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  1. roggie


    Thanks for the positive feedback, on the back of these I ordered one last night. Their website is slightly disappointing with very few testimonials, almost as thought no one has much positive to say. Guess they are more into design and production than marketing.
  2. roggie


    Grassman, so how did your experience back down the GU with the windlass go? We will be heading the other way sometime this/next month.
  3. roggie


    Thanks for all your comments, well perhaps not all of them. My wife hates steering, I did trick her last year into 'doing' one Lock (Hatton top) by pulling the boat into the lock and by the time she noticed we were going down the lock. She exited and enterered the next perfectly but then refused to steer any more. My original question was about the 'new' windlass but I get the idea that not many of you out there thinks it will be too much of a advantage - we have all sorts of windlesses onboard, long ones, unique ones, alu ones and ones with plastic handles. Off to the Nene & Great Ouse this year so will obviously use a different one there as well. I'll pass on commenting on washing up, cleaning etc.
  4. roggie


    Has anyone tried one of these new windlasses? £79.99 so would rather some recommendations. https://gowindlass.co.uk/index.php
  5. roggie

    Shurflo water pump

    This forum has been really useful when trying to find out about my leaking Shurflo pump - loads of threads going back years. I noticed some water at the back of our nb and couldn't work out where it was coming from, noticed a small split in the sink drainage pipe, lots of condensation (not a liveaboard) and started to soak up the water with super absorbant sponge. 4 buckets later and the water slowly seeping back started to get a tad concerned, turned of the water stoptap from the tank to inside the boat . Anyway yesterday replaced the sink connections and turned the stoptap back on, then noticed the pump dripping, fairly constant. Can't quite understand why I didn't think of this before but there you go. Its a 20 year old Shurflo 2095-423-343 showing signs of seepage, think its time for a replacement. Looking at Jabsco Par-Max 2.9 Pressure pump 31395-0292 12v https://www.foxschandlery.com/jabsco-par-max-2-9-pressure-pump-31395-0292-12v?gclid=Cj0KCQiAnOzSBRDGARIsAL-mUB0ReLkQvHsvwOun5nhsjLJx70_q3g782Rgs0fJBTrYeILh5q2S-HhAaAsOnEALw_wcB given the opinions posted on the forum about Shurflo pumps. Perhaps sensible to have a regular check on your pump, just in case.
  6. roggie

    Slough Arm

    It should be fine until the moorings (and windy hole just after), that's 3 miles. You might be lucky after that but can't comment as we are moored at High Line and don't often go 'all the way'. I would say, why not, give it a go, someone has to before the canal festival in September. I'm currently moored near Braunston on our way to Stratford so can't even pop down and have a look.
  7. roggie

    VMs bottom end of river Lee.

    See, London isn't that full..... we have always found somewhere around Victoria Park to moor. Cheshunt is a popular place to moor for the station, anywhere on the Stort is tricky to find moorings, it being a river.
  8. roggie

    Basingstoke Images

    The Wey is very nice, you shouldn't have any problems. The Basingstoke is different, you have to book the Lock flights both ways. We didn't manage to get under the first low bridge, near Aldershot, it's around 5'10" depending on water levels. Well worth the trip (we are told) if you can make it.
  9. roggie

    Advice on L&L towpath

    Thanks for all the advice. I'm heading up to Dewsbury this Sunday to watch the Rugby League before pedaling into Leeds for the night. I'll be taking 2 days to get to Wigan before training home, staying at West Marton on the Monday night. Looks like I'll miss storm Doris and hope for OK weather, not to fussed about the temperature but don't really want lots of snow. So if anyone is on this stretch and sees a lone cycling on a Orange bike (name not colour) say hi.
  10. roggie

    'No chalk' hull survey

    I understood that the hammer and chalk is a bit old school but does give a experienced surveyor a good idea of the hull condition. They than use a ultrasound (I think) machine all along the hull but have to add some grease type substance (as they do if you have ultrasound on yourself, eg scanning pregnant ladies) and scrape off old blacking. You should see evidence of blueish blobs all over the hull. Obviously best to survey before blacking as you would have to go over the spots again. I guess you only paid for a hull survey rather than a full survey - my last survey cost just under £500 (46ft nb).
  11. roggie

    Engine oil

    I buy my Morris oil from Classic Oils in Aylesbury.
  12. roggie

    D.I.Y Blacking

    Uxbridge September 2015.. out Saturday lunchtime, jetwash for a couple of hours about half existing blacking came off (2.5 years old). Then used a 2" scraper (borrowed from Alan at Enfield Dock) to remove all the rest, took to around Sunday afternoon. Rytex slightly diluted with White Spirit (in the tin) then started with 4" roller (sale or return from chandlery).. oh paper overalls from eBay. Both coats took about 5 hours. On the Wednesday I added a third coat along the waterline and down to the baseplate. Only used a 5 litre tin...46ft long. Someone in the 'dry' dock had some blacking left and I used this to do some of the bottom, well the bits I could get at. You will most likely be under the roof rather than in the dock, I stayed from Saturday to Wednesday, pretty gloomy in there with a strip light the only light, 24 hours a day. Back in the water on the Saturday. Whilst there I had a BSS, full survey (insurance insisted) and the propeller nut tightened. Did the blacking by myself... Survey recommendations included bottom to be blacked.
  13. roggie

    Advice on L&L towpath

    I'm considering cycling from Leeds to Wigan along the Leeds and Liverpool at the end of next month, I've always fancied doing it but doubt we will get our nb up that way for a few years (moored down on the Slough Arm) so the bike.... Any thoughts/comments on the condition of the towpath, obviously a rough idea. My plan is to take the opportunity to watch my RL team play in Dewsbury on Sunday 26th (direct train from London to Mirfield and pedal down the Aire & Calder towpath), cycle into Leeds for the night, Monday to somewhere like Skipton (Premier Inn @£34) and the Tuesday to Wigan, Monday is a gentle 35 miles but Skipton to Wigan is 55 miles so some idea of towpath conditions would be useful. Of course at the end of February it could well be covered with snow and icy, must make a backup plan if that's the case.
  14. roggie

    Wanna see inside a U boat?

    Many years ago a U Boat was moored by the Thames Barrier and open to visitors, I went along and it was very cramped, with a enormous pace for all the batteries. Access was 'interesting' via the conning tower given the various sizes of people these days plus if you followed someone out who was wearing a skirt you gave them plenty of space. Pre digital camera days though. Looks like it was there in 1997 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Submarine_U-475_Black_WidowNow rusting away on the Medway.
  15. roggie

    folding bike repair

    Take it to a bike shop....

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