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  1. And therein lies a small dilemma; in the main subject under discussion, in this thread, which now stretches to 17 or so pages, without coming to a conclusive decision, how many contributors to the thread are actually regarded as "experts" in the true sense, rather than "blinkered individuals with strongly held opinions ?" I have largely avoided contributing too much because the thread is aimed at people who have actual experience of using anchors in the canal and river system of the UK, and fortunately I have never had to do this. That is not to say that I haven't done my fair share of anchoring elsewhere ( both commercial and leisure). What I think is needed from some of the "experts" on this thread are more comments such as "in my opinion" or other similar examples of a degree of humility, rather than some contributors being over dogmatic. As just one example, there are scathing comments about Danforth anchors, and assertions not to use them and, of course, people are perfectly entitled to their view. I would also agree that there are other anchor designs which may be regarded as superior, but in my view, if Danforths are used properly and sensibly, they can be effective and have been regarded as acceptable in many parts of the leisure and commercial marine environment since they were first designed before WW2. Indeed, I have personally used them on many occasions with good results, both in rivers and deeper water locations. I am aware that the comments above may be regarded as heresy by some people on this forum, but I thought it might be helpful to put another point of view for the sake of completeness!🙂 Howard
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