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  1. howardang

    Stratford to Gloucester

    Have you been in touch with CRT to get ermission to carry out your event? If they agree to allow it, they will be able to advise on any conditions that will apply. Howard
  2. howardang

    Deckhead(ceiling) white paint.

    In ship construction, ceiling (or sometimes called tank ceiling) was fitted to the deck in a lower hold, especially under the hatch square, to give protection to the tank top. Along the sides was Spar Ceiling which was wooden battens protecting the shell plating and frames. The following diagram from an old ship construction book of notes shows them both. Howard
  3. howardang

    Deckhead(ceiling) white paint.

    First thing to do is carry out a deckhead survey. Howard
  4. howardang

    Vacation: Kid's Safety Question

    When our children were small - around 8 & 6 - we started on the canals and made it a firm rule - no exceptions - that whenever they went on deck or on the towpath they had to wear a buoyancy aid. We bought them one each, and they very quickly took to them and they became also most a "badge of office" . As a consequence they quickly became proficient and confident around boats, and within a very short time they could handle most locks etc by themselves. We were, of course, always close by in case they needed a little help with the heavier lock gates etc, but it soon became the case that Mum & Dad were almost superfluous, especially when Grandma came as well and then the combination of her and the kids made a formidable team! May I suggst that the 4 counties ring may be more suitable for a first trip than the Avon Ring to allow them to learn the ropes (excuse the pun). You could progress onto the Avon Ring in a year or two once they become old hands at the game. Have a great holiday whatever you decide. Howard
  5. howardang

    Sharpness to Bristol on the tide

    Thank you for the quote but I really don't need a lesson on the Rules from you, Alan, and it is certainly not necessary to quote them. I don't intend to get into one of this forums pointless point scoring exchanges, but I would suspect you know the point I was making in my posting which I think was perfectly clear, but if not, well hey ho, that's life. Have a good evening. Howard
  6. howardang

    Sharpness to Bristol on the tide

    It is only "against the law" as you say when traversing a TSS, and the route he specifically mentioned was from Dartmouth to Paimpol. You show the Dover Straights TSS which is not the area in question. Although it is a little while since I was in the area mentioned - Dartmouth to Paimpol - I don't recall any specific TSS that they would have crossed on that route., and if not falling foul of any TSS's they would have been free to chose whatever safe course they liked. Whether that would have been sensible is another issue Howard
  7. howardang

    That Emiliano Sala plane

    There was a report on the BBC which said that the search area was pin-pointed because they triangulated the phone calls made just before the crash. Howard
  8. howardang

    That Emiliano Sala plane

    Metres. Only old fogies - like me - still think in fathoms these days! Howard
  9. howardang

    Residential Mooring

    On the other hand, not a week goes by on this forum without almost identical lists of question, and I would have thought that some effort in using the search function would supply answers to most of the frequently asked questions. By all means ask about anything that can't be found through searching and I am sure you will recive lots of useful information. Howard
  10. howardang

    Best experience and sad news.

    I'm really pleased about your news and thank goodness that it seems that they found it in time! I had exactly the same outcome from my op an am now over two years on with no real issues apart from a slight reduction in stamina, but it has not stopped me doing anything I wish to do. You speak about your burrito, which reminds me that on the first day after my op, I had a sandwich and enjoyed it, but the man in the next bed who had his op at the same time, chose, of all things, chilli con carne! I was amazed that the staff let him have it and I can report that he suffered a great deal later on that evening. Best wishes for your recovery and just keep thinking positively. Howard
  11. howardang

    Very thin ice

    To be fair this thread is more concerned with very thin ice😊 but to illustrate your comment about the Hudson River, this is the Hudson in 1962, upriver from New York & near to West Point, en route to Albany, showing us stuck fast in the ice with a small ice breaker setting us free. Howard
  12. howardang

    Best experience and sad news.

    I am so sorry to read your sad news about Paola and also about your bowel cancer diagnosis; others have responded so much more eloquently than I can so I will just add my name to their good wishes. It is sometimes surprising when tragedies and setbacks like this occur how many others have had similar stories and their individual stories can sometimes help to get through the worries. In my own case, I too was diagnosed with bowel cancer a at the end of 2016 and after having the operation to remove part of the large intestine, I am now entering my third year of monitoring with everything good so far! However, life is sometimes very cruel and late last year my wife had a brush with breast cancer, resulting in an operation and course of radiation. She is now well on the road to a full recovery and both of us just get on with enjoying life. Best wishes for the future. Howard
  13. howardang

    Moving a Boat

    Sorry, I hadn't realised that you are an old hand at buying boats from Ebay, but personally, I would never buy a boat, sight unseen, from an auction sight, especially seeing that the intention is to put it into the yacht charter market. With your experience so far, I suppose that you decided not to have a survey prior to purchase, but surely with a boat that is going to enter the commercial market, being eventually chartered out to the public, it would give you peace of mind to satisfy yourself that the boat will live up to your expectations. Good luck with your venture. Howard
  14. howardang

    Moving a Boat

    I am sorry to read that you have had a problem with your boat purchase, but it is very difficult to avoid pointing out the dangers of buying anything of value such as a boat on Ebay, especially so when, I presume, cash was handed over before sighting the boat. I presume that you have raised the issue with Ebay? i sympathise with the fact that you were ill and had additional problems, but please remember if there is a next time, that if it looks like a bargain it quite often is not. Howard
  15. howardang

    Max persons underway

    I would think that if the plate is disregarded and an accident ensues when under way - especially one which incurs serious injury or loss of life - the MCA in particular will be involved, - and your insurers would also take it into account when considering a claim. Especially, if some or most of the people on board are sitting on the roof, as can be seen frequently around the cut, with the reduction in stability that this brings about. The plate is there for a reason - safety of you and the people on board, and remember that it is your responsibility to maintain safety on your boat. Howard

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