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cereal tiller

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  1. cereal tiller

    Living on Narrowboats in London

    There was a good Hire Boat Fleet on Ash Island for about fifty Years , the reason they folded was Total lack of Parking in the Area!
  2. cereal tiller

    Please Hoot

    You could have engaged in a Gentlemanly discussion(With Missile and Vitriol enhancements)
  3. cereal tiller

    Where is Rusty 69 ?

    I think a Part Time Troll upset him a while back but no reason that I can recall of late.
  4. cereal tiller

    Mineral oil

    That's the one I use in me Motorbike.
  5. cereal tiller

    A warning to others...

    I think it is a Herb for Garnishing Haggis?
  6. cereal tiller


  7. cereal tiller

    A warning to others...

    Maybe Lady G meant 'Diddley Squat'?...that makes more of a Point.
  8. cereal tiller


    By Night ,seated round the Tub?
  9. cereal tiller


    You Can destroy the Foot Odour Bacteria ! get a Job Behind the Counter in a Chippy.you will be Sprinkling Salt and Vinegar onto the Chips lots of and some of it will spill directly on to your Feet! The Two Condiments mixed together form a mild Acid Solution which will Sterilise your Feet and keep a lot of Customers away and only the Desperately Hungry Ones will stick it out! If Salt and Vinegar will clean Brass it must be good for Tootsies?
  10. cereal tiller


    The common Silencer is for Vee Hickles and is not Gas tight due to Condensation Drain Holes in it' The Marine Version is Stainless Steel and will add a Hundred Pounds or so to the Price. It probably gets omitted from Budget Installations..
  11. cereal tiller


    When an Evilsparker has the correct Silencer fitted it is virtually inaudible from a couple of Metres away,
  12. cereal tiller

    A warning to others...

    Plus one.
  13. cereal tiller

    A proper boat engine.

    If you could keep the Air intake high it could be a Submarine Dredger ,a Corkscrew/Archimedes style Prop. would help and a safety device to stop it tilting down and start Heading for the Earth's Core!
  14. cereal tiller


    99 is the Cone with the Flake in?
  15. cereal tiller


    For their Helmet Cameras?

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