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    Anywhere i want it to be!
  1. Price Fallows Shell

    Anyone know anything about these? Good quality or not, good hull design? many thanks
  2. Brokers

  3. Brokers

    can i ask why?
  4. Brokers

    What brokers are recommended? ABNB and Rugby Boats are two that spring to mind. as for the ok brokers and poor brokers i'm unsure. is the broker actually that important? after all there's no warranty on a nb, the brokers (generally) don't own the nbs, they just act as an estate agent effectively?
  5. Just wondering what the 'normal' procedure and timescale would be at a broker, when things get done, how long for a survey, are we talking a week or two or a month or two? I realise its 'how long is a piece of string', but a generalisation is ok
  6. So much to think about when buying your first nb

    Sorry travel power not pack
  7. nb lengths and locks

    i think i will have to get one of them - thanks
  8. nb lengths and locks

    Is there a clear map or source anywhere that shows you where the longer nbs are limited to - a map with lengths in ft for example?
  9. So much to think about when buying your first nb

    Amp hours is what i meant, I'll remember to write the correct units as misinformation/misunderstanding can cause issues! Why do you think macerators are bad? Not trying to say youre wrong, just wondering? And composting as well? Without 240v charging from genny/travelower would it even be posstibe to get a good charge without running the engine for hours and hours on end? 12v or 6v traction? Please elaborate, i'd love a low revving vintage sounding engine - can these heat calorifiers and use travelpacks? Exactly my thoughts, i've been a cassette user for a few years now!
  10. rawsondsr

  11. I'm planning to buy a nb in the next 6 months or so as a liveaboard boat. Undecided yet as whether to get a mooring or be a cc with winter mooring. I've been a fulltimer in a touring caravan for a few years now, so am well used to the kind of lifestyle, albeit less self sufficient with regards to power. Also had several boating holidays. Current thoughts are 55 to 70 feet, trad stern, traditional layout. solar, travelpower/diesel genny would all be a bonus. Current budget is up to around 60k Regarding the battery bank i'm guessing i would need 400-450 amps, a power audit will show me what i actually need, but am i right in thinking if the audit shows 200, then 400 is what you need due to lead acids not liking to be discharged, lithium i want to see the price come down a bit and see the safety aspects proven. plus i'm not willing to throw 5k down the drain due to possible poor charging regimes. Stoves - when they're by the door, do they lose lots through the door? is the middle the best place? diesel or solid fuel? Engine rooms, handy space or waste of space? Im thinking modern diesel over a traditional engine, purely for reliability, parts, maintenance, and water heating. Or are there some vintage engines that would work for me? Bow thrusters - handy bit of kit or a toy used once in a while? Wind turbines for winter power - do these get any worthwhile power out of them? Solar - if not installed - 3-400w or double that? I think i would prefer pumpout to cassette, but are they as bad as people make them out to be? I'm planning on visiting a few brokers - but am aware that some have good reputations - abnb, rugby boats to name a couple, and others are more questionable - whilton and great heywood for example. shoukd i avoid these or go into those being aware and getting everything in writing? I will probably visit whilton purely because of the large range they have to get a good idea of what i want, after all in theory i may want a, b and c, but in reality what feels right would be b, c and d. Comments greatly appreciated, and i'm sure there'll be many more questions, and i'm off do do some more reading...