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  1. Fitting a Webasto

    Yeh I know... don't get me started on batteries
  2. Fitting a Webasto

    Thanks. In what way is that good news though? Unless they are gonna bring me round a free upgrade and install it! Oh and fit me a 24v system. I wonder if I can devise a way to easily monitor the ttc? For example a flashing led to match the pump speed? Does the pump have a pulsed 12v sent to it or is it constant? If the former would be easy to add an indicator. I usually only run the heater when the engine is running because it flattens the batteries but I can't hear the ticking unless I turn the engine off! PS - I thought htere would be just two pulse speeds but it seems to do gradually variable.
  3. Fitting a Webasto

    Been keeping nice and warm thanks to the Webasto - and I got the inhibitor in too. I've been making sure not to leave the heater running too long - to avoid it going into low output mode and coking up. When it starts the pump ticks about twice a second, after about 90 mins or so it slows down (and all the rads seem up to temperature) so that is when I have been switching it off - is that correct or can it be left on till it is almost not ticking at all - just once it had gone very quiet. Hopefully get a bit more life out of it than I do with batteries!
  4. Aceleron - repurposed lithium batteries for boaters

    Not heard from the guys at Acceleron, but I've mailed them, summing up our requirements and concerns, so I will let you know what the response is. In the meantime, Jono is making (somewhat lengthy) progress... I must say, this level of install does look a tad daunting - not to mention costly.
  5. How does your garden grow?

    Will keep a couple of long planters on the stern seat bit, couple of round or square pots on the stern lockers, and another pot on the bow locker hatch - no low bridge concerns. Hadn't thought of flower type plants I must admit - maybe put some hardy perennials in after the season. Just a little bit of pleasure.
  6. Oil and service items

    Yes actually I think the best I could find from Morris was 10/40. But every time I have bought oil it has been slightly wrong - either the w rating or the cc has been cf or something - and this is from chandlers. The one time I had exactly the thing it was from an actual canaline outlet in Essex. Not cheap either, usual chandler style prices. I wonder why a recent to market engine supplier would choose a block you can practically not get the oil for. Regarding the filters, Is it inline or online? Online I couldn't find at all. Inline they come up with results for the oil filter but not the air or fuel filters (just the external fuel filter but not the engine one). It found both the canal line part and the mann equivalent - worryingly suggesting different replacements for each! I guess if they fit and are physically the same size the only other factor might be flow rate perhaps due to different fineness in the filtering material? I'm sure that once I can get an equivalent air filter I'll be able to work off that number and source them - it's certainly nothing special. I know Jono has got the same engine - he's bound to have sussed it out, I'll ask him.
  7. Oil and service items

    It's a Kioti
  8. Oil and service items

    Thanks - but this is the problem, no one does 15/40, only 20/50 (except Morris).
  9. Oil and service items

    Could you be specific please? Ie exact details of product and where to purchase? ta
  10. How does your garden grow?

    oh, so sad to hear things getting knicked Yes the thing is the shops all have beautiful cheap stuff in summer, so in a way there is no point - especially factoring in cost of pots seeds compost etc. Beetroot is always expensive though. Just for pleasure really, plus brighten up the boat. Will use planters with no holes in and pots with dishes under - regarding messing up painted surfaces. All plastic too, not the rough ceramic ones. Herbs I never seem to do well with.
  11. How does your garden grow?

    Hoping this year to get a few things growing in pots and long planters. Nothing fancy, just missing my garden and being in touch with the growing season. Was eying up the pots and bits in Wilko today - yes as the snow came down outside, we shoppers could look at things for the summer already It seems to me that very tall, gangly plants might be a problem if and when they need to be moved (for stuff like when I want to handle the boat etc!). So was thinking, maybe a planter each of carrots, radishes and beetroot. Maybe deep pots with soil 1/2 way up or so with a bush tomato, and a cucumber (which is long and gangly but maybe I can kind of contain it), plus a pot with lettuce. At least the root vegetables wont be prone to toppling if the soil gets a bit dry and the wind whips up. Wondering what the green fingered amongst us do for crops?
  12. Aceleron - repurposed lithium batteries for boaters

    I've made a list of questions/requirements based on the points raised in this discussion, so if I get to speak with the guys from Aceleron I can at least let them know what it is we want, even if they cannot help at this time. Might well have a chance next week. In the meantime, I continue to struggle with my LA's. The recent addition of the Webasto, adding to my power requirements seem to have pushed things into the red as far as what I can supply from my existing set up. I have decided to firstly address the access problem I have to my batteries - a nice little project to cut away the deck floor on both sides and replace it with a boxed in section of raised sides with hexaboard removable tops (I need the extra height on the other side for a built in genny) - it will look very smart too. Once that is done I can actually get to my batteries - incase I try lithium but have to swap back in the old LA's or something. Easier for tinkering but will have to wait for somewhat better weather. Just an update
  13. Teddington lock shut 2-3 March

    Wow - I'm off out that way as soon as the weather clears!
  14. Oil and service items

    After getting regularly ripped off for consumables (oil/air filters and oil etc) I have finally been trying to find reliable alternative sources. I had a stroke of luck at a chandlers -they sold me an equivalent oil filter, by a company called MANN. So now I have a "regular" part number I can offer to car shops/factors etc. It was "only" £9.50 so I got two, but have since found that Eurocarparts stock them for a fiver (on offer but aren't they always). That's good because there are plenty of those places around. I didn't have any luck with the air filter yet though and the best I could do was £15 on line (ouch!). But when that gets to me hopefully it will reveal an equivalent part number that can be gotten hold of more easily or at least cross referenced. Last thing really is oil - almost non existent - even on google - 15/40 api cc. All I could find was Morris for about £26/5l. I'd like to do a bit better. Thought I'd cracked it today in Wilko - mineral oil 20/50 cc and only £15. So close. This is for a canaline 42 - if anyone is interested the oil filter is W914/26
  15. Aceleron - repurposed lithium batteries for boaters

    Yes I'd been thinking about that recently - but lithiums in phones/laptops etc all seem to be able to give accurate soc reports - so I guess as long as the battery supplier has taken care of that, it should work very well indeed. I'm afraid the s/g will go into the canal along with all the old LA's... only kidding.