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  1. 120A theoretical max (fused). 30A likely actual max. Thank you very much for your very rapid and helpful advice!
  2. Cheers. Probably 8mm, since that's the size of lugs I have handy.
  3. This isn't for my boat, this is for another off-grid system I'm building (but I thought you guys would know). They'll be screwed through a plywood mounting. Need a dozen, and only for a few weeks, so the purchase doesn't make sense unless there's a major electrical/safety benefit.
  4. Other than convenience and appearance, is there any reason to use a product like this instead of just a bolt, nut and spring washer?: http://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/power-distribution-posts-blocks-busbars.html I would guess not, since the current is passing directly between the two terminal lugs rather than through the bolt itself.
  5. You make a good point. Ones with separately adjustable cut-out and reconnection voltages exist for a similar price and I'll be sure to get such a one. Edit: no particular problem if it cuts out, it's getting used for phone/drill battery charging with a separate cut-out (set lower) for lights.
  6. Has anyone any experience of "battery guards", ie: low voltage cut-outs? I'm generally fine on the boat, because I'm fairly careful, but running very similar systems on festival sites for a large number of people I've had batteries knackered and I'm looking for a solution. The issue is that I'm running a 1200w inverter and a battery guard that can switch this much current is cripplingly expensive. Many inverters do contain low-voltage cut-outs, although these are usually set very low and not adjustable. It seems to me that one could combine a very low-current (therefore cheap)
  7. The Coal Boat was profitable. It was many people's preference as it did Bath to Devizes and back weekly (Spencer did monthly. I think). The owner sold it to do other things. Spencer has since got a second boat, so his deliveries are now more regular than they were before. Therefore I think starting up a new coal boat business in the area would be difficult.
  8. Some things I find helpful, others will disagree: Don't do the crossed pins thing, it just tears up the ground and makes it worse. You can add a second pin a couple of feet from the first one. Tie to the first pin, then to the second. Don't use the pins with the eyes, use the ones with just the lip at the top. These can be hammered in further so the rope is pulling closer to the ground (I bash them until the rope is actually embedded in the mud (my ropes are synthetic, probably not good for natural fibres)).. If you use the center line, tie it very loose as an emergency line. If tight it will
  9. Make sure the fire's out, or the brick might explode due to trapped moisture. If unsure, stick the chicken UP the chimney and ramp the fire up.
  10. Don't know about Numax, but I'd strongly recommend people to steer clear of Electroquest. 30A charger, produced a maximum of 12.8V and 6A. Took 3 months and 30+ phone calls to get a refund. There's two guys (allegedly) and it was always "the other fellow handles this bit, he'll call you back".
  11. There's certainly a lot to be said for the idea of doing it in one whack. I'm intending to do it over the course of a decade or two, but since I always return to the western K&A for winter (work and volunteer commitments, also I just like it here) I'm probably going to be doing the Grand Union and Oxford canals 20+ times each and the K&A 40+ times. On the other hand, once you've done it all, there's nothing new to see. You'll be waiting for restoration projects to finish just to see some new waterway. Not that places aren't nice the second time, but the first time is always more ex
  12. Thanks for all the info. I now only need to be away for one night while in Guildford, so shouldn't be such a problem. All of this is great stuff to know. And naturally I'll keep a close eye on the weather forecast before leaving the boat on the river!
  13. Hi folks, Never been on the Wey before, but after continually hearing great things we've decided to visit. Due to other commitments, we need to travel by train twice, about a week apart at around this time. This leaves a few options: A: try to find somewhere to moor around Guildford for just over a week. B: plod along a series of 48hour (or local equivalent) moorings in the intervening time to end up back at Guildford. C: slowly plod to within reach of another nearby station (such as Woking on the Basingstoke). D: rush up to London and take a longer train journey (I dislike and
  14. To save time finding the project again once you've registered, you can just click on the link in my original post again. Sorry for the lousy website, it's outside our control. Many thanks to all of you who are battling through anyway!
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