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  1. rawsondsr

    Stolen Bike

    Just spent the past few hours pulling out a stolen and dumped motorbike from the canal- with a couple of random bystanders. Now that was hard work! Police are currently waiting for recovery, that's my good deed done for the day!
  2. rawsondsr

    Starter On A Beta 43

    Have a quick watch of this
  3. rawsondsr

    Car insurance.

    I am currently arguing with the insurance company for my caravan, back in July it caught fire and is a total loss. Their current arguments are 1. i only had the policy for 4 months, so it's a bit early to claim. FRAUD!!!! (if it was near the end of the policy, i reckon i would have got the same reasoning!) 2. i did not have a policy in force prior to the current policy (i was living in the caravan prior to this policy being taken out, and getting insurance for full timing in caravans is nigh on impossible, if not in the many thousands, 5k plus for a 12k van) they don't like that, my two options were take the risk and not cover my assets, or commit insurance fraud MUST BE FRAUD!!!! 3. the caravan was not registered with a voluntary ownership database (i had major issues with registering my previous caravan with them,so did not bother this time) MUST BE STOLEN ERGO FRAUD!!! 4. can my home insurance cover the cost of it? WE DON'T WANT TO PAY!!! 5. Because you didn't have car breakdown cover, we refuse to recover your burnt out shell from the roadside, and will not cover the cost of specialist recovery for your caravan because THAT COSTS MONEY! or something! I will continue fighting and will take it further if i have to. 😣
  4. rawsondsr

    CRT licence payments problems

    When I first licenced my boat when i first got it in early june (around the 7th i believe) they tried to pin a £150 'late payment' charge on me for paying 'late', after a bit of arguing over the phone, about why would i licence a boat i don't yet own, (the sale could afterall not go through, unlikely, but...) i'm licencing it within hours of taking ownership of the boat, so it's not a late payment, im licencing as soon as the insurance has been sorted) the lady on the phone agreed to waive the fee for me! Not an argument i should have had to have!
  5. rawsondsr

    Time to raid the piggy bank 23rd November

    Freaky Friday?
  6. rawsondsr

    Trojan Lithium Batteries

    Hmm, I was planning on upgrading to a 400AH Lifepo4 bank, but those carbons come in at half the price with no apparent drawbacks - but as dmr said, I also want to see independent usage info rather than nothing bad at all advertising. Has anyone used Lead Carbon?
  7. rawsondsr

    power audit

    I'm going to undertake a power audit over the next few days - Items that give a wattage,how do i convert this to AH?
  8. rawsondsr


    Delightful I should imagine!
  9. rawsondsr


    I assume it's ok to burn paper/cardboard waste in the stove, but not plastic packaging due to smell/smoke/noxious chemicals being released?
  10. rawsondsr

    When do you run your engine?

    Small battery bank, high electricity usage, knackered batterys, hot water, just a few reasons i can think of
  11. rawsondsr


    Thanks, i guess its just going to be a case of trying different organisations
  12. rawsondsr


    I'm looking into getting a rescue dog in the near future, from reading on various dog centres websites, they do home visits to assess the suitability of your home. My question is how does being a liveaboard affect this? Will it be a no because of no enclosed garden/lack of space/other, or does it not matter so much? Many thanks
  13. rawsondsr

    Cratch cover zip

    Went to zip up the cratch just now,and the zip literally fell apart! Is it possible to replace just the zip, or does the whole zip strip need replacing?
  14. I have a Reeves Hull with a deep well deck - it has a foot square of the floor in one of the lockers which has been dropped a couple of inches in which a bilge pump sits to remove any water - as far as i can tell, this is original and not a modification.
  15. rawsondsr

    Stove usage

    I have a Bubble corner stove - and am wondering about the correct way to use it with regards to the vents. it has a vent on the door, one under the grate, and some thin slats above the door. how should i be using these vents with wood, or briquettes? thanks

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