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  1. Pennine

    Canal Boatmen 1st World War

    Digging a bit further, I find daughter Fanny born Q1 1911 - mother's maiden name Kelly GRO Reg 8d P210 The deceased child is likely Sarah Ann born Q4 1909 - mother's maiden name Kelly GRO Reg 8d P204. Death Index Q3 1910 GRO Reg 8d P119
  2. Pennine

    Canal Boatmen 1st World War

    According to the GRO Online Index, Harriet Perrott b.Q4 1907 Manchester - mother's maiden name was Hulme. GRO Ref 8d P226 Seems there were a few Kay families in Manchester 1911 censuses who were described as being boatman/waterman.
  3. i'm of the same mind as Tumshie, and as it appears on both sides, it is a rather weird structural element.
  4. There does seem to be a similar tube on the port side...
  5. Pennine

    Name The Header Tank

    Food colouring added to the water?
  6. Pennine

    Langley Mill Boatyard

    It was an absolute delight to meet Dan, Vikki and the ineffable MrSmelly (who looks amazingly like his avatar, albeit somewhat less dark haired!) a few days ago. Definately the smartest, cleanest dry dock on the system. Good luck with the 'Knobstick' project Dan.
  7. Pennine


    Middlewich Boats has Elsan disposal for £1 fee
  8. Pennine

    Oil Boat

    Many thanks MHS, just what I was looking for. He does dispose of old oil, but it is none too clear whether this is a free service to boaters, although I do get the impression that it is. There is an email address on his website, so an enquiry should clarify.
  9. Pennine

    Oil Boat

    Does anyone happen to know the website address of the Oil Boat, the one that collects old used oil. Passed him on the B'ham & Fazeley a few days ago, but didn't make a note of the website. Googling turns up nothing either.
  10. Pennine

    Where can I get electrical plugs like these?

    Maplin. As with most Maplin stuff, relatively expensive, but if desperate ....
  11. -low-latency Bow camera to screen at stern to use to see what's going on 70' ahead in real time ^^^ this Only reasonable idea I could come up with is a hardwired 'reversing' camera. Wireless far too laggy.
  12. Pennine

    Middlewich fest

    Left there last Thursday and it was nose to tail above King's Lock. Big Lock to Town Bridge already full of traders.
  13. Pennine

    Is Birmingham going downhill as a destination?....

    Never had any problems at Merry Hill, Birmingham, or Bumble Hole last summer. It did strike me as being a good idea though to moor on the offside at Bumble Hole if there was room, as it was quieter/safer away from the surprising amount of pedestrian traffic on the towpath. ...except in 2010 when the visitor centre was subjected to an arson attack!
  14. Pennine

    * FOUND * Stolen Boat - from Mercia Marina

    Checked all boats in Birmingham centre from St. Vincents bridge to Cambrian Wharf, through Gas Street to Granville Street bridge. Sherborne Wharf have a flyer and are keeping a lookout. Will check all passing boats, as I'm here for a while.
  15. Pennine

    It's a Sterling, but not as we know it.

    Thanks for trying Tony. A real puzzler. It may well be last resort to phone Sterling, and as you say hope he doesn't answer, or that is is in an uncharacteristically good mood.

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