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  1. Have we a date Smelly? I need a weekend away.
  2. Hiya Baz. I'm good thanks. Hi Matty.... er..... parrot? What parrot????
  3. We stayed at the Royal Victoria Hotel, St. Mary's Rd., Newport. 5 miles to the Navi and taxi was not a problem. 10 mins and I think 6 quid. Hotel was acceptable. Hello strangers...
  4. I hope you took off your shoes...
  5. I believe this thread should be reported and locked......
  6. Archie when a new crewmember. Nothing recent on this PC. I am at work you know... Will dig somthing out later. Happy new year to you all....
  7. Which lock are you mooring in this winter Matty???
  8. 8HF With a 2 hour session a lot of people find it hard to retain everything and begin to get frustrated. 2 shorter sessions, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening help a lot of people progress quicker. Retention is better and frustration is reduced. This makes it more enjoyable so helps people stick at it. (This is my opinion and the opinion of some others I have disussed it with at various times. Not everyone will agree though). Try it and see if it helps. Better to encourage others than to say they just don't have what it takes. People can surprise you and end up being ten times better than you are. Happens to me all the time. Best of luck and keep chipping away at it.
  9. Plenty of beer helps with the inhibitions of playing badly Mike. Works for me all the time..... Lol Good to hear you're taking it up. A half hour twice a day is worth more than a 2 hour practice every day..
  10. Hey Barry... Long time..... Oh.. thats 1000 now. Speak to you again in 12 months... Lol Edit for silly counting typo...
  11. I was forgotten the day I joined. I'm only posting because I have just seen I have only 2 more to reach 1000 useless posts.
  12. Personally I don't find topics as interesting as they used to be. Not sure if I or the forum have changed. Maybe both. Maybe others feel the same. ETA... Cross post with Magnet. I think we said the same thing though.
  13. Hi Owen 18mm WBP is what I'm using for my floor. Make sure to treat any sawn edges extra well. I was advised to coat sawn edges with PVA glue to seal them.
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