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  1. About half a dozen, more or less ( or so it seems, at times). Howard
  2. Yes, whatever. It's not worth arguing. Howard
  3. Blooming predictive text! Thanks.☹️ Howard
  4. And there I would agree:-) Howard
  5. Not necessarily, but the rule says “risk of striking” and that of course relies on the judgement of the “master” at the time. I suggest that it will be up to him/her to justify any damage caused, especially if no fenders are used. Howard
  6. Oh no I didn't. I think if you look more closely you will see that I did quote the section in full, and didn't miss anything off. If you want to make the rule say what you want it to say then please go ahead, it's your prerogative, but don't try to split hairs, by misrepresenting what I said. Howard
  7. Sorry not quite true. This is the actual wording from the Bye Laws:- Vessels to have fenders ready for use 6. Every vessel navigated on any canal shall have ready for immediate use proper fenders of suitable material and in good condition and the master of such vessel shall use such fenders whenever there is a risk of the vessel striking against any other vessel or against any wall, lockgate, bridge or other thing. Shall use, not just deploy. (my bold) Howard
  8. I would agree broadly with Mike, but if political topics were allowed I would not normally take part. I am in favour of the old military mess rule i.e. avoid subjects like politics and religion. Selfishly, I would also include sport in that but I realise I am in the minority! This is, after all, a canal and boating forum. I would hope, however, that whatever is decided, I would wish that the mods would enforce the ruling. Too many times in recent months has the no politics rule been ignored to the extent that the biggest thread I have seen on this forum - Brexit - is now approaching 500 pages! Maybe that is because one or two mods like the subject themselves and can't resist adding their own two pennorth, but it does make a complete mockery of a ruling made some time ago. Howard
  9. I fully understand how the forum works thanks and I never suggested that I don't like the decisions made. I asked a simple, casual question. If whichever mod made that decision doesn't wish to say why, I am not that bothered. It just looked illogical to me, but no big issue. Thanks for your advice, however. Howard
  10. Have you read the Boaters Handbook? If not it is well worth reading. It is full of hints and tips and has always included a warning about not standing or sitting the arc of the tiller (page 11 in this edition I think). Here is a link to the latest edition which was released by CRT last week. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/library/141.pdf Howard
  11. And being well aware of that vote, and management's decision, all I asked was what is the logic behind one being approved and one shut down? Howard
  12. Sorry for being a peasant and one day I might rise to the intellectual level required. In the meantime, I will search this forum - a Canal forum - in the hope there may be the occasional crumb of boating discussion rather than a platform for endless mindless chatter that will never reach a final conclusion. Have fun, folks! Howard
  13. I really don't follow the logic of closing a thread on MEP elections, while allowing this one, possibly the longest thread ever and certainly the most boring! Howard
  14. I disagree that the scenarios are very different - the principles of good seamanship are the same no matter what vessel you are on. It is obviously just a matter of scale. It is often not the case that there are miles of sea room in a large ship scenario. It is just as likely that the anchor is needed to stop a ship which may have suffered a breakdown in a dock with very little room before a collision occurs, either with a berthed ship or a dock wall, a very similar case to the river/weir case you mention. That is one of the reasons why a prudent master makes sure that the anchors are cleared away, ideally walked out of the pipe and the windlass is manned with the brake when berthing. Courts don't look kindly on cases where an accident or collision occurs with one or both anchors still in the pipe. In the river/weir scenario, there is not so much debate about the nature of the bottom and as you know the most efficient anchor in the world will not save you if the river bed is unforgiving, even if the average boater is quick enough to let go in time! Howard
  15. If you are speaking about this boat being based on the canals and rivers then in my opinion no it is not suitable, unless you have some experience. Do you think you may be on the wrong forum? Howard
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