batteries the equipment is all the same as before we changed them. We replaced them because the batteries were not holding charge which was confirmed by the boatyard when we replaced them. Before we had issues the batteries would last for a couple of days without recharging with our usual usage. I thought that the inverter breaking down was unlikely and possibly the boatyard clutching at straws to avoid replacing the batteries. As soon as I can I will try to follow the checklist Keeping-Up has kindly sent me. My previous attempt was frustrated by my inability to decide whether a switch was on or off when open. A tap is on when open but I now realise a switch is off when open. I will persevere.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I cleaned all the terminals prior to visiting the boatyard. The inverter was fitted by a professional using arc welder cable. The fridge is the original 12v fridge and doesn't seem to be running excessively. The batteries seem to charge which the boatyard confirmed when they replaced the isolation switch. The batteries are on a smart charger all the time when we are not cruising. I will try to get some figures when I get the boat back (being painted at the moment) I have a clamp meter because I was advised it would be useful but I am not yet sure how to use it! The trouble is the boat is 1 1/2 hours away so I can't just pop round after work.
  5. We were having power problems on Carrie Lou last April so in May we bought 3 new 110 amp hour sealed batteries since the ones on board were getting old. After a couple of cruises the new batteries were running down sooner than we expected. In between cruises they are trickle charged. We went back to the supplier on xmas eve but they didn't have anyone to check them. We then went back at Easter when they drop tested them and said they were fine. We then went back a couple of weeks ago and they replaced the isolation switch and said it was probably the inverter breaking down. I haven't replaced the inverter. Today the batteries were fully charged when we left the marina. We cruised for 4 hours and watched tv for 4 hours before the batteries were below the voltage required by the inverter. This voltage was also below that needed for the fridge. I am an electrical ignoramus! What should I do now? Today
  6. Queen of the Chesterfield? I think not, she has only ever had the opportunity to chug a couple of fairly short stretches. I have done even less than that but between us we know the people who do know. NB Python which is operated by The Chesterfield Canal Trust overwinters at Shire Oaks also has a draft of 3'3" so the crew bring her that far up the Chesterfield and back again each spring and autumn. I would say there are places where the botton is very near the top along there but I suspect if you are used to handling a boat with a 3'3" draft then you will be used to there being the odd place when any canal feels a little more like a roller coaster than a navigation. The usual rules apply, stay as close the centre of the navigation as you can and you will be just fine. It is well worth the trip as it is a very beautiful stretch of canal and you will enjoy it. I expect you have already been to The Chesterfield Canal Trust Website which will give you lots of information about the history of the canal and interesting places to take in along he way. If you need any other information just ask because we probably know someone who does know the answer even if we don't
  7. I am becoming quite concerned. I have been watching my other half trying to sort out the various bids and cataloguing the lots but in between she has been on a mission........ I probably should not divulve this information here but shortly after she catalogued LOT 7: A packet of Colmans Curry Sauce mix she noticed it had a best before date of September 2012! Since then she has been on a mission to buy a replacement packet which has a longer shelf life but our local Tesco's, Asda and Co-op do not have any! Now it could just mean that our local stores do not stock it but on the other hand it could mean that it has been discontinued. I have been giving this some thought and I suspect Tuscan has some inside information on this and his cunning ruse is to slowly bid it up to a silly price while everyone else looks on and thinks he is mad but then at the end of this he will be the owner of what may possibly be the last remaining packet of curry sauce available. Well I don't believe in best before dates on dry goods like that and so I think I might have to do battle My bid is £5.36 on lot 7
  8. Poor Telford, I really can sympathise, I think we are both in the same boat so to speak. It has been 10 days since the surgeon chopped a few bits of bone out of my foot and if that does not hurt enough then you cannot imagine the indignity of having to wear these surgical stockings (I mean they never even offered me a choice of shade and they clash terribly with my complexion). If that was not bad enough I have been given a royal blue brushed nylon slipper to wear - and it has a velco fastening - I mean... I learned to tie shoelaces years ago I mean..... I can't even say it is a style statement as they only gave me one of them. I suspect the Tory cutbacks prevent them offering a matching pair. The instruction leaflet with the painkillers advises to avoid alcohol too Thankfully SWMBO was not present when I was discharged so I told her the doc said a couple of glasses of wine would do no harm but don't tell her will you? As if all that was not enough I am not allowed to drive for 6 whole weeks. Perhaps I can come and curl up infront of that fire with you - do you mind if we watch daytime TV together? Quest channel is almost bearable for most of the day. I will bring some dog biscuits.
  9. The most important requirement of any candidate is to represent the canals for all the current and future users. The current (artificial) pigeon holeing of canal lovers is designed to divide and rule. In the new political reality we all need to protect and fight for what we feel are the essential elements of our history an way of life. There are many major political choices to be made over the next decade warring groups of canal users will make it easy to abandon the waterways again. We need people in the Trust who believe in waterways for all.
  10. I'm planning to be there too but it depends on my new wife. It sounds like fun and it is near the mooring!
  11. Sorry Sue I (wrongly) assumed my betrothed would include me in her congratulations. I guess that only kicks in in 29 days! Have a lovely evening. Dave
  12. We had the pleasure of spending several days this year cruising with you and Cath. It was a great pleasure to spend time with people who genuinly care about the canal system we all love. I am sure when you are elected you will represent with aplomb the needs of all ordinary boat owners
  13. bump to allow the results to be a separate post
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