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  1. https://cotswoldcanals.org/canals/boat-trips/ebley-trips/
  2. I imagine it's actually just taxed on hospitality accommodation or places that already charge. A bit like the tourist tax in Amsterdam, it's added to your hotel/AirBnB/wherever bill. If places charge for overnight mooring, then you get tax added to the fee.
  3. The entrance to Wigrams however is definitely not 14ft wide... ...don't ask me how I know this 🤣
  4. We're quick to blame the paddles or gates but with the widened GU lock flights could the leak be through one of the abandoned narrow locks somehow? Not saying it is, just that it could be a possibility.
  5. There is a pound on the Stockton flight, the second one down if I remember correctly, which is often empty in the morning. We’ve used Stockton several times over the past year and if I’ve gone for an early morning run up the flight the pound has been very down or empty. By the time I’ve had breakfast and we’ve headed up the flight CRT have been and topped it up.
  6. Someone I know was the one who had the stern put back on it. It's the bit of Gorse which was the BW hire boat (I want to say Water Lupin) which had the original Yarwoods stern lopped off and a square cruiser one put on. The redundant stern was then made into the other Gorse. In 2014/15 the cruiser stern was removed from Water Lupin and a rivetted traditional one put back on so there could be more Gorse in this Gorse than the other Gorse! As far as I know nothing was done under the cloths as they had a butty with an under cloth conversion as well. They sold both about 5 or 6 years ago. Below is the original back end of Gorse.
  7. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, or BAAPS has always made me chuckle.
  8. The original was demolished in 2001 so this one is a recreation. https://bclm.com/the-elephant-castle/#:~:text=The Elephant %26 Castle was the,and retail brewer%2C was licensee.
  9. Currently absolutely tipping it down between Ipswich and Colchester. https://www.netweather.tv/live-weather/radar is worth a look to see where the rain is.
  10. There certainly is a very similar butty with no name still moored there. Always wondered which one it was when we've passed it over the last few years. Edited to add the image below, taken July 2021.
  11. On this day 2015. Sailing Barge Victor from Ipswich to Harwich via Wrabness.
  12. I probably only shout at one boat a year... this years was the hire boat which untied and pulled out on me in the longer pound on the Lapworth flight who then went straight into the lock Becky had just set for me. The crew of the boat even said thank you for setting the lock for them! To add insult to injury they pulled over after the main bit of the flight for lunch. Needless to say when they actually hit the side of us when we were moored at Hockley Heath they may have got a few choice words!
  13. The mills that can be seen in Bruges today are a mix of grinding mills and only one is original. https://www.visitbruges.be/en/windmills-of-bruges
  14. The Thames & Severn Canal was owned by the Great Western Railway from 1882 until it was acquired by Gloucestershire County Council in 1901.
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