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  1. howardang

    New boat for the next two weeks

    Many thanks for the most interesting reports and photos of your trip; I'm glad you enjoyed it. Have you decided on your next one yet, and when you do I look forward to reading about it. Regards Howard
  2. howardang

    Boating holiday - not on a canal

    I remember an apocryphal tale that went the rounds of the company where I served as a deck cadet. One of our company ships of 10,000 tons was approaching a berth in the corner of a dock in Montevideo. The Master decided to berth without tugs and when nearing the berth end on the ship had a black out. There was a hurried order to Let Go the starboard anchor to stop the ship, but by the time the anchor was dropped, the bow had hit the quay, ridden up and over the nearby railway line and the anchor dropped nicely into a passing coal wagon being shunted along the quayside, laying out the cable nicely as the train continued its journey! Howard
  3. howardang

    Looking at a boat share

    Look at as many share offers as you can. Here are a couple of other sites where you can find shares for sale. Boatshare http://boatshare.co.uk/ BCBM https://www.bcbm.co.uk/ Re the comment above about school holidays as an example, our self managed boat currently has one "special share" which give the owner guaranteed holidays in school holidays. We allow a maximum of two such shares out of the total of twelve shares; some boats have three such shares available. Good luck. Howard
  4. howardang

    Looking at a boat share

    It is quite a common thing to find that people buy a share for a couple of years or so before purchasing their own boat. It is quite often the case that they hadn't intended to but that the bug had bitten! i have to say, though, that if a new share owner let it be known that this was their intention from the outset, it may irk their fellow owners because they might be considered not to be taking their joint ownership seriously. The best syndicates run because everyone treats the boat as their own property (which, of course, it is as far as their share goes. ). The worse attitude is to treat the boat as a hire boat. Howard
  5. howardang

    New boat for the next two weeks

    Another batch of interesting photos. Looking at the shipping forecast for the next 24 hours, you may get the oportunity to get some interesting weatherictures! I see that your ETA Hull is late Tuesday. Have a good passage across the North Sea. Howard
  6. howardang

    New boat for the next two weeks

    Hi Theo, No contradiction taken, and I did say ".......these days, many ships......." not all ships. Of course there are ships around , and still being built, with no CP gear. In fact, perversely, the last ship I was involved with was a passenger ship and had twin screws with no bridge control, but rather used the old fashioned telegraphs. It was certainly a blast from the past! However, it has become more the norm to equip ships with it these days, (I am not sure when you came ashore or what company you sailed with) and indeed I first served on ships so fitted in 1965, both large and small. Ship types ranged from tugs, anchor handlers, cargo vessels, passenger ships/ferries and fast transatlantic RoRo's container ships - ( twin screw steam turbine ships, fitted with CP gear). Small ships like Odin are often fitted with it, together with Becker rudders, for improved handling and to reduce the need to use tugs, not to mention keeping crew numbers to a minimum. Howard
  7. howardang

    New boat for the next two weeks

    Looking at the wheelhouse engine control photos and also the engine room local controls she appears to be fitted with a KaMeWa CP Propeller. Howard
  8. howardang

    New boat for the next two weeks

    These days many ships, large and small, are fitted with CP (controllable pitch) propellers whichmeans that the engine is not stopped. Instead, astern propulsion is selected by changing the pitch. This has also been used on steam turbine vessels, as well as motor vessels, for many years. It is possible that Odin is fitted with CP gear; maybe RReg can confirm. Howard
  9. howardang

    New boat for the next two weeks

    Your first sentence is an Interesting comment on an almost secret world! At one time we, as a nation, we were proud to call ourselves a maritime nation, and nearly everyone in the UK considered that they had the sea in their blood! Although our own national involvement has declined significantly, thankfully the industry continues and this very interesting marine activity continues day and night with most people not being aware of it. The ship featured is known as a feeder container vessel, which trades around our near continental waters. There also is another, bigger layer of container shipping traffic, doing similar trade but world wide. It's a fascinating world which I have been involved in for most of my life. Welcome to my world. Howard
  10. howardang


    A T stud hitch:- take a round turn around the stem of the T stud, make a couple of figure of eights and then finish with a half hitch; something that most people do without knowing (or caring) that it might have been given a name. It is not necessary to use a half hitch; an alternative is to remember "OXO" that is two round turns round the stem of the T stud, two figure of eights round the horns and then two more round turns around the stem. That would hold the Queen Masry and is quick to tie and also easy to remember. Howard
  11. howardang

    Anchor stowage photos please

    I like the fitting which gives a neat solution to the anchor stowage. I would be concerned about the access to the two dollys and I would strongly consider fitting a seperate strong point for the anchor rode, with a strong backing plate, say midway between the port dolly and the swan neck. It would then be possible to have the rode at the stern when travelling downstream in a narrow river - especially if there is insufficient river width to allow the boat to swing. If not the boat could end up aground at both ends which could have serious consequences. Howard
  12. howardang

    Water pump starting inttermitant every 20 minutes.

    We had something very similar and couldnt find any obvious leak for ages. Eventually, however, when in the engine compartment a tiny leak was found in an almost hidden place at the back of the calorifier. Howard
  13. howardang

    Living on Narrowboats in London

    I have heard Creme de Menthe described as Starboard Light & Drambuie as Port Light. Howard
  14. howardang

    New boat for the next two weeks

    Another interesting set of photos and I am looking forward to the ones of the passage up to Vasteras which is an intricate trip though the lake with many islands. I wonder if Rreg may be able to give some details of Odin's cargo. I think some people may be surprised with the variety of stuff which is hidden behind those anonymous boxes. Howard
  15. howardang

    New boat for the next two weeks

    The ships is Norwegian, called "Nordstjernen" (North Star) 150 passengers. She was built in Hamburg in 1956 for the Norwegian Hurtigruten service but now cruises round the Norwegian Fjords. Once a year she does a cruise to Hamburg hence her appearance on the Kiel Canal. G here is a link to a very short video of her A fine looking ship with great character. Howard

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