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  1. Look at Exercise Cygnet on't net. In 2016 the powers that be held a 3-day exercise, the results of which were buried because it was clear that the UK would not cope with a flu pandemic. Fast forward 4 years - they knew it was coming and did f&*k all to prepare.
  2. Marinas are telling visiting moorers to return to their primary residences and ALL non-essential boaters are being told to stay put by HMG. No more anti-social weekend booze cruises/hen/stag trips for a long while.
  3. My dad used to say when using that Izal stuff - 1 rough, 1 smooth, 1 polish. Not sure I would want to try the origami approach though, back to big leaves - plenty coming up cut side by now
  4. Yes PLEASE! Not like the wazzuk moored almost opposite the Braunston turn water point northbound.
  5. Ah, spotted one of Mr Smelly's old 'Udsons down there - Jenny Rose
  6. Did you manage to sort out your Ebby?
  7. My genny has a L3E and I got a set of 3 from Diamond Diesels in Leeds for under £100 around 10 years ago. Same ones from Mastervolt were quoted at £75 each
  8. True but the train service is not good. Neither is the cut south towards Oxford; more like a ditch in places and overgrown
  9. This is nothing! Try looking at the Elan Valley dams which are similarly overtopping - as per design, but problem is the water flows down the Afon Elan and into the Wye which floods through Builth Wells and onwards to Hereford and Monmouth.
  10. rustynewbery

    Hatton Locks

    The stop lock is just a feature and hasn't operated for years. Vandalism maybe, there's a lot of yoof hang around there, but in this weather I doubt it. Or have CRT put stop planks in? Any road up, it doesn't make sense
  11. Demand for charging points will[has?] very quickly exceed[ed] supply. I would like to go electric but not many can afford a car with a 200 mile range, or get it as a company perk. When there is a budget friendly offering that will give me 150 miles at national speed limits, I'll take a look because wouldn't want to rely on mid point recharging between A and B. While we're getting there, so will HMRC, who as we know giveth and taketh away. Never ever been a free lunch!
  12. I've a feeling I know that one too - not far from bridge 205 methinks - very nice Armco piling with angry NT😈
  13. Er, via the GU north to Braunston, Oxford and Thames then GU south via Brentford?
  14. Ah, forgot you got Udson mania for a while
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