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  1. rawsondsr

    When do you run your engine?

    Small battery bank, high electricity usage, knackered batterys, hot water, just a few reasons i can think of
  2. rawsondsr


    Thanks, i guess its just going to be a case of trying different organisations
  3. rawsondsr


    I'm looking into getting a rescue dog in the near future, from reading on various dog centres websites, they do home visits to assess the suitability of your home. My question is how does being a liveaboard affect this? Will it be a no because of no enclosed garden/lack of space/other, or does it not matter so much? Many thanks
  4. rawsondsr

    Cratch cover zip

    Went to zip up the cratch just now,and the zip literally fell apart! Is it possible to replace just the zip, or does the whole zip strip need replacing?
  5. I have a Reeves Hull with a deep well deck - it has a foot square of the floor in one of the lockers which has been dropped a couple of inches in which a bilge pump sits to remove any water - as far as i can tell, this is original and not a modification.
  6. rawsondsr

    Stove usage

    I have a Bubble corner stove - and am wondering about the correct way to use it with regards to the vents. it has a vent on the door, one under the grate, and some thin slats above the door. how should i be using these vents with wood, or briquettes? thanks
  7. rawsondsr

    Tunnel light mount

    My tunnel light mount has failed, what is this part called do I can get a new one? Thanks
  8. rawsondsr

    Assistance required!

    when i get back, i'll be getting my jabs done, as a precaution, and keeping an eye on me, just in case.
  9. rawsondsr

    Assistance required!

    Hauled it via rope to a shallower section of bank, made a ramp using planks that had been dumped, but still unable to drag it out, with another boater pulling with me, so put a stake round the wire to hold it at the bank, gonna have to leave it sadly, going yo report it to crt
  10. rawsondsr

    Assistance required!

    After 5 hours in the water, i've got it off, covered in cuts and scratches now as well, all i need to do now is remove it from the water to prevent anyone else getting fouled up - a passing boater said 'just leave it, let it be someone else's problem', err, no, im getting it out - up a nearly meter high bank, one way or another!
  11. rawsondsr

    Assistance required!

    Garden shears as that's what was on the boat, a d I doubt a knife is going to get through a mattress! Gonna walk to a DIY shop and see what I can do
  12. rawsondsr

    Assistance required!

    Had to haul it half a mile just to Moor up, all I have is cheap garden pruning shears, won't touch the mattress fabric, let alone the wires, guess I'd better stump up a load of cash for rcr
  13. rawsondsr

    Assistance required!

    Called them up, lady is going to see if anyone can assist before Monday!
  14. rawsondsr

    Assistance required!

    On the Paddington arm, and got a mattress round the prop! Assistance will be greatly appreciated from anyone with anything to help get it off!
  15. rawsondsr

    Canal closures

    Is there a map i can view with current closures on it due to water loss/breach/other?

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