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  1. Dont forget the first man to bend a spoon in space...... Yuri Gegeller!
  2. Just get two centre lines, one each side - that mitigates getting caught up.
  3. I spoke to someone who had had a boat wrapped. They told me that when they came to remove it (after a few years) it proved very difficult. Not heat nor chemicals worked. Can't remember for sure but I think they got it off by painstaking mechanical removal of some sort - maybe there are different types of vinyl in use, but something to consider. I have often thought about starting a "Narrow Escape" lookout thread.
  4. Here's one - has anyone mentioned checking the tap water? That it's running clear and not black and/or full of bits?
  5. I've long been wondering, whether it is best to leave a boat in total darkness, or with solar lights illuminating it. Sometimes I feel like the lights just draw attention and it might be better to let the boat just disappear into the darkness. Of course, some places are not very dark, some are, more to consider. Maybe just motion sensor ones - what does the jury think?
  6. It is annoying when cyclists keep running over the hose - or hob nailed inconsiderates, especially when the ground is gravely but mine hasn't actually punctured yet. Should have added - I too have a short hose (normal type) for when very close to the water, to save unnecessary unfurling of the flat hose. And it can be all joined together - for when some idiot is moored at the water.
  7. I think it's birds - all the times I hear creatures up there banging around, walking about with their claws, not surprising if it is scratches. btw what colour is the roof? Pink orange purple or red?
  8. I'm with Seadog on this one - using the narrower (150w?) panels does leave a bit of access either side for walking the roof - though you are on the slope there and it doesn't feel that safe, I need to get grip tape / sand. Asthetically the panels sit very well, and it is possible to arrange them as tiltable if you use suitable brackets.
  9. I've got one - dunno what make but it is orange at 20m long, I believe referred to as a cassette hose. As Smelly says, if here is low water pressure it does exacerbate the situation, but storage is great and at least spiders cant get into it.
  10. I wondered this some time ago and was informed (on here) that it would be no problem to have two controllers (although I haven't needed to add the second one yet). Don't the Tracers just do what they do? Ie 14.something for two hours, regardless?
  11. I was wondering a similar question to the o/p. Could the load connection on the mppt controller not be set up to power a low-ish rated heating element for the water? Most times my batteries are only taking a handful of amps when there is full sun and I know lots of potential power is not being made the most of. Can one not get say a 250w / 12v element that could be used? Over a few hours when the batteries are drawing not a lot?
  12. I'd be very interested to know this. It seems to me that if you can really have an inverter as Mr Smelly has that is only self consuming 300ma, that would be the way to go. I have a 3kw Victron combi and was very surprised to find that is seems to self consume over 3a - and has almost certainly been the cause of all my battery woes over the years as I was estimating it at 0.5a!
  13. If its oil paint, then that's what happens - a bit late now but a different type of paint would be far more resilient, for anyone else considering a repaint. In this case I would suggest the best polish you can get (silicon based?).
  14. You must have been just ahead of me at Hanham! But it was desserted when I got there.
  15. Just north of Saltford, there is mooring for boats on the left (heading north) when I went past I wanted to investigate but I was towing another boat that had asked for help, and I couldn't see what the signs said. But worth a look. There are quite a few "possible" looking spots to rough moor but tyring to find ones where you can get the boat near enough or find anything to tie onto is tricky - prolly be ok if not single handed. Mead Lane (that's the one by the railway path?) is over taken by crusties - so either make friends with them or give it a miss. Swineford there are facilities but as I mentioned in another post, it has moored boats blocking it - so it's a hassle at best, here's what the signs say...
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