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  1. Planning a trip to Kingston on Thames to see some family in mid July, and just wondering what mooring is like there? Is it plentiful or busy? Suggestions welcome!
  2. I was told once that 'we don't help single handers as they know what they are doing, we only help hire boaters as they are clueless' or words along those lines. Best vlovkie i've had was coming out of Birmingham where he went ahead and set the locks for me, most helpful, last time on the Hatton flight the official vlockies ignored me, and just shut the gate behind me by their hut and went back to their cup of tea, a couple of locks later, an autistic lad who helps out once a week asked if he could asist, and set each of the following locks for me, in the pouring rain, again most helpful! At the Knowle flight i had a vlockie complain she cant get any painting done with the constant boats!
  3. it's an iskra, but no part number visible on unit - i can get a mahle equivalent for £160, but i'll ring round some local places first
  4. no charge coming out of it, plus that burnt electric smell, using starter alternator for temporary domestic charging using a jump lead at the moment. I'll look for a part number tomorrow, looking into nearby alternator repairs currently.
  5. I've no idea what make it is, just that its the original green one. I'm Marsworth Way at the moment
  6. My domestic alternator, 100amp, had died on me. Whats the correct replacement please? thanks
  7. I had my first windlass injury today. I was winding an especially stiff paddle, putting lots of force into winding it, and as i was doing this, it got to a freely moving section, and with all the force i could muster, i whacked the end of the handle into my kneecap. oo ya bugger. It was agony, and i felt like i was going to faint, so moved away from the edge and sat down for 10 mins just groaning, and rubbing my knee. I was limping for the rest of the day,and have a nice bruise now, Not the normal injury, but by golly, never again!
  8. I got shouted at for going too slowly past a moored boat today ? I think some people just like to moan and shout no matter what
  9. The water is about 6 inches down from the top of the concrete currently - i'll be here for as long as i deem necessary - no sign of numpty yet
  10. Oh no he's not yes he is ?
  11. on the visitor moorings between the weir and marina
  12. still moored up in barrow upon soar, and probably will be for a few days yet! It's a gusty one today
  13. I had an interesting experience with side winds yesterday - not only did it suddenly blow me sideways about six to ten feet, but it also tipped me over by about 20/25 degrees, so much so my side hatches opened!
  14. I'm currently on the Soar, which is in flood according to the coloured boards - Travelled about 12 miles yesterday on it, with no issues, but what will the trent be like? (i'll be heading west, which is upstream?) is it best to wait it out, and if so, how long do we reckon that will take for levels to drop?
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