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  1. It's a lovely trip with some interesting bends. The 180 deg before Buscot lock is a good challenge! Between St John's lock and the A361 bridge there are moorings on the left hand side going upstream after the last bend - beware, that bend is shallow so keep wide! It is a large field so no problem with distancing. Last time I was there it was free - or no-one came to ask for any money.
  2. Depends a lot on time of day but can be as little as turn up and go or sometimes an hour or more to get into a flight, with corresponding wait - it can take 2-3 hours to clear Napton on a bad day!
  3. August will be even busier this year after lockdown so if you want gentle, try north Oxford to Hawkesbury then Marston Jctn, the Ashby and return. With just the 1 lock, you won't be waiting in queues for hours. If you manage that you can always go past Clifton and add Braunston and back, but you will have a busy time at Hillmorton Definitely stay away from Napton towards Banbury!
  4. Best way to visit Oxford is leave the boat at Lower Heyford and get the train [15mins]! The canal sucks south of Thrupp and particularly after Duke's cut. Even Heyford to Bakers is a ditch with overhanging vegetation and shallow sides. The winding hole at Isis lock is actually listed as 55ft. Good luck thru the Agenda 21 moorings!! The last time [February] I went to OXF by train, the actual Duke's cut was rammed with shanty boats. Agree the upper Thames is very nice and Osney bridge prevents many larger boats getting upstream.
  5. rustynewbery

    Pump out hose

    You can also try Lee sanitation. Old Son beat me to it!!
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. I was only thinking that, it's 12 max without MCA - Mr Smelly will know innit
  8. It was a long time ago and I didn't have a direct connection with the boat, though saw her a number of times out on the cut.
  9. I see to recall there was one named Querqus?
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. Which year was that? RN Rally at Napton never happened check out http://www.rnregister.org.uk/rally.html. Might have been Banbury in 2004🤔
  12. 18 months after launch, not a jot of the 2 original coats of Comastic was left on our Colecraft hull below the water line. A well respected marine surveyor reported that it was caused by mill scale. He recommended shot blasting and 2-pack. We went for the additional "Zinga" treatment with 2 coats of 2 pack. At over £5k back in 2004, it paid for itself in spades as no docking needed for blacking for 7 years; the hull was still in good condition when we did. I would recommend shot blasting without doubt
  13. Cropredy can be very entertaining unless you own one of the boats on the north side of the big pond! But haven't come across any marina service dock that isn't affected by the prevailing wind
  14. I can vouch for the discount card, and there are a raft of businesses signed up to offering discounts. It costs £4.99 for 5 years. WHO QUALIFIES? Serving Armed Forces Reserve Forces Spouses/Partners of serving personnel HM Armed Forces Veterans (ex serving) MoD Civil Servants Bereaved Family Members War/Service Widow(er)s Cadet Forces (over 16) NATO Personnel in the UK A real no-brainer.
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