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  1. Haha, although the best pies are undisputedly made in Cleckheaton there is no 'us and them' in the pie-loving world, just sheer enjoyment.
  2. Whose pies are they? (Pork-pie-lover joke)
  3. That's a good couple of hours or more depending on bridge opening skills but is a realistic target for a first afternoon. The canal planner app is an excellent guide.
  4. Just an idle thought, but shouldn't the circs be in 22mm? Also if you lift the pipes up higher that might make a potential airlock?
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. You will be able to get to the top of 5-rise at a pinch providing all the bridges are ok - there are lots! - On the electric ones remember to keep the closing button pressed until the whole cycle is complete. Recently you have had to book passage through 5-rise in advance but that might be different now. If you moor up at 5-rise after the cafe closes, walk down into Bingley for lots of Aldi/Lidl/Home Bargains shopping and some good food places. When you moor-up the day after in Saltaire and explore the mill, walk up Victoria Road for some interesting bakeries and the splendid Chapel. There is
  7. I'm guilty of kidnapping this post so I'm sorry but just to let everyone who was kind enough to help know, I have 55litre twin-loop Surecal but it has neither accumulator on the cold feed or expansion bottle. It does have a PRV as standard. The system was obviously put in at a bare minimum specification so I will probably have to set-to and do it right. Thank you for your forbearance and apologies to Clan1 for the rudeness.
  8. Thanks Jen. Yes I cleaned the inlet filter. I'll investigate the rest after I investigate a leaking sink waste. Cheers
  9. I am gradually recommissioning ( a posh word for replacing everything) my long-neglected boat and got around to filling up the water-tank and opening the main stop tap. The Jabsco 2.9 operated as advertised but was very noisy. After two days of congratulating myself on my hose-pipe and tap-turning abilities the pump stated to run on after taps were closed. I have no accumulator fitted, just a calorifier, so I assumed I had a tired pressure switch. I fitted a square D from RS on a Tee in the pump output pipe and wired it in. As I did that, I realised that the pump and pipes were touching the ta
  10. Sadly, I think I can see the flats of the nut holding it in. Something else to add to my list of 'best practice' to implement as and when funds and opportunity allows. Thanks all.
  11. Well for that reason I shall dismiss the foolish thought from my head. There is room for a shut-off . Thanks, Tony. I took your advice on fitting small fans behind the fridge. Once I got the fridge out I could see that the housing unit was very badly marked and blistered so there had been appreciable heat at play at some time. The Beko fridge was subject to a recall, which it seems mine has had, so I think that the previous owner had a lucky escape.
  12. In balmy spring sunshine today I replaced the bilge pump and linked the flow and return for the now defunct Mikuni together .so I can still use the engine or Immersion to heat water until I decide what to replace it with. I fatally removed one loose tile from the shower wall and ended up pulling off the rest (mostly with my fingers). They were tiled onto OSB board which had been treated but still wasn't very good at hanging on to the tiles. Now I have that board out I can get to the space between the shower tray and the hull to check for rot (amazingly, it was fine). The shower tray is c
  13. And Ed Biers has impressively just replied to confirm that parts are unavailable and that an MX60 would be too big so I'll be looking for another solution.
  14. I knew that there must be a good reason for what felt like an over-simplification. Thank you.
  15. I think that if anyone were really serious about a green recovery they would mandate a national policy on recycling, from colour of bins to access to disposal centres. Most of the restrictions are a result of the individual contracts by local councils with Biffa et al, leading as was stated earlier, to the need to stop the 'Rubbish Reivers' popping over the border. I live in Kirklees but the nearest tips are in Bradford and Calderdale Authority. I have to travel further (Nearly into the Leeds Authority) to be told which items are no longer accepted, ceramics, rubble and old oil, for example. I
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