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  1. No-one local was offering to do it for me both beta and Iskra said the 'dumb' brush box was obsolete and didn't fancy butchering the alternator to get the wiring in. I've got the Mastervolt alternator now so I'll have to find a bracket that works with that. Thanks
  2. Long story and did weigh that up but they no longer make the brush box for external regulation and as the rest of the system is Mastervolt it integrates better and in-built temperature compensation etc. Checked the measurements a number of times but it was out by just a few mm
  3. Hi all, Does anyone know who could make a bottom alternator bracket to allow a Mastervolt 12/130 alternator to fit into a Beta 43? I'm replacing the existing standard 175amp alternator to something smarter with the Alpha Pro to allow better control of charging with Lithium but even with lots of measurements before I know find that the fan of the alternator just strikes the bottom alternator bracket! Ideally looking for someone who can easily template a new bracket if not a standard part. I'm based around Chester / Nantwich Thanks all!
  4. Back to stage 1! After much looking I found the part which allow the regulator to be changed to allow external regulation but now find that its been discontinued and this has been confirmed by Mahle... So options are to see if someone with expertise can modify the internal regulation of the alternator to allow the connection of the Alpha Pro external regulator or look for a whole new alternator which is compatible. Any advice?
  5. Luckily some further digging in the internet has found someone who has changed the same type alternator from internal to external regulation. http://bennersadrift.blogspot.com/2011/04/modding-iskra-100-amp-alternator.html?m=1 So I just need to find the replacement dumb brush holder so if Sir Nibble has the part number I will be very greatfull.
  6. I guess the other (more expensive) option would be to replace the alternator all together with a Bosch compatible one which the Alpha Pro has the connection cables. I see that there is a brand called Bosch Marine and they seem to do a 120amp version which I read is a direct swap for the standard Beta 43 domestic alternator although I can't find any specs for the Bosch Marine ones. So any advice on comparable alternators would be appreciated. Thanks,
  7. Thanks all. The thought is that when charging Lifepo4 I can stop the charge from the alternator, by the Alpha Pro controlling the field, when the Mastervolt Mastershunt detects a defined voltage or SOC level so not to over charge them. The alternator would then kick in again once the battery voltage has dropped or SOC is lower. The Alpha Pro would also monitor the temperature of the alternator and throttle it back it is starts to get too hot. So I am guessing that I need the Alpha Pro to control the alternator and the field.
  8. Wow. Thank you both really helpful. Many thanks.
  9. Hi all, I'm planning to fit a Lifepo4 system and need to control my alternator better, the rest of the system is Mastervolt so I'm planning to fit one of their Alpha Pro III external regulators and this is where I've become a bit flumuxed. We have a standard 175amp Iskra IA1196 domestic alternator on our Beta 43. It doesn't seem to have any terminals for field control so does this mean taking it apart to rewire to allow the connection to the Alpha Pro? If it does, are there any instructions anywhere or someone who could do it for me. Thanks in advance. Duncan
  10. Yep that as well and stayed steady for a longer period before dropping. Thanks Frank and be good to know the details to get the old one refurbished and maybe then keep as spare or sell on. D
  11. Just to update: I've swapped over the alternator for a new one from Beta and charging much better now and voltage has gone from 13.6 to 14.4 while charging. The alternator was pretty covered in black carbon brush particles so looked like it was pretty worn. Now what to do with the old one? I'll probably look to get it refurbished and then see it on. Thanks all for the help. D
  12. DasDsm

    Marine Generator

    Be good to know the detail as not staying around the SE long as once I've sorted out a few things I'm heading to the midlands and north so may work.
  13. DasDsm

    Marine Generator

    Very interesting about the travel power as its Beta 43 with a well insulated engine so actually does not make that much noise when running so might be a good option. It is a retro fit by a boat yard or direct from Beta? Any recommendations of people to fit in Southern GU? D
  14. I'm looking to take the plunge and install a cocooned marine generator for my boat to easy supply during winter periods without having to run the engine and also allow powering of heavy duty items such as washing machine. The boat I own used to have a Whisper 3.5kW but was removed by previous owner although a fair amount of connections and infrastructure are still there. Does anyone have any recommendation for small generators and also any suppliers/installers? Thanks in advance.
  15. Thanks all, really helpful to confirm my suspicions. New alternator will be ordered tomorrow. Btw.. I don't know if there are usually always the same belts with a Beta 43 and 175amp alternator but having trouble finding a decent place to get a spare. Looking at the current one it's coded as 6PK1170 So any advice on stockists would be welcome. Thanks again all. I'll update once new one fitted. Duncan
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