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  1. From the same era there was an owner who insisted on taking his own carpet and yet another who took his own elsan despite there being two pump out toilets already fitted. Howard
  2. I am happy that the curtain debate is so short. This, undoubtedly, will be very welcome to your syndicate so that much more time can be given to the equally important subject of pillows and duvets. 😋 Howard
  3. I will increase my daily intake of prunes immediately 😳 Howard
  4. Interesting point you make. How would you define those members, like me, who don't submit a daily output? Second class members, junior members, makie learners, cadet members? In my view, verbosity doen't necessarily carry weight of argument Howard
  5. I do agree with broad sentiment in mrsmelly's post, however. I think that maybe what was behind his comments was that there is nothing to beat hard won experience. This takes time and can be a combination of sailing on a wide range of boats and also cruising on different waters, in good and not so good weather. I have come across many people who tell you that they have been boating for many years, when what they really mean is that they have hired a boat for a couple of weeks a year, and in between time they read a lot of books about the waterways. The trouble with boating is that the subject lends itself to punditry which can occasionally even arise, dare I say it, on this forum too! We should all remember that everyone has to learn, and we should help to pass on any snippet of knowledge we have to others so that we can all improve our skills. Howard
  6. No need to quote the dictionary. Just ask a forum member like Dharl who should know, given that he is a Master Mariner😀 Howard
  7. Each to his own I suppose? Like you I need to contact many people including friends and family both locally and around the world from time to time,but I find I can manage perfectly adequately with email and text messaging, and there are more web sites covering every subject than you can shake a stick at for morecspecialised interest and discussion. This has worked very well for many years so I don't feel the need to sign up for anything else. Howard
  8. What Dharl has posted is definitely and always has been known as a Fairlead; just a difference in terminology between ships and boats which crops up from time to time. Howard
  9. This grumpy old man is not delusional about FB being for kids. I have many friends - even older than me - and real, not facebook "friends" either - some who use FB and some who wouldn't touch it with a bargepole, me included! 😡 In my grumpy view it's puerile, and lacking in privacy despite its privacy settings. It is sad that so many these days seem to run their whole lives on the pages of Face Book, Twitter and other social media sites. With regard to this forum, I do think that there has been a change in content over recent years and I am not sure it is for the better. There is more punditry now with what seems to me the need to respond to every topic, even when not knowledgeable about the subject, and what seems to to be an almost obsessive desire to post as much as possible to boost the post count. quality not quantity should be the watchword! Enjoy the weekend's debates at Westminster😇 Howard🙄
  10. Of course I have watched the video. I have no desire to express an opinion; there have been enough of those from others, but rather I would have liked to have heard Steve Hayward's side of the incident. Failing that I see absolutely no point in going round and round the same points. Still, I supose it gives some people something to talk about! Howard
  11. I would have more respect for the ongoing discussion if both sides of the argument had been given a chance to put their point of view, but all we are reading is the one sided views of the same old pundits. Lord please protect me from self opiniated "experts" Howard
  12. This is not a discussion. It is a diatribe, but like so many threads on this forum it seems necessary for some people to go over and over the same points, without bringing anything new to the so-called discussion. Howard
  13. Am I the only one to think that this thread has run its course? I am not judging either person involved apart from saying that there somecontributors to this thread who may need to ask themselves if they have ever been invloved in similar incidents. Throwing the first stone comes to mind. Why not draw a line and move on! Howard
  14. That is a bit harsh; I suspect you really intended to say that you could suggest another way of doing it. I think both methods have pros and cons and the best way s the one that suits you best. Hoeard
  15. If you had taken heed of Allen Mathews you would have been fin. " Refuel on or around the 7 th day! With Somnia we worked on 45 gallons (around 200 ltrs) and all the 0wnerships boats were designed with similar sized tanks. Howard
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