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  1. pretty good system in asda... and well stocked as well. difficult to maintain distance inside store but still its better than before.
  2. if you want highly paid healthcare professionals, you need the market to decide, currently its kept low by the state to make it affordable for all of us... in return they get our clap at regular interval.
  3. - if the death remains under 10k in UK, I think it will go back to business as usual, slowly. Working from home however is going to be available for a lot of people, and work life balance might improve due to that. More women and disabled people will enter workforce. - houses will be slightly more affordable. - Universal basic income might be given serious thought, as long as there is demonstrable difference between lives of those who contribute to the pot and who don't, and there is enough money to go around, it might actually work. It will require huge improvement in productivity of net contributors. - Standard of cleanliness will improve across the world, especially 3rd world countries. - Investment in green energy might see a temporary setback due to cheap fossil fuel for some time. - Labour will lose next general election but improve its performance. - Trump will be re-elected irrespective of what happens. - EU will be left with massive hole in its budget but will remain as a political union. - I don't think we will have severe austerity, more likely that the current level will continue.
  4. I still dont think one should compare terrorists(republican or loyalist) with army, and if one has to, it kinda proves the standards are lower than one expects. anyway lets talk about the virus because its not the right thread to continue. agree with you 100% although I am part of the problem. may be I should log off now.
  5. thought you were using false dichotomy rhetoric to prove your point, anyway no more offtopic post.
  6. so if I understood you correctly, the only way to stop a professional army from not breaking the law of the land is to give them nerf guns. I think I would choose to disgree on that. page 153 will be about global warming.
  7. if anybody who thinks they dont have sectarian bone in their body, I would suggest the recent bbc documentary (belive 6 part) about the troubles. One might still rationalize it as 'well army did what they have to do' but it will certainly move the issue from black and white to gray.
  8. hmm... which of my post came anywhere near to suggest such conclusion? very strange.
  9. I guess what you are suggesting is british army, which is a professional volunteer military force, does from time to time, lower their standard and rules of engagement because they could not take on a dangerous enemy. well may be you are right. how do you explain sinn fein(which is basically their political arm as the recent bbc documentary suggests) always enjoyed certain electoral success. Fear alone cannot explain that.
  10. when you are back, I just want you to know that taking a break was right thing to do. see ya.
  11. I have no problem is agreeing that british army is, on balance, much better than IRA(a terrorist organization)... since you thought that's an appropriate comparison to make. Based on my reading of the history(since I did not live there), it appears IRA did have sizeable support base. (which allowed them to operate easily and made them a formidable enemy)
  12. not defending arthur but NI is definitely is a bad spot on otherwise clean record of post colonial british army(iraq is another one). Your experience in NI as a soldier might not give you a balanced perspective on the matter. Of course individually you or any person from forces could be upright citizen and show altruistic behaviour. (and you probably have a point if you suggest that army has shaped you to be helpful to others)
  13. sorry I meant to say, there is no such thing as 'authentic' Indian curry... in most areas of UK, 'Indian' means north Indian / pakistani food cooked by bangladeshi crew, only some pakistani and bangladeshi curry houses have named themselves such. The nomenclature predates partition(presumably referring to british India) although I think nepalese have always been different named. A lot of big name 'Indian curry houses' are established by people of pakistani origin.
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