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  1. The Humber Estuary actually starts at Trent Falls where the Trent and the Yorkshire Ouse merge. Its total length is over 38 miles to Spurn Point, and is not an Estuary to be treated lightly with strong tidal currents, especially at Spring tides. In wind against tide situations there can be significant waves formed. Don't underestimate the Humber and make sure both the boat and the crew are capable of undertaking the passage safely. Howard
  2. Also referred to as a "drying height" which explains it very clearly. Howard
  3. Your initial request was advice about contacting CRT. Have you done that yet? You have also been given other advice which seems reasonable but if you decide to decline it I'm not sure what else can be said. I hope the situation is resolved soon. Howard
  4. I had read that but why wait. Move as soon as possible and report it to CRT when you feel you are in a safer/quiter location. Howard
  5. Why not cut your losses and move away? Otherwise there doesn't seem to be another solution. Howard
  6. Quite right and thrusters have been a game changer in a lot of ways in commercial shipping - saving tug costs for one thing which can be a substantial saving and pays for the initial installation cost many times over. I hesitate to admit this, at the risk of bringing down the wrath of the "Girly Button" haters brigade, but even some narrow boats have stern thrusts. My boat for one (it was part of the hydraulics kit on board - propulsion, bow thrust and stern thrust - when we bought our share - we didn't specify it, and although it is seldom used it can be very handy at the odd time., as can the slightly more used bow thrust. Howard
  7. It might help if people stopped thinking about a BT as an aid to steering. That is not it's function. It comes into its own and can be very helpful when manoeuvring in tight situations. Howard
  8. Indeed, or even consider at the outset fitting one of the , admittedly more expensive, hydraulic systems? Howard
  9. Quite right, I ought to have known, I visited Cayzer House more than once in the early 60's; I had a mental block which I put down to senility😊 Howard
  10. Further to Tonka's reply, here are contact details for your nearby boatyard. Google is a wonderful thing! https://uxbridge.cylex-uk.co.uk/company/uxbridge-boat-centre-ltd-14694588.html Howard
  11. Kayser Irving was the parent company of a large group of shipping companies - Clan Line, King Line and Union Castle among others, and also managed others. I worked for one of them - South American Saint Line. Howard
  12. Hi Gary Have a look through the licence conditions attached which spell out the alternatives. Don't forget that to get a licence you also will need insurance. As has already been mentioned ir may not be possible to moor near to your place of work. Please let us know more details of your thoughts and we may be able to help with suitable advice. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/boating/buy-your-boat-licence Howard
  13. It would;d also be interesting to hear CRT's view of using these. Maybe a great idea as a one off but if they became popular I think they could weaken the towpath especially at popular mooring spots. . Howard
  14. In boaty terms the word Larboard went out of use when Adam was a lad! Avoid any confusion with Starboard and call the other one Port, like what we all do. Howard
  15. Another vote for Tony's Course Notes. I have used them frequently (although I never did one of his courses) when looking for advice about our share boat and have found them extremely useful. Howard
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