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  1. Johny London

    Prescription woes

    Some useful tips there, thank you. I think regarding scripts for longer supply amounts, obviously you are getting more meds for the same one £8, so can understand reluctance to do more than a certain amount. Mine let me have two months. Of course, if its on separate scripts then of course you are paying more £8 fees so should be ok. It seems my best bet is to get signed up with that online thing next time I'm over there, though I'm going to walk into a Boots and see if they can make it happen from their end in the meantime. Failing that, meds off the shelf will have to suffice.
  2. Johny London

    What's wrong with Britain

    Found a small post office on the outskirts of town. Only two people queuing so I thought I'd take my chance. Somehow though, it would still prove to take the seemingly mandatory twenty minutes to get served. Finally, after having read all the notices and things for sale, at least twice over, it was my turn, and I offered the man behind the counter my small package. The man looked at it, then at me - the game was afoot - first I was grilled as to its contents, "Electronic" I say, vaguely." "Does it contain batteries?" "No I replied thinking secretly about the devices internal rechargeable battery." "What's the value of the item, more than twenty pounds?" "Yeh a little, just insure it for the twenty though mate, that'll be ok". I say. "Oh no, we can't do that. If its worth more, then you wont get anything," came the reply. The mans tone had darkened thanks to the fact that my package had got stuck half way through the piece of wood with a rectangular hole in it that he was now holding in front of my eyes. (For those unfamiliar, I refer to the high tech piece of equipment with not one but two - and this is the clever bit - differently sized slots that all post offices are issued with in the twenty first century). "That'll be four pounds twenty five please" the man said, looking rather pleased with himself. "Oh? It's the same as when I received it and the old postage label on the front (which I had taken care to partially obscure with blue felt tip, lest it cause any confusion on the subsequent journey) was £2.50, first class. Can you not do it any cheaper?" I pleaded. "Yes, you can have second class" came the reply. "Oh ok, how much is that then?" I almost hesitated to ask. "Three ninety five." Pointing to the original postage label I reiterated "Well, it came for two fifty and it's still the same." I was clutching at straws - even I could tell that this guy was clearly a jobsworth, and loving every minute of it. "Ah no, you see, it might have come as a large letter, but it has subsequently become a little crumpled, and now won't go through the large letter slot - it'll block up the sorting office." It was prolly your lot that crumpled it in the first place I thought, but blame was pointless and I could see I was going nowhere, and nor would my package be. "Do you know what mate? Just give it here, I'll leave it." A tactical withdrawal was my only remaining option - the queue was out the door by now. Forward fast several days and I thought I'd try my luck at another post office. "I think it'll go as a large letter" I offered, helpfully but not too keenly, for fear of giving the game away. "Pop it on the scale," came the reply, this time from a friendly girl. Here we go I thought. The result from the scales was a resounding yes - the post office were prepared to consider this transaction, and once requested, I handed the package over to the girl who produced - seemingly from nowhere - the dreaded hi tech auto sizing gadget. Once again, I was to witness my package stopping half way through the larger of the two slots. That's it I thought. But then, the girl gave the piece of wood a little jiggle - it was an inspired move - never touching the package, which would clearly have been against the rules, but just a little, tiny, wee jiggle just to grease the wheels so to speak. The package plopped through the slot that had twice tried so hard to scupper me. The girl looked up "That'll be one pound twenty five please."
  3. Johny London

    Prescription woes

    Whilst closer to London I had been visiting my local Boots every couple months to pick up my script. Naturally, as soon as I was out of range and decided to phone the surgery and ask for it to go to a different Boots, the apple cart has been well and truly upset... It worked once or so, then I had to write a letter to the surgery explaining why I need my script, then it was ok another couple times. Now I phone with another location and they wont do it at all unless I go in in person to the surgery, which I can't because I'm away which is why I'm asking.... So they said if I go to Boots they can order it - but I tried that before and they need some kind of number, or something that the surgery doesn't have because they aren't on whatever kind of computer system that some surgeries are on, but not all... So the surgery tells me I can order online so I tried that but online you need two different codes/reference numbers in order to generate the third, all important reference number in order to register. Only I am registered with the surgery, just not the online bit so I phoned them again and they said I'll have to (you guessed it) come into the surgery so I can fill out a paper form to register for those other numbers so I can register online. Honestly, it's nearly as bad as the tax! So - is it even possible, once registered and with the online thing up and running? Or will the first time I change the Boots address muck it all up again? I expect someone on here must be in the same boat so to speak. You wouldn't think it was the twentieth century let alone the twenty first! Also, I don't want to end up with the surgery de registering me altogether because I'm no longer in the area. What with this and the jobsworth at the post office the other day with that stupid bit of wood for the large letter...
  4. Johny London

    Roof Vegetable Garden

    What I nice idea - I did once see a narrowboat where someone had an entire garden on their roof - if I remember I think it was edged with decking and most likely stood off the roof as much as possible (water/rust etc) as I remember thinking it had been done rather well and was reasonably durable and practical. One thing to consider is watering - if you by planters / pots / etc with no drain holes, you'll be ok in the summer as they wont dry out if you are away for a day or two (fingers crossed) whereas ones with drain holes can't hold any surplus and can be difficult to really re soak once they get a bit dry. On the other hand, once it gets to raining a lot, you can end up with totally flooded containers, but prolly not until the very end of season. Another thing with the drain holes is that you will get streaks of muddy water even with saucers underneath as they don't really hold much. Produce wise - I always do really well with cucumbers, but they are not for the roof as too tall. (Put a large pot on your bow hatch!) I would do only short crops up top, so root vege as others have suggested, radishes are good because you don't have to have very deep pots. Herbs good also. Lettuce too. To sum up, have a good think about it then give it a go - always wonderful to see things coming up at the start of the season
  5. Johny London

    solar..parallel Vs series parallel

    I would go two in series, in parallel with the other two in series, that way you get a bit of both. If you have all four in series there is a good chance of some section being in the shade. I think as I've described they can still all go into one controller (subject to the controllers ratings) - it's what I'm doing when I get my second pair anyway.
  6. Johny London

    900w generator how big a charger can I use 20a?

    Regarding the Victron combi side of things, - I have the 12/300/120 and you can "set the charge current" which although only gives an example for 45a, looks like there is no reason why one could not put in a far lower setting. Another setting which in this case will have a similar effect is shore supply which can be set between 2-16a. The rest of course being supplied from the batteries when needed. (With Power assist set to on). I think the bit about the generator requirement is slightly ambiguous, and might perhaps mean " to get the very most out of the charger...a minimum of xx genny is needed" If you are using an inverter genny, you may find that if it does "trip" it just carries on running and you won't know that you are now wasting your time/fuel and possibly caning your batteries. Not sure what happens with other genny types but presume the Victron circuitry would step in if things get too out of whack - again you may need to keep your eye on things. Though, after a while you will get your settings right and know your equipment's quirks.
  7. Johny London

    Ammeter wiring

    So, it's not really the ideal meter for either situation, due to its scale and rating and type. (A digital one will show 0.5 amps as clearly as 50 amps obviously). But on the other hand, the op likes it (presumably) and it would show that something is wrong if there was a fault condition, which would be useful.
  8. Johny London

    Ammeter wiring

    One last thought - I like the idea of the remote shunt. You could do a shunt for each battery circuit and have a switch to choose which the ammeter was displaying. Most useful
  9. Johny London

    Oh Dear, How Sad, Never Mind

    Coincidentally, over the last couple of months I had been watching the entire box set of Aint Half Hot, having just finished it off. First series was a bit naff (I seem to remember it got bad reviews from critics at the time?) the most notable thing being the very poor set. But as it went on it got better and better as the cast settled into their roles and really began to flourish. An improved set when the plot line had them move location topped things off nicely and by the end it was absolutely brilliant, the last couple of episodes even had an air of tragedy about them as the men disbanded. If you are not phased by phrases such as "Yellow nips" etc then I highly recommend.
  10. Johny London

    Marina smoke pollution

    I was relatively uninterested in the op's post, until I found myself in the same situation! Currently berthed next to a boat that has quite a short chimney and burns a lot of wood, the other morning I awoke feeling very groggy, and to a sickening smell of burning in the boat - it was the smoke from outside that had been blowing in through my stern vents and all the gaps between doors etc (my boat is not finished so no seals yet!). I don't know if the chap wasn't onboard initially, or if the wind changed direction, but I have since had to come to a regime of taping all the vents and gaps right up, at the stern, which has done the trick. Though a bit of a faff for getting in and out. I don't want to give the guy a hard time, he's busily working away trying to fit the boat out and the last thing he needs is someone giving him grief as he struggles to keep warm while putting all his spare time into the project. After all, we all have to keep warm and I burn wood too!
  11. Johny London

    Ammeter wiring

    3 metres is quite a long run, but if you like the meter, then have it! Being brass I presume you have a kind of traditional aesthetic going on and the added instrumentation would be pleasant. For my money it would go on the starter battery, what do others think? Use good cable and put it in that convoluted trunking stuff as well?
  12. Johny London

    Ammeter wiring

    Is it that you happen to have this ammeter and you want to use it, or that you want an ammeter and this is one you already have lying around? If the former, as it is not going to be very easy to read accurately, I would suggest it goes on the starter battery, though I think you will need decent cables especially if it is a long run. If the latter, I would suggest a quick search on ebay that will find you digital ammeters that can read in both directions and that use very large shunts on the battery negatives - just an extra link cable required for each, and you could by a pair of meters - one for each battery bank.
  13. Johny London

    Channelglaze or Caldwell?

    I've got Caldwells, but I have an issue in so much as all the drain holes are blocked by the glass that appears to have dropped down. I contacted Caldwells to try and establish if this was a fitting issue or what, but Reg was ultimately very unhelpful and didn't want to know. So it's a thumbs down from me I'm afraid. On a plus point, the design is very basic so not much to go wrong, and fixed internally.
  14. Johny London

    Newly fitted Webasto Firing ok but No Hot Water

    Same here! Yes they do heat up quite slowly, the first time there is much trepidation....will it won't it? Well done getting it going though. On another recent thread we discovered that the thing re boots after 72 mins anyway, just so you know.
  15. Johny London

    Rust along water line?

    If you like it, buy it. Whatever you get you will end up spending money on - better that it is something your heart is 100% into.

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