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  1. rawsondsr

    Route advice

    When i say 'one' i mean a couple, one for me, one for a guest if i have one. Yes, single handed. I don't plan on the Tidal Trent just yet, Just the Non tidal section, I want more experience before tidal work, only being on board for 9 months. Mooring on the Soar and Trent - i guess its pretty much only designated mooring spots that i can use?
  2. rawsondsr

    Route advice

    No, Yes, No, but going to get one. How necessary is a VHF? That's just the start - i'll continue on through Harecastle Tunnel and beyond, but that is likely a month at least away - i'll decide where i'm going nearer the time.
  3. rawsondsr

    Route advice

    I'm planning a several month journey departing in a week or two, from Milton Keynes up to Market Harborough, on to the Trent, down to Fradley, and up to Stoke on Trent. Anything i should be aware of? No stop areas? good places to stop? What will the Soar and Trent be like over the next few months?Never done rivers before so any advice is appreciated!
  4. rawsondsr

    Leaking water pump

    exactly my plan - even if i don't fix it, as a temporary spare it'll do the job for a short while
  5. rawsondsr

    Leaking water pump

    Ordered a replacement, hopefully it'll be good for a few years to come!
  6. rawsondsr

    Leaking water pump

    I have a flojet Quiet Quad R4405-143, age unknown, and has started leaking a little from the block at the front with the wires coming out. Is this repairable, or is it best to just replace? Seeps from just below that bolt in the centre
  7. rawsondsr

    Where to dump rubbish/building waste?

    I did a tip run last week - to dispose of stuff in storage and odds n sods as well as several oil changes worth of oil. hired a van for this purpose, turned up and was told they'll let me off today but in future i'll need a permit - applied for this using a friends address and went back the next day for another load - with the oil. i had about 30 litres worth but was told there's an 8l limit per year or pay £5 cash per litre on the excess- more than the new cost - i still have that excess oil. and they wonder why tipping is on the increase! (they took my permit details and reg down to keep a record)
  8. rawsondsr

    Tardebigge Times

    I did the Tardebigge flight solo back in the summer - if i remember correctly it took me about 4 and a half hours. Going up took about 6 hours due to having to wait for CRT to come out and remove a gate obstruction. I was happy with the progress i made - with crew i reckon i could have knocked an hour off those times.
  9. rawsondsr

    Roof Vegetable Garden

    Thinking of having a vegetable garden on the roof this year in planters. Not being very green fingered currently, what's the best way to do it and what plants? Compost - seeds - fertiliser/water/feed - pick and eat? Thinking lettuce, bell peppers, radish, tomato, broccoli, cucumber. Would these work out? looking for flat low growing produce, not towering plants.
  10. rawsondsr

    What fuel?

    Need to stock up on solid fuel for the coming months. Whats recommended these days? looking for low ash, good heat, long lasting and value (not necessarily cheapest!)
  11. rawsondsr

    Another Lithium battery thread

    https://sterling-power.com/products/alternator-open-circuit-protection-device Would something like this help protect the alternator from the shutoff spike? Seems like it does the job?
  12. rawsondsr

    Mobile retention deals

    I used to have a 15GB 'unlimited' tariff from t mobile many years ago - unlimited in the way they throttled the speed after 15GB to 28k (slower than the old 56k dialup!) but with Three there is no such thing as far as I am aware. I also had a vodafone data contract at one point - the worst decision i ever made! Rarely got a signal and could only cancel the contract by paying the whole contract off so just left it to run out.
  13. rawsondsr

    Mobile retention deals

  14. rawsondsr

    Mobile retention deals

    I've been on a pretty good contract for many years now (unlimited everything, inc unlimited hotspot for £20 a month on a rolling one month contract, sim only), phoned them up about something, then they said they could offer me a better deal so i agreed to talk to retentions. I had no intention of leaving or changing but thought it was worth a talk. What did they offer me? Unlimited everything, 20GB limited hotspot for £32 a month, sim only 1 month or £27 for a 12 month. A better deal? Not sure they grasp 'better', unless worse is better! Needless to say i'm still on the same contract!
  15. rawsondsr

    Stolen Bike

    Stolen in June according to the police that turned up and recovered it. Looked to be in good condition under all the grime (well, as good as it could after several months in the water!)

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