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  1. Thanks Alan, I was hoping this may pull him back in but I suspect it’s a sh!!!y post to come back to 😅 I did note it was an old post, I’m open to any other suggestions our learned boater friends maybe familiar with. thanks again
  2. Hi Johny Did you manage to find a solution for this issue? Did you revert to buying an original replacement? I’ve experienced the same issue as yourself with the exception that as I pulled the end of the float out it separated and one of the pieces dropped back into the abyss (not even going to try and fish that out!) I’m just thinking of alternatives to retrofit as I’m not convinced on the reliability of this unit considering it’s failed after 2 years. Ideally using the existing hole, just wondering whether the MSC or Wema units would fit and secure in to the existing cut out. cheers for any info you may have. Deep (lock)
  3. Morning Gents OP here. Sorry I haven’t been on this thread for a bit, I've had a lot going on! I can see all the fantastic ideas and suggestions - thank you to ALL of you. Ill try and respond to the genny options later, ive also been looking at the Honda eu20 ‘suitcase’ generator. in regards to the ballast issue, there have been some significant improvements. I had a stack of steel plates placed under the galley before kitchen was installed. This has dropped the Uxter plate to less than half inch above water. We still have a few bits to go in the galley as well as granite worktops so hoping this will complete the final trim. Boat builders asked me to finalise fit out and they will come back to do a final trim. Ill get get a picture tonight.
  4. I will let them see what they can do on Monday, I have surveyor that will come down to inspect it after the steel has been placed, will see what he thinks. to be honest, I haven’t had time to digest all the comments regarding the oven power while cruising. I’ve checked the inverter and it’s a 2500W Pro Combi Pure Sine Wave connected to 3 leisure batteries - is this likely to replicate the generator? Quite frankly I’m clueless on the power side so please don’t scoff at my comments ?. Ok, I’m thinking about it....sounds far easier than electric!
  5. Yes it’s a stern deck with engine underneath. I didn’t really want extra weights placed in the engine area as I’d imagine it would look odd and restrict the limited space inside there. That said, if that’s where it has to go then so be it. Would the counter plates be accessible to store steel? Or is that the same as the engine area? Good to know, thank you
  6. I was told that I should get a BSS after my gas installation. Or was it a gas safety certificate ? Seeing as they have offered to put it right I don’t think it would be fair to mention names, if they don’t - you will know about it! That said, all the contributors here gave me the knowledge to get a better solution ie steel under galley.
  7. Sorry, didn’t explain it very well. Gas locker storage is outside the galley on stern deck.
  8. Hi Howard We won’t be using camping stoves, plan is to have a gas hob and we have located the gas bottle locker immediately behind thengas hob. Hob will be installed by a professional gas installer and then BSS inspection immediately thereafter. Haha its been a very long, stressful and tiring day!
  9. Oops , sorry just realised I have done it the wrong way round ?, I’m glad you’re paying attention! So, corrected as follows fuel tank - stern (30% full) of 400 ltrs water tank - bow waste tank - bow/bedroom - approx 12 ft from front Oh and it’s 70 ft
  10. Good evening everyone, Update 2: Builder has advised they’re sending a team down to resolve the issue armed with plates of steel to be set under the galley floor and wherever else required to balance the boat. I have spoken to a surveyor and it think it’s worthwhile them coming after the weight balancing, that way I can be sure the job has been completed satisfactorily. Kitchen, I mean galley fit out and flooring has been paused until after steel has been loaded. Shall report back on Monday evening, in the meantime I’ll start looking at the oven posts ? That’s correct, gas hob and leccy oven.
  11. Hi Alan, fuel tank - stern (30% full) of 400 ltrs water tank - bow waste tank - bow/bedroom - approx 12 ft from front ‘Tis indeed! Definitely not aground, it sailed down 7 locks too!
  12. Good Morning to you all, OP here ???? We’ll, I didn’t expect so many replies and so much useful information to come out - bonus was that I learnt a little more about where and when I can use my oven. Apologies to the people that sent me details on the oven, to be honest I really haven’t time to investigate this part as I’m just very concerned about the balance of the boat. As a result of all your feedback, I have now stopped the galley fit out - thankfully nothing was hard fixed to walls etc. I have been in touch with a surveyor for an Independent assessment. I have contacted the builder and advised them to get here promptly, this week and not next week.Ive also told them I’m not having steel shoved behind the plinths, it will have to go under the floors. All your comments were greatly appreciated. I will come back to you with an update once surveyor comes in. thanks
  13. Hi DMR, it will be moving once we get this problem sorted! We will be located in. Marina with shore power, however, going by the comments here I think we may have underestimated the power output required. Done!
  14. Yes, that makes sense and I suspect builder doesn’t want to lift up floors and replace the brick ballast with steel hence why he told me to carry on fitting the kitchen! This is exactly what I’m going to tell him, replace the bricks with steel and see how we go from there. Thanks We are going electric as we’ll be in the marina approx 75% of the time, when we’re cruising we’ll just use gas.
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