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Community Answers

  1. Maybe check your post for spelling and grammar before pressing submit.
  2. This forum seems to be turning into AI bots’r’us lately!
  3. You can just see it's an H shaped cowl. It's not helped with the fact the picture is taken side on.
  4. I think that's the boat featured in a lot of old pictures of the tunnel which is just put there to stop boats heading to the old tunnel and to help guide them, much like the butty is doing.
  5. Operators licence probably.
  6. Bletchley has been doing the Jules Fuels Grand Union 'central' bit with Bideford for the last few years at least.
  7. Off topic but every time I scroll past the thread title I have Duran Duran singing in my head...
  8. Seems to be working quite well by the looks of it 😄
  9. It's a Rothern Group workboat which started off as a River Class butty.
  10. This. When the flame in the oven dies down it is up to temperature.
  11. Maybe the 'high standard' of hull works done were of a lower standard than the surveyor was looking for? 🙂
  12. That type of handrail were put on by Yarwoods when the boats were built. I think the comment about Vesta is that it wasn't built by Yarwoods but by Harland and Wolff and therefore wouldn't have had that style of handrails originally.
  13. I think I'd want it welded in and not just pop-riveted.
  14. They all do that*, sir 😁 *Before someone jumps in and becomes all high and mighty that theirs doesn't, obviously some boats are better than others.
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