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  1. The CRT angling rules as of Jan 2021 are here https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/safety-on-our-waterways/coronavirus/coronavirus-and-angling Howard
  2. Some years ago I mentioned reading about a bodge repair I had come across in one of the yachting magazines. Two teenage boys were sailing somewhere on the South coast in a centreboard dinghy. They noticed that the joint between the plywood centreboard casing and the deck board was leaking with seawater slowly filling the bilge. They looked around the boat for something to seal the gap but the only thing they had was a processed cheese sandwich so one of them chewed it into a paste and they used the resulting "putty" to stop the leak. It worked and they were able to continue their d
  3. I completely agree, However, where it is relatively straightforward to discover the nature of the bottom at sea, by consulting a chart, it is not so easy to find out the same information for rivers, so anchor choice will boil down to making an arbitrary decision after wading through all the varying advice. It is also worth remembering that anchoring in lumpy water situations is very common and well understood, and of course experience in those situations can be helpful when considering anchoring on rivers. After all, the general principles of good seamanship don't change. However,
  4. Lady G has advised that there are many threads on this subject and I would suggest that reading them is the first step. You will find a plethora of posts on the pros and cons of anchors and I suspect that you will also get plenty of advice in response to this post, with a variety of views which may confuse rather than define an absolute answer so best of luck! 🙂 Howard
  5. Very sad to see and even sadder to read that the vessel was surveyed last year with findings related to hull corrosion and deficiencies in watertight hatches. Let's hope that this leads to more notice being taken of such survey results and tougher action by the relevant port state authorities to prevent further tragic loss of life. Howard
  6. Just worth mentioning that Timothy's programme was good for pure entertainment but not quite so good as an instructional film😉 Howard
  7. I can remember Warrior while she was being refitted in British West Hartlepool - I think in the mid 1980’s - and spent a couple of hours looking round her. A fascinating vessel and I agree that it is a shame that she didn’t stay as a major attraction but Trincomalee is a worthy substitute and looks well in the museum setting. I remember her when she was called Foudroyant and was lying afloat in Portsmouth Harbour. Howard
  8. I tried both Chrome and Safari on the old iPad but without success on either., and I also tried both systems on both Legacy and Shift! I think it is a message to me to get a new iPad. Howard
  9. I have no particular issues with the new format, and I think I have now got to grips with it. However, I do have one issue which may be down to me. The new format works properly on my PC and my iPhone but on my admittedly ancient iPad the quote button is missing from all the posts so if I am using the Ipad I cannot reply and have to use one of the other devices. I have tried deleting Canalworld Forum and reloading a number of times without success and I wondered if there is a setting that needs tweaking, but I can't see one. Anyone got any bright ideas? Many thanks How
  10. Alan You have made my point very well. I did say that it might be useful as, if you like, a taster before committing to Day Skipper. I am very aware of the knowledge required in RYA certification including CC and Day Skipper. Howard
  11. Before taking an RYA Day Skippers course of training, which for a novice requires a certain degree of commitment, both theory and practical, and may take a fair amount of time, may I suggest that you do an RYA Competent Crew first which would give you a flavour of exactly what coastal cruising is all about? If you are still keen then Day Skippers is the logical next step. Good luck and enjoy, whatever you decide. Howard
  12. I see your boat is at Wincham Wharf. Why not ask them if they can fit one? They may also be able to help with sourcing. Howard
  13. According to Mr Google, Lichfield Trent Valley railway station is situated 1 mile southwest of Streethay Wharf. Is that the one? Howard
  14. It's a wise man that can predict when something like a boat is going to break down - especially a new(to you) boat when you are unfamiliar with all its foibles🙂 My choice would be the L&L and i wouldn't be too worried about the fact that the L&L was going to be your first cruise. As you will know canals look very different when going the opposite way and you will have the added benefit of getting familiar with all the pubs and best mooring places etc. And anyway, speaking as a Yorkshireman born very close to the L&L, it is by far and away the best canal, with only the
  15. I totally agree and, although in jest, I frequently take the mickey out of the antics of some officers in the Navy, when the chips are down I am very glad they are there! I am sure we could all tell amusing stories to back up our minor prejudices, and I am no exception, having come across a few Military types in my time who might bolster up the biased view of the services (RN in particular) but I am darned sure I wouldn't have to look far to find similar examples in the Merchant Navy. I think we should live and let live, and instead let's all gang up together against those dang-
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