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  1. It isn’t, that’s a different boat entirely. A friend of mine owned the ex-RN one and it had all its submarine bits removed years ago. edit: I can see now that you weren’t saying that the Leeds one was the same as the old RN boat.
  2. I might have a bash at modelling this now I’ve been furloughed. Probably will only get as far as scribbling bits down on a bit of paper though!
  3. It wasn’t. He used a propeller on the Great Britain after watching a demonstration of another boat using one.
  4. We went to the exhibition held at the NEC last November and bumped into someone we know from boating. We discussed much the same thing.
  5. A few years ago (actually it appears it was 6 years ago!) I asked the question about some CAD plans I have which were deemed to come from the plans mentioned by others above. Here's the discussion about them
  6. When I bought the large Northwich plans a few years ago I did get them scanned so have them as a pdf. Can’t remember what the quality is like now however.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-51295430
  8. Collingwood still has its AS2
  9. IanM


    On ours certainly only the Webasto heats the radiators.
  10. The iPlayer Radio app has changed to BBC Sounds. My BBC iPlayer app still works fine for the TV side of things.
  11. IanM

    Webasto timer reset

    From the sound of things it’s the same as ours. It doesn’t come on at 3 times, you tell it which one of the 3 you want it to come on at then it’s up to you to turn it off. Don’t think of it as a timer, more a timed starter.
  12. Don’t wish to take anything away from that post but it would be the Brindley Place build. The ICC was already there at the time.
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