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cereal tiller

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  1. cereal tiller

    BMC 1.8

    Some 1.8 BMC Sherpas were Rated at 50 BHP and revved to 4400 RPM.have never driven one but would guess they were not too awful?
  2. cereal tiller

    BMC 1.8 Cam Belt

    That Engine (Montego)also appeared as the Volvo/Perkins 2002 ,not that popular have seen a couple and they did have a Cambelt.
  3. cereal tiller

    BMC 1.8 Cam Belt

    The Engine that the New Age travellers use? or the BMC Newage Engine Marinisation?
  4. cereal tiller

    New SmartGauge with shunt

    Don't forget that Development was Frequently interrupted so that they could Fix up all your dodgy SG's
  5. cereal tiller

    When do you run your engine?

    It's OK Tim ,we all know that you would never do such a thing!
  6. Open Boat with Outboard Motor needs no BSS .
  7. cereal tiller

    Anyone for the Chop?

    I thought i was an American Shopping centre? I always buy my Coats there !
  8. cereal tiller

    Composting Toilets. Clarification Please

    I may have mentioned this before....In the Slough area there was a waste system of road Tankers which would spread Human Slurry on local Farmland .they stopped doing it a decade or two ago.The Tankers had CINAGRO written on them , which is ,of course Organic written backwards. I met a retired chap on the Towpath who drove one of those Tankers back in the Day,I asked him where the slurry was currently dumped and he told me that it went down a huge Hole in a Farmers Field somewhere in the Midlands.... I wonder what happens when the Hole gets filled in ?
  9. cereal tiller

    Pre Sale Inspection Help Required

    Lady G is Posh and Refined ,it is good that she is a Moderator....
  10. cereal tiller

    Auntie Wainwright's Fundraising Auction 2018

    I got robbed of the Duck last year ,this may be a good opportunity........
  11. cereal tiller

    Marine Japanese diesels.

    Good Idea! if the Paddle Blades were Rubber tipped it could be used for Overland Expeditions or even Motorways?
  12. cereal tiller

    Marine Japanese diesels.

    No but it may be Handy for Excavating them in the First place?
  13. cereal tiller

    Marine Japanese diesels.

    Yep ,as long as it could swing a 12 Foot Diameter Propeller?
  14. cereal tiller

    Solar Solutions

    I have two 75 AMP. Alternators , Cheap Lucas type.when they are running at full output they no longer get too Hot as they have thermally protected Field control .when the Stator Temp gets to 85 C the Field shuts down until Stator Temp. is lowered to 75C. They cannot burn out...
  15. cereal tiller

    Marine Japanese diesels.

    IIRC the first real Marine Diesel that Volvo made was the PRO 40 6 Cylinder Diesel.Their larger stuff was Truck Engines that were marinised .am not conversant with VP Engine made in the last 25 years or so.if they got their Spares prices down they would be world leaders. the Peugot/Indenoor Engine were ok but Fried Cyl. Heads at sustained high power.

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