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  1. Hopefully all will be well when I go through next week, probably Tuesday, I'll look out for cut hound as well en route to Glascote!
  2. Overwater is a very friendly and professional operation. Engineers on site and also home to Cheshire Cat hire boats. The upside is its a more central base to make trips from.
  3. Not the same, but I was logged out and had to return.
  4. CRT have ignored the problems with this slippage. I passed through there in late May and its clear they've done sod all; I rode over some stuff at 2ft 6" draught. Another storm and it will be completely blocked.
  5. Kipor 2600 pure sine wave with LPG adaptation around £775 on't interweb. Rated 2.3kW max 2.6. When my Mastervolt 6000 Ultra goes t*ts, that will do!
  6. And Liverpool gets theirs from Lake Vyrnwy in Powys [since 1880]!
  7. There is a mooring on the service side. I wouldn't recommend staying on the towpath side outside the gate; last time I was there, tins, detritus and possibly needles not to mention dog mess on the grass. It's popular with the uncivil members of town. John the lock and opposite are very good as well as the obvious attractions of ale and pies! You also see clearly down to the bottom of the cut!
  8. I agree, my own Mastervolt 3LE needed new glow plugs and MV think they are gold plated! DD sold me a set for a third of the price! PM me with your email and I'll send you a copy of the parts list
  9. Agree with TB. Thrupp has good moorings, two pubs as well as the bus. Osney also recommended. The canal south of Dukes is not very inviting. I know Oxford very well, it gets clogged with traffic all day and even the buses get held up leaving the city since bus lanes are only inbound! On the extreme, go to Lower Heyford and get a train in, only 15 mins, though not sure about timetable now that COVID is in the mix.
  10. Watched Thompson" Celebration "dock at Flam, very professional use of the thrusters to bring along sideways. Captain finished off by lighting a Marlboro on the flying bridge! Back to reality, I sometimes find giving the tiller a sweep to bring the stern in, bit like a butty tiller but not as effective though! Sometimes it works🤔
  11. Or the locals just say "Scilly". Many years ago, Wyvern Shipping Company sailed their hire boat Ocean Princess around the coast and went to St Mary. Harbourmaster couldn't believe his eyes when he saw it on the quayside. I think it also became the first narrowboat to enter the Bude canal Final Leg of South Coast Narrowboat Cruise - Wyvern Shipping (canalholidays.co.uk)
  12. Get the GPS test app for your phone. Mine is set for 0-10mph and I get a good idea of average speed - usually 3mph so 20 min between mileposts.
  13. Email message today about the south Oxford from Pigeon's lock to Banbury from CRT - totally overgrown and swamping Fountain's attempts to cut it back. I've been around the 4 counties this month and the Shroppie visitor moorings are in a sad state. My mate says the south Stratford is the same. Back on the Coventry and fighting overgrown offside trees and limited navigation width as well as the overgrowing towpaths. Dangerous for ankle injury and almost impossible to find the dog crap unless you stare at the mutt while performing, though other droppings still lurk to get into your treads or between the toes.
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