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  1. howardang


    Surely Amazon would be able to tell you? Howard
  2. This was featured in a thread here in mid November, together with links to other similar LL exploration trips. Howard
  3. You could also, of course, describe your 3100 mile trip as being "on passage towards Hull" Howard
  4. It's obviously a great idea to Master your boat in the context of being familiar with the operation of its systems, but Master is not used as a verb in the context of mastering - i.e. steering or controlling. What about Playing with, or Conning? Howard
  5. To compliment this impression of the Leeds & Liverpool, the later - 1983 - series called "A Voyage between Two Seas" gives a slightly more up to date view of the waterway, and is interesting in that it features a young looking Stuart Sampson skippering his boat. Stuart went on to become the Chairman of NABO for a number of years. It is definitely worth a look if you haven't seen it already. Howard
  6. Ennerdale is one of IMLs fleet which were based at Bank Newton but now defunct. Craven Empress is a Silsden Boats craft . The company is still running from the same base but with different livery. We hired Craven Maid a couple of years later. Howard
  7. If you are speaking about visiting all the waterways of the UK this has been done many times and Owen & iris Bryce wrote a couple of books many years ago - one of them was Canals are my Home - about their adventures in their boat Bix. Equally, if you mean a circumnavigation of the UK coast again it has been done, although not usually by cruising in company, apart from a few "challenges/races". A notable circumnavigator for example was Ellen MacArthur before she became famous, using a small sailing boat based in Hull. Howard
  8. We weren't actually based at Wrenbury but with our share boat Rufford we did a remote handover there once. The marina staff apparently were very helpful and looked after the turn round procedures efficiently. At that time - around 2007 - there were a number of Ownerships boats based there and I think we did consider it as a base but chose Norbury junction instead. We have eaten at both the Dusty Miller and the Cotton Arms and found them both very good. We have called there a number of times over the years and the only minor niggle is the swing bridge which can cause minor congestion at busy times which might make leaving the marina awkward, especially if turning right. Enjoy your new base. Howard
  9. My first connections with Hull stem from1963 and I can honestly say that in those days I didn't find it as tough/rough as you seemed to have done. Compared to some other cities I think it stood up reasonably well, although sometimes maybe living in the past.It has always been at a disadvantage by being at the end of the line so to speak. At long last, it seems be trying to catch up with other large towns and cities, but sometimes, it is occasionally held back by a lack of forward vision and boldness. Howard
  10. We are where we are with the new bridge, and as I have mentioned earlier it has been a long time coming. I note your comment about an "underbridge reopening a waterway. I wonder which waterway you mean? If you are speaking about the entrance channel into Princes Dock that is a non-starter for a number of reasons. Firstly it would require the demolition of Princes Quay shopping centre which would be a massive undertaking. Secondy, the major road which runs right across it is among the busiest roads in East Yorkshire and it would cost a huge amount of money to re route it. Thirdly, access to Princes Dock would be limited to pleasure craft and they would have to transit an already busy marina. Howard
  11. As Dharl mentions, the term Whaleback is used mostly in the fishing industry. A use of the descroption Turtleback is explained here in this link which describes its use on the Great Lakes in relation to tug/fishing vessels. http://www.greatlakesfisheriestrail.org/collection.asp?ait=jv&jid=10 Howard
  12. In my opinion that is exactly the wrong approach to take - apart from the old adage that ignorance of the Law/Rules is no excuse. Those boaters who are lacking in their understanding should spend a little time improving their knowledge. Among other things, it might make better boaters of them! Their almost seems like an inverted snobbery about the subject which to my mind is silly. Howard
  13. Not necessary to get steam up on his boat! Howard
  14. Broad white stripe uppermost, top left. Howard
  15. Yes, much cleaned up since those days and City of Culture played a major role in changing the image from what was regarded as one of the heaviest bombed city in the country to what it is today. Howard
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