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  1. I've got to get my new (to me anyway) boat home to Leeds from Cheshire as soon as lockdown eases. After dallying over the route home for a while, I finally plumped for a route and it goes right through there. Typical. The "third party" bit does indeed suggest a long process. If anymore goes down, a couple of houses could end up in the cut so maybe things will have some sense of urgency.
  2. Points noted about the Aire in flood and in particular the bit about the pointy end. We were down at Lemonroyd the other day and the canal was fine but the Aire was certainly licking along at a fair rate.
  3. What a fantastic source of knowledge other, more experienced, boaters are. Thanks to all of you. I think it will be the L&L, S.Pennine ring later in the year and keep the Trent in mind for when we fancy heading off down south. I'll get t'internet sorted so I can work "from home" and we can take as long as we want. Hopefully get a report on the trip posted at some point
  4. many thanks. The appropriate Nicholsons and Pearsons will get some serious page thumbing later
  5. thanks for that about the lower Trent. I did wonder if rain might be an issue in March. Quite fancy doing the Trent at some point but I might talk to other boaters at the marina about it. Sounds like the two middle routes may be an issue for the reasons you mention so my preference order seems to be inverted now. 1. L&L 2. Trent the other two equal bottom🙂
  6. Many thanks for that advice. We were thinking of the L&L as our first cruise but I guess there's no reason why it can't be our route back with the boat. There's no avoiding heavy locking somewhere as the Pennines is a hefty lump. My thoughts on the T&M and the Trent was that more miles but less locks would be a bit more mellow. The boat is in Aqueduct Marina on the Midd branch of the SU. I have been on Canalplan and I have to say it's excellent, particularly the pdf facility. Thanks for those figures. We were going to allow two weeks but would hope to be a bit quic
  7. Good afternoon all This is my first post. We have recently taken the plunge and bought a 54' narrowboat. Don't want to tempt fate by posting the name on my profile as it is subject to survey but I'm optimistic enough to have been planning how to get in from Cheshire to what will be her new home mooring at Lemonroyd on the A&C. All dependent upon any further Covid restrictions of course. It will be March/April before I move it due to the mooring not being available till then. Setting aside the L&L, I see three options open to us. Rochdale, Hudds Narrow or down the T&M and
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