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  1. found.... Facebook helped connect us and cycling down the canal to collect in the morning. There is a advance to social media.
  2. Well it was inevitable.. Cowley Lock this morning, first lock of our trip and first lock for quite a while, you guessed it left the GoWindless behind. Walked back but gone... The big black 'stealth' widebeam, Walhalla, was heading into the lock so if you picked it up and are reading this hope you find it useful. Noticed the boat is for sale. Perhaps I should hunt around for the number and give them a call....
  3. Lots of rings there, moored last October for the night. Good mooring just after the flight or just before.
  4. Apologies for the delayed response to the previous posting about the IWA policy on cruising. The policy that was quoted is several years ago and has been updated, info at https://www.waterways.org.uk/information/policy_documents/residential_boating A couple of relevant sections are:- "2.2 For boats licensed on Canal & River Trust’s waterways a specific designation was introduced by the British Waterways Act 1995, which allows boaters to declare that they do not have a home mooring. This requires them to move at least every 14 days and the boat must be used “bona fide for naviga
  5. Elected were:- Tim Allen Helen Hutt Dave Mendes da Costa Phil Prettyman https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/about-us/how-we-are-run/the-council/council-elections-2019-20
  6. I did know AWCC were given a place but not that they had proposed Mr Phasey. I'm a Cutweb member and will pen something on our email list. Thanks for the link.
  7. No read anything about that, all 4 private boaters places are being re-elected and he isn't standing. Unless he has been 'given' another place on the council but it wouldn't be representing private boaters. Where did you read/hear that? Twitter isn't exactly full of tweets about the elections, I just tweeted something and CRT responded saying a reminder was included in their last boaters update, not sure exactly how many people religiously read that. I had hoped (one can dream) that after last times 16% turnout CRT would go all out to increase the awareness of the council and electi
  8. Interesting thread given that voting finishes in less than 8 hours time. I stood last time, in 2015, and posted everywhere I could think of on the last day. I've just trawled some of the obvious Facebook pages and can find nothing from those wishing me to vote for them, a couple of posts on the London Boaters Pages from others but that's about it. It worries me that people put themselves forward but give no indication as to how they will elicit the thoughts of those they represent or say how they will feed back. I was very grateful for Stella's feedback last time but heard nothing from 2 of th
  9. 3 years on and it's still working well, as you saw. The lockies at Foxton said that it was trialed there before going into production. Thanks for your company, didn't realise you were stopping when you were. Have a great onward journey & enjoy the Westvleteren. Sante.
  10. Meanwhile someone in Hillingdon (West London), Harefield to be exact, applied for residential planning permission to change 2 non-resi offside moorings to residential. The council refused this as it didn't think it would look right. (detrimental to Green Belt). On appeal resi has been allowed, specifically for the 2 individuals, for 2 years. Details at https://planning.hillingdon.gov.uk/OcellaWeb/showDocuments?reference=71797/APP/2016/1419&module=pl
  11. We returned to our mooring at High Line at the weekend but havn't gone past the mooring yet. There were a couple of boats moored up near Packet Boat, 2 wide beams by the first windy hole and 1 boat moored opposite the moorings. No problems with the canal and it all looked pretty nice in autumnal colours. Might go and turn round in the next few weeks but thought best to moor up rather than continue the 45 minutes there and back trip to turn.
  12. We are moored at High Line but am still making our way back from St Neots, should be back on the arm late October. There shouldn't be any problems getting to the windy hole by Langley school as boat going to/from the moorings regularly go that far - what's it's like from there onto the basin is another matter. I would think it shouldn't be too bad as the big Hillingdon trip boats tend to help clear the weeds during the festival (3 weeks ago).
  13. Don't know, I'd just moored up and saw a guy walking away from the marina carrying one, will ask when I go there.
  14. Popped into Gayton last week, new chandlery offices etc. Friendly service and diesel (self declaration) was .71p plus 15% off until the end of October. That discount applies to most things it seems - but please check. Will most likely go back next week as I need a barge pole and they have some for under £40.
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