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  1. Didn't Denebola become one of the trip boats?
  2. You don’t need to download an app to do it on an iPhone, just set up a shortcut to do it as below. When that’s done you just have to select the picture, choose resize image and tell it what size you require and it will make a resized copy.
  3. Five of us did the shorter version via Netherton Tunnel in a weekend a few times. Gas Street to Kinver on the first afternoon/evening, Kinver to Tibberton on the Saturday then back to Gas Street for the Sunday evening.
  4. Braunston this morning. Sculptor, Nuneaton, Brighton, Raymond and Nutfield with Effingham on the far side. It’s been a lovely weekend with a great group of people.
  5. It’s not moved far then, it was moored the other side of Wigrams when we passed it at the end of July.
  6. Our boat has a morse control. I also steer a boat with a push/pull throttle and a rod gear change. I have also steered a boat with a speed wheel and a rod gear change, and one with a speed wheel and a gear wheel. From the discussions above it seems I shouldn’t have been able to have used more than one type in my life without my head exploding. It really isn’t difficult to get to grips with the idiosyncrasies of each type and as long as you take each as they are and relax, everything is fine.
  7. There’s been a few incarnations of it over the years. Here’s my collection 😃
  8. You do realise you’re replying to something posted 9 years ago!
  9. I used an old iPhone running a time lapse app to do this one. As has been said, you need to mess about to get the intervals right.
  10. Looking at the picture of Ellesmere posted above I’d be inclined to suggest it was purpose built as a hotel boat and not part of any ‘historic’ company as the ballast needed to get a carrying boat that low in the water would probably take up an awful lot of the cabin space!
  11. Popped over to Harwich today to get a picture of the offending vessel
  12. Just an update on the Ever Given. It's currently anchored off Harwich and is due in to Felixstowe tomorrow afternoon. I'll see if I can get a picture of it tomorrow.
  13. Rotterdam on the 25th by the looks of things so I'm guessing Felixstowe 3 or 4 days after that. Which is a shame as I'm away around then and I did intend to go and get a picture of it.
  14. Did have a little go, yes.
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