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  1. Narrowboat at sea adventure

    I hear that they are now building ships out of steel! How can this be right? Everybody knows that steel doesn't float so nothing good will come out of it! However, as we all know, the Brits are a nation of sailors so should be OK at sea, whatever craft they use....shouldn't they? Howard
  2. Traveling on a canal at night?

    Wholeheartedly agree. Using a tunnel light or strong searchlight may be counterproductive, and can ruin your night vision. It is useful, however, to have a torch handy to identify specific objects/obstructions if necessary. lShips bridges are always dark at night , especially so when transiting canals or busy rivers., and they don't carry headlights, although they may use a searchlight for short periods if necessary. Howard
  3. Plastics in the cut

    A quick Google found these two references to campaigns about plastic. I think that there has also been a paddleboarder going round the system raising awareness of the the problem. https://www.britishcanoeing.org.uk/news/2016/stand-up-paddleboarders-raise-awareness-of-plastics-pollution-in-waterways/ http://www.active360.co.uk/london-paddle-and-pick.htm Howard
  4. A list of ex-Challenger narrowboats?

    As a starter, you may find many of the ex Challenger boats on Boatshare4U - web site as follows http://www.boatshare4u.co.uk/boatlist.asp Cheers Howard
  5. Tiller bar length

    I have had shares in 4 Ownerships boat over the years and at least two of them had two tiller bars to cater for the different preferences of husbands and wives. TYhe ones we had, I think, were off the shelf but there is nothing to stop you buying a longer one and having it cut to suit. The trouble is it is one more item to Brasso! Howard
  6. Incralac thinners?

    I have also used my wife’s nail varnish remover with good results. Howard
  7. We recently had a thread about the CRT Partnerships, and I see that this morning Narrowboat World are drawing attention to a recent advertisement in the Sunday Times for 4 Regional Advisory Board Chairs - 4 unpaid positions which seems like the first step in the restructuring/elimination of the Waterway Partnerships and this certainly seems to be the case. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, and how this will affect any ongoing projects initiated by the existing Partnerships and what cost implications will be involved in setting up these Advisory Boards. http://appointments.thesundaytimes.co.uk/job/455192/regional-advisory-board-chairs/ Regards Howard
  8. Anchor

    Together with practise and a knowledge of basic seamanship. As a nation I thought we all had salt water in our veins but perhaps not? Howard
  9. How is the bowthruster's power reduced by the boats speed?

    See the comments above about how thrusters becoming less effective when speed through the water increases - especially after it reaches around 2-2.5 mph. This applies equally to moving ahead and astern, but as a generality astern speed is usually slower and therefore doesn't reach this "fall off" speed. Try going faster in reverse and you should find a significant drop off in BT effectiveness. Howard
  10. Replacement tiller

    Another vote for a keb; another thing to try would be a folding grapnel, sold by many chandlers as a folding anchor, and carried by many boats. Ask a passing boater for a lend! Howard
  11. Long distance tow....?

    It may be useful if someone who has experienc of commercial towing on the inland waterways gave their proffesional opinion. It might avoid the element of "armchair quarterbacking" which sometime cofuses the issue on this site. Howard
  12. Long distance tow....?

    I agree but it is worth mentioning that the OP did ask about a contractor which suggests a professional organisation rather than an amateur set up. Keeping the budget down to the example given would be very difficult if not impossible. Howard
  13. How is the bowthruster's power reduced by the boats speed?

    I have always worked on a rule of thumb that transverse bow thrust effectiveness drops off quite quickly as the boat gathers speed through the water and is usually pretty ineffective once around 2 - 2.5 mph is reached. There are other types of thrusterss which are more effective at higher speeds but these types are not usually fitted to shallow draft canal boats. Howard
  14. Anniversary

    An identical object to the dipper was also used extensively (in its unpainted, galvanised form) and called a baler, as part of the statutory equipment carried on ships lifeboats. It has been largely replaced by much more mundane plastic ones. A dipper is still used and is a relatively narrow diameter tube about 6 inches long on a chain, used to dip drinking water tanks on lifeboats. The tanks have a narrow opening, and the dipper is graduated to allow each survivor to have equal quantities of water rations. Like others (windlass for example) these two objects are examples where blue water parlance differs from that on the cut. Dipper Howard
  15. Leaky stem gland

    The present Wolich ferries have Voith-Schneider units to give very good manouverability. According to recent reports their replacements will be diesel electric with azimuth propulsion units. Howard