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  1. howardang


    The greatest proportion of shared boats have a base at a marina and therefore an annual mooring. Howard
  2. Some years ago in the 1970's, I worked with a Managing Director who had been one of the Dambuster Pilots - David Shannon DSO & Bar, DSC & Bar. It was a great privilege and I am proud to have known such a brave man who carried on flying with 617 squadron for most of the remainder of the war. Howard
  3. The barrier prevents high spring tides from flooding the Old Town of Hull. Before the barrier was erected in the late 1970's it was a fairly common occurrence, especially at times of exceptionally high tides when coupled with tidal surges. Over recent years the barrier has been lowered more and more each year to prevent such issues. The rest of the city has flood walls but the river Hull was vulnerable until the Barrier was built Howard
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. All together now - "The Earth is an Oblate Spheroid"🙂 Howard
  6. I asked her in the spirit of being helpful, i have no interest personally. We'll just have to differ. Howard
  7. I have done, FFS! I respectfully asked her to tell us something about herself, wished her well in her search and welcomed her to the forum. What more do you want? Howard
  8. With great respect, I am not sure that anyone will respond positively unless at least you give some details about yourself and your experience of boats. You are asking a lot for someone to trust a total stranger to live on your boat without a lot more knowledge of their background and knowledge of boats. Good luck in your search, however, and welcome to the forum. Howard
  9. Never mind these new fangled metre things... a Nautical mile is, and will always be 6080 feet, otherwise I'll get lost! Howard
  10. Ther's nothing against having a shiny boat- doesn't it just show pride in ownership? It would be interesting to hear more details., because you seem to have reacted strongly to his question so had something else happened to bring on his bad attitude? Howard
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Humber Pride (renamed Exol Pride) is doing the lub oil Rotherham runs and Humber Princess(I think renamed Exol Princess) is still around but was converted to a different role- heavy lift barge I seem to remember but I'm sure someone will confirm. Howard
  13. I think you misunderstand. I didn't mean that the weather is in turmoil. I meant that in these strange times of turmoil in the world it is good to see that some things like the Eqinuctial Gales are still as reliable as ever. Howard
  14. Good to see that in these days of change and turmoil, the old Equinoctial gales are acting as consistently as they always have done. Once over, let's hope for a few good settled weeks in October. Howard
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