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  1. If I'd read your post whilst I was still at work, I would have looked it up for you but I've just got home and haven't got my all knowing book here 😀 I wouldn't have thought there was much in it to be honest. Also remember with the box section you actually have to get the bolts inside the thing!
  2. We looked into this to set up an AirBNB type accommodation in the garden but after looking around it was fairly obvious that any boat that was floating was out of the price range of what you really wanted to pay for something sat in the garden, and anything within budget was a absolute wreck and would take too much work to get up to any standard. However, someone locally has started selling restored railway wagons to use as home offices which I've very tempted by... http://www.harriscabinetmaker.co.uk/index.php/2-uncategorised/25-vintage-railway-carriage-1951-for-sale
  3. If the doors and windows on your boat are shut on the towpath side then I don't see what the issue is here. It's not like the virus can fly and find its own way in through another opening. As for the spitting, I'm against that anyway and never do it myself however as long as they're not physically gobbing on your boat then the risk is fairly minimal.
  4. We're not liveaboard so therefore fall into your category of holiday boaters. We've got two sources of heating (3 if you count the additional range at the back) and try to use the boat as often as we can and not just in the summer months. Obviously last year was a little different but we still managed to have a weekend in December. Not everyone takes all their holidays in the summer and I would suggest that a majority of boat owners spread their time over the whole year so you might need to rethink your thoughts on exactly what non-liveaboards' requirements are. Remem
  5. Why's that then? Are you saying that you shouldn't have a warm, cosy boat if you only want a holiday boat? I'm sure many will disagree with you and quite rightly!
  6. The Rose and Castle was now what is the Boathouse.
  7. That does look to be a contender. There is also a lane leading down there too.
  8. While going through boxes of Becky's father's old slides we have in the loft, there are a couple showing a lock and I was just curious where it might be. I think pictures were taken in the early 1970s. The family have connections with Guildford but were living in North Essex at the time. I've tried looking at Google maps for both the River Wey and the Chelmer & Blackwater and nothing seems to fit but obviously a lot of years have passed since the pictures were taken. Nowhere is really out of the question however, as that red Austin travelled all over the country!
  9. Not quite. Phase 1a - Stonehouse to Brimscombe (Stroudwater and T&S) Phase 1b - Saul to Stonehouse (Stroudwater) Phase 2 - Lechlade to South Cerney (T&S) Phase 3 - Brimscombe to South Cerney (T&S) Phase 1 was originally for the Saul to Brimscombe section but was then split into two. Apologies, posted the before reading your post properly again but will leave it as others might benefit.
  10. Living 10 miles from Harwich we regularly take the ferry to the Netherlands, ok to the Hook and not Vlissingen but it was good to watch. What bugged me was the location of the single track bridges at 4:40. Turns out after looking at old maps that they were the approaches to the now long gone Parkeston Quay West station, the area now having been reclaimed and just hardstanding for the port. You learn something new every day! The boats are a bit larger now though! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Stena_Britannica
  11. No boat comes up with the number 55422. Stick the name into this and it should tell you what the number should be https://canalplan.uk/boats/boats.php
  12. Nothing with that name appears on the boat listing on Canalplan. Well it does, but that's a 22ft Freeman on the Thames.
  13. I believe it’s Bletchley and Bordesley, two of Jules Fuels boats.
  14. It isn’t, that’s a different boat entirely. A friend of mine owned the ex-RN one and it had all its submarine bits removed years ago. edit: I can see now that you weren’t saying that the Leeds one was the same as the old RN boat.
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