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  1. Not sure that was taken at the last show though was it? I have a feeling that @Ray T and his Captain declined a ride in 2019.
  2. But that's not really discussing it is it. That's more "This is my opinion, end of story". Maybe you could of asked why it didn't make sense to me, then that would have been a discussion. Anyway, as this is a topic about the North Oxford Canal that's probably best kept for another time.
  3. In all fairness Estate Agents dimensions are in a world of their own. I really don't get the problem with using different units in different circumstances. Saying the motor trade using mm to dimension cars is daft just because you think it is makes no sense to me. Millimetres are what the car manufacturers use to dimension them so that's how they document them. I'm mid-40s and was never, ever taught imperial measurements at school, college or university. I've just picked up using them where needed. I don't disagree. I'm all for people using units which makes it easier for them to visualise something but it's important to be aware that an industry standard might not be the units you want to use. I have to design a floor joist in mm however most builders I deal with instantly know what that is in inches.
  4. Just a quick post to see who I'm likely to bump into at Braunston this weekend?
  5. Because it's the standard used in engineering. All the drawings I produce are dimensioned in mm whether it's for a small component or a house. We tend to only move up into metres for really big stuff.
  6. The stoppage wasn't on any of the Hatton locks.
  7. Looks a little less hi-tech than the sub we're finishing off in our workshop at the moment 🤣
  8. What will you do when the next one inevitably does the same? Just take an angle grinder to it.
  9. He's already said he's got a long term mooring at Newbold.
  10. We've done the Lapworth to Kings Norton section twice in the last few weeks. The first time going towards Kings Norton the level was about 4 inches down and it was very slow and tedious. Coming back the pound was running weir in several places and progress was noticeably quicker. I think we did the section between Kings Norton and Hockley Heath about 20 minutes quicker on the return trip.
  11. We’re moored at the BCLM at the moment. All the gates out on the service side are combination locks. The gate on the towpath (Museum) side is a BW key as we’ve been in and out of it this morning.
  12. Have emailed our results over. The engine overheating yesterday has got Becky a bit worried that it would do the same in Netherton Tunnel, especially as we have to do it twice. I do need to keep my crew on side especially as I’d promised a relaxing few weeks away 😂
  13. Unfortunately we've called it a day at the BCLM, was great to see the few other competitors that we did. Maybe we'll try again and do more another year.
  14. Shallow canal, average drafted boat, think to myself "it's feeling a bit sluggish, will dive down the weed hatch in a bit", engine overheats going into a junction 😠 Am now moored on a water point... don't judge me 🤣
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