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  1. You seem to be adamant for some reason, but if you do not want to take off the hat off then a solution may be to find a hat which does not overhang the chimney so that the drips go back down inside the chimney,, or even have one made/make one. I leave mine on until I light the stove and then take it off, which takes moments and is no big deal. Condensate gathers on the inside of the hat as it cools, runs down to the lowest point and drips off onto the roof, making the mess. If this drips outside the chimney you will have to put up with it I'm afraid, unless you take it off or make one which doesn't. Howard
  2. That sounds like a great trip and I can understand that you would want to do it again. There are ways of doing it but most of them have either a large cost element or sometimes take up a long time in training, and work does have a habit of getting in the way! As a matter of interest, I looked on the web site of a large Yacht Insurers to see what they might quote for single handed yachtsmen; significantly, they were Haven Knox-Johnston Boat Insurance, a familiar name in single handed sailing! They can and do provide single handed cover, but only up to 18 hours per day, and this hourly restriction I think is echoed by another poster to this thread who mentioned that his inland cover also has the same time limit. Howard
  3. Of course not, but do you not think that it might say something about whoever said it? Howard
  4. Indeed they do. On the canals, it is perfectly possible as long as a) it is accepted by the boat's insurance company and b) that the boater is capable and competent in boat handling and management. As far as sailing single handed round the world b) is perfectly achievable technically, and it has been done many times as you say. However, complying with a) is very problematical, because it is impossible to totally comply with the requirements of the Collision regulations, which negates any insurance cover. In case you are unfamiliar the specific rule it is quite specific and very clear:- Rule 5 Look-out Every vessel shall at all times maintain a proper look-out by sight and hearing as well as by all available means appropriate in the prevailing circumstances and conditions so as to make a full appraisal of the situation and of the risk of collision. Many a blind eye has been turned to this requirement over the years! Howard
  5. Do you think, maybe, that some people may find the comments just a tad distasteful? Howard
  6. Or he saved himself until his indentures were finished! Howard
  7. That's fortunately not been our experience, and I can't say that I have ever experienced any of the sniffy comments you describe. We hired for about 8 years from 1978 before buying one, and then two shares, in Ownerships. Although both of us are now retired we decided not to purchase a boat outright because we wanted to do other things as well as boating, and it has worked very well for us with very, very few adverse comments from snooty/sniffy owners. Now Ownerships is defunct we run our share boat between us as a private boat with less distinctive paintwork and most people wouldn't know that the boat is shared - and why should they? Like all walks of life I suppose that there is a fair mixture of "types" in boating and being sniffy/snooty etc is not restricted to one group of boaters, and dare I say that this is also reflected in the members of this esteemed forum! Howard
  8. 1 Aqualung or 2 Lift out to hard standing at a boatyard Howard
  9. Ah, but the beauty is that you can spot ferries and passing ships instead! Howard
  10. It is rather special and you can find some short videos if you search Weymss Station videos onGoogle. Channel 4 also featured it in one of their recent programmes about scenic Scottish Railways: episode 4 I think. Howard
  11. Assuming that the apology was also aimed at me for the mystery offensive word it is appreciated, but if not, enjoy your holiday anyway and come back refreshed! Howard
  12. Regrettably, I didn't see what the offensive word was so I can't comment on that, but regarding my post being self opiniated, I could use the argument that any view expressed on here by an individual is their own opinion and therefore self opinionated by definition, but of course I won't! Maybe it is a way of describing any view that differs from his own? Who knows, and really, who cares. Howard
  13. If that's what you think, fair enough. You obviously are entitled to your own view but so am I. I was trying to answer a question from a boater which is more than some of the other responses were doing. Have a good day. Howard
  14. If the ballast slabs are laid on bare steel, the vibration caused by the engine may give rise to vibration. I agree that it might be better sit ballast on some form of dunnage to allow water to pass under it; I was trying to answer a specific query. Howard
  15. Good to see that the poster has received useful comments from some smart ar**d people - very helpful. No wonder this forum gets a bad rep from time to time! To the original poster, Kraft paper is used quite often, and it is there to reduce abrasion between the concrete and the steel hull. Howard
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