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  1. Meanwhile someone in Hillingdon (West London), Harefield to be exact, applied for residential planning permission to change 2 non-resi offside moorings to residential. The council refused this as it didn't think it would look right. (detrimental to Green Belt). On appeal resi has been allowed, specifically for the 2 individuals, for 2 years. Details at https://planning.hillingdon.gov.uk/OcellaWeb/showDocuments?reference=71797/APP/2016/1419&module=pl
  2. We returned to our mooring at High Line at the weekend but havn't gone past the mooring yet. There were a couple of boats moored up near Packet Boat, 2 wide beams by the first windy hole and 1 boat moored opposite the moorings. No problems with the canal and it all looked pretty nice in autumnal colours. Might go and turn round in the next few weeks but thought best to moor up rather than continue the 45 minutes there and back trip to turn.
  3. We are moored at High Line but am still making our way back from St Neots, should be back on the arm late October. There shouldn't be any problems getting to the windy hole by Langley school as boat going to/from the moorings regularly go that far - what's it's like from there onto the basin is another matter. I would think it shouldn't be too bad as the big Hillingdon trip boats tend to help clear the weeds during the festival (3 weeks ago).
  4. Don't know, I'd just moored up and saw a guy walking away from the marina carrying one, will ask when I go there.
  5. Popped into Gayton last week, new chandlery offices etc. Friendly service and diesel (self declaration) was .71p plus 15% off until the end of October. That discount applies to most things it seems - but please check. Will most likely go back next week as I need a barge pole and they have some for under £40.
  6. roggie


    139 posts... what did I start? Time will tell as to how robust it is, hopefully it should last a few years, if not more and if it does have a weakness someone will come up with something better, how about a titanium windlass.... I guess there must be a price ceiling and perhaps its £80 which covers postage. I wonder how many locks the 'average' boater goes through and so the benefit for those who operate the locks - I've not done any locks on the Huddersfield/Rochdale and have been told that these are stiffer so a cost benefit might be higher on these locks rather than the relatively well maintained ones on the southern GU. Let's revisit the thread in a year(s) time as to the effectiveness of the racket mechanism.
  7. roggie


    'Ordinary' windlasses are £20-£30 (https://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/search.aspx?q=Windlass) so the £80 isn't that 'eye watering' given the advantages it offers those who struggle with some locking mechanisms. Like lots of boats things it's worth paying good money if it makes your journey appreciably better, and it's not a often purchased item. Of course how long it lasts is still to be determined but it does seem to be manufactured in quality material.
  8. roggie


    The internet tells me 2.194 lb is the same as .995kg
  9. roggie


    The GoWindlass is almost 1kg, see so it's slightly heavier than a sleeved windlass. Perhaps worth investing in a windlass holder rather than have to carry it in your hand. Certainly heavier than a aluminium version - for some reason I got the price wrong, it's £79.99 but there is a £5 off code in one of the canal magazines - which I saw after ordering. Their website has a few more videos now and testimonials, seemingly lifted from Facebook.
  10. roggie


    The GoWindlass was a success (said my wife). It was used on all the locks on the Grand Union south between Watford and Heyford Fields marina (Salar is in for blacking). Surprisingly it is only a couple of ounces heavier than the standard sleeved windlass - video of it in action on a Tweet I sent at
  11. roggie


    Thanks for the positive feedback, on the back of these I ordered one last night. Their website is slightly disappointing with very few testimonials, almost as thought no one has much positive to say. Guess they are more into design and production than marketing.
  12. roggie


    Grassman, so how did your experience back down the GU with the windlass go? We will be heading the other way sometime this/next month.
  13. roggie


    Thanks for all your comments, well perhaps not all of them. My wife hates steering, I did trick her last year into 'doing' one Lock (Hatton top) by pulling the boat into the lock and by the time she noticed we were going down the lock. She exited and enterered the next perfectly but then refused to steer any more. My original question was about the 'new' windlass but I get the idea that not many of you out there thinks it will be too much of a advantage - we have all sorts of windlesses onboard, long ones, unique ones, alu ones and ones with plastic handles. Off to the Nene & Great Ouse this year so will obviously use a different one there as well. I'll pass on commenting on washing up, cleaning etc.
  14. roggie


    Has anyone tried one of these new windlasses? £79.99 so would rather some recommendations. https://gowindlass.co.uk/index.php
  15. This forum has been really useful when trying to find out about my leaking Shurflo pump - loads of threads going back years. I noticed some water at the back of our nb and couldn't work out where it was coming from, noticed a small split in the sink drainage pipe, lots of condensation (not a liveaboard) and started to soak up the water with super absorbant sponge. 4 buckets later and the water slowly seeping back started to get a tad concerned, turned of the water stoptap from the tank to inside the boat . Anyway yesterday replaced the sink connections and turned the stoptap back on, then noticed the pump dripping, fairly constant. Can't quite understand why I didn't think of this before but there you go. Its a 20 year old Shurflo 2095-423-343 showing signs of seepage, think its time for a replacement. Looking at Jabsco Par-Max 2.9 Pressure pump 31395-0292 12v https://www.foxschandlery.com/jabsco-par-max-2-9-pressure-pump-31395-0292-12v?gclid=Cj0KCQiAnOzSBRDGARIsAL-mUB0ReLkQvHsvwOun5nhsjLJx70_q3g782Rgs0fJBTrYeILh5q2S-HhAaAsOnEALw_wcB given the opinions posted on the forum about Shurflo pumps. Perhaps sensible to have a regular check on your pump, just in case.
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