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  1. Semi disaster stove fan broke.

    The "Suspension of Disbelief" Controller has Failed.
  2. LPG Generator

    Took a look at that Gen.Fuelled by LPG but 2 Stroke , not seen that done before?
  3. Ultramax Lithium batteries

    Of Course , one Bank gets a Full and Perfect Charge while the Service one Keeps up the good work ...Chap.
  4. Bread machines

    Did you mean Felt ,as in FUZZY FELT?
  5. Bread machines

    The Yeast of your worries Wussty....
  6. The Ducks gone missing!

    Becoming over exposed?
  7. The Ducks gone missing!

    If he gets stood on in the Snow ,He could be used as a Frisbee duck?
  8. electric cars

    Love it! was thinking of getting one ,beaten to it.....
  9. electric cars

    I Piloted a Sinclair C5 around a Car Park sometime in the Eighties , would not take it out on the Road! Silly thing and when it first appeared it was the same price as a folding Electric Bike. A Boat client had Fiat dealership and was giving a C5 away free with a New Panda!
  10. electric cars

    I think it is amazing that Smelly can cover such a distance in a few hours! that car of his must require Considerable effort to Propel? Of course! we now know why he wears Speedos, to keep his Big End cool! For Traction ,does he use Nike or Adidas?
  11. electric cars

    Read an Article about a Chap that bought a used Prius rather cheaply as it had Knackered Batteries.He is running it as an ordinary Petrol Vehicle. Quite a Bargain. Eleven Pubs at 3 per day?
  12. aldi banging

    And Allday is a Breakfast?
  13. BMC 1500 revs up when hot??

    An Oil change may improve things ,would be on my list of things to Eliminate before considering Overhaul.
  14. Waiting patiently

    I had a Flord Consul Convertible long ago.
  15. Looking like Tramp

    Get a Dodgy Wig and a Fake Tan ,then People would think you looked like a TRUMP?