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  1. The power saving function works quite well, but as you have observed, it does need a reasonable current draw (around 1+? amps) to trigger. Unfortunately there is no way to adjust this threshold. BTW, I do hope the box has some good ventilation as it does need ventilation to disipate the heat when working hard. Invertek DAI-3000C-12xx.pdf
  2. Of itself, an interesting video from Practical Engineering about the Evergiven episode in the Suez Canal, and (at 5.41) the demonstration of Bernoulli’s Principle, Squatting, and ‘Bank Effect’ on a boat in a narrow canal is excellent.
  3. The original route can just be seen in the loop in the lower left corner. If you look at the next map to the south, you can easily follow the original route, which eventualy rejoins at the south-west end of the cutting.
  4. 1883-4 Published 1885 https://maps.nls.uk/view/115635790#zoom=6&lat=2309&lon=10785&layers=BT
  5. I notice that the 'load' positive is on the same battery as 'load'negative. If there is enough play in the positive 'load' cable it would be much better to move it to the positive terminal on the furthest battery. Best practice is to take the load from opposite ends of a battery bank
  6. Today on lockdownsceptics.org: A little bit of woke gobbledegook for you… I am a friend of the Canal & River Trust: I live near a lovely canal in the North West and every day I enjoy a soothing walk along the towpath, enjoying the wildlife and the slowly gliding narrowboats and so on. The Trust issues a monthly magazine called Waterfront, which used to be an unusually excellent publication – well-designed, beautifully illustrated, with great content, covering nature and history and the literature of the waterways and so on. The latest issue though is a slimmer, cheaper, le
  7. Available from Battery Megastore https://www.batterymegastore.co.uk/product/hankook-xl31-leisure-battery/ I bought 4 from their ebay shop in April for £400 free delivery. Currently £407.44 for 4 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4x-XL31-Deep-Cycle-Leisure-Battery-Caravan-Camper-12V-130AH-330x172x242mm-/254168569707?hash=item3b2da0976b Heavy too (Good) 28.4 Kg each
  8. The CRT staff after helping all the boats in front of me (all with crews), by the time it was my turn - single handed - they seem to got bored/needed to cosult phones/disappeared into the cabin, and just completely ignored me ... so I was through and away quite speadily.
  9. Have you got the lock numbers the wrong way round? Lock 1 is the top lock with the long pound below it, lock12 is bottom lock. I was 7th in line going down, and as far as I know, everyone going both ways managed to get through succesfully. Although last passage was 1.00pm, there was no-one at lock 12 stopping boats going up.
  10. Be aware that with Three, a contract does not end at the end of the minimum term. It automatically continues (inevitably at a higher rate) unless you give them 30 days notice of cancellation, In the small print: 'All of our SIM Only plans are available on a minimum term contract – we currently offer minimum terms of 1, 12 or 24 months. To end your contract, you’ll need to give us 30 days’ notice'. https://www.techradar.com/uk/sim-only/unlimited-data-sim-only-deals Three Unlimited Sim 12 months £18 direct with Three. Strange that this offer is not on their website anywher
  11. It is utilises 3 network. Also allows tethering: https://help.superdrugmobile.com/en/articles/1778302-can-i-tether-and-create-a-personal-hotspot-on-superdrug-mobile
  12. Peak Forest & Macclesfield Canal Water Resources Hello, As one of our boating customers located on the Peak Forest and Macclesfield canals we'd love you to join us to discuss water resources for the busier boating months ahead on the Peak Forest and Macclesfield canals. We are keen to update you on the work we are doing to manage water levels in your area. Two meetings will be held in just over a week's time: 18th February 6pm - 8pm North Cheshire Cruising Club SK6 8AA 19th February 6pm - 8pm Macclesfield Golf Club SK11 7EA Meetings start at 6pm - Tea and coffee
  13. Sir Roger Scruton's reort for the government's 'Building Better, Building Beautiful Commision' released today. Top of the list - planting two million more trees and opening old canals in urban areas over the next 5 years. https://order-order.com/2020/01/30/scrutons-last-report-proposes-end-housing-crisis/
  14. Like Athy I uses Pearson's 'Canal Companions'. Although I also have some Nicholson's, they are rarely consulted. I find the map scale of Pearson's - 2 inches to the mile - rather than Nicholson's OS 1 inch to the mile, much better. Every one of mine has copious added notes, such as: nice mooring spots; which swing bridges have towpath side operation or need BW key or windlass to operate (handy to know when single handed as I am), visitor moorings allowed time, etc. Google maps on tablet for finding local shops etc., then noted on Pearson's for future reference.
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