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  1. Was it on a letter from BW, I'd suspect the logo printed alongside the post mark is from an "office" franking machine operated by BW (though possibly owned and serviced by the Post Office) rather than a Postal frank, so maybe each BW office would have had their own. springy
  2. I have been told today that BCBF 2021 is on, this FaceBook page has some details, although still obviously a work in progress, and as a non FB user I could not access the entry forms. https://en-gb.facebook.com/groups/380502508658355/announcements copied from FB :- "Paddy Grice 8 August at 02:00 · Entry forms for BCBF 2021 will be available from tomorrow - we have had to change a few things around to comply with local regulations but with a lot of work behind the scenes we have a festival Friday 10th September to Sunday 12th September." springy
  3. I'd suspect the 13A Plug to 16A socket adaptor. springy
  4. Do you have any other 240v outlets in the campervan, if so do they work when plugged in at home or is the charger the only 240v appliance ? If they work then its the charger, if not its the lead or adaptor. springy
  5. I also have a set, Mitutoyo (IIRC), and the manual insists that it should use SR44, not LR44 batteries. With an SR mine lasts well with occasional use and not removing the battery (2 - 3 years). I tried an LR44 once - it worked ok when I fitted it but showed low battery next time I came to use it. http://www.truetex.com/buttons.htm springy
  6. I suspect that part of the problem with flues is that most stove manufacturers would recommend a flue height much greater than is reasonably practical on a narrowboat. springy
  7. Regulations are difficult to pin down, there is this guidance http://www.soliftec.com/boat stoves 1-page.pdf springy
  8. Do you mean "clicks or jerks but does not rotate" or "turns over but does not start"
  9. Yes GWR No 15 is still at the museum in working trim, along with No 65, they are both "railway boats". This thread https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/17912-why-joey/ from 2008/9 has an interesting discussion on the origins and use of the term "joey boat". springy
  10. I seem to remember going to this a few years ago (10 -15 ish) and it was a nice day, small gathering of boats with stalls and entertainment on the crossing streets - at the time a friend played in a marching samba band which was one of the entertainment bookings hence me being off my normal patch of the BCN - it was a nice sunny day and everyone enjoyed themselves. C&RT have a temporary suspension of moorings bridge 39 -> 40B https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices/19937-moorings-suspension-in-leamington-spa-grand-union-canal but there seems to be precious little other info springy
  11. Birchills (it took me a bit longer to find a photo) but a good illustration of the relatively small size of a day boat cabin. and not built till 1953.
  12. Day Boats were basic - many had no accommodation, some were "double ended" having mounting points for the ellum at both ends - https://hnbc.org.uk/boats/bhp-no-3 others had a small cabin with just bench seating and a bottle stove - https://hnbc.org.uk/boats/coronation and the various railway companies had their own day boats working from the various interchange basins on the BCN https://hnbc.org.uk/boats/gwr-no-15 Sometimes referred to as the "Skip" of the canals - many were used in a way similar to a skip or a container, a boatman would take a loaded boat to its destination, transfer the horse, ellum, and running gear to an empty boat and return leaving the loaded boat to be unloaded at the destinations convenience. springy
  13. And if they don't have an exact match for the belt length (they don't usually have a full range in 10mm increments but different manufacturers may have different steps between sizes) pick the closest length with consideration for your setup - if the broken belt still had plenty of adjustment left on the quadrant before it broke then a shorter one may be difficult to get over the pulleys even when the adjustment is at minimum, on the other hand if the adjuster was always 3/4 out then a slightly longer belt may not tension properly. springy
  14. A post on Lee Bates twitter feed suggests its the second attempt - it was damaged by fire in May. https://twitter.com/CRT_Lee/status/1404374696620138498 springy
  15. Balance Beam set on fire on Factory two https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices/19949-lock-1-to-lock-3-factory-locks-tipton-new-mainline https://www.expressandstar.com/news/crime/2021/06/16/canal-diversion-set-up-after-lock-attacked-by-arsonists/ springy
  16. I thought the red ones are for hot water / central heating and white ones were for potable water - something to do with the material used for the bladder - is it a "rubbery" taint ? Looking at the Cleghorn site none of their accumulators are marked either way and some are blue ? springy
  17. Sounds like the rest is ok and its the sender that's closed when cold, if you don't have a meter you can reconnect the wire to the sender and hold the body against the engine block - if it lights up then faulty sender. springy
  18. If you have a multimeter you should be able to check the sender, I'm not familiar with those engines but there could be two types of sender - a fixed temperature switch or a thermally variable resistance. As you only have a warning light only a switch is needed, but they may have found that the cost difference between the two items meant it was easier to fit a thermally variable in all engines and include circuitry on the basic panel to set the warning light temperature, the deluxe panel having a gauge instead. Measure the resistance across the sender cold - zero or nearly - sender shorted - replace, - infinite - open circuit, may be a switch - needs warming to test further, OR failed variable. Heat the sender, if you can keep the meter connected it will be useful. Boiling water should be sufficient as a heat source. If the resistance gradually changes (either up or down) then it is a variable sender and is probably ok, if the resistance suddenly changes from infinite to zero then it is an ok switch, either way the problem is elsewhere, Does the light come on when the sender is disconnected ? springy
  19. Not "Official Records" as such nor willow wren, but https://www.canalshop.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh000002.pl?WD=cockerel's&PN=bkindhis.html#a992823 John Blunn's recollections, growing up on Claytons, working for FMC and Barlows and then on BW maintenance. springy
  20. I think you need something like this :- https://www.holden.co.uk/p/solder_nipple_for_1_4_in_copper_pipe or this https://www.thehosemaster.co.uk/soldering-nut-and-nipple/ though you would have to check the sizes, and hope that the pipe is still long enough. springy
  21. A solenoid is just a large coil and so should not care about polarity, though internally it may actually have two coils and a switch if it has separate energise and hold coils. However do not hold a wire in each hand and apply to the battery terminals (as you might do to test a 12v bulb) - if the solenoid design has a large number of thin windings, when you disconnect you may get a large voltage "Back EMF" generated by the returning solenoid plunger and its going through your hands ! DAMHIK springy
  22. Yes its an old British automotive standard, not to be relied on with boats, but Brown should be a live feed, White should be ignition switch controlled, green is fused feeds, green with tracers - indicators, brakes etc; blue main lighting (red tracer dip beam, white tracer main beam, yellow tracer aux lights) etc (IIRC) beaten to it by Sir Nibble just found this https://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/cms/files/colour_code_for_vehicle_wiring_-_new_order_2.pdf
  23. Jen got there first with the new switch, your old switch should be :- 1 from battery +; single Brown ? cable with fully insulated cover, large spade ? 2 Key switched 12v out; the twin small spades with three (?) white cables should go to the warning lights and gauges 3 Glow plugs; multiple red wires with yellow crimp 4 Starter motor; the other one (its hidden behind the others) fully insulated cover, cable might be white with a red tracer though there are variations, with only four terminals this should be right springy
  24. There are actually three POL "standards" although they are all based on a 14TPI left hand thread and are equivalent, however, AIUI, the POL standard is based on a metal-to-metal conical seat. So anything with a rubber seal (which those units have both sides) is not strictly a POL but may be POL "compatible" ish . The external Acme thread on the outlet suggests a "multi purpose" design https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propane,_butane,_and_LPG_container_valve_connections springy
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