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  1. We have moored a few times at Christleton over the years and I don’t have any memories of any issues with the local youth, although it is at least thre years since we last did it. I would say, however, that the moorings each side of the pub - The Cheshire Cat? - seem to fill up very quickly so sometimes it is pot luck whether you can get moored where you want to. Howard
  2. The link doesn't work because it is only visible to Facebook users.. Please bear in mind that not everyone does Facebook. Howard
  3. Ebay has many brass nav lights of all types; I would think you could find a suitable one there. Howard
  4. I agree about the Four Counties and if you follow the advice of a three or four weeks trip you could have a look at one or two hire companies and use combine their suggested weekly or two weekly holiday routes into a slightly extended cruise. Another diversion off the Four Counties ring would be the Llangollen which will not be quite as busy in September once the children go back to school and the run up to Llangollen is very scenic with not too many locks. Enjoy your search. Howard
  5. The latest in the Ever Given saga; she arrived at Qingdao a few weeks ago and since then remained at anchor off the port awaiting a berth. She has now last berthed alongside the shipyard and will undoubtedly be drydocked in the next few days to undergo any repairs that are needed. I have seen an report that the bulbous bow is damaged and she may well have other hull damage, and there is some speculation that there may also be work needed on the main engine. The hull damage and possible engine work may well explain why she had been steaming at a reduced speed since the original incident - possibly a condition imposed by her classification society. The total work may take around 1 month or so before she resumes trading normally. Howard
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. This listing from Wikipedia has many details about Kigoma including WW1 service. https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Kigoma_(Schiff) Howard
  8. True. However, up to quite recently it was part of the BWML group of marinas and as Alan points out it is accessible by by both narrow and wide beam boats. As the OP is aiming to draw up a comprehensive list I think it should certainly be included. This may be debatable, but compare ease of access with the Ribble link/Lancaster, or indeed the Trent or Yorkshire Ouse and the Severy, and they also have their issues but are accessed by the more adventurous boaters. Howard
  9. Hull Marina, boatyard and chandlery is around 0.5 miles from a mainline rail terminus (Hull Paragon).The marina is located in a city centre location with access to all the facilities of a large city. Howard
  10. Certainly, Goole should be included in this list. Howard
  11. You would be even worse if you tried to use a bow thrust for steering..They are not intended to be used as a steering substitute, getting progressively more ineffective the faster you go and virtually useless around 2 mph or so. They are really there to provide a push to get out of a tricky situation if required. Howard
  12. Have a look through Peter Scotts many photographs on the "Whats Nice on the Waterways" thread". He features many views of Sheffield - especially Victoria Quays and the Warehouse - and indeed is very familiar with the area. I think the same perception about canals is felt about other towns and cities in the region including Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield, but the reality is that in many ways the waterways around Yorkshire have been at the heart of canal development and some still carry on the traditions of carrying freight where others gave up years ago. Howard Howard
  13. Vic 99 was built in 1945 by Harkers of Knottingley. Sold in the 1960's for breaking but saved and converted to a floating restaurant. Howard
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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