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  1. I booked on the CRT site using my account. He said he had to enter the details of my boat on the system when he let me out and ‘the computer says no’ Is the CRT supposed to be run like a real business?
  2. I booked a slot to pass through the lock. I didn’t book far enough ahead to go through on the day I wanted so I have a day to wait in Brentford. This was in common with at least one other waiting boat. The lock-keeper let the single booked boat through then sat there with nothing to do for the morning. He gave an incomprehensible answer as to why he couldn’t let any other waiting boats through. He said it had something to do with health and safety. Maybe someone else understands? Rules is rules doesn’t satisfy me. I’m in a sea going boat and quite able to make the decision of a skipper whether to go onto the Thames.
  3. That’s the booking numbers I want to be able to contact the lock keeper directly once I am close
  4. Does anyone have a number for the lock keeper on the lock at Brentford to get me back onto the Thames?
  5. I’ve made the journey from Limehouse to Little Venice. The only place the locks were manned was at Camden. Does anyone know if there is likely to be any help at Hanwell locks?
  6. Having been into Limehouse now I can provide an update. it is necessary to book with Aquavista to operate the lock. The mobile number above is for the duty lock-keeper but may only be answered during the hours where there are bookings to enter the lock. it is necessary to book for entry.
  7. I’m in Greenwich and have not booked the lock for Limehouse. Can I just turn uo?
  8. I’m single handed and just on an exploration run. Am I right thinking that I will find it simpler to go on the Thames with automatic locks than on the Kennet and Avon canal?
  9. Are all the locks on the Thames manned?
  10. Thank you for the suggestion. My sailing club is affiliated to the RYA. I think It’s a bit unusual to bring a gaff rigged sailing vessel onto canals. having said this I think the RYA and AWCC work together so it’s worth an ask. Thank you.
  11. Does the lock open regularly. Is the wall inside or out? Can I get into the basin before dropping my mast?
  12. Draught 0.5m so don’t think there is any problem. Thanks everyone for the really useful information.
  13. I’m planning to take my boat onto the Regents canal at Limehouse. I see there is a marina, but do I have any free/cheap mooring options nearby?
  14. There is a dilemma here as only a trailer sailor type boat would function as a reasonable yacht and be used on the canal too. You won’t find much in the way of facilities in that league. If I could afford to run a yacht the same length as your boat, I would probably have a crew too to clean the toilets and I certainly wouldn’t be able to bring it on the canal. Have you found a canal which will take that beast?
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