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  1. Sadly, I think I can see the flats of the nut holding it in. Something else to add to my list of 'best practice' to implement as and when funds and opportunity allows. Thanks all.
  2. Well for that reason I shall dismiss the foolish thought from my head. There is room for a shut-off . Thanks, Tony. I took your advice on fitting small fans behind the fridge. Once I got the fridge out I could see that the housing unit was very badly marked and blistered so there had been appreciable heat at play at some time. The Beko fridge was subject to a recall, which it seems mine has had, so I think that the previous owner had a lucky escape.
  3. In balmy spring sunshine today I replaced the bilge pump and linked the flow and return for the now defunct Mikuni together .so I can still use the engine or Immersion to heat water until I decide what to replace it with. I fatally removed one loose tile from the shower wall and ended up pulling off the rest (mostly with my fingers). They were tiled onto OSB board which had been treated but still wasn't very good at hanging on to the tiles. Now I have that board out I can get to the space between the shower tray and the hull to check for rot (amazingly, it was fine). The shower tray is c
  4. And Ed Biers has impressively just replied to confirm that parts are unavailable and that an MX60 would be too big so I'll be looking for another solution.
  5. I knew that there must be a good reason for what felt like an over-simplification. Thank you.
  6. I think that if anyone were really serious about a green recovery they would mandate a national policy on recycling, from colour of bins to access to disposal centres. Most of the restrictions are a result of the individual contracts by local councils with Biffa et al, leading as was stated earlier, to the need to stop the 'Rubbish Reivers' popping over the border. I live in Kirklees but the nearest tips are in Bradford and Calderdale Authority. I have to travel further (Nearly into the Leeds Authority) to be told which items are no longer accepted, ceramics, rubble and old oil, for example. I
  7. Apologies if I have started an unnecessary new post but I did look in the search results first. My non-functioning Mikuni MX40 was sent to Mellors for checking and they say that the air motor has gone and that parts are no longer available. MV confirm a lack of stock. I have contacted Ed Biers at four counties to see if he has any known good ones ad await his suggestions but most people seem to be offering a complete replacement (Webasto or MX60) configured to make installation as straightforward as possible. The (twin-coil calorifier) system as installed is very simple with just an on/off swi
  8. I have spoken with a small manufacturer of dry-solid toilets who supplies a specifically designed, marked and coloured bag for disposal. She also sells toilets to that larger world across the towpath who have camper-vans and other similar activities. I wonder if our smart forum-contributors might think outside the barge and look at more national system which would make the economics more approachable. I don't actually think most buyers actually think that they have to compost themselves, but that it magically happens inside the device, despite most suppliers specifically saying how it works i
  9. update for today, Thursday. I fired up the generator and it ran for four hours with the charger on 'High' 'Recondition' mode. (Like the instructions say, It flashed for an hour and then changes mode. Through all that time the generator was working hard. At that point rain stopped play at about the same time I ran out of petrol, so I'll refill my can and repeat the process, hopefully on Saturday. I took the opportunity to try out most of the 12volt circuits. most worked except the radio which runs off a four-fuse block so I pulled the fuse to find it and it's contacts white with fuzz and in nee
  10. haha Made my day. You might think so, I couldn't possibly comment.
  11. I was speaking as an oft comed'un (Yorkshire version of outlier) based on observing 7 or 8 pages of discussion. My boat has a Thetford but I was considering the dry-solids alternative, not because of any squeamishness on my part but rather the enhanced flexibility of disposal. I had no idea that there was so much controversy about that process. I have some experience of the problems caused to customers by poorly negotiated local authority waste-disposal contracts and also as a Park-conservation volunteer, the issue of dog-waste. If this pandemic has taught me anything it is that the constant p
  12. After a weekend's worth of comments I wonder if C&RT have actually stated this is a new policy and that Damien (working from home) had perhaps unwittingly broken an embargo on that change of policy before its actual announcement? It might also be a bit of kite-flying to gauge response which is probably presupposing an unprecedented (isn't everything) level of sophistication but certainly demonstrated how divided and easily conquered the contributors to this discussion here were.
  13. On the home page this post-headline reads as if the Happy Nomad rescued the girls himself! Made me chuckle.
  14. I also found a surecal instruction leaflet online that helps explain the various connections in a twin loop calorifier so I can start labelling-up next vist.
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