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  1. We always buy dry cure bacon, both back or streaky which is sometimes more expensive but at least it avoids the water/white stuff. For me a bacon sandwich should be steaky for the extra fat content which adds to the flavour. I have never been a fan of white sliced packaged bread, but I think that the only exception is when making a bacon sandwich (with butter, of course!) Howard
  2. Many people use PMR radios which are small and with sufficient range for lock work etc. They are popular because they are cheap and don't require a licence. Google PMR radios and you will find many on sale. An even easier way to communicate is to work out a simple set of hand signals between your husband and yourself, which is what we do usually very successfully with only the occasional misunderstanding, which, of course is always my fault! Howard
  3. like many things in life I suppose. We all have things we are good at and some we struggle with. My bete noire is getting out of bed in the morning! Howard
  4. This list of cordage suppliers may have someone who can help you. http://igkt-solent.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/SuppliersQry.html Howard
  5. Ihave seen the advert at least twice since the emergency at Whalley Bridge. I wondered if they had paid inadvance for a number of showings and couldn't cancel it at short notice. It struck me at the time that it was very bad timing! Howard
  6. If it's afloat, is there anywhere you can gently put it aground, then measure the water depth at a number of points around the hull. Having already measured your air draught you will be able to calculate the total height of the boat. Incidentally, this does highlight the advantage of having draught marks on the hull so you don't have to guess the draught. Howard
  7. You may find this useful although it is not in map form. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/original/32433-waterway-dimensions.pdf Howard
  8. Of course there is no reason at all why this can't be done as you suggest. However, you are making a great assumption that those on board were competent, have at least a modicum of seamanship skills, and had the time to sort themselves out before getting into danger in the first place. IMHO it would have needed at least two crew members to be reasonably able, and quick witted enough to act in sufficient time. I am not able to answer any of those questions in this particular case, but I would suggest that many boaters in similar situations would not be able to manage what you propose, and may not even totally understand what you are suggesting - especially if they are hirers with limited boating experience. Howard
  9. I seem to remember that Horses Neck (brandy and ginger ale) was also a popular wardroom tipple. Howard
  10. Are you actually interested in only living on a narrow boat or are you interested in boating/cruising? If you are not really interested in boats you need to consider all the downsides to living full time on a boat; winter weather, toilets, water, gas etc etc et. Don't allow yourself to get seduced by some of the articles that are appearing in the press. The Reality of year round living on a narrow boat is very different. If, however, you are really interested in boats and the boating life then your idea of visiting locations may consider is a good one but speak to as many people as you can and don't forget to ask for a warts and all opinion. Good luck. Howard Howard
  11. This may help https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/stay-safe/solid-fuel-stoves/ Howard
  12. In the days before mobiles and the internet, I worked on passenger ships running between UK and New York. We had a couple of British telephone kiosks and a couple of US kiosks installedso that when alongside the relevant line was hooked up for the convenience of passengers. I was once stopped by an irate American lady who complained that despite depositing a coin in the slot she was unable to get a line and thought that the service was atrocious. It took a lot of persuading her that the telephone cable wasn't long enough to reach the shore, especially considering that were in the middle of the Atlantic, around 1500 miles or so from New York! Howard
  13. In the MN they are not called scuttles, rather the term portholes is used but more often abbreviated to "ports". If they are fitted with a steel cover for protection against heavy weather those are known as deadlights. Howard
  14. That just looks wrong on so many levels! However, I'm sure there is a market for boats like this - boats without soul. Howard
  15. Go to a boatyard or marina that does pump outs and ask them to show you how. Howard
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