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  1. IanM

    Docking need to get job done cheaply

    Unfortunately the travelling community take great offence to the term and I know of a few forums which have been threatened with legal action if they didn't remove the term from posts.
  2. IanM

    where is this scene

    I think you can pretty much rule out anywhere on the Stroudwater or Thames and Severn. Doesn’t look like anywhere on those two canals that I can think of.
  3. IanM

    Docking need to get job done cheaply

    Rust? Billybobbooth has a wooden boat.
  4. IanM

    Maplin to the wall, this can't happen

    BBC website says Maplin will continue trading through the Administration process. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-43223175
  5. IanM

    RIP Trevor Maggs

    Tony Jones surely?
  6. IanM

    Cardboard Boats

    Garth Allen does ring a bell. Have just popped into the garage and dug out my finished ones of President and Northwich plus a 'work in progress' which I think was meant to turn out to be Redshank or Greenshank whichever the motor is (the butty as-yet un-started).
  7. IanM

    Cardboard Boats

    I don't think they are Scale Scenes kits. They certainly look like the ones of President and Northwich that I have made in the past although I can't remember the manufacturer (it may turn out to be Scale Scenes after all). I'll try to dig them out as I certainly have the packaging in a box of bits and I remember seeing it not too long ago.
  8. IanM

    Waterside Moorings

    If that's what you do for fun I'd hate to see what you do when you're serious! I know it isn't what you did but it really annoys me when people spend their time constantly sending FOI requests to government departments, councils, trusts, etc. in an attempt to, as far as I can tell, find some nugget of 'scandal' to produce an "oh my god, look what they're up to, it's a conspiracy/cover-up/outrage" story with which to share with the internet. Anyway, moan over.
  9. IanM


    Photos I took in 2006 which I believe is Otley on the outside of Cygnus. Otley by Ian, on Flickr Otley by Ian, on Flickr
  10. IanM

    CRT boat seizures in Yorkshire

    It looks like one of the old Healings grain barges from Tekewsbury.
  11. IanM

    Stoke Bruerne winding

    60’ is easy below the 3rd lock down. I’ve looked at winding in the long pound but have always chickend out!
  12. IanM

    Extended Stoppage Filance Lock Penkridge

    Halsall came through the lock yesterday according to their Facebook page.
  13. IanM

    Places with a bad reputation that don't deserve it

    Someone beat you to it!
  14. IanM

    RIP Trevor Maggs

    Probably the best picture I've taken of Trevor and Corona. If you want a copy without my name in the bottom corner just let me know. Corona - Braunston Historic Boats 2013 by Ian, on Flickr
  15. I believe Yeoford has, although when it was fitted I do not know.