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  1. A quick update from over the channel. Channel crossing was not a lot of fun, wet and cold. Miss the hovercraft. Reports indicate that the weather in the UK has still not settled into a pleasant summer. Down here on the Var near Nice its been sunny for days, warm but not too hot, just good boating weather. With the £ being in the doldrums, boy, is it expensive. Can't afford to eat in Cannes! Back sometime after Brexit, regards to all, Hider.
  2. Having things to do in Europe before Brexit I'm off to France for an extended Busman's Holiday. Taking my family for a change, the kids love boating in the UK, we will see about Europe. Its been better on here now that I ignore all the tall penis waving poppies and the miserable trolls that think they know it all but get everything wrong. So, to all on this forum, have a good summer picking on one another. May be back in November, briefly. I'll leave you in the safe hands of Sam. Is Lady G really also "socks" "moderator" and "BellEnd" and possibly several more? Hider abroad.
  3. hider


    No, To criticise me is unfair, I answered the question as it was asked. What I replied is factually correct. I have no problems with females, only stroppy males and females on the forum. I just don't support idiots especially when they ask daft questions that no one can answer fully. You need to acquire a sense of humour.
  4. hider


    Unless you fasten it to a boat, it will sink. Its a stinking petrol engine, usually a grey colour, with a propeller on the bottom end. Not enough room for 2 adults, 1 will fall off. #Well, asking a daft question what did you expect? Its the boat that controls speed, capacity etc. Without that info its an impossible question
  5. And it proved to be a mistake, they went back to narrow boats. Any surviving wide boats off these "widened" canals? Plenty of narrow ones still running around.
  6. Sorry to get that from you, but its utter rubbish. The canals that had wide boats were built for those boats, but these idiots want to put wide boats on canals that were built for pairs of narrowboats that could be singled out when need be.
  7. Finally you tell us the problem, insufficient water flow through the main heat exchanger. Get that end cap off, clean it out. If it is not throwing water out of the cap because it is over pressurising the cooling system or emitting clouds of steam from the exhaust the head gasket is most likely OK.
  8. Don't get me started on share boats! Some of the most pleasant and considerate boaters are hirers I have found recently, whereas over the years the others, owners and shares have become evil or hateful.
  9. hider


    LadyG is like a dirty Elsan point, best ignored. If you encourage her she will go on and on and on and on and.............................................................. Others on here have her permanently on ignore this member list, its the best way. It really is not that bad emptying a cassette/potty/pump out in a C&RT Elsan point. thousands manage it easily every week without all the daft gear or being a drama queen.
  10. Would you care to list all the relevant British canals where you could moor one and get 2 others to pass one another in the same place? It will be an amazingly short list.
  11. The inverter is also a DC load so it has to go through the shunt. What else did you think it was?
  12. Get the daft beggar through the bridge then rebuild it for narrow boats so he can't get back in to the proper canal made for proper size boats. Preferably let these barge skips sail all the way to the coasts, out to sea and then not let them back in. Bugger off to the Continent with the stupid boats.
  13. No grease will cure a worn shaft or bearing or even make it leak less. Can you move the shaft in or out about half an inch to put the gland packing on a fresh unworn section?
  14. Bridgewater boats are incapable of going slowly, many have told us exactly that " I'm going as slow as I can" when they have rocketed past us on the Middlewich branch with the throttles open. It must be something in the water that Peel Holdings have kept a secret for years that causes zero drag on hulls and winds tickover screws in to increase the revs.
  15. And what difference will having coolant (antifreeze) instead of plain water make to your problems do you think? It may increase the boiling point by a few degrees but it will not sort an overheating engine out. Just what is the problem you are having? Is it overheating or what? Have you taken the end caps off the Bowman heat exchanger to remove the rubbish yet?
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