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  1. And I do hope that the boat wasting a bollard is a less abled sort. It looks very much like a shiny boat owner who won't share a wide lock with anyone but I can't see the index number or name. Perhaps Ray T can supply? And I wonder how long it has/will be there. Send me a msg if you can I've experience all the malfunctions from boaters mentioned back in the thread and have been "at it" since 1976. Back in the day when hiring/shared owning, planning was a must because lugging large quantities of provisions from towns is a drag. And when you hope to tie up somewhere like Rugby for Tesco, there's no mooring spaces except the 15-25ft gaps between vessels. Best one was in Cropredy when a boat was sitting in the lock waiting for the Tesco van to deliver, damn anyone else. He warn't there for long after words were exchanged [unprintable but you get the picture! Like others, I am only too willing to help newbies learn and there's always an abundance of willing crew, unlike the norm these days when people just wait with their boat and not offer to help or my favourite, bob in the middle of the cut just outside the lock - in my way. Doh
  2. For small area heavy ballast try some railway rail cut off's got 3 bits in my fold up bed locker, did the trick! But don't use southern's '3rd' rail it bites DC😉
  3. That is electrical activity caused by galvanic action between the steel hull and anything else in proximity having a different voltage which causes current to flow between them. And not having had any protection in the form of blacking has made the matter worse. The boat probably has no protection in the form of an isolation transformer or galvanic isolator and it is pure neglect. Blacking every 2 years at around £800 a time [more varied prices are available!] would have saved £000's in over plating. Its not confined to marinas, but anywhere there are steel pilings or other boats. I measured the voltage between my boat and piling years ago and used an earth bonding strap to ensure no current flow. [a battery charging cable is a good source]. There was a potential difference between boat and piling which in turn allowed a current to flow. Another issue with the above boat is the lack of sacrificial anodes. Typically builders will put 2 each side, on the bow flares and swim but I was told that anodes must "see" each other to be effective and therefore additional ones are needed amidships. This becomes a problem too as they can be knocked off in bridge 'oles and lock sides. Finally, if the steel was not shot blasted to remove the mill scale ever present on steel, most blacking stands little chance of adhesion and it falls off - it happened to my boat after only 18 months and I had it done & coated with Zinga and 2 layers of 2-pack. Now I use a marina for winters, I fitted a "Safeshore" galvanic isolator. https://shop.pkys.com/What-is-a-galvanic-isolator-and-why-should-my-shore-power-system-have-one_b_112.html
  4. Take a look at http://www.keelblack.co.uk/ There have been mixed reactions about it's efficacy but I have used it over 2-pack/Zinga coating and found it OK. It is very easy to apply and a 5L can will cover a 70ft narrowboat. It does have a shelf life of 6months but is is great for re-blacking above the water line. Fertan is an excellent rust killer and I know of one guy that regularly just uses the stuff to black his boat entirely [at Hatton dry dock - but no cover!] But you'd need more for multiple coats!
  5. Considering that Lower Heyford still has no decent signal coverage on EE/BT and SFA Vodafone unless you do a dance on the railway bridge, I wouldn't hold out on 5g being readily available on the inland waterways except cities
  6. Another option would be to set up a shared ownership scheme? That way the boat would get good use and an income for you to afford to put it somewhere safe when not in use.
  7. Option 1. It will have lost value for sure but depends on who was the builder and who did the fit out. As Alan says, your best bet is to sell and invest the proceeds for when you are able to or wish to go boating. I presume you've been out on your late father's boat?
  8. It's a long stretch between those 2 bridges and 77A is the M45
  9. Maybe one of those wide beams that aren't supposed to be on the north Oxford is out and about. Please note I don't have an issue with wide beams per se but on this part of the network??
  10. I've heard of Ashley Banjo, any help?
  11. AB Tuckey has a good reputation but is midlands based thus may cost more than d'arn south. You need the crane of course so it won't be cheap. Info in Towpath Talk [you can get online]
  12. Came back tut boat a few days ago and the Eber was t*ts up again. Quickly traced to a corroded fuse in the control box. Jiggled it and up she sparked. Then finally did what I should have done 16 years ago and replaced it with a modern car type spade fitting fuse with nice holder. In the process, removed about 70% redundant wiring in said box as it was to power remote fans and other stuff usually fitted to trucks & trains. So far...………. 1968-9 and 70-71. Rank of AC plonk and SAC respectively [Just a bit off topic, sorry Mods]
  13. True indeed - as a trainee avionics oink back when in the RAF at Cosford, learnt that rather than tear the aircraft to bits, check the circuit breaker - bloody instructors were always doing stuff like that
  14. It is alleged that a sample was/is contained in formaldehyde solution when the Queen's loo on an RAF Britannia aircraft was emptied after a royal flight.
  15. September weather can be reasonable but given the "climate" over the past 6 months any time can be a good time
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