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  1. rawsondsr

    Oh Hell no

    The bit that failed - the pipe was also slightly blocked which probably didnt help things!
  2. rawsondsr

    Battery Care

    Ive had a look, but can't find much with the search function. Whats the best way to look after my 5 x 95AH AG batteries? How Often should i charge to 100%? Lowest i should let them discharge? To be installed shortly - Nasa BM2, smartguage, and 540w solar.
  3. rawsondsr

    Oh Hell no

    I've a vacuum cassette toilet system. The pipe going into the cassette blew off. 🤢😪 Time for the disinfectant to come out !
  4. rawsondsr

    Hour meter

    Since the hour meter on my dash is intermittent at best - i want to install a separate hour meter to keep track of hours properly. As far as im aware it's 2 wires - ground and a positive from the ignition somewhere? where is a good place to tap into and a good meter to get? beta 43 thanks
  5. How do i replace the packing? What do I need to loosen to do it? Thanks
  6. rawsondsr

    Im flippin knackered

    Solo boater, 16 miles, 20 locks 1 swing bridge, and 10 hours. I think i'll sleep well tonight! only a few more miles to my destination tomorrow, and then a well earned rest!
  7. rawsondsr

    Oh dear

    I seem to own a nb now. What have I done!
  8. rawsondsr


    Due to compete the sale of my new to me nb soon, so need to sort insurance - any recommendations for a liveaboard? thanks
  9. rawsondsr

    Water tank

    recently been painted so no, not at this time. I'll get a bilge pump which has the advantage of leaving me with a spare if needed.
  10. rawsondsr

    Water tank

    Due to pick up my first nb in a couple of weeks - cant wait 😁 however the water in the bow tank is old and has a scummy film on top, so will need emptying. Whats the best way? empty via sink? fill with fresh till overflowing to remove scum then empty via sink? or another way?
  11. rawsondsr


    I should be getting my first nb in a couple of weeks all going well, and have started to think about what i need aboard. Apart from the basic chains/pins hammer etc what else is considered essential?
  12. rawsondsr

    AGM Batteries

    How do these differ from lead acid, and how do i look after them?
  13. rawsondsr

    Are you new to boating?? CLICK HERE

    Hello, name's Dave, and just started the buying process of my first nb - survey done, negotiations to come! Scary , but good scary!
  14. rawsondsr

    What is this for?

    I reckon you're right rusty - thanks
  15. rawsondsr

    What is this for?

    no idea if it works or what it reads - thats all i have

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