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  1. Thank you for your best wishes, he enjoys helping people and he is damn good at it, he has so much experience, guess that is what happens when you work for 59 years. I may be a little incensed, its so frustrating though. I don't tollerate nutters or anyone when they set about a defenceless old guy who is also by only living blood relative. There can be no excuse for that behavior no matter how it is "excused"
  2. Good. Thank you. No, rusty69 was not on his ignore list unfortunately. None of the forum are on mine., I don't have one......................Bring it on...............................
  3. Thank you, so do I. Its worrying but thankfully there are no confirmed cases in the Philippines as yet. He got stranded on Panglao island which was absolutely full of Chinese and Koreans he said. Had to stay put over new year as all accommodation was sold out. If he gets worse or they hospitalise him I will have to fly out .
  4. FuC* off , you are on the list shit head. UYou consider upsetting a 70+ year old guy funny? You are an even bigger moron than your mouth suggests. You will find it well funny when I get round to you. Going through all the old post for the morons today I am able to fix most of then to a boat and a location
  5. I would hope that that is the case but I doubt it. Sam is as hard as nails, he has been technically dead once, had mayor open heart surgery, grafted all his life in some terrible conditions and just bounces back like coiled spring usually. I would like to see him but he can't facetime on his PC, he sounded well rough. He says that there are no masks for sale anwhere around, they have been sold out for days. Everyone is wearing one there.
  6. And what about this so called post then cretin? Member 3829 11523 posts Gender:Male Location:Point nemo Boat Name:Kingfisher Report post #2 Posted Thursday at 01:59 (edited) Edited Thursday at 02:28 by rusty69
  7. Following a bit of panic when I read the malicious posts from rusty69, I managed to 'phone Sam in the Philippines, The good news is that he is still with us. The bad news is that he has been unavoidably exposed to hundreds of Chinese tourists over the last 2 weeks and now has what he calls " just a cold" I sincerely hope that it is only a cold, he is over 70 and 8000 miles from home. I know from reading his posts, I have his passwords for all his forums, that several nasty posts were made to him recently. Totally uncalled for, he is the nicest guy I know but then he is my dad. However he is sufficiently upset by the hateful idiot clowns on here that think its funny to constantly take the piss out of an old guy who just wants to help others that he has ceased with this forum completely. I hope all you bastards get a real big kick out of this, when I find you all, and I will, I'll give you a another good kick too. Have a go at me instead and I will show you how to be nasty, and hateful. I have coped with dafter morons than you lot over the last 18 months and we have overcome, we are out. To those who are kinder and understanding, thank you for making Sam's days more interesting with your posts, long may you continue. The Hider, no longer. PS. IF THE MODS DON'T LIKE THIS POST OR ITS TONE, TOUGH, You allowed the hateful posts. Warn me or accept this post in the spirit it is made, very annoyed.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. A quick update from over the channel. Channel crossing was not a lot of fun, wet and cold. Miss the hovercraft. Reports indicate that the weather in the UK has still not settled into a pleasant summer. Down here on the Var near Nice its been sunny for days, warm but not too hot, just good boating weather. With the £ being in the doldrums, boy, is it expensive. Can't afford to eat in Cannes! Back sometime after Brexit, regards to all, Hider.
  13. Having things to do in Europe before Brexit I'm off to France for an extended Busman's Holiday. Taking my family for a change, the kids love boating in the UK, we will see about Europe. Its been better on here now that I ignore all the tall penis waving poppies and the miserable trolls that think they know it all but get everything wrong. So, to all on this forum, have a good summer picking on one another. May be back in November, briefly. I'll leave you in the safe hands of Sam. Is Lady G really also "socks" "moderator" and "BellEnd" and possibly several more? Hider abroad.
  14. hider


    No, To criticise me is unfair, I answered the question as it was asked. What I replied is factually correct. I have no problems with females, only stroppy males and females on the forum. I just don't support idiots especially when they ask daft questions that no one can answer fully. You need to acquire a sense of humour.
  15. hider


    Unless you fasten it to a boat, it will sink. Its a stinking petrol engine, usually a grey colour, with a propeller on the bottom end. Not enough room for 2 adults, 1 will fall off. #Well, asking a daft question what did you expect? Its the boat that controls speed, capacity etc. Without that info its an impossible question
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