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  1. IanM


    On ours certainly only the Webasto heats the radiators.
  2. The iPlayer Radio app has changed to BBC Sounds. My BBC iPlayer app still works fine for the TV side of things.
  3. IanM

    Webasto timer reset

    From the sound of things it’s the same as ours. It doesn’t come on at 3 times, you tell it which one of the 3 you want it to come on at then it’s up to you to turn it off. Don’t think of it as a timer, more a timed starter.
  4. Don’t wish to take anything away from that post but it would be the Brindley Place build. The ICC was already there at the time.
  5. Most, if not all of the ironwork is original. There are a few original wooden bits but certainly not many and can be counted on one hand. Having it basically fall apart before reconstructing it makes it a little difficult to get it right. What Pete is doing with Lucy is a much better way of doing things. Three pairs turning at the junction this morning. Victoria and Mercury Nutfield and Raymond Nuneaton and Brighton
  6. Saturday parade starts at 11 I believe.
  7. I rather like Camp Hill locks actually. Can't quite put my finger on the reason though, just always preferred that way into Birmingham.
  8. I’m after a specific issue, April 1993 I think it was if you’re not against splitting the collection.
  9. We were planning to do the same thing as the OP and let it out on Airbnb. Finding a suitable boat proved to be the undoing of the project.
  10. Indeed. But unlike Photobucket $49.99 per year is a lot easier to stomach than the amount Photobucket wanted to charge which was something like that a month!
  11. I’d buy Effingham in an instant if I had the funds...
  12. Collingwood obviously has had it removed sometime in its life looking at my picture from 2006. Upper Narrow Staircase Locks - Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal by Ian, on Flickr
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