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  1. Brilliant, thanks for the pictures. Is the second one a reversed image? The side with the slide removed appears to be on the other side to how it is now? Also the remains of the air cooling vent have now been well hidden, did she have a air cooled petter under waterways? Jules has mentioned you in relation to tadworth lots. It would be great to meet you one day, you'll have to come out and have a look once all the work is done and shes back in the water!
  2. I wasn't intending to rewrite any history, as I said in my original post they are only gestestimates based on pictures and post from the internet. I know it was sometime In the early seventies, perhaps circa 1970 was a poor choice of words. If you want to write any history it must be based on actual facts not posts on internet forums.
  3. If I recall correctly from the last time it was posted Tadpole had just towed Bakewell up to Braunston as UCC had just brought it from the same tender list. Tadpole was on the way up to Atherston to start working again. Yup I've PMed him and am looking forward to hearing from him. There are certainly worse boats out there, I'd struggle to describe her as "not that bad" I managed to poke a hole though the bottom by gently rubbing it with some toilet paper, and there is daylight under the counter and fiberglass blocking up holes in the swim, she is definitely ready for some work.
  4. It was in this bit of video at about 3:40: Maybe they took tadpole up to Cowley lock with a smarter butty just for the film? Or maybe it was a change boat? Shes certainly well turned out especially if she wasn't a permanent home.
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to build up the history of large Northwich Tadworth which, in partnership with Jules Fuels, I have just brought. We picked her up last weekend from South of Milton Keynes and brought her up to get lifted out for some fairly urgent hull work. The long term plan is to restore her and have her working along side Towcester and Bideford and the rest of the jules fuels fleet on the grand union. She is in wonderfully original condition, still retaining her Yarwoods steel cabin. Unfortunately the originality also means shes also completely knackered but over the next couple of years we'll hopefully complete a sympathetic restoration retaining as much originality as possible. I've love to hear from anyone with any information and pictures from her past, so far from digging through the forum I've started to build a bit of a time line: 1937 - Built, Registered and Gauged 1960s - Paired with Bakewell working on the barrels 1963 - Paired with Berkhamsted (BBC's "look af life" program) Circa 1970 - brought from Waterways by Dave Warren. Towed Bakewell to Braunston for UCC before going to Atherston to load. 1970s - worked for Ashby Canal Carriers doing various jobs including carrying coal down the Oxford and T&M during winter. Working as a camper during the summer. 1990s - paired with Argo working for Argo Canal services on domestic fuel trade (reputed to be the first boat to carry a diesel tank for domestic sale) 2000s - Brought by previous owner Richard 2019 - Brought by myself and jules fuels for use as a domestic fuel boat. I've attached a couple of pictures from last weekend. Cheers, Andrew
  6. AndrewGVT


  7. That's rubbish, they might not be the most out going people on the cut but they are certainly one of the nicest couples about. Corona couldn't have gone to a better home and it will be very well looked after.
  8. If you fancy helping with working boats the Narrow Boat Trust are always looking for volunteers, no experience required! http://www.narrowboattrust.org.uk/index.shtml https://www.facebook.com/TheNarrowBoatTrust/?fref=ts
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